Chapter 1099 – I Won’t Act Rashly!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was in the academy when he woke up.

In the room. Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he scanned his body. With the Primordial Violet Energy there to repair his body, his body was almost completely healed. However, his internal organs, meridians, and bones hadn’t been fully repaired yet. So, just moving slightly caused his entire body to feel like it was being torn apart!

Yang Ye laughed bitterly. He’d been extremely careless this time.

The speed of Death by a Thought was already at an extremely terrifying level. Yet he’d added his physical strength, the sword wings, and his Laws of Speed to it. Under such circumstances, it was obvious that his speed had arrived at his current limit. However, he’d overlooked something, and it was whether his body could endure it!

He’d been extremely confident in his physical strength, because his body was at the Divine Fortitude Realm. In other words, his body was comparable to demon beasts at the high-rank of the Saint Realm.

But he hadn’t expected that when he used his full strength, his speed would have actually arrived at a level that even a body at the Divine Fortitude Realm couldn’t endure!

If he was just a little bit faster earlier, then perhaps he might have torn himself into bits.

However, Yang Ye was still happy. Because the might of Death by a Thought while supported by his full strength had actually arrived at such a level. It wasn’t exaggerated to say that such an attack was entirely capable of posing a threat to a Quasi Emperor, especially when executed with Heaven’s Gravestone.

It was too swift, and it was even much faster than the speed at which Light Maiden had attacked that day!

As for his physical strength, it actually wasn’t a huge problem. Because he could activate the Stellar Ward Technique before executing Death by a Thought. With the Stellar Ward Technique to enhance his body, his body would be entirely capable of enduring the limits of his speed.

In other words, the ultimate version of Death by a Thought could only be utilized with the Stellar Ward Technique.

At the very least, that was how it was for now!

Meanwhile, the door to his room was pushed open, and Xuwu Shen walked in. Xuwu Shen walked over to the side of Yang Ye’s bed and sized him up. After that, he said, “Tsk, tsk. Yang Ye, you actually cultivated by yourself to the point of being on the verge of death. You… you really are too great. I truly admire you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he spoke seriously, “What exactly happened? We thought someone bashed you up when we found you.”

Yang Ye replied, “I trained over my limits and didn’t control it well, and then this happened!”

Xuwu Shen was stunned for a short while, and then he gave Yang Ye a thumbs up, “You… you are really amazing!”

Yang Ye asked, “Have you joined White Deer Academy?”

Xuwu Shen immediately smiled when he heard this question and replied, “You know… I was directly promoted to an inner court student. Moreover, all of those fellows in the academy are quite respectful to me. Besides that, Dean Xiao even gave me many special privileges. In short, they are fostering me like a core student!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Congratulations!”

Xuwu Shen suddenly said, “I can’t go around with you from now on.”

Yang Ye was curious, “Why?”

“Because I have to fight my way up the Martial Rankings!” Xuwu Shen spoke seriously, “When I came to the Central Divine Prefecture in the past, I didn’t dare to think about the Martial Rankings. But now that I have White Deer Academy’s full support, I want to work hard and try to get into the Martial Rankings. It’s fine even if I can’t accomplish it for now. In any case, I consider it a goal of mine. The Martial Rankings is the goal that I, Xuwu Shen, will strive to achieve in this lifetime.”

Yang Ye smiled, “That’s a very good choice. You didn’t have the support of a sect in the past, but you do now. If you’re able to work hard and get in the Martial Rankings, and then get a spirit vein for the academy. I can imagine how the academy will definitely attach even more importance to fostering you. Moreover, your Endless Devil Sect will definitely benefit from that.”

Xuwu Shen nodded and said, “I’ll be preparing to charge into the Saint Realm once I leave your room. The academy has prepared the resources needed for me to charge into the Saint Realm, and they’ll even be sending someone to especially provide me with guidance on what I should pay attention to. Moreover, they’ll even be protecting me during the process. Hah! Now I finally understand why the geniuses of those Diamond Rank powers are so formidable. Their natural talent and hard work are a part of it, but the most important part is the support of the powers behind him. Just look at me now. I just said that I wanted to attain the Saint Realm, and then the academy prepared everything for me.”

Yang Ye said, “You have the platform now, so your future accomplishments depend on yourself now!”

Xuwu Shen took a deep breath and said, “I won’t be going to the Thousand Crane Sect with you. According to the Dean, I would only be a burden if I were to go. So, good luck!”

Yang Ye nodded.

Xuwu Shen nodded slightly, and then he turned around and left. A little while passed before a beautiful woman walked in.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he saw her. Because she was the person in-charge of Cloud Merchant Group whom he’d met that day.

“My name is Bai Xiangyao!” She walked over to the side of Yang Ye’s bed, and then she grinned, “You can call me Manager Bai!”

Yang Ye said, “Manager Bai, do you need something?”

“Firstly, congratulations Young Master Yang on being victorious in the competition with the Law Faction.” Bai Xiangyao continued, “Not only did you defeat the experts of the Law Faction, you even remained undefeated in a battle with the number one expert in the younger generation of White Deer Academy, Feng Qingyi. Presently, your reputation is truly resounding.”

Yang Ye smiled, “Manager Bai, I’m sure you aren’t here just to congratulate me, right?”

She grinned, “The branches of Cloud Merchant Group under my management accepted bets when Young Master Yang competed with the Law Faction. The bet was naturally on whether Young Master Yang or the Law Faction would win. Many people came to make bets. A huge amount of people. Unfortunately, all of them bet that Young Master Yang would lose.”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he said, “You really are quite brave. Wouldn’t you have gone bankrupt if I lost?”

