Chapter 1100 – Apex City!

Almighty Sword Domain

In order to get to Thousand Crane Dimension, he had to get to Sky Capital City and ride a Cloud Shuttle. Because Thousand Crane Dimension was extremely far from White Deer Dimension, and it would take at least a few days if he tried to fly there.

But Yang Ye only had a day.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive at Sky Capital City. However, when he went to purchase a ticket, the staff there told him that the Cloud Shuttles throughout Sky Capital City had been grounded temporarily. As for the reason, the staff member didn’t know and only said that it was an order from his higher-ups.

Because the Cloud Shuttles belonged to Cloud Merchant Group, so Yang Ye headed to Cloud Merchant Group’s branch first.

He’d just arrived near the branch when a young man came over to greet him, and then the young man said, “Do you need something?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’m looking for Manager Bai!”

The young man was slightly stunned, and then he sized up Yang Ye before he said, “Do you have an appointment?”

“An appointment?” Yang Ye was surprised, “I need an appointment?”

“Of course!” The young man continued, “Anyone who intends to meet Manager Bai has to have an appointment. If you don’t have one, then I’m sorry but it’s not possible.”

Yang Ye thought for a moment, and then he withdrew the gold card that Bai Xiangyao had given him, “Will this work?”

The young man’s expression changed when he saw it, and then his expression instantly became respectful, “Yes… it does. Honored guest, please wait a moment. I’ll report your arrival right away.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the young man bowed respectfully to Yang Ye, and then he turned around and left. Moreover, it only took a moment for an attendant to quickly serve Yang Ye high quality tea.

There was a trace of surprise in Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw the tea because it was actually low-grade Saint Rank tea!

Yang Ye glanced at the gold card in his hand and said, “This thing is really quite useful!”

It didn’t take long for the young man to return, and he walked over to Yang Ye and bowed slightly, “I’m sorry. Manager Bai is still entertaining guests. So… I’m unable to see her!”

Yang Ye asked, “How long will it take?”

The young man replied respectfully, “Around an hour or two!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and nodded, “It’s fine. I’ll wait!”

“Alright!” The young man continued, “My name is Xiao Li. Please feel free to tell me if you need anything!” The young man turned around and left once he finished speaking.

After the young man left, Yang Ye closed his eyes and fell into deep thought.

The main problem in his trip wasn’t the Thousand Crane Sect or the Mo Clan, it was Xiao Yuxi. Even though she had some feelings for him and believed that she was his wife, her memories hadn’t recovered. Yang Ye was able to sense that she was in immense pain. Besides that, in Yang Ye’s opinion, only Xiao Yuxi with her complete memories was the complete Xiao Yuxi, and it was the same for her!

Xiao Yuxi who had her memories sealed wasn’t complete!

So, his main objective this time was to find a way to restore her memories.

If he wanted to accomplish that, then he had to act against her master!

A thought, and a plan gradually appeared in Yang Ye’s mind.

Suddenly, a woman in a red dress arrived in the hall. Xiao Li suddenly appeared out of nowhere when she arrived here. Xiao Li hurriedly ran over to her and was about to speak when she waved her hand, “Has Bai Xiangyao still not finished?”

Xiao Li hurriedly replied, “Young Miss, Manager Bai isn’t done yet.”

The woman in a red dress suddenly slapped her palm against the table by her side, and it was instantly blasted into powder. She roared furiously. “Bai Xiangyao is really getting more and more arrogant. Even making me, Li Xueqing, wait an hour doesn’t seem sufficient for her? Does she intend to make me wait a day?”

Xiao Li hurriedly bowed respectfully, “Young Miss Li please calm yourself. Manager Bai is really entertaining a guest. She gave the order that no one is allowed to disturb her. Once she’s done, I’ll immediately….”


Meanwhile, Li Xueqing suddenly slapped Xiao Li, and a mouthful of blood instantly sprayed from the latter as his figure was blasted flying. In the end, his figure smashed against the wall before crashing to the ground.

“Tell her or anyone else that if I don’t see her in 15 minutes, then I’ll just take those Cloud Shuttles myself!” Li Xueqing glanced coldly at Xiao Li who was lying on the ground, “Don’t even think that she can’t act arrogantly to my Li Clan just because she closed a huge deal! Tell her that she and her Bai Family aren’t qualified!”

Yang Ye flicked his finger, and a gust of wind instantly appeared beneath Xiao Li and helped him up. Yang Ye said, “You can leave!”

Xiao Li hurriedly bowed to Yang Ye, and then he withdrew himself in a sorry state.

Li Xueqing suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Why did you do that?”

Yang Ye glanced at her, “No reason at all.”

Li Xueqing was just about to speak when Bai Xiangyao walked out from inside with a woman in a green and white dress.

“Don’t worry, Young Miss Ye. I’ve given the orders to prepare everything you’ve asked for. As for that Cloud Shuttle, I’ll send someone with you. You can use anything you need!” Bai Xiangyao gazed at the woman and spoke softly, and her attitude was rather respectful.

