Chapter 1095 – All Of You Are Huge Fools!

Almighty Sword Domain

Crossing The Ocean!

Han Yu’s expression had turned solemn as well. He’d heard of this harmony in the past. It was an Emperor Rank technique that the founder of White Deer Academy, Xiao Wuqing, had created all those years ago. It was no ordinary Emperor Rank technique, and it was one that had the ability to grow. In other words, to a certain extent, its strength had no limits!

Its strength depended entirely on the user’s ability!

It could be said that it was a technique which could even pose a threat to Quasi Emperors!

The members of White Deer Academy clearly recognized this technique, so the experts of the Scholarly Faction had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces, and many of them even revealed despair.

As for the experts of the Law Faction, they heaved sighs of relief. Because Feng Qingyi was taking the battle seriously. So, how could Yang Ye be a match for Feng Qingyi when he was fighting seriously?

Along with the tune of the flute, a beautiful and moving tune resounded throughout the surroundings.

The tune was calm in the beginning, but it quickly grew intense. After that, a shocking scene appeared within the battlefield. The space throughout the battlefield actually started to shatter into pieces.

Meanwhile, Li Laoguai’s gaze descended onto Xiao Bieli, and he’d slowly clenched his fists as he was ready to act at a moment’s notice.

In the battlefield.

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes when he sensed that tune which seemed to bring death. A moment later, his figure transformed into a ray of light that shot forward. Meanwhile, his body seemed like it was being cut up by blades, and numerous injuries were appearing incessantly on his face and body. In less than a breath of time, his entire body was covered in blood!

“Break!” Yang Ye roared furiously when he arrived just around 5m before Feng Qingyi, and then he smashed his fist forward!

Energy capable of obliterating the world surged out from Yang Ye’s fist!


A loud explosion resounded as the entire battlefield shattered into pieces. At the same time, the arena was instantly blasted into powder as well. Besides that, 2 waves of terrifying energy swept out from the arena, and the ground and space shattered in its wake.

Countless people were astounded!

A huge palm flashed by, and then the aftershock was instantly swept away while the shattered space there was restored to normal under the effects of the Laws of the Heaven Dao.

Everyone here was stunned.

After all, all of it had actually been caused by a Half-Saint and a Saint!

Even the space within the battlefield which had been fortified by 2 Quasi Emperors hadn’t been able to endure Yang Ye and Feng Qingyi’s attacks! Feng Qingyi’s ability to do that wasn’t shocking because he was a peerless genius, Coupled with the fact that he’d executed a terrifying technique like Crossing The Ocean, the strength he possessed was obvious.

But what about Yang Ye? What had Yang Ye executed? No matter what technique he’d executed, he was just a Half-Saint!

He was just a Half-Saint!

The gazes of everyone were fixed on the center of the square which was covered in a storm of energy. After all, the battle between Yang Ye and Feng Qingyi was linked to the future of the 2 factions!

Who would stay and who would leave?

It didn’t take too long for the storm of energy to disperse slowly, and then both Yang Ye and Feng Qingyi’s figures appeared before them.

“The Stellar Ward Technique!” Someone cried out involuntarily. Everyone’s gazes descended onto Yang Ye. At this moment, there was a thin crystal blue barrier of energy on Yang Ye, but the barrier was covered in cracks and wasn’t whole anymore!

“He actually succeeded at cultivating the Stellar Ward Technique!”

Exclaims resounded throughout the surroundings.

The Stellar Ward Technique was an extremely famous technique even in White Deer Academy. Because it was a rare technique in White Deer Academy that was cultivated with stellar energy. Of course, the most important point was how crazy it was. Even someone with extraordinary willpower would be brought to his knees by the backlash from utilizing stellar energy.

It really wasn’t something that a human could endure!

However, Yang Ye had succeeded!

At the same time that they felt shocked, they were curious as well. Of course, no one paid attention to the Stellar Ward technique right now. All of them were only concerned about the victor of the battle.

Based on what they could see right now, it seemed like Feng Qingyi had the upper hand. Because Yang Ye was in a comparatively worse state. Yang Ye’s entire body was covered in injuries, and his appearance seemed rather terrifying. As for Feng Qingyi, he was completely unharmed, composed, and carefree just as he had been before this!

A moment of silence ensued, and then Feng Qingyi suddenly gazed at the jade flute in his grasp. After that, everyone watched as the jade flute suddenly transformed into countless pieces that scattered to the ground.

The expressions of everyone from the Law Faction instantly turned unsightly upon witnessing this scene.

Feng Qingyi had a trace of complicated emotions in his eyes as he gazed at the pieces on the ground, “After staying by my side for so long, I never expected that you would actually be destroyed here.”

He raised his head to look at Yang Ye once he finished speaking, “You truly surprised me. Not only have you succeeded at cultivating the Stellar Ward Technique, you were actually able to control your strength to such a degree. Unfortunately, you’re only a Half-Saint. If you were a Saint just like me, then I might not have been able to resist that punch of yours!”

As soon as he started speaking, everyone noticed to their astonishment that a strand of scarlet red was slowly seeping out from the corner of his mouth!

