Chapter 1096 – I Think He’s Seeking Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

“You refuse to leave?” Xiao Bieli chuckled, and then his face turned icy cold, “Then I’ll kill you. Want to give it a try?”

The atmosphere became tense once more, and the experts of both factions became tense as well.

Li Laoguai gazed at Xiao Bieli for a long time, and then he chuckled in the end, “We accept our defeat. Since my Law Faction has lost, we naturally won’t go back on our word. Let’s go! However, trust me, we’ll definitely return one day!”

Xiao Bieli spoke indifferently, “Goodbye!”

Li Laoguai laughed coldly, and then he gazed at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, huh? Good! Very good! My Law Faction was utterly humiliated and completely defeated because of you, huh!”

Yang Ye shrugged, “I didn’t want to come to White Deer Academy, but I had no other choice because your Law Faction just had to force me. Besides that, I didn’t want to step forward earlier, but you forced me again. So, I had no other choice but to step forward. In my opinion, you asked for all of this. Wouldn’t there have been no problem if you didn’t force me to step forward? Right?”

Li Laoguai’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he stared fixedly at Yang Ye for a long time before he said, “Yang Ye, I’ll remember you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he didn’t waste his breath and turned around to gaze at the members of the Law Faction, “Everyone, we lost the competition this time. However, we haven’t lost completely. Trust me, the day will come when we’ll definitely return and reclaim what belongs to us. That day isn’t too far away! Trust me!”

“Any student of the Law Faction who’s willing to change their ways can stay!” Suddenly, Xiao Bieli’s voice resounded, “However, if you stay, then there’ll be no Law Faction and Scholarly Faction in the academy anymore. Everyone will be a student of White Deer Academy. If you can do that, then you can stay. I won’t pursue any misdeeds of the past.”

Many students of the Law Faction were quite tempted when they heard him.

If it were possible, would anyone be willing to leave their home and become homeless?

“All of you better think twice!” Meanwhile, Li Laoguai spoke abruptly, “If you stay, then you’ll no longer be a student of my Law Faction. We won’t show any mercy when we return in the future!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s voice resounded, “But what if he can’t return?”

Li Laoguai’s face fell, and he turned around and glanced coldly at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “I’m just saying if he can’t. Right, your skin is so thick, so it isn’t impossible that you’ll return in the future. After all, so long as you sincerely change your ways, then I think that Dean Xiao will definitely give you an opportunity to change.”

Li Laoguai refused to give up on killing him, so it was impossible for them to make peace with each other. Since it was like that, he didn’t mind acting within the scopes of his ability and causing some trouble for Li Laoguai.

In any case, Li Laoguai couldn’t do anything to him right now!

“Dean Xiao, I’m willing to stay!” Meanwhile, a student from the Law Faction stepped forward, “I don’t want to leave White Deer Academy, and I guarantee that I’ll forget the enmity of the past. I hope Dean Xiao will let bygones be bygones as well!”

“I’m willing to stay as well!”

“I’m willing….”

In next to no time, over 1000 experts from the Law Faction stepped forward, and it even included some elders and instructors of the Law Faction.

Li Laoguai’s face was horribly gloomy. Because this exact thing had been within his plans, but it was being used by someone else now.

A short while later, almost 2,000 experts of the Law Faction had declared their willingness to stay. However, these 2,000 could only be considered as a small portion of the experts from the Law Faction. Because there were over 20,000 experts in the entire Law Faction.

Li Laoguai glanced coldly at the experts from the Scholarly Faction, and then he said, “Trust me! One day, my Law Faction will definitely be standing here again.”

He turned around to gaze at the experts from the Law Faction, and he continued, “Let’s go!”

Just like that, the experts of the Scholarly Faction and the others here watched as countless experts of the Law Faction left White Deer Academy under Li Laoguai’s lead.

There were no cheers of victory. Because the departure of the Law Faction represented that White Deer Academy’s strength would suffer a huge decline, and it couldn’t compare to those true Diamond Rank powers.

They felt lost when it came to the future of White Deer Academy!

“Everyone!” Meanwhile, Xiao Bieli’s voice resounded, “What happened today is definitely a disaster to our White Deer Academy. The departure of the Law Faction has caused the strength of our White Deer Academy to shrink by half. I have to admit that from today onwards, our White Deer Academy will probably be at the bottom of all the Diamond Rank powers. However….”

Xiao Bieli’s voice grew louder at this point, “However, the departure of the Law Faction is also an opportunity to our White Deer Academy. Because there’ll only be a single voice throughout our White Deer Academy from now on. From today onwards, our White Deer Academy will be more united than it has ever been! Besides that, while the Law Faction has left, we still have our foundation. So long as we stay united, then in the future, our White Deer Academy will definitely glow brilliantly once again in the Central Divine Prefecture!”

“Long live White Deer Academy!”

“Long live White Deer Academy!”

Countless students started to shout.

Suddenly, a ray of white light shot through the sky and descended to the ground, and then a blue robed old man appeared before them.

A Quasi Emperor! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, Is he an enemy of White Deer Academy?

