Chapter 1080 – Do All Of You Have Any Shame?

Almighty Sword Domain

“My Law Faction can naturally accept defeat!” A voice resounded from the sky.

“It can?” Yang Ye roared with laughter.

The voice resounded once more, “What’re you laughing for?”

“I’m laughing about how laughable that was!” Yang Ye looked up at the sky and spoke fiercely, “Your Law Faction can accept defeat? Don’t you think that’s laughable? Since I arrived at the Central Divine Prefecture, your Law Faction has been ceaselessly coming and looking for trouble with me. First it was the young, but when the young failed, you used numbers. When numbers failed, the old came instead. When even the old failed, even older fellows came in their place. Is that what you consider as being able to accept defeat? Do you have any shame? Do all of you have any shame?”

“How presumptuous!” The voice reverberated like a thunderclap, and even space shook before it. It was a shocking scene.

“Presumptuous?” Yang Ye chuckled, “Your Law Faction has a bunch of high-rank Saints while my Ocean of Clouds Academy has nothing. We really can’t afford to offend you. Why don’t we just cancel the competition? My Ocean of Clouds Academy will just admit defeat, alright? Your Law Faction will be considered the winner. I’m serious, you’re the winner. Let’s not waste more time, alright?”

As soon as they heard Yang Ye, unsightly expressions instantly arose on the faces of all the students from the Law Faction.

The outer court instructor had quite the unsightly expression on his face as well, but it was mostly gloominess which covered his face. If that expert from the inner court hadn’t lent him a hand just now, then he would have almost died!

Suffering such humiliation before the students of the outer court was definitely the worst humiliation he’d suffered in his lifetime. Most importantly, he could dream of maintaining his position as outer court instructor after this incident.

A long time passed before the void in the sky resounded again, “My Law Faction is naturally able to accept defeat, but you seem to have forgotten that our competition is in 2 days, right? Since it’s in 2 days, then why have you killed the students of my Law Faction? Do you know that if it wasn’t for the competition, I would have killed you by now. You should be grateful!”

“I’ve finally found someone more shameless than you!” Xuwu Shen shook his head.

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “So you know it’s in 2 days! Then I really don’t understand why your Law Faction’s students came here to kill me today? Alright, we’re enemies, so there’s nothing wrong with coming to kill me. But what I want to say is that can you send stronger students? Stop wasting my time with trash, alright?”

The outer court students were furious when they heard Yang Ye.

“Yang Ye! What’re you getting cocky about? This is White Deer Academy and not a remote backland like Pine Prefecture. Don’t even think about being complacent because you have some strength! My Law Faction has plenty of people who can deal with you!”

“How laughable! I’ve never seen such an ignorant and arrogant person! Yang Ye! Who do you think you are? Do you think that you’re on the Martial Rankings? Not to mention the Martial Rankings, you’re even inferior to our head student. You aren’t even a Saint after cultivating for so long, so what right do you have to be so complacent? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

“People from a lousy place like Pine Prefecture act just like nouveau riches, they’re absolutely ignorant. They think they’re invincible because they have some strength! How laughable and sad!”

Yang Ye chuckled. He took 2 steps forward and gazed at them as he said, “All of you aren’t trash? Then why don’t you step forward and fight me?”

All of their expressions turned unsightly. Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “If you don’t dare to fight me in single combat, then how about all of you fight us together? We only have 3 on our side. 3 against all of you. Do you dare or not?”

This time, even Zuo Shang’s expression was quite unsightly. He wasn’t very sure how strong Yang Ye was, but he was very well aware of An Nanjing’s strength. Even though he was a realm higher than An Nanjing, he wasn’t confident at defeating her at all. While they’d only fought for a moment earlier, he was very well aware how terrifying she was.

Once he was locked in battle, the others of the outer court would only be slaughtered by Yang Ye and Xuwu Shen. If that instructor hadn’t acted earlier, then the outer court students would have been annihilated by now!

“What? Cat got your tongues?” Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “All of you aren’t trash, right? Come prove it!”

Yang Ye suddenly started laughing at this point, “Actually, all of you don’t have to be scared at all. Because even if you’re trash, you still have instructors, elders, and various others who are stronger standing behind you. Would all of you even die while you have their protection? You won’t! All of you will be completely fine while they are there for you! Right?”

Anyone with a little bit of pride would be unable to endure being insulted to their face. So, one of the students immediately howled furiously, “I’ll fucking fight you to the death!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he charged towards Yang Ye.

A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then he vanished on the spot.


An explosion resounded, and then a figure moved backwards repeatedly. It wasn’t that student but Yang Ye.

Yang Ye finally stopped after being pushed back almost 300m, and there was a palm print on his chest. An Nanjing appeared by Yang Ye’s side, and there was undisguised killing intent in her eyes.

“I can’t stand the sight of this any longer!” Suddenly, an old man in a line robe and sandals appeared here. He looked up to the sky and said, “Hey, old geezers from the Law Faction, did all of you send invitations far and wide so that the powers of the Central Divine Prefecture can watch all of you bully juniors? Of course, that has nothing to do with me. But if you invited us here to watch you bully juniors, then I’m going back to my sect.”

A moment of silence ensued, and then the voice resounded again, “Outer court students, return to the academy. No one is allowed to leave the academy without orders. Yang Ye, my Law Faction won’t bully you. If you have the ability, then feel free to kill them 2 days from now. But don’t worry, you definitely won’t have the chance.”

“Let’s go!” Zuo Shang glanced at Yang Ye’s group, and then he turned around and left. The other outer court students hurriedly followed after him.

