Chapter 111 – We’re Here!

Almighty Sword Domain

The smiling expression on the woman’s face was instantly restrained when she heard Yang Ye, and then she went silent for a short while before she glanced at Yang Ye and said, “At the beginning, I’d never thought about dragging you down with me. After all, you’re only a Profounder at the Mortal Realm. As for following you, no matter if you believe it or not, but in any case, I didn’t follow you intentionally. Because the path you fled just happened to be the path I intended to flee towards. It can be said that all of this was a coincidence!”

“A coincidence?” Yang Ye almost swung a slap at the woman when he heard this. I was pursued by two forces all because of a coincidence?

At this moment, he truly didn’t know whether he should laugh or fly into a rage.

The woman continued. “As for the heading to the Shang Dynasty Ruins, I had no other choice. Because for some unknown reason, that Spirit Rank Darkbeast behind us mobilized the Darkbeasts in the Grand Myriad Mountains to pursue us. Logically speaking, he shouldn’t dare to make such a commotion, yet he did so. I think that you ought to know the reason for it!”

Yang Ye couldn’t help but be speechless when he heard this. He naturally knew the reason, and it was because his Nether Wolf King had aroused the attention of the Spirit Rank Darkbeast. So, that Spirit Rank Darkbeast didn’t hesitate to utilize the other forces in the Grand Myriad Mountains to pursue them. In other words, he’d brought all of this upon himself….

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye felt extremely displeased in his heart, and he turned around to look at the woman before he said, “Then how about you leave now? So long as you leave, then they’ll probably let me off. At the very least, those human cavalries won’t pursue me!”

The woman started smiling and said, “Little Brother, don’t even think of driving Big Sister away. Big Sister is definitely sticking with you.”

What a joke, she’d finally found a powerful source of support with great difficulty, so how could she abandon it so easily?

“Can you not be so shameless?”

“No matter what you say, Big Sister won’t leave you. In short, Big Sister has chosen you in this lifetime!”

“You’re still a King Realm expert at any rate. Have a bit of integrity, alright?”

“Integrity? What’s that? All Big Sister needs is her chastity….”


Yang Ye was truly speechless. He recalled the saying ‘One that abandons face is unbeatable!’. This woman was truly unbeatable.

“Little Brother, are you really unwilling to join the Imperial Academy? Believe Big Sister, so long as you join the academy, then with your strength and natural talent, you’ll definitely soar into the sky. At that time, no matter if it’s cultivation techniques, combat techniques, authority, or beauties, you’d only have to say the word and you’d get an endless supply of it.” The woman didn’t want to give up on pulling Yang Ye into the Imperial Academy.

Yang Ye turned around and sized the woman up, and then a wisp of a smile arose on the corners of his mouth as he said, “The beauties you spoke of wouldn’t be you yourself, right?”

The woman was stunned, and then her face flushed red. However, she quickly returned to normal, and then she shot a seductive smile at Yang Ye while she said, “If Little Brother is able to obtain a position in the top three of the Imperial Academy’s Imperial Rankings, then it isn’t impossible to marry me. However, Little Brother probably doesn’t have the ability to accomplish that now. It isn’t that Big Sister is looking down on you, but the geniuses on that Imperial Rankings are truly too monstrous. Of course, Little Brother doesn’t have no chance at all….”

“Stop!” Yang Ye interrupted her and said, “I’m not interested in that Imperial Rankings of yours, so don’t waste your effort on me. Besides that, I’m not interested in you as well. It’s the truth, and we’ll be splitting up once we arrive at that ruins you spoke of.”

The woman sighed in a low voice when she noticed that Yang Ye seemed to be really uninterested in the Imperial Academy. However, she still didn’t want to give up, and she said with a serious expression, “Your strength is truly formidable, and your natural talent is definitely very good as well. However, you ought to be clearly aware that no matter how great a person’s natural talent is, but if that person doesn’t possess cultivation resources and the protection and backing of a power, then such a person’s accomplishments would definitely be limited. Especially in terms of backing, if a genius doesn’t choose a power as backing, then it’ll be very easy for that genius to die early.”

She’d merely exchanged a single blow with Yang Ye, but it was precisely that blow that caused her to be extremely shocked by Yang Ye’s strength. Even at this very moment, she still vividly remembered the strength and speed of that sword strike. Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye said he didn’t belong to a sect, so she really hoped to be able to pull Yang Ye into the Grand Qin Empire’s side.

