Chapter 1086 – 39th On The Martial Rankings!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as the pillar of blood shot into the sky, a beam of blood red sword energy carried boundless slaughter intent and Void Rank sword intent as it flashed through the air.

Countless people hadn’t even recovered from their shock when Luo Sen’s palm was instantly obliterated, and then it shot through Luo Sen’s body.

Luo Sen’s eyes instantly opened wide as his figure stiffened.

As for the beam of sword energy, it hadn’t vanished, and it was shooting towards a pavilion in the distance. However, a huge palm tore through space when it was about to strike the pavilion and slammed against the blood red beam of sword energy.


The beam of blood red sword energy was blasted apart and dispersed. Meanwhile, the huge palm was waved slightly, and the aftershock from the explosion instantly vanished. It didn’t take long for the huge palm to vanish and everything to return to calm.

After that, a white haired old man appeared here.

The old man glanced at Luo Sen.

At this moment, Luo Sen was looking at the old man as well, and there was a pleading expression in his eyes. However, the old man shook his head slightly.


Luo Sen’s body exploded apart, and then countless strands of profound energy surged out like a torrent from within him!

A Saint had perished!

A high-rank Saint had perished just like that!

Everyone here had solemn expressions on their faces! Even Xing Yun’zi from the Scholarly Faction, Wu Yuan, and Han Yu had solemn expressions on their faces. That attack Yang Ye executed just now was too terrifying! Not to mention Luo Sen, even they might perish if they were caught off guard by it!

At this moment, all of their gazes had descended onto Yang Ye who seemed like a person made of blood.

At this moment, Yang Ye was emanating boundless slaughter intent, and it caused the others in the surroundings to feel a chill run down their spines. Especially those with comparatively weaker cultivations, they even couldn’t prevent their bodies from shivering.

There was a blood red sword in Yang Ye’s left grasp, and it was madly absorbing the blood within Luo Sen’s body.

In Heaven’s Gravestone’s opinion, the stronger a person was, the tastier that person’s blood would be!

Yang Ye’s eyes were slightly closed, and his entire body was trembling incessantly.

An Nanjing was by Yang Ye’s side, and her gaze was on the white haired old man who’d just arrived here. Moreover, Skysplit was spinning at high speeds in her grasp, and she seemed to be vigilant.

The white haired old man glanced at An Nanjing before starting to walk towards Yang Ye!

Xing Yun’zi’s eyes narrowed slightly upon witnessing this scene, and then his right hand moved slightly. A talisman exploded apart within his grasp.

In next to no time, the white haired old man arrived 30m away from Yang Ye.


The spear in An Nanjing’s grasp shot forward and instantly arrived before the white haired old man.

The white haired old man’s expression remained unchanged as he stretched out a finger and tapped it lightly against Skysplit. Skysplit instantly shook violently before being bounced back. At the same time, the old man’s finger shook slightly while some almost unnoticeable cracks appeared on it.

A wisp of surprise flashed through the old man’s eyes, and then he raised his head to look at An Nanjing, “Your weapon isn’t bad, and you’re even better. Are you a student of Ocean of Clouds Academy?”

An Nanjing tightened her grip on Skysplit. At this moment, her hand was trembling. It wasn’t that she was afraid, the trembling had been caused by the powerful force contained within Skysplit when she grabbed it earlier!

“Even though you’re not bad, you’re still too weak!” As soon as the white haired old man finished speaking, he stretched his right hand forward, and then a powerful aura surged out and instantly enveloped An Nanjing.


Suddenly, a terrifying strand of intent surged out from within An Nanjing, and it blocked off the old man’s aura.

“Fist intent? Not bad, but it still isn’t enough!” The old man shook his head slightly.


Suddenly, another strand of intent surged out from within An Nanjing, and both intents instantly fused together to resist the old man’s aura.

“Battle intent?” There was a trace of surprise in the old man’s eyes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The old man had just finished speaking when a few more intents surged out from within An Nanjing. All of them fused together to form a completely new intent. Meanwhile, the old man’s aura was completely useless against An Nanjing!

At this moment, everyone here was stunned. Wu Yuan had even stood up while disbelief filled his eyes.

“Battle intent, fist intent, spear intent….” There was shock in the old man’s eyes, “You actually possess 6 intents, and all of them are at the Void Rank. Most importantly, you’ve actually fused all of them into a completely new intent. Good! Very good! I never expected that such a genius like you would have actually appeared in Pine Prefecture. I’d intended to show mercy out of consideration for your talent, but based on your expression, I presume you definitely won’t submit to my Law Faction. Since it’s like that, then die!”

The old man was about to act when Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes. 2 beams of blood red light shot out from his eyes and instantly arrived before the old man.

The old man’s expression remained indifferent as he waved his right hand lightly, and those beams of light were instantly dispersed, “An ominous and bloodthirsty sword. You’ll be a calamity if you’re allowed to live. Die!”

He was about to attack at this point, but a violet robed old man suddenly arrived here. The violet robed old man paid no attention to the white haired old man, and he went over to Yang Ye instead. An Nanjing was about to attack when the violet robed old man smiled slightly to her, “I have no ill intent towards him!” He stretched out his hand and tapped a finger against the center of Yang Ye’s forehead, and then a strand of blue profound energy flowed through the tip of his finger and entered Yang Ye.


Suddenly, a ray of blood red light surged out from the center of Yang Ye’s forehead, and the violet robed old man’s finger was immediately pushed away. Moreover, the old man was even pushed a few steps back.

