Chapter 1098 – The Ultimate Version Of Death By A Thought!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was puzzled, so he went to see Xiao Bieli.

“A senior of our White Deer Academy obtained it from outside our stellar region. Because stellar energy is used to cultivate it and no one has been able to succeed, so we don’t know exactly what grade it’s at.” Xiao Bieli continued, “However, the full version of the Stellar Ward technique is a low-grade Emperor Rank technique at the very least. I have no doubt about that!”

“So that’s why!” Yang Ye nodded, and then he bid farewell to Xiao Bieli and left.

A wisp of complicated emotions flashed through Xiao Bieli’s eyes as he watched Yang Ye leave.

Feng Qingyi had left White Deer Academy, so if Yang Ye left, then it would definitely be a huge blow to the academy. Moreover, it had to rely on Yang Ye to obtain a Divine Grade spirit vein. So, he couldn’t let Yang Ye leave no matter what!

Yang Ye needed White Deer Academy, but did White Deer Academy not need him as well?

Yang Ye didn’t return to his room, and he went to the peak of a mountain behind the academy.

It was night right now, and the sky was studded with stars.

Yang Ye unrolled the scroll, and then a strand of information instantly surged into his mind.

“Stellar energy comes from the cosmos, and it isn’t governed by the Heaven Dao….” At the peak of the mountain, Yang Ye sat there for almost 2 hours before his eyes opened slowly. He looked up at the star studded sky above him, and he felt slightly lost.

There were many descriptions about stellar energy within the scroll which contained the full version of the Stellar Ward Technique, and it allowed him to possess a clearer understanding of stellar energy. Besides spirit energy, there was stellar energy, and also the Primordial Violet Energy he knew of within the vast cosmos. He knew that there were definitely even more types of energy and methods of cultivation that he didn’t know of.

Because Xiao Qi didn’t utilize stellar energy, spirit energy, or Primordial Violet Energy!

At this moment, he remembered something Lady had told him — the world is huge, and we are tiny.

A short while passed before Yang Ye shook his head slightly and restrained his thoughts, and then he started absorbing stellar energy into his body.

Instead of being lost about the future, it was better to work hard now and strive to possess even greater strength to face the future. In his opinion, there were very few things in this world which couldn’t be resolved with force.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t use the stellar energy to temper his body, and he absorbed it into his body instead before circulating it according to the method provided by the technique.

At the peak of the mountain, countless rays of crystal blue stellar energy covered the sky as they rained down towards the mountain peak. In the end, they transformed into numerous crystal blue beams of light that surged into Yang Ye’s body. At this moment, Yang Ye’s entire body was emanating crystal blue light, and he seemed like a dazzling star.

There were 2 big differences between the incomplete Stellar Ward Technique and its complete version. Firstly, the stellar energy absorbed into the body via the incomplete technique couldn’t be stored for long, but it wasn’t the same case for the complete version. Because the complete version came with a mental cultivation technique, and it allowed stellar energy to be stored within the body.

Of course, because stellar energy conflicted with profound energy, humans who cultivated with profound energy couldn’t cultivate with stellar energy at all. However, that wasn’t the case for Yang Ye. Because with the Primordial Violet Energy there to keep them in harmony, his stellar energy and profound energy wouldn’t conflict with each other. In other words, stellar energy could be stored within his body just like profound energy!

Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly opened wide when he noticed this, and his eyes flickered with extreme excitement and joy.

Since stellar energy can be stored within my body, then can I utilize it to execute techniques?

However, Yang Ye didn’t try right away.

His main goal right now was to finish cultivating the Stellar Ward Technique!

Yang Ye had relied on the Stellar Ward Technique to forcefully endure Feng Qingyi’s final technique in his last battle. Moreover, that technique, Crossing The Ocean, was a low-grade Emperor Rank technique at the very least. In other words, if he could cultivate the full version of the Stellar Ward Technique successfully, then when coupled with his own physical defenses, even a high-grade Emperor Rank technique wouldn’t be able to harm him while he activated the Stellar Ward Technique!

The 2nd difference between the complete and incomplete versions was that the incomplete version could only release stellar energy to form a defensive barrier, but the complete version could do more than that. It could even fill the body with stellar energy and fuse with the entire body!

In other words, his entire body from inside out and even every single cell within him would be enveloped by stellar energy.

The complete version of the Stellar Ward Technique had extremely harsh requirements towards the body. Because if the body couldn’t endure the stellar energy, then the outcome would be instant death. Fortunately, Yang Ye’s body barely satisfied its requirements.

Yang Ye was absorbing stellar energy within his Sword Domain as well. Because cultivating anything while within the scope of his Sword Domain yielded twice the results.

One day later.

Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes. In an instant, a strand of terrifying crystal blue energy surged out from within him. But it didn’t take long for the crystal blue energy to return back to him, and then Yang Ye’s entire body became crystal blue.

