Chapter 1085 – Old Dog! I Can’t Stand You Any Longer!

Almighty Sword Domain

Xuwu Shen didn’t charge forward with them. He hesitated for a moment on the spot, and then he turned around and shot towards the distance. It didn’t take long for him to vanish into the sky.

He fled in the face of battle?

Everyone outside the arena was stunned by this scene.

A short while passed before the members of the Law Faction started laughing coldly.

“That’s a so-called elite of Ocean of Clouds Academy? Does it have no one else who’s capable? They actually sent such a humiliating piece of trash?”

“How could there be any capable experts from a lousy place like that? But he does know his limitations well! Hahahaha!”

Han Yu and Wu Yuan exchanged glances, and they saw a slight smile in each other’s eyes. Han YU said, “That fellow is quite interesting. He knew he would be a burden, so he left right away.”

Wu Yuan glanced at the forces from White Deer Academy in the distance and said, “Did you notice? Regardless of whether it’s the Scholarly Faction or the Law Faction, none of the comparatively famous geniuses in their younger generation are here. Looks like something really is happening today!”

“We’ll know what they intend to do once those 3 kids die!” When he spoke up to this point, Han Yu gazed at Wu Yuan and said, “Want to make another bet? I bet that those 3 kids will definitely die.”

Wu Yuan raised his head to look at the arena, and then he pondered deeply for a moment before he shook his head.

Han Yu chuckled, “Looks like you realized as well. They aren’t just Saints; they’ve definitely cultivated some sort of combination technique. Not to mention those 2 kids, even we would probably be unable to deal with their joint forces in a short period. Even though Luo Sen is thick skinned, he is no fool. He didn’t underestimate his opponents and send the members of his Law Faction to their deaths!”

Wu Yuan spoke curiously, “The Scholarly Faction clearly intends to protect those 2 kids, so why didn’t they stop him?”

“There are only 2 possibilities!” Han Yu continued, “The first is that they don’t care about their fate. The second is that they want to see the limits of those kids’ strengths!”

Wu Yuan nodded, “I’d like to see the limit of their strengths as well!”

In the battlefield.

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face after less than 10 minutes of battle. Because these 10 fellows weren’t just Saints, every single one of them was extremely strong. Moreover, they were quite terrifying when they worked together, and their cooperation practically had no flaws. Even he who possessed the Enlightened Sword Heart found it to be useless at this moment.

The Enlightened Sword Heart could locate flaws, but it depended on the target. Some would cultivate to the point those flaws ceased to exist. As for these 10 Saints, every single one of them had flaws and weak points if they were viewed individually. However, when they joined forces both offensively and defensively, every one of their flaws and weak points were instantly offset by each other. So, they had no flaws or weak points any longer!

Coupled with the fact that all of them were an entire realm higher than An Nanjing and him, both of them showed signs of being suppressed after a short moment of battle.

Or it should be said that if he didn’t rely on the advantage he had from the cultivation of his body, then he would have been defeated by now. As for An Nanjing, she would also have been defeated by now if it wasn’t for her extraordinarily formidable instinct in combat.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he suddenly shouted, “Jing’er!”

The corners of An Nanjing’s eyes twitched slightly when she heard him, and then a strand of terrifying intent suddenly surged out from within her. At the same time, Void Rank sword intent surged out from within Yang Ye as well. The Saints from the Law Faction immediately felt like countless mountains were pressing down upon them, and it caused them to be unable to work together so smoothly anymore!

However, only a moment passed before 10 terrifying auras surged out from within them!

It was the imposing aura of Saints!

Their auras immediately fused together and blocked off Yang Ye and An Nanjing’s intents!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye and An Nanjing had escaped the battlefield and appeared around 100m away.

“Slash!” Yang Ye roared furiously as he held the intent sword within the ancient sheath and drew it swiftly!


A brilliant ray of sword energy shot forward while accompanied by a sword howl, and it was like an extremely dazzling shooting star.

It was 90 overlapped Heavenrends!

At this moment, even space was rippling before it!

The expressions of those 10 Saints changed, and one of them hurriedly shouted, “Fuse!”

As soon as he shouted, all of them formed a straight line, and then a blue circle of light appeared beneath their feet. When Yang Ye’s sword energy arrived before them, a blue barrier of light flashed out from within the circle of light, and it obstructed Yang Ye’s sword energy.


A huge explosion resounded as the blue barrier of light shook violently, but it didn’t crack apart!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while a trace of seriousness appeared in his eyes. Meanwhile, a voice suddenly resounded from amidst the 10 Saints, “Attack!”

As soon as it resounded, a ray of blue light suddenly surged out from the circle of blue light below their feet, and it enveloped them. A moment later, a blue pillar of light erupted from within it, and it was so swift that it practically instantly arrived before Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

A cold glow flashed through An Nanjing’s eyes as she held tightly onto Skysplit and swiftly stabbed it forward!


