Chapter 1078 – I’m Here!

Almighty Sword Domain

Xuwu Shen’s expression changed when he heard Yang Ye, “Isn’t that a little too overbearing?”

“That’s exactly what I want!” Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes. He wasn’t a fool, so he naturally wouldn’t do something meaningless. There was no chance of reconciliation between him and the Law Faction, and even if he wanted to, he would only be asking for insult by suggesting it. Besides that, the Law Faction’s strength far surpassed Ocean of Clouds Academy, so it would have no chance of surviving if they went to war with the Law Faction!

Under such circumstances, he had to get help!

Who was that help? It was naturally the Scholarly Faction!

The Scholarly Faction was at odds with the Law Faction, so the only way to resist the Law Faction was to join forces with the Scholarly Faction. But Ocean of Clouds Academy was weak, so was it qualified to join forces with the Scholarly Faction?

It wasn’t! Now, he was creating that qualification!

Shang Yunxi was from the Scholarly Faction, so Ocean of Clouds Academy was a branch of the Scholarly Faction in the eyes of the Scholarly Faction. That was exactly why it had been constantly protecting Ocean of Clouds Academy throughout these years. So, killing members of the Law Faction could be considered as an internal matter of White Deer Academy in the end.

Thus, it would only infuriate the Law Faction and not the Scholarly Faction. It was even to the extent that he believed many in the Scholarly Faction would be happy to see the Law Faction suffer.

In short, the stronger he was, the greater value he had, and the greater the chances that the Scholarly Faction would protect both him and Ocean of Clouds Academy!

This was how the world was. If you were worth it, then others would naturally invest in you.

Whether reality was cruel or not depended on one’s own ability.

Xuwu Shen glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I feel like I’m growing bolder and bolder while I’m by your side!” He turned around and walked away as he spoke, and it didn’t take long for him to string up the 20 heads.

“Law Faction, aren’t you very ruthless? Let’s see who’s the most ruthless now!” Yang Ye didn’t choose to fly, and he just left Xuwu Shen and An Nanjing through the streets towards the teleportation formation.

“Eldest Young Miss… he… he’s a madman!” The grey robed old man’s voice was trembling slightly. Because not only had Yang Ye killed the members of the Law Faction, he was even doing such a thing! He clearly intended to infuriate the entire Law Faction! Moreover, no one in history had even humiliated the Law Faction like this!

The beautiful woman gazed at Yang Ye’s vanishing figure for a long time, and then she said, “Elder Qi, send someone to Pine Prefecture and gather every single bit of information about him. We know too little about him!”

The grey robed old man nodded lightly, “I’ll get it done well! But are you really going to accept those bets?”

She spoke solemnly, “Yes! The sooner the better! As for the funds, I can gather 100,000 violet crystals. But that’s probably far from sufficient. Send a message to my younger sister and father, and tell them that I need their help. Since we can’t use the group’s funds, then we’ll use our own. If we win, father will be able to maintain his position as the president for another 20 years at least!”

Elder Qi hesitated, “But if we lose….”

“There’s no reward without risk!” She continued, “Give 500 extreme-grade energy stones each as compensation to the family of all the deceased. Moreover, all the branches under my management are to reject the students from White Deer Academy. Besides that, notify my father about what happened here and ask him to hold a meeting with the elders. Tell him to pressure White Deer Academy, and it’s best if they decide to fully ban students of White Deer Academy from our Cloud Merchant Group!”

“I’ll do it right away!” Elder Qi turned around and left.

The woman gazed at the direction Yang Ye had left towards, and she spoke softly, “If you win, my family will prosper, and I’ll give you a great gift in return!”

An Nanjing walked by Yang Ye’s side without a shred of emotion on her face. As for Xuwu Shen who was on Yang Ye’s right, the corners of his mouth were twitching incessantly because he was dragging 20 heads along with him.

All along the way, countless gazes were sizing him up incessantly, and it made him feel absolutely uncomfortable!

Suddenly, someone in the surrounding crowd shouted, “Those are students from White Deer Academy!”

Clamorous noise immediately swept through the surroundings!

After that, another person’s voice resounded, “It really is students of White Deer Academy. The 1st head belongs to an outer court disciple called Tan Feng. I know him because we participated in White Deer Academy’s recruitment tests together. Why… why has he been beheaded?”

“That 3rd head belongs to Ming Jian…. I’ve been to White Deer Dimension in the past, and I met him there. Why has he….”

“All of them seem to be from White Deer Academy’s Law Faction….”

Astounded voices resounded incessantly throughout the surroundings, and it didn’t take long for their gazes to descend onto Yang Ye.

“Who exactly are those fellows? They actually dare to insult the Law Faction like this? Are they tired of living?”

“Fool! Since they dared to do that, they naturally have something to rely on. I just wonder which power they are from!”

“The Nether Pavilion? The Martial Sect? The Devil Path? The Evil Faction? Those powers do possess the strength to look down on White Deer Academy, but they don’t seem to be from any of those powers. Are they members of the 4 great clans?”