“Backing?” Yang Ye sneered, and then he shook his head and said, “You’re right, backing really is very important, but can this backing really be relied on? Now, I have natural talent, I have natural endowment, and I have strength. So, numerous sects wouldn’t hesitate to take me in. However, I firmly believe that if I’m linked to the interests of this backing of mine, then it wouldn’t hesitate to abandon me! So, true strength only comes from one’s self. As for backing, it’s something that can’t be relied on!”

When he thought about how the Sword Sect intended to hand him and his younger sister over, a strand of rage suddenly arose in Yang Ye’s heart. It wasn’t very long ago when he, Yang Ye, took the Sword Sect to be his backing, and he took pride in being a disciple of the Sword Sect. However, how did the Sword Sect treat him? Merely a few elders from the Flower Palace had made those elders of the Sword Sect hand him and his younger sister over without the slightest hesitation.

What was the point of possessing such backing?

The woman’s mouth opened slightly as she intended to say something, but she didn’t say it in the end, and it merely transformed into a light sigh. As a member of the imperial household, she deeply understood this principle.

She fell silent for a short moment before she said, “Little Brother, Big Sister doesn’t know what you’ve encountered, but I still want to give you some advice. With your natural talent, if the Imperial Academy places emphasis on fostering you, then you’ll definitely shine brilliantly in the future. As for being abandoned, I feel that if you don’t want to be abandoned by your backer, then you can only work hard to become strong and cause your worth to grow higher and higher. In this way, how could your backer abandon you?”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “In the end, don’t I still have to rely on myself in the end? As for cultivation resources, I’m really sorry but I don’t have a lack of it at all. Besides that, stop calling me Little Brother, you can call me Ye Yang.”

The woman sighed once more upon hearing this. However, she refused to give up, and she was just temporarily out of ideas to change this young man, Ye Yang’s, mind. But she didn’t mind because the road to success was strewn with setbacks, and she felt that she still had a chance.

“Wait!” Yang Ye suddenly turned around to look at the woman, and then he sized her up before he said, “Exactly what objectives do you hold behind that strong desire of yours to make me join the Imperial Academy? Don’t tell me that it’s for the empire’s sake because you don’t look like that sort of person to me.”

The woman blinked. After a short moment, she smiled and said, “You ought to be clearly aware that Big Sister’s identity in the Imperial Household isn’t ordinary. Since it’s like that, then what’s wrong with Big Sister searching for geniuses for the empire? Not to mention that didn’t Big Sister tell you about it just now? If you join the Imperial Academy and seize a position in the top 10 of the Imperial Rankings, then not only would Big Sister be free of blame from running away from marriage, I would have done a meritorious service instead. That’s like killing two birds with one stone!”

Yang Ye glanced suspiciously at the woman. His instincts told him that this woman’s words couldn’t be fully trusted. However, he had to admit that what the woman said was extremely reasonable. But he just kept having the feeling that this woman wasn’t doing all of this for those two reasons.

After a short while passed, Yang Ye shook his head, turned around, and stopped thinking about all of this. No matter what the woman’s intentions were, he’d already decided that he would immediately split up with the woman once they arrived at the Shang Dynasty Ruins. Because he truly didn’t want to be with such an intelligent and sly woman.

The woman suddenly asked. “Ye Yang, is that woman you like as beautiful as me? Is her figure better than mine?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “It’s best that I don’t say. I’m afraid it’ll hit you too hard.”

“Hit me too hard?” The woman’s brows raised as she said, “Big Sister doesn’t believe that someone capable of that exists in this world.” Her voice carried a tone of strong confidence.

“Have you not heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder?” Yang Ye said, “She’s the most beautiful in my eyes. In any case, she’s 10 times better looking than you. No, it’s a hundred times. No, both of you can’t be compared at all!”

He’d finally found an opportunity to strike a blow onto the woman, so he would naturally not let it slip by.

“Alright, we’ll take her to be more beautiful than Big Sister!” The woman revealed a delicate smile as she said, “But is she as romantically educated as Big Sister? Allow Big Sister to tell you a secret. Big Sister knows over 100 techniques to serve men, and I know a few tens of types of positions. If you get together with Big Sister, then Big Sister guarantees that you’ll enjoy yourself to the limit every single day. What do you think?”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Is she still a woman? Even some men aren’t as brave as she is!

After a short while, he shook his head and said, “You truly are a temptress.”

The woman was about to say something when she suddenly patted Yang Ye on the shoulder, and then she pointed towards a pitch black burrow in the distance and said, “Little Brother, we’re here!”

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