Chapter 1079 – What? Can’t Accept Defeat?

Almighty Sword Domain

It didn’t take long for a few hundred cultivators in grey robes to arrive outside the city.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the saber wielding man who led the group. Because he was a Saint.

An Innate Saint? Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. They’re finally getting serious? Right, if they continue sending outer court students like the students from before, then wouldn’t the Law Faction’s higher-ups be fools?

“You’re Yang Ye?” The man who held a saber in his hand gazed at Yang Ye, “I’m Zuo Shang, the Head Student of the outer court.”

Yang Ye asked, “One of the students from your outer court said that your Law Faction has sent its forces to Pine Prefecture. I’d like to know if that’s true?”

“Is it!” Zuo Shang continued, “But we’ve summoned them back. Since my Law Faction has agreed to compete with your Ocean of Clouds Academy, it would naturally not go back on its word. Of course, we won’t spare Ocean of Clouds Academy and City if you die. So, it’s in your best interest to keep yourself alive. But it seems like you don’t have the ability to do so!”

Yang Ye glanced at Zuo Shang and the others, “Are all of you going to come at us at once, or will you fight us one on one?”

Clamorous noise resounded throughout the surroundings!

“Who does he think he is? Zuo Shang! Don’t waste your breath on him and just kill him! If you don’t, then I will!”

“That’s the best joke I’ve ever heard. They intend to fight all of us by themselves? Who does he think he is? An expert ranked in the top 10 of the Martial Rankings? How laughable!”

“There’s no need to wait 2 days. Let’s deal with him right now.”

“If we don’t make him pay for killing members of our outer court, then those fellows from the Scholarly Faction would probably ridicule us!”

“Kill him!”

Countless students behind Zuo Shang started shouting.

However, Zuo Shang remained silent. He was sizing up Yang Ye and An Nanjing incessantly. At his level of strength, he was able to instinctively sense people or things that were a threat to him. At this moment, Yang Ye and An Nanjing felt extremely dangerous to him. He knew that the information which came from Pine Prefecture wasn’t accurate!

Yang Ye wasn’t weak, and he was extremely strong instead!

Yang Ye chuckled and took a step forward, “Didn’t you Law Faction speak about killing me? Didn’t it want to show me how powerful it is? Come on! Let me see exactly what sort of trash fills the Law Faction.”

How could they endure what Yang Ye had said?

They immediately disregarded Zuo Shang and charged at Yang Ye like madmen.

“Jing’er, keep that fellow busy!” As soon as he spoke, An Nanjing stomped her right foot against the ground and shot forward. Zuo Shang’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then a wisp of ferocity flashed through them as he swung the saber in his grasp!


The spear and saber collided, and an explosion rumbled like a thunderclap. After that, Zuo Shang took around 10 steps back while An Nanjing didn’t move at all. Moreover, An Nanjing had even charged forward again while he moved backwards, and she appeared in front of him.

A ferocious expression instantly covered Zuo Shang’s face, “Bring it on!”

As soon as he spoke, he shot forward and entered into combat with An Nanjing.

Meanwhile, a cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he watched the other outer court students charge towards him, and then a blue sword chest appeared on his back.


A moment later, a sword howl shot into the air, and it seemed like it would tear the world apart!

After that, over 3,000 rays of light shot out from the sword chest and entered the group of outer court students.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Sword energy suffused the surroundings while countless rays of light formed crosses that flashed through the air. Not to mention cultivators, even space was sliced apart with ease before these rays of light.

In an instant, countless shrill cries resounded within World Erase.

However, there were still some students charging out of the slaughter formation and towards Yang Ye. Xuwu Shen tightened his grip on his spear, and then his figure shot forward and attacked them.

Yang Ye paid no attention to them and continued controlling the Saint Rank swords to kill everything before him.

In less than 3 breaths of time, over 100 had died.

“Stop!” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded from the sky, and then an old man appeared here. The old man waved his right hand, and the Saint Rank swords instantly froze on the spot before all of them exploded into pieces!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while a trace of seriousness arose within them. The old man was a high-rank Saint at the very least, and he was no ordinary high-rank Saint!

The old man glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then he slapped his palm towards the other side. An Nanjing’s expression instantly changed while she fought Zuo Shang, and her spear which was stabbing towards Zuo Shang suddenly turned and stabbed towards her right.


A muffled bang resounded as Skysplit shook, and An Nanjing was blasted backwards. She moved almost 1km back before she could finally stop herself!

Yang Ye’s face fell, and the ancient sheath appeared in his grasp. A moment later, an intent sword condensed within his grasp, and then he sheathed it and drew it swiftly!


A ray of sword energy shot forward!

It was 70 overlapped Heavenrends!

The old man’s face fell when he saw Yang Ye draw his sword, and then a wisp of surprise flashed through the old man’s eyes when he saw that ray of sword energy, “You have some ability indeed! But you overestimate your strength.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man stretched his right hand forward and made a grabbing motion!