“I wouldn’t just have gone bankrupt; I would have died!” She continued, “However, I made the right bet. This huge bet of mine didn’t just bring shocking profits to Cloud Merchant Group, it gave new life to my family. All of this was thanks to Young Master Yang.”

When she spoke up to this point, she withdrew a golden card and placed it by Yang Ye’s bed, “This is my Cloud Merchant Group’s gold card, and it’s merely inferior to our black card. With this gold card in your hand, you’ll be able to enjoy numerous privileges in my Cloud Merchant Group that you can’t even imagine. Moreover, you can use it to borrow violet crystals from my Cloud Merchant Group. The limit is 10,000, and you’ll be exempt from paying any interest!”

Yang Ye gazed at the gold card for a long time, and then he gazed at Bai Xiangyao, “Actually, there’s no need for this. You used me to accept bets on the competition because you were brave enough, and it has nothing to do with me.”

Bai Xiangyao replied, “I want to make friends with Young Master Yang!”

Yang Ye took the gold card, “I’m unable to refuse your kind intentions!”

Bai Xiangyao grinned when she saw Yang Ye take the gold card, and she said, “I came here with another huge gift for you. I believe Young Master Yang will definitely like it!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I’m really looking forward to seeing what it is!”

Bai Xiangyao’s palm moved slightly, and then a pair of dark golden shoulder guards appeared in her grasp.

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What’s that?”

“Light Sword Guards!” Bai Xiangyao gazed at Yang Ye and said, “These Light Sword Guards possess miraculous abilities. Young Master Yang, you can test them right now!”

Yang Ye sat up slowly, and then stretched out his hands. A strand of sword intent surged out from him, and then the shoulder guards instantly flew onto his shoulders.

Yang Ye sensed the shoulder guards for a moment, and then he issued a command in his heart.


In an instant, 2 light swords shot out from the shoulder guards.

A wisp of surprise flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. Because the swords in his hands were actually high-grade Divine Rank swords. Moreover, they were translucent as if they were made from light. That wasn’t even the main point. The main point was that these swords and the shoulder guards felt as if they were one with his arms. To explain it in simpler terms, it felt like his arms were the swords!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiangyao suddenly smiled, “These swords can teleport as well!”

Yang Ye glanced at Bai Xiangyao, and then he issued another command in his heart. In an instant, the light swords instantly appeared behind him. A moment later, they appeared on his right. As he issued commands in succession, it didn’t take long for countless light swords to appear here. Of course, only 2 of them were real, and the rest were just afterimages left behind because the swords were moving too swiftly!

Yang Ye’s expression became solemn when he witnessed this scene.

The light swords couldn’t compare to Heaven’s Gravestone and the Sword Precursor. However, besides them, these 2 swords could be said to be the most terrifying swords he’d seen until now. They were even more terrifying than Jadedrop and Yellow Springs.

The most terrifying part of these swords was their speed. It was extremely swift. After all, everything he’d done just now had only been done so with the swords’ own speed. If he enhanced them with Void Rank sword intent, then they would be even swifter!

When he used the Herculean Sword, he gained victory with strength. But if he used these swords, then he could gain victory with speed!

Bai Xiangyao said, “The greatest traits of the Light Sword Guards are its speed, ability to teleport, and ability to take its opponents off guard. Young Master Yang, you possess Void Rank sword intent. So, its strength will be improved immensely in your hands.”

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the light swords instantly returned to the shoulder guards. He gazed at Bai Xiangyao and said, “I’m unable to refuse them.”

“Why should you?” Bai Xiangyao smiled, “I’m very sincere in my intent to become friends with Young Master Yang!”

Yang Ye spoke seriously, “If you need my help in the future, I definitely won’t refuse if it’s within my ability!”

Bai Xiangyao’s smile grew wider when she heard him because that was exactly what she wanted to hear.

Bai Xiangyao engaged in some small talk with Yang Ye before leaving. Before she left, she told Yang Ye that he could send someone to Cloud Merchant Group to look for her if he needed any help.

Yang Ye naturally didn’t refuse that.

He wasn’t a fool. One more friend was another pair of hands to help him. He naturally understood that!

After he recuperated for a while, Yang Ye left the room and went to a cultivation room before he started to get used to the Light Sword Guards.

At the moment he started utilizing the Light Sword Guards, the entire cultivation room was instantly filled with golden afterimages!

The next day.

At the first glimmer of dawn, Yang Ye and Xiao Bieli appeared outside White Deer City.

Xiao Bieli said, “You head to the Thousand Crane Sect first. I’m going to visit a few old friends!”

“Why?” Yang Ye was quite puzzled, this old geezer wouldn’t be thinking about going back on his word, right?

“Why?” Xiao Bieli spoke angrily, “I’m afraid both of us won’t be able to return alive!”

Yang Ye spoke solemnly, “Does that Mo Clan really dare to kill even you?”

“These clans care about their face the most. This time, our objective is no different than swinging a slap on their face. Not to mention killing you under such circumstances, they would probably dare to attack even if an Emperor of our White Deer Academy descends to this world!” Xiao Bieli continued, “Of course, that’s the worst case scenario. Even though they care about their honor, they are no fools. Moreover, we’re not heading to the Thousand Crane Sect to kill them, we’re merely going there to fight them for her. In short, it’s much safer to get more old friends to support us….”

Xiao Bieli glanced at Yang Ye at this point and said, “You head to Thousand Crane Dimension first and wait for me. Remember not to act rashly until I arrive. That place isn’t our White Deer Dimension. They aren’t engaging in internal strife. So, if you act rashly, then the experts of the entire Thousand Crane Sect will be waiting for you!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I won’t act rashly!”

Xiao Bieli nodded slightly when he heard Yang Ye’s agreement, and then he vanished on the spot.

After Xiao Bieli left, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and left as well.

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