Skysplit and the blue pillar of light shook violently, and then the pillar of light started cracking apart a moment later. However, An Nanjing’s countenance turned slightly pale. Meanwhile, a ray of sword energy struck the pillar of light, and it instantly sliced the cracking pillar of light into 2.

A huge explosion resounded as a terrifying wave of energy swept out from the point of collision, and it was about to drown Yang Ye and An Nanjing beneath it. However, it was obstructed by the intent they released!

“Kill!” A voice resounded from amidst the 10 Saints again, and then countless beams of blue light surged out from the blue circle of light. They shot towards Yang Ye and An Nanjing like a storm!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he waved his sword swiftly. Countless rays of sword energy shot forward and collided against the beams of blue light. Meanwhile, An Nanjing’s figure flashed and shot towards those 10 Saints.

Outside the arena. Everyone including Luo Sen and the others from the Law Faction had solemn expressions on their faces.

After all, 2 Half-Saints were fighting 10 Saints, yet they were fighting them almost equally. At this moment, everyone was shocked. Because those 10 Saints from the Law Faction were no ordinary Saints. They were the elites of the Law Faction! Moreover, they’d even cultivated formidable combination techniques. It could be said that the 10 of them could even defeat 20 Saints who hadn’t relied on any external forces to attain the Saint Realm!

Yet now, they were being rivalled by just 2 Half-Saints!

Luo Sen’s face was gloomy, and killing intent flashed within his eyes!

Lin Yueyin was completely stunned. She hadn’t expected Yang Ye’s strength to actually be so terrifying. Lin Yueyin instantly felt embarrassed when she recalled what she’d said to Yang Ye in the past.

Xiao Yuxi’s gaze was locked on Yang Ye for a while before she started pondering deeply. It didn’t take long for her brows to be knit tightly together while traces of pain could be seen in her eyes.

Han Yu suddenly asked, “Are they really from… Pine Prefecture?”

Wu Yuan replied, “If they weren’t sucked into this vortex within White Deer Academy, I would have considered taking them to my Martial Sect. What a pity.”

Han Yu nodded in agreement, “Indeed!”

In the pocket of space.

The battle between those 10 Saints and Yang Ye’s duo had become heated. They were exchanging blows repeatedly, but they weren’t able to harm each other. So they fell into a stalemate!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Because it would grow more disadvantageous to him and An Nanjing if the battle dragged on. But if he wanted to resolve the battle quickly, then he had to expose some of his trump cards. Yang Ye was very clearly aware that while these 10 Saints were very strong, they were absolutely not the strongest experts in the Law Faction. In other words, there might be even stronger experts waiting for him and An Nanjing in the next rounds. Moreover, it would be quite unwise to expose his trump cards now!

But if he didn’t, then the stalemate between them would definitely continue. He was confident that he could continue fighting and defeat them in the end. Because the moment they revealed a weak point or flaw in their combination would be the moment they won!

Right when Yang Ye was hesitant, a ray of red light suddenly shot down from the sky.

The red light shot down like a shooting star. Everywhere it passed, space started to ripple, and even Yang Ye was visibly moved by the terrifying aura it contained.

An Emperor Rank technique!

It’s an Emperor Rank technique at least!

At this moment, Yang Ye and the others in the battlefield were stunned, and the others outside the arena were stunned as well. Why has an Emperor Rank technique suddenly appeared here?

Someone suddenly shouted, “It’s that fellow who fled earlier!”

Everyone else instantly recalled Xuwu Shen who’d fled just now. Many of them had unconsciously forgotten him because the battle between Yang Ye’s duo and the Law Faction’s group was too intense, and they hadn’t expected that fellow to actually return with a powerful technique!

At this moment, the faces of the experts from the Law Faction had become unsightly to the extreme!


The red light shot into the group of 10 Saints. In an instant, space trembled violently as countless rays of red light shot out in all directions, causing the formation between the 10 Saints to be dispersed. Moreover, one of them was even killed on the spot. As for the rest, they’d been caught off guard, so even if they hadn’t been killed on the spot, they suffered extremely heavy injuries.

“Kill!” Yang Ye and An Nanjing would naturally not allow such an opportunity to escape them, and they immediately charged towards those heavily injured Saints.

“Stop! We admit defeat!” Luo Sen’s expression changed drastically when he witnessed this scene, and he hurriedly shouted with rage. At the same time, he waved his right hand, and the scene within the battlefield warped. It didn’t take long for Yang Ye’s group of 3 to appear in the arena, but there were no experts of the Law Faction around them.

Luo Sen was stunned upon witnessing this scene, and then he howled with fury, “You killed them!”

Yang Ye shrugged, “You were too slow. You can’t blame me for that, right?”

“You did it on purpose!” Luo Sen spoke furiously, “Die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Sen stretched out his right hand and clawed at them. A huge palm flashed forward and clawed at Yang Ye’s group on the arena.

“Old dog! I can’t stand you any longer!” Yang Ye’s furious roar resounded, and then a pillar of blood shot up into the sky and instantly turned the sky blood red!

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