A wisp of complicated emotions flashed through Xiao Bieli’s eyes when he saw the blue robed old man, “Brother Feng, you really are quick!”

“It’s my duty!” The blue robed old man glanced at the surroundings and said, “After so many years, your factions have finally split up. But that’s fine as well. From today onwards, you’ll be able to develop on your own and won’t be in conflict with each other anymore.”

Xiao Bieli asked, “Brother Feng, can you make an exception?”

The blue robed old man shook his head slightly, “You know the rules!”

Xiao Bieli sighed softly, and then he shot up into the sky. After that, he waved both his hands. In an instant, White Deer Dimension started trembling.

Yang Ye noticed that something was about to emerge from the ground!

Yang Ye asked Fang Yun, “What’s he doing?”

Fang Yun sighed softly, “There are over 100 Divine Rank spirit veins of various varieties throughout the Central Divine Prefecture, and everyone desires such spirit veins. In order to prevent the Central Divine Prefecture from falling into a state of endless battle and slaughter, everyone joined forces to form an alliance. According to the rules of the alliance, only a power that has an expert on the Martial Rankings is allowed to possess a Divine Rank spirit veins. Our White Deer Academy used to have 3 because Feng Qingyi, Jun Hualuo, and Mo Yuntian were all on the Martial Rankings. Yet now, Feng Qingyi has left, Jun Hualuo is dead, and Mo Yuntian is from the Law Faction. In other words, we aren’t qualified to possess Divine Grade spirit veins anymore!”

“No wonder so many powers are fighting to gain geniuses!” Yang Ye nodded slightly. Now he had a faint understanding of why the Martial Sect cared so much about An Nanjing. Besides her natural talent, it was definitely because of her potential. Because her natural talent and potential were equivalent to a reservation for a Divine Grade spirit vein.”

“The Martial Rankings isn’t just a ranking, it’s the lifeline of all the powers in the Central Divine Prefecture. Strictly speaking, a Diamond Rank power without a Divine Grade spirit veins can’t be considered as a Diamond Rank power anymore. Just like the current Thousand Crane Sect. Even though it’s called a Diamond Rank power, in the opinion of true Diamond Rank powers, it actually isn’t one anymore! It’s for no other reason that because they don’t have an expert on the Martial Ranking, and they have no Divine Grade spirit veins!”

As he finished speaking, Fang Yun’s tone carried a huge amount of bitterness and unwillingness.

Everyone watched as 3 huge white dragons flew up into the air from beneath the ground. Meanwhile, the blue robed old man withdrew a violet gold bowl and waved it at those huge dragons. A ray of golden light surged forward, and the 3 white dragons were sucked into the bowl.

Once the 3 white dragons vanished, everyone throughout White Deer Dimension sensed that something had vanished.

It was the spirit energy here!

The spirit energy here was vanishing swiftly, and it didn’t take long for the spirit energy throughout White Deer Dimension to lessen by a few dozen times!

Xuwu Shen spoke solemnly, “The spirit energy here is almost like our Pine Prefecture now!”

Yang Ye nodded. Presently, the spirit energy in White Deer Dimension was actually almost the same as Pine Prefecture. Needless to say, the speed that everyone cultivated here would decline.

If White Deer Academy couldn’t regain a Divine Grade spirit vein soon, then it wouldn’t take long for it to fall into a complete decline!

Meanwhile, the blue robed old man put the golden bowl away, and then he gazed at Xiao Bieli who had a bleak expression on his face. The old man hesitated for a moment before he sighed softly, “Good luck!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure vanished into the horizon.

“Actually, Yang Ye can ascend the Martial Rankings!” Suddenly, someone in the crowd spoke, and it instantly caused countless gazes to descend onto Yang Ye.

Xiao Bieli’s gaze had descended onto Yang Ye as well, and there was a trace of excitement and happiness in his eyes.

As he gazed at the gazes of everyone here, Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “It’s my duty!”

Ocean of Clouds Academy’s life and death was bound to White Deer Academy, so it was beneficial for Ocean of Clouds Academy if White Deer Academy was strong.

Countless people instantly cheered when they heard Yang Ye agree, and even Xiao Bieli and Su Shihe revealed a slight smile.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Xiao Yuxi, and he pondered deeply for an instant before he shot over towards the group from the Thousand Crane Sect. Meanwhile, Lin Yueyin suddenly gazed at Xiao Yuxi and said, “Yuxi, I received news from the sect. The Mo Clan will be sending a group in 3 days to seek a marriage alliance with our sect. The sect has ordered us to return immediately.”

“A marriage alliance?” Meanwhile, Yang Ye appeared in front of Lin Yueyin and said, “With who?”

Lin Yueyin’s expression changed when she saw him, and she unconsciously took a step back.

Yang Ye’s face fell, “I asked you who it is!”

Lin Yueyin’s delicate figure instantly trembled slightly, and she hurriedly said, “The Mo… the Mo Clan is doing it on Mo Yuntian’s behalf, and he… he naturally seeks to marry Yuxi….”

“I think he’s seeking death!” Yang Ye’s furious voice resounded throughout the surroundings.

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