A wisp of excitement flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he gazed at the stellar energy on his body. At this moment, his entire body was covered in stellar energy, and he was entirely capable of going head-on against an Emperor Rank technique. If he were to face Feng Qingyi now, then he would remain absolutely unharmed even if he just stood there and allowed Feng Qingyi to execute Crossing The Ocean again!

However, the Stellar Ward Technique still had a flaw, and it was that it caused an immense amount of harm to the body when used over prolonged periods. Just like this very moment, his entire body felt numb after he stopped circulating the Stellar Ward Technique, and it felt like he’d been bashed up. Moreover, he’d only been utilizing it for a few dozen breaths of time. If he used it for a while longer, then it would probably cause his body to start cracking apart!

Yang Ye thought to himself, 15 minutes! 15 minutes is the maximum my body can endure! My body will definitely collapse if I exceed that amount of time!

Even though he only had 15 minutes, in his opinion, it really wasn’t bad. Because so long as he wasn’t facing an Emperor, then he was practically invincible throughout those 15 minutes. Of course, he could only be considered to be invincible before some people. If he encountered special existences like Oblivion Maiden and Nether Maiden, then not to mention 15 minutes, he wouldn’t be confident in his ability to resist their attacks even if it could last for hours!

Yang Ye withdrew a violet crystal and swallowed it.

2 hours later, his body had almost completely recovered, and he started to try utilizing stellar energy with his techniques.

Both his sword techniques and the sword wings required huge amounts of profound energy. Especially Heavenrend and Death by a Thought. Every single executing practically exhausted him.

If he could utilize them with stellar energy, then what would that mean? It meant that if he’d exhausted his profound energy, he could still use stellar energy. In short, if he could execute techniques with stellar energy, then he would have an extra source of energy when compared to others. Moreover, it meant that even if the spirit energy in this world dried up, he wouldn’t really be affected because stellar energy wouldn’t dry up!

He immediately put his thoughts into action!

Yang Ye didn’t utilize any special methods, and he just controlled his stellar energy according to the same way he controlled his profound energy.

In the beginning, Yang Ye acted absolutely carefully because he was worried that a mishap might occur. If a mishap occurred within him, then it would be quite troublesome indeed. But it didn’t take long for him to realize that it wasn’t as difficult as he’d expected. A strand of stellar energy moved through his meridians under his control and arrived at his arm, and then it moved to the tip of his finger in the end.

A moment later, Yang Ye pointed his finger towards the distance.


A ray of crystal blue sword energy shot out from the tip of his finger. The crystal blue sword energy shot through the sky and instantly vanished into the horizon. It was like a shooting star had shot through the sky, and it was extremely dazzling.

“It really works!” Yang Ye’s eyes flickered with wild joy.

Before this, if he executed 100 overlapped Heavenrends, then he could only execute 5 attacks like that in succession. Yet now, with the help of stellar energy, he could execute 10 attacks like that in succession!

Yang Ye suppressed the excitement and joy he felt, and he pointed his finger forward again. In next to no time, numerous rays of crystal blue sword energy shot out incessantly from the tip of his finger and vanished into the sky.

Stellar energy! Yang Ye looked up at the vast starry sky, and a smile couldn’t help but curl up on the corners of his mouth.

Stellar energy was equivalent to a trump card of his!

After familiarizing himself further with stellar energy, Yang Ye started to practice Death by a Thought. As his cultivation and physical strength increased, he’d been able to overlap 100 Heavenrends. If he used Heaven’s Gravestone, then he could even overlap 110 Heavenrends. 110 overlapped Heavenrends were entirely capable of instantly annihilating a high-rank Saint!

The Heavenrend Technique had grown stronger, and that made Death by a Thought become quite useless.

There was only one way to make Death by a Thought stronger, and it was to increase its speed!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant, and then he activated the sword wings. After that, he stretched out his hand, and an intent sword condensed into form within his grasp.

When he executed Death by a Thought in the past, he merely executed it on his own, and he’d never enhanced it with anything else like the sword wings, his physical strength, or the Laws of Speed!

This time, he intended to enhance Death by a Thought’s speed with everything he had!

The profound energy within him surged, and it didn’t take long for the sword wings on his back to start trembling. At the same time, Yang Ye’s body started to float up slowly.

A moment later, Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the space beneath him, and the space there instantly exploded and collapsed. Meanwhile, he relied on the counterforce to shoot forward, and the sword wings on his back immediately flapped at the exact same moment. Besides that, he executed the Laws of Speed as well!

A ray of cold light flashed, and it was practically like the speed of light!


The ray of light had just appeared when a 3km long spatial rift appeared in the sky, and it was like a pitch black river. At the same time, a towering mountain that was 3km away had instantly exploded into powder.

3 breaths of time later.

Yang Ye laid on the ground. His clothes were gone, and his entire body was covered in finger-thick cracks. Such cracks covered every inch of his body and even his face!

“I… really… did it… this time….” Yang Ye’s head tilted to the side, and he fell unconscious.

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