In an instant, Yang Ye’s sword energy exploded into pieces! However, the powerful force within it pushed the old man around 10 steps back!

Suddenly, An Nanjing appeared in front of the old man, and then she stabbed Skysplit forward. The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly while a wisp of gloominess flashed within them, “Fuck off!”

He slapped his palm forward at the exact same moment that he finished speaking.


Skysplit shook violently while An Nanjing was blasted over 30m back. On the other hand, the old man’s palm had cracked apart slightly, and blood was seeping out of the cracks.

“You’re courting death!” The old man’s face instantly turned fierce when he saw himself getting injured, and he was about to attack. But his eyes suddenly opened wide because Yang Ye had suddenly appeared behind him, and then a sword arrived at his nape. The old man’s reaction wasn’t slow. His figure moved slightly to the side and avoided the tip of the sword, and then he launched a backhand slap at Yang Ye’s stomach!

Yang Ye took around 10 steps back, and then he shot forward again. Meanwhile, the sword in his grasp had been exchanged for the Herculean Sword, and he swung it down at the old man. This swing caused the space around the old man to split apart.

A wisp of shock flashed through the old man’s eyes. His body is that terrifying? He was actually fine from taking a palm of mine directly? The contempt in the old man’s eyes faded slightly, and it was replaced with slight seriousness. He didn’t dare act carelessly, and he twisted his palms and slapped them upwards. In an instant, 2 waves of energy surged out from his palms and slammed against Yang Ye’s sword.


A rumbling explosion resounded throughout the surroundings, and then the space there instantly collapsed but took less than a breath to be restored.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye and An Nanjing were locked in combat with the old man.

Their movements were too swift to the point that besides Zuo Shang, no one else could see their battle clearly. All they saw was 3 blurry shadows floating about, and then space cracked, collapsed, and recovered from time to time.

At this moment, shock filled the eyes of all the students from White Deer Academy’s outer court. Because the old man was an instructor of the outer court, and he was a high-rank Saint! Moreover, he was one who hadn’t relied on any external forces to attain his current cultivation. So not to mention in White Deer Academy, he was a first-rate figure even in the outside world. But at this moment, Yang Ye and An Nanjing were actually able to fight him equally!

What did that mean?

It meant that Yang Ye and An Nanjing’s strength far surpassed them!

It meant that Yang Ye and An Nanjing hadn’t come to White Deer Academy to give their lives away! They actually possessed sufficient strength!


Space instantly collapsed, and then Yang Ye, An Nanjing, and the old man split apart.

At this moment, the old man had an extremely fierce expression on his face, and there were injuries from both a sword and spear on him! He hadn’t expected that he’d actually been publicly injured by 2 ants at the Half-Saint Realm.

“Since both of you want to die, then I’ll fulfil your wish!” The old man roared furiously and was about to attack. However, Yang Ye suddenly drew his sword, and a beam of sword energy shot out from the ancient sheath towards the old man.

It was 80 overlapped Heavenrends! Moreover, they’d been enhanced by Void Rank sword intent!

The sword energy tore through the air and arrived before the old man. The old man’s face turned grim because the strength of the sword energy was much greater than before. He didn’t dare act carelessly, and he waved his hands and made the spirit energy in the surroundings surge into him. After that, he slapped both his palms towards Yang Ye’s sword energy.


A loud explosion resounded as the ground and space here instantly cracked apart, and then the old man was blasted backwards. Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared behind the old man and slammed his fist towards the old man’s back.

The old man’s pupils constricted when he noticed the fist behind him, and he forcefully twisted his figure and slammed his fist against Yang Ye’s fist!


Their fists collided, and the old man was blasted back again. Meanwhile, An Nanjing appeared behind him, and then she stabbed Skysplit forward.

It was swift like a bolt of lightning and coupled with the fact that the old man was being pushed back by the force of Yang Ye’s punch, he wasn’t able to dodge it all. However, he forcefully twisted his body and caused the spear which was about to stab his heart to stab his left shoulder instead.


The old man’s figure flew forward along with Skysplit stuck in his shoulder. Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of him and kicked the old man’s stomach.


A mouthful of blood sprayed from the old man’s mouth as he crashed against the ground, causing the entire area to quake.

Once Yang Ye descended to the ground, his figure flashed over to the old man, and then he stomped his foot down towards the old man’s head.

Suddenly, the space above them was torn open, and then a ray of light shot out from there and struck Yang Ye’s chest.


Yang Ye was blasted flying.

An Nanjing’s expression changed slightly. Her figure flashed and appeared behind Yang Ye, and then she stretched out her hand to stop him from flying further. However, the force of the attack had been so strong that both of them were still pushed around 30m back before they finally stopped moving!

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, and then he looked up towards the sky and spoke fiercely, “What? Can’t accept defeat?”

His voice had been enhanced by profound energy, and it rumbled like a thunderclap through White Deer Dimension!

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