There was a trace of surprise in the violet robed old man’s eyes, “What a powerful sword of slaughter. Even I can’t suppress it!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly closed his eyes, and then a short while passed before his body started to return to normal. It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to completely return to normal, and then he opened his eyes and took a deep breath while a wave of fear still lingered in his heart. Earlier, he’d been almost unable to suppress the slaughter intent and evil energy within Heaven’s Gravestone. If his Void Rank sword intent hadn’t experienced an immense improvement lately, then he wouldn’t have dared to utilize Heaven’s Gravestone at all!

He’d used his Void Rank sword intent to suppress the slaughter intent just now, and that was why he hadn’t been completely corrupted by the slaughter intent within Heaven’s Gravestone! If it was in the past, his Void Rank sword intent wouldn’t have been able to suppress it at all. But his Void Rank sword intent wasn’t the same anymore. After condensing it numerous times, he hadn’t just learned how to execute Brink Sword Intent, it had even allowed his sword intent to undergo a transformation. So, his current Void Rank sword intent wasn’t inferior to his Void Rank slaughter intent at all!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and gazed at the violet robed old man before him. At the same time, he heaved a slight sigh of relief. Besides because he truly wanted to kill Luo Sen, the reason he’d suddenly utilized Heaven’s Gravestone was because he wanted to prove his worth to the Scholarly Faction. The Scholarly Faction hadn’t done anything since Luo Sen started to bully them. As far as he was concerned, there were 2 possibilities behind this.

The first was that the Scholarly Faction had given up on Ocean of Clouds Academy, and the second was that it wanted to see his worth. It wanted to know if he was worth it for the Scholarly Faction to go against the Law Faction. He didn’t dare guarantee that it was the later, but he had to give it a try. Because Luo Sen clearly intended to act shamelessly until the end. Now, when he saw the violet robed old man, he knew that it was definitely the latter!

“After so many years, Shang Yunxi seems to have fostered 2 pretty good students.” The violet robed old man gazed at Yang Ye and nodded lightly, “Shang Yunxi was one of my students. He was really not bad at that time. Unfortunately, he was too headstrong, just like you.”

Yang Ye didn’t say anything, nor did he have anything to say.

Meanwhile, the white haired old man spoke abruptly, “Su Shihe, you intend to protect them?”

The violet robed old man who was called Su Shihe gazed at the white haired old man, “Xu Fan, your Law Faction has gone too far this time!”

“It has gone too far?” The white haired old man called Xu Fan chuckled, “He killed numerous students of my Law Faction, and he even just killed the head elder of my Law Faction. Did you not see all of that?”

Su Shihe spoke indifferently, “You should be very well aware of the reason he killed them.”

“I don’t!” Xu Fan continued, “All I do know is that those who kill should pay with their lives!”

Su Shihe said, “We haven’t fought for many years. Do you want to spar?”

Xu Fan’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he was about to speak when Yang Ye suddenly spoke, “Can I speak a few words?”

Su Shihe said, “Go on!”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and said, “There are experts from White Deer Academy and experts from many other powers throughout the Central Divine Prefecture here. I’m sure all of you’ve witnessed what occurred earlier, and you understand what has happened. Of course, I have no intention to make all of you judge who’s right or wrong. Because the strength determines the victor. The Law Faction is much stronger than us, so everything they say is the truth!”

Yang Ye gazed at Xu Fan at this point and continued, “My Ocean of Clouds Academy is just a minor power, and it can’t endure the trouble that the Law Faction brings to it. We can’t afford to offend the Law Faction as well. Everyone from the Law Faction, my Ocean of Clouds Academy will admit defeat in this competition, alright? Because I’m afraid that an Emperor might show himself if we continue!”

Everyone here gazed at the members of the Law Faction when they heard Yang Ye.

Wu Yuan gazed at the members of the Law Faction as well, and he puckered his lips while a trace of disdain could be seen at the corners of his mouth. The Law Faction had been bullying Ocean of Clouds Academy since the very beginning, and such actions shouldn’t be from a Diamond Rank power. If Luo Sen had annihilated Yang Ye during those few times he’d attack, then it wouldn’t be a big deal at all.

But the laughable part was that not only had he failed to bully Yang Ye’s group, he had been killed instead. That was a humiliation! The most laughable part was that another old geezer had shown himself to bully Yang Ye’s group.

At this moment, many students of the Law Faction had quite unsightly expressions on their faces. Because if news of this were to spread, then the Law Faction would truly be humiliated!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye continued, “I’m telling the truth. Everyone from the Law Faction, please spare my Ocean of Clouds Academy. Even though I, Yang Ye, am confident, I’m not confident to the point of thinking about fighting an Emperor in single combat. Honestly, we admit defeat. We can’t afford to compete here!”

The expressions of the experts from the Law Faction grew even more unsightly. Because Yang Ye’s words were like slaps to their faces!

Xu Fan gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he nodded, “You want a fair fight, then I’ll give you one!” As he spoke, he turned around and pulled apart the space before him. After that, he stretched his right hand forward and grabbed. It didn’t take long for a man to be grabbed out from within the spatial rift.

“Jun Hualuo!” Su Shihe’s expression changed when he saw this man. It wasn’t just Su Shihe, even Wu Yuan and Han Yu’s expressions had changed!

Jun Hualuo!

An expert ranked at the 39th position on the Martial Rankings!

“Master?” The man gazed as Xu Fan with bewilderment.

Xu Fan spoke indifferently, “Deal with these 3 fellows!”

Jun Hualuo was slightly stunned, and then he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye’s group. He sized them up for a moment before he said, “Don’t waste my time. Just come at me as a group!”

As a group!

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