“Why guess blindly? They clearly seem like they are heading to White Deer Dimension. Wouldn’t we be able to find out if we follow them?”

“Let’s go….”

Just like that, more and more were following behind Yang Ye’s group.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to reach the teleportation platform. This time, they didn’t encounter any problems. It didn’t take long after they walked into the teleportation formation for a ray of blue light to surge out from the formation and envelop them. In an instant, they vanished from the platform.

White Deer Dimension.

White Deer Dimension was an independent dimension that the experts of White Deer Academy had established. It was as huge as Pine Prefecture, and a few billion lived here.

Besides a few Diamond Rank powers, most Diamond Rank powers established their own independent dimension, and then allowed countless people to live there. The objective behind this was naturally to foster geniuses.

Everyone sect and clan needed talented individuals, and it needed an unending supply of talented individuals to guarantee its prosperity and avoid falling into decline. So, besides fighting for resources, the various powers throughout the Radiant Dimension fought for talented individuals. If they were to fight for such talented individuals in the Central Divine Prefecture, then it would definitely throw the entire prefecture into chaos.

So, many Diamond Rank powers established their own independent dimensions and fostered their own geniuses. In that way, they could avoid fighting others for these geniuses, and it made the people who lived here have a sense of belonging!

After quite some time passed, Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes. At this moment, he was on a teleportation platform, and a city stood before him.

“White Deer City. It belongs to White Deer Academy.” Xuwu Shen said, “We have to pass through that city and Ascension Mountain to get to White Deer Academy. Ascension Mountain is a path of trials, and it’s used as a test by White Deer Academy. Any resident of White Deer Dimension that passes through Ascension Mountain has a chance to join White Deer Academy. It can be said that it’s a path for the residents of White Deer Dimension to ascend because their destiny would be changed if they are able to pass through it!”

Yang Ye glanced at Xuwu Shen and said, “You know quite a bit about White Deer Academy, huh!”

Xuwu Shen shook his head, “Since I decided to come here with you, how could I not make any preparations? Right, that city is covered by a formation that was set up by an Emperor. Even Saints can’t fly in the city. Actually, I should say that it’s impossible to fly throughout White Deer Dimension. So, we have no choice but to walk there!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Let go and take a look at the so-called geniuses of the Law Faction!”

Yang Ye had just finished speaking when a few figures suddenly shot out from the city. They were extremely swift, and it only took them 2 breaths of time to traverse 3km and arrive before Yang Ye’s group.

There were 3 men and 2 women in the group! Moreover, one of the women was that exact same woman that Yang Ye and the others hadn’t killed at Sky Capital City earlier!

The 5 of them glanced at Yang Ye’s group, and then their gazes descended onto the string that Xuwu Shen was holding. Their gazes moved along the string to the area behind Xuwu Shen, and their faces turned gloomy when they saw the 20 bloody heads that were tied to it.

The man who led the group gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You’re Yang Ye, right? Needless to say, we really did underestimate you. We didn’t just underestimate your strength, we underestimated your courage as well.”

Yang Ye gazed at the man and said, “And?”

“You’ll pay for what you’ve done!” The man stared fixedly at Yang Ye and said, “My Law Faction has sent experts to Pine Prefecture. Don’t worry, we won’t attack Ocean of Clouds Academy and City before you die. However, we’ll make all of them accompany you once you’re dead. What do you think? We’re kind to you, right? Hahaha! We’ll be waiting for you in the academy!”

He intended to leave after he finished speaking.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s voice resounded abruptly, “Did I say you can leave?”

Yang Ye had just finished speaking when Skysplit suddenly left An Nanjing’s grasp. It transformed into a ray of light that instantly stabbed into the man’s chest, and then it took his figure flying and nailed him against the walls of White Deer City.

The man’s eyes were opened wide and filled with disbelief.

He’d never imagined that he would die just like that from speaking a few words!

Xuwu Shen shook his head, “That’s what you get for trying to put on a show of strength! Now you’re dead, huh!”

The other 4 were shocked, and they were about to flee! However, Yang Ye and An Nanjing took a step forward simultaneously, and then 2 waves of terrifying intent surged out from within them and enveloped the other 4 students. One of the women in their group immediately slumped down to the ground beneath the pressure from these 2 types of intent.

Meanwhile, a few rays of light flashed!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Their heads were instantly severed from their bodies and rolled off to the side!

Yang Ye gazed at Xuwu Shen, “String them up!”

Xuwu Shen glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Both of you are crazy….” He started to string their heads up while he spoke.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Xuwu Shen, and he just looked up towards the sky for a moment before he said, “White Deer Academy! I, Yang Ye, am here!”

His voice was enhanced by profound energy, so it swept towards the surroundings like a thunderclap.

A moment of silence ensued.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Countless rays of light appeared in the sky, and they shot through the sky and flashed towards Yang Ye’s group.

Even if they were very far away, Yang Ye and the others could still sense their formidable auras with absolute clarity!

“They’re coming at us for real now!” Xuwu Shen had a solemn expression on his face!

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