Chapter 110 – It’s Time For You To Demonstrate Your Might

Almighty Sword Domain

The nether wolf had stopped, and Yang Ye and the woman who sat on the wolf’s back had extremely heavy expressions as they looked ahead.

There was a dense expanse before their eyes, it wasn’t an expanse of grasslands but Darkbeasts instead. The cultivation realms of these Darkbeasts weren’t high, and they were mostly third and fourth rank Darkbeasts. They weren’t big in size, and they were around the violet mink’s size. However, their numbers were truly terrifying. They formed a dense mass of at least 100,000 plus, and it was increasing without end.

Fortunately, these Darkbeasts didn’t take the initiative to attack Yang Ye and the woman. Otherwise, even with the Nether Wolf King present by his side, Yang Ye would still have to run.

“It’s a Metaleater Ant Swarm!” The woman spoke in a low voice as she gazed at the dense expanse of ants before her.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. He’d heard of such Darkbeasts. Even though their cultivations were low, even some ferocious species in the Grand Myriad Mountains didn’t dare offend them because their numbers were truly shocking. This wasn’t a species that stressed upon quality, and they were a true species that stressed upon victory by numbers.

“Looks like that Spirit Rank Darkbeasts knows of our intentions, so he sent these Metaleater Ants to obstruct us!” The woman said, “Little Brother, stop thinking it over. If you don’t have any way to get through them, then we can only flee from another direction. Those fellows behind us are only a few tens of breaths of time away from us!”

As he sensed the group of Flameroar Lions and cavalries approaching, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he gazed at the violet mink as he said, “Little Fellow, it’s time for you to demonstrate your might!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye patted the Nether Wolf King. It understood his intentions, and it howled before it charged towards the swarm of ants.

Yang Ye still remembered the scene when the little fellow scared the Nightbirds away. No matter if it was in terms of cultivation or numbers, the Metaleater Ants before him were much more inferior to the Nightbirds.

The woman’s expression changed, and she almost leaped off the wolf’s back. Is this man seeking death?

Right at the moment she was hesitating on whether she should jump off the wolf’s back or not, the violet mink that stood on Yang Ye’s shoulder had appeared before the swarm of ants.

Under the woman’s astounded gaze, a strand of invisible dignified pressure suddenly surged out from the violet mink’s body. As soon as this dignified pressure appeared, those Metaleater Ants instantly seemed as if they were facing a great enemy, and they instantly surged backward like tidewater. Such a scene was truly magnificent to the extreme.

Just like when the little fellow scared those Nightbirds away, the Metaleater Ants actually started attacking their own brethren in order to flee as soon as possible. It could be said that they were fleeing over the dead bodies of their brethren!

As she watched this scene before her, the eyes of the woman behind Yang Ye had opened wide while her face was covered in shock. This scene before her eyes had truly shocked her. Those were over 100,000 Metaleater Ants. Even a Spirit Realm expert would have to avoid them! But that actually fled after that tiny fellow waved its claws a few times? Moreover, they are fleeing over the dead bodies of their brethren? Is this the legendary pressure emanated by a dragon?

The violet mink nodded with satisfaction when it saw those Metaleater Ants fleeing for their lives, and then it returned to Yang Ye’s shoulder before it rubbed its head on Yang Ye’s face as if it was seeking credit for its accomplishments!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand to rub the little fellow’s head, and then he said with a smile, “You did well. As for your reward…. In any case, everything I have is yours. Right, everything you have is mine as well!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s face flushed red. The little fellow was much wealthier than he was, so he wasn’t rewarding it but taking advantage of it!

The violet mink glanced at Yang Ye’s stomach, and then it hurriedly nodded. It didn’t care about anything else. All it knew was that the tiny vortex could be considered to be its as well….

“Little Brother, what sort of Darkbeast is it?” Meanwhile, the woman couldn’t restrain her curiosity and asked this question.

Yang Ye turned around to glance at her before he said, “Do you think I would tell you?”

The woman puckered her lips and didn’t bring this question up again. She just gazed curiously at the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder. She had the intention to touch it, yet she was afraid the little fellow would be angry, so she could only drop the idea.


“How could this have happened?” The curly bearded man had a puzzled expression on his face when he saw the Metaleater Ant Swarm retreat like tidewater. The Metaleater Ant Swarm had set out to obstruct those two humans and the beast king on his orders. Logically speaking, even if those two humans were Spirit Realm Experts, the Metaleater Ants wouldn’t have the courage to withdraw without his orders.