The members of the Law Faction and Especially Li Laoguai had horribly gloomy expressions on their faces!

Yang Ye glanced at the injuries on his body, and a short while passed before he looked up and gazed at Feng Qingyi, “You surprised me as well!” Indeed, Feng Qingyi’s strength had completely exceeded his expectations. If he hadn’t executed the Stellar Ward Technique at the critical moment, then he probably wouldn’t have escaped with just minor injuries.

Because that technique Feng Qingyi executed earlier, Crossing The Ocean, had been able to break through his physical defenses. However, he was truly surprised by the fact that Feng Qingyi had been able to forcefully resist his Brink Laws. Needless to say, Feng Qingyi was extremely strong indeed. At the same time, it allowed Yang Ye to have a clear idea of the Martial Rankings.

The Martial Rankings was very terrifying!

Feng Qingyi was only ranked at the 21st position, yet he possessed such strength. So, what about those geniuses who were ranked higher? Especially those in the top 10, how terrifying would they be?

“I’ve lost!” Suddenly, Feng Qingyi’s calm voice resounded.

Clamorous noise resounded throughout the surroundings!

Regardless of whether it was the experts of the Scholarly Faction or Law Faction, all of them were looking at Feng Qingyi.

“No, you haven’t lost!” Meanwhile, Li Laoguai suddenly roared with fury, “How could you have lost? That fellow, Yang Ye, is merely an ant from Pine Prefecture! How could you possibly lose to him? Fight! Continue fighting! Kill him! I said kill him!”

Yang Ye gazed at Li Laoguai while killing intent flashed through his eyes. That old geezer just refused to give up on killing me!

Yang Ye glanced coldly at Li Laoguai, and then he gazed at Feng Qingyi, “Actually, he’s right. You haven’t lost.”

Feng Qingyi shook his head slightly, “You fought me evenly at the Half-Saint Realm. I’ve lost. Moreover, I said that I would admit defeat if you could survive my attack. You did, so I’ve lost.”

At this point, he turned around to gaze at Li Laoguai, “Director Li, you saved me all those years ago and arranged for me to join the Scholarly Faction, and that was why I’ve gained my current accomplishments. I’ve never forgotten that debt I owed you. While I lost while helping you to fight the Scholarly Faction today, my conscience is clear because I tried my best.”

After that, he turned around and looked at Xiao Bieli, “Dean Xiao, the Scholarly Faction never treated me unfairly, yet I helped the Law Faction fight the Scholarly Faction today, and that wasn’t right. From today onwards, I won’t ever utilize anything I’ve learned from the Scholarly Faction.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he glanced at everyone here and said, “I, Feng Qingyi, proclaim today that I’m withdrawing from White Deer Academy. From this moment onward, I’m no longer a student of White Deer Academy, and the business of the academy isn’t related to me anymore. Moreover, everything I do from this day onwards is unrelated to the academy.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Feng Qingyi tapped his right foot against the ground and transformed into a ray of green light that shot up into the sky.

“You can’t leave!” Li Laoguai roared furiously as he stretched out his right hand, and a huge claw tore through space as it clawed at Feng Qingyi.


A ray of green light erupted abruptly in the sky and collided with the huge claw. The huge claw shook violently before shrinking back, and Feng Qingyi’s figure had vanished from their sight.

“What fools!” Han Yu couldn’t help but curse, “White Deer Academy, your internal strife actually forced your most outstanding student to leave! All of you really are huge fools!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Han Yu vanished on the spot.

Regardless of whether it was the experts of the Scholarly Faction or Law Faction, all of them fell silent.

A short while passed before Xiao Bieli gazed at Li Laoguai, “So Qingyi’s admission into the academy and my Scholarly Faction was under your control. Li Laoguai, you really planned all of this well.”

Xiao Bieli’s voice suddenly became ferocious at this point, “Are you happy now? Huh? Are you happy?”

Li Laoguai clenched his fists while his face was horribly gloomy!

Xiao Bieli closed his eyes, and quite some time passed before he opened them again. He glanced at the members of the Law Faction and said, “Indecision leads to trouble in the future. My Scholarly Faction has been exercising forbearance for so many years, yet all it got in return is your Law Faction constantly reaching for more. Just as you’ve said, White Deer Academy will definitely be destroyed if this continues. Since it’s like that, isn’t it better to deal with the problem at once? Everyone from the Law Faction, you may leave now!”

At this moment, the experts of the Law Faction turned pale.

Are we really going to leave White Deer Dimension? Are we really going to become homeless?

The atmosphere here was silent, terrifyingly silent!

Xuwu Shen was by Yang Ye’s side, and he asked, “Do you think they’ll leave?”

Yang Ye glanced at Li Laoguai and said, “That old geezer is extremely shameless. He definitely has more tricks up his sleeve!”

Meanwhile, Li Laoguai suddenly looked at Xiao Bieli and said, “What if we refuse?”

As soon as Li Laoguai spoke these words, the atmosphere here instantly became tense, and it felt like a volcano that would erupt at any moment.

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