“Thank you, Senior!” Yang Ye cupped his fists to the old man.

The old man sized up Yang Ye and An Nanjing, and then he said, “I have to say, it’s difficult to imagine how both of you are from Pine Prefecture. Both of you aren’t bad!” He suddenly gazed at Xuwu Shen at this point, and his gaze stopped on Xuwu Shen for a moment before he said, “You’re not really bad as well.”

Xuwu Shen glanced at the old man and remained silent.

Meanwhile, the old man continued, “Unfortunately, all of you won’t live for long.”

Yang Ye frowned, “What do you mean?”

The old man glanced at him and said, “The Law Faction invited countless people to watch the competition. Why did they do that? I don’t know their true objective. However, I know that they will absolutely not allow the 3 of you to win, and they will absolutely not allow the 3 of you to survive. Otherwise, wouldn’t they be bringing humiliation to themselves?”

Yang Ye fell silent. Actually, he’d thought of that when he found out that the Law Faction had invited many to watch the competition. But he had no other choice. No matter how dangerous it was, he still had to come.

“Actually, White Deer Academy is bringing about its own demise!” The old man shook his head, “White Deer Academy was absolutely brilliant all those years ago, but because of an internal split and internal strife, it has been in a constant decline. Alright, that’s enough of nonsense.” The old man’s figure shook slightly and vanished on the spot.

Once the old man left, Yang Ye and the others fell silent.

A short while passed before Yang Ye gazed at Xuwu Shen, “Actually, it really isn’t necessary for you to join in.”

Xuwu Shen laughed bitterly, “You don’t really think that I’m a burden, right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to care about me if we really get into a battle. I’ll deal with everything myself!”

Yang Ye shook his head and spoke seriously, “To be honest, even I’m not confident in our chances in the battles we’re about to face. I’m sure you heard the old man, those fellows might disregard the rules when dealing with us.”

Xuwu Shen pondered deeply for a short while and said, “The blood of White Deer Academy’s students are already on my hands. Now, I have no choice but to stay with you until the end. Otherwise, they’ll probably make up an excuse to kill me as soon as I leave.”

Yang Ye gazed at Xuwu Shen for a short while before he said, “I don’t know why your father made you come with me, but since we’re a group now, then let’s work together properly.”

Xuwu Shen looked Yang Ye in the eyes, “Don’t worry, I hold no ill intent towards you. I can swear on my soul!”

Yang Ye replied, “I don’t think that you would. I just feel like you might really die if you continue staying by my side.”

Xuwu Shen chuckled, “Do you know… I used to be like a coward in the Central Divine Prefecture. I didn’t dare to do this and that. Why? Because I was afraid! I was afraid of causing trouble! It was truly a life full of grievance! Even though I’m always filled with anxiety while I’m with you, at least it’s not aggrieving.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely bury you if you die!”

Xuwu Shen was speechless.

Suddenly, a figure shot out from White Deer City, and it didn’t take long for the figure to arrive in front of Yang Ye’s group.

“Fang Yun?” Yang Ye was slightly surprised when he saw the figure’s appearance. Because it was Fang Yun from the Scholarly Faction whom he’d met at Ocean of Clouds City that day.

Fang Yun gazed at Yang Ye, “You really came!”

Yang Ye replied, “What else?”

Fang Yun took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye, “Come with me to the city.”

Yang Ye nodded, and their group entered the city by Fang Yun’s side.

Fang Yun led them to a pavilion called the Immortal Cloud Residence. 2 white robed men immediately greeted them when they entered the pavilion.

One of them asked, “He’s Yang Ye?”

Fang Yun nodded, “Let’s forget about sleeping tonight and stand on guard.”

Both of them glanced at Yang Ye, nodded, and then walked out.

Yang Ye noticed that over 100 people had suddenly appeared all around the pavilion, and their auras were extremely thick. They were clearly not weaklings.

Fang Yun turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, “Rest at ease and recuperate in the next 2 days. No one will disturb you.”

He turned around and walked away once he finished speaking.

Yang Ye asked, “Is the group from Thousand Crane Sect in the city or are they in the academy?”

Fang Yun stopped and said, “They are in Incense Pavilion to the south of the city. Do you know them?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Fang Yun glanced at Yang Ye, and then he turned around and left.

Xuwu Shen spoke solemnly, “Something is really off about White Deer Academy. Something huge is definitely about to happen!”

Yang Ye nodded. He’d noticed that the atmosphere was slightly off as well. A short while passed before he shook his head and said, “Let’s not concern ourselves with that. Just recuperate well. We have a difficult battle ahead!”

An Nanjing and Xuwu Shen nodded.

Late at night.

Yang Ye left Immortal Cloud Residence. Everything went smoothly with the Sword Domain and Laws of Darkness to conceal himself, and he didn’t alarm anyone.

Yang Ye arrived at Incense Pavilion, and he swept the surroundings with his divine sense. It didn’t take long for him to vanish on the spot.

In a room within Incense Pavilion. Xiao Yuxi was seated cross-legged on the bed with her eyes closed. Suddenly, her eyes opened wide, and there was another person in her room.

She was about to attack when that person suddenly said, “There’s a mole below your chest. Besides that, there’s a small scar a few centimeters beneath your stomach. It’s around the size of an index finger. You cut yourself when you lost concentration while cultivating, and you didn’t remove it to remind yourself that you can’t be careless in the future. As for your inner thigh, there’s….”

“Shut up!” Xiao Yuxi suddenly shouted furiously, and her eyes were filled with shock and bewilderment.

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