Yet now, the Metaleater Ants had actually retreated as if they’d encountered the Beast Emperor, and this caused the curly bearded man to be utterly puzzled.

“Man Shi, why would a beast king from your Darkbeast Empire be a mount for a human?” Around 50m away from the Darkbeasts, the middle aged man who wore golden armor gazed at the curly bearded man as he asked this question in a deep voice.

Even though the two of them were like fire and water just now, it was only for the sake of that woman. If that woman fled, then both of them would be in serious trouble. So, they’d achieved a form of tacit understanding and had put their enmity down. Of course, once they caught up to that woman, then their sides wouldn’t be able to avoid battle. Because one side wanted the woman dead while the other wanted her alive.

The curly bearded man called Man Shi glanced coldly at the middle aged man before he said, “It’s definitely because that human utilized some sort of secret technique to control that beast king. Otherwise, with the pride of beast kings, how could one possibly be a mount for a human? Once I fucking capture him, I’ll definitely torture him to death! After that, I’ll hang his body at Death Abyss as a warning to all humans!”

The middle aged man stayed silent for a short moment before he said, “Man Shi, do you think that it’s possible that he isn’t a human but a Darkbeast that has already taken human form?”

Such a thought had appeared in his head a long time ago when he’d first seen the wolf king make an appearance. However, he still felt it was slightly absurd at the time because he’d personally met the young man before this, and that young man had the aura of a true human!

Man Shi’s eyelids twitched. He hadn’t thought in that direction because the young man clearly possessed the aura of a human. However, now that he heard the human who stood by his side say such a thing, and after he thought about it carefully, he felt that it might not be impossible!

If it was a Darkbeast that had taken human form, then controlling a beast king, causing the black hawks in the sky to retreat, and make the Metaleater Ant Swarm retreat without a battle was logical and within reason.

But if he’s a Darkbeast that has taken human form, then why does he possess the aura of a human? Moreover, why did he help that woman? Could it be that a third power has interfered?

When he thought up to here, Man Shi’s pupils constricted, and then he let out a long howl towards the Flameroar Lions around him. He signaled them to speed up because no matter what, that woman had to die. Otherwise, if she was allowed to spoil his master’s plans, then he would be the one that died!

When he saw the lions speed up, the middle aged man sped up as well. No matter if that young man was a Darkbeast or a human, he had to get her majesty, the princess, back, and then send her back safely to the Imperial Capital or the Beast Capital. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to save his position in the Palace Guard.


“Hey, how far are we from those ruins?” asked Yang Ye in a low voice. Even though they’d scared the Metaleater Ant Swarm away, the cavalries and Darkbeasts behind them hadn’t been scared away, and their speed was increasing instead. If this continued, then their pursues would chase up sooner or later. After all, this was the world of Darkbeasts.

“Around another two hours from now!” The woman spoke with slight uncertainty.

Yang Ye’s face sank when he heard this. “You’ve never been there?”

“Of course I haven’t. If it wasn’t because….” She suddenly stopped when she spoke up to here, and she didn’t continue.

Even though she didn’t continue, Yang Ye had already roughly guessed the reason. The woman behind him had probably planned to run away from this marriage since the beginning, and his appearance caused a change to occur in her plans. If he hadn’t made an appearance, then the woman behind him would have probably fled on a different path and not the ruins. However, now that the woman asked him to head to those ruins, it was definitely not purely for the sake of fleeing for her life!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye instinctively tightened his grip on his sword. He didn’t like being used, even if it was a woman. If it was possible, he truly wished to kill this woman who sat behind him because he couldn’t stand someone playing tricks on him and dragging him into such a mess!

The woman suddenly said, “Little Brother, you’re thinking of attacking me again?”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and he suppressed the killing intent in his mind and said, “Can we talk seriously?”

The woman restrained her smile and said, “About what?”

Yang Ye ordered his words before he said, “There’s no enmity between us. So, I want to ask you, do you think it’s right to push me into this vortex between the Darkbeast Empire and your Grand Qin Empire? I won’t even make a fuss about this with you. But now, you intend to use me to take you that this ruin, do you think that’s right?”

Yang Ye didn’t like to waste his breath, but he didn’t have any other way now. No matter if it was her identity or strength, it caused him to hold back from taking action. Of course, if those people and Darkbeasts behind them didn’t exist, then he wouldn’t hesitate at all to join forces with the two nether wolf kings and kill this woman.

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