The woman nodded lightly, “I’ll be troubling Young Miss Bai.”

“It’s my duty!” Bai Xiangyao smiled, “If Young Miss Ye comes to Sky Capital City in the future, feel free to let me know if you need anything.”

“Of course!” The woman continued, “It’s getting late, and I have other matters to attend to. Farewell!”

The woman turned around with the intention to leave once she finished speaking. Meanwhile, Li Xueqing suddenly obstructed her path, and it caused her to frown slightly, “Who are you?”

Li Xueqing said, “I heard that you intend to borrow a Cloud Shuttle?”

The woman nodded slightly.

Li Xueqing laughed coldly, “I’m sorry but they can’t be lent to you.”

The woman asked, “Why?”

Li Xueqing didn’t answer the woman, and she gazed at Bai Xiangyao who was frowning instead. She withdrew a command token and said, “Bai Xiangyao, the headquarters have ordered that the command of all Cloud Shuttles in Sky Capital City are to be temporarily handed over to my Cloud Illumination City. I’ll be sending my people to fly all the Cloud Shuttles to Cloud Illumination City.”

Bai Xiangyao glanced at the command token and frowned, “Why haven’t I received any orders from the headquarters?”

“You’ll get it very soon!” Li Xueqing continued, “Now, I’m taking all the Cloud Shuttles. So, order all your subordinates to provide their full cooperation to me.”

Bai Xiangyao glanced at Li Xueqing, glanced at the command token in Li Xueqing’s grasp, and then pondered deeply for a short moment, “The command token is authentic. I’ll command them to cooperate with you and allow you to take the Cloud Shuttles. However, one has to be left for Young Miss Ye. So, you can only take 9!”

Li Xueqing laughed coldly, “Bai Xiangyao, did you not hear me clearly? Alright! I’ll repeat myself one more time. The headquarters want me to take control over all the Cloud Shuttles. Sky Capital City has 10, so I’m taking all 10. Understand?”

Bai Xiangyao’s face fell, “One must be given to Young Miss Ye!”

“Her?” Li Xueqing sized up the woman with a cold gaze, and then she laughed with ridicule, “Why should she be given one? Bai Xiangyao, I’m telling you that I’m not going to do that!”

“Young Miss, we don’t seem to know each other, right?” Meanwhile, the woman suddenly gazed at Li Xueqing, “Why are you filled with hostility towards me?”

Li Xueqing replies, “I just can’t stand the sight of you, alright?”

The woman glanced at Li Xueqing and asked, “Why?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched slightly, She’s clearly looking for trouble with you.

Bai Xiangyao didn’t speak, but there was a trace of pity in her eyes when she looked at Li Xueqing.

Li Xueqing was instantly stunned by the woman’s question, and then she pointed a finger at the woman, “Bitch! I can’t stand the sight of you, understand? I don’t like you so I’m not lending a Cloud Shuttle to you! Do you understand now?”

“How presumptuous!” Meanwhile, Bai Xiangyao roared furiously, “Li Xueqing, apologize to Young Miss Ye right now! Otherwise, I won’t let you leave this hall!”

“You’re the one who’s being presumptuous!” Li Xueqing roared furiously, “Bai Xiangyao, who do you think you are? I won’t be able to leave this hall? You’ll do that?” She clapped her hands together at this point, and then 2 old men appeared behind her.

High-rank Saints! Bai Xiangyao’s face fell.

Meanwhile, Li Xueqing suddenly pointed at the woman, “I suspect that there’s something off about her. Restrain her and question her properly!”

One of the old men behind her stretched out his hand and intended to grab the woman.

Suddenly, the old man’s eyes opened wide, and then there was extreme shock in his eyes. The color in his eyes gradually faded, and then he fell backwards to the ground.

There was a blood red hole at the center of his forehead, and a bamboo sword had suddenly appeared in the woman’s grasp.

Yang Ye suddenly stood up while shock filled his eyes.

Li Xueqing and the old man behind her were stunned. When he saw the bamboo sword in the woman’s grasp, the old man behind Li Xueqing immediately cried out involuntarily, “You… you’re Apex City’s Sword Lover, Ye Miaozhu!”

The woman nodded, “I am!”

The old man seemed like he was struck by lightning upon hearing her, and his countenance instantly turned ghastly pale. As for Li Xueqing, she was in a worse state and had slumped down to the ground.

Ye Miaozhu paid no attention to them. She put her bamboo sword away, glanced at Yang Ye, and then moved around them and left the hall.

Yang Ye watched her figure vanish before he withdrew his gaze, and then he walked over to Bai Xiangyao, “Manager Bai, I want to borrow a Cloud Shuttle from you.’

Bai Xiangyao was slightly stunned. She was about to speak when Li Xueqing suddenly stood up, and then she pointed a finger at Yang Ye and howled, “You want to borrow one as well? On what basis? On what basis!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

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