Chapter 112 – Husband!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was shocked when he walked into the Shang Dynasty Ruins that were underground. It was an extremely enormous city wall that lay before his eyes. The wall was over 300m tall, and as for its breadth, Yang Ye was utterly unable to discern it. In any case, the ruins of this ancient city were at least more than 10 times larger than Southpeace City!

Even though it was underground, the illumination here was extremely good. Of course, it wasn’t sunlight. It was silver light that seemed like moonlight, and it was emanated from countless strange rocks that seemed like Moonlight Stones.

The surface of the wall was densely covered in a dense expanse of incomplete and mysterious talismans. Even though these talismans had lost their effects, their density and form still shocked Yang Ye slightly. Because these talismans were a Talisman Formation, a Talisman Formation that enveloped the entire city. So, just thinking about it was shocking! Not to mention that he was looking at it with his very own eyes.

“As expected of the Imperial Capital of the previous dynasty. Even if it’s in comparison to the Imperial Capital of my Grand Qin Empire, it still isn’t much inferior!” The woman sighed with emotion while standing outside the city.

Yang Ye returned to his senses when he heard this, and his gaze had moved from the talismans on the city wall to the entrance of the city that didn’t have a door any longer. He said, “Let’s go in!”

Even though he wanted to carefully observe the Shang Dynasty’s Imperial Capital, he hadn’t forgotten that two Spirit Realm experts were chasing after him from behind.

The woman nodded, and then she hurriedly followed up to him.

At ground level, Man Shi and the middle aged man who wore golden armor stood in confrontation at both sides of the entrance. At this moment, both of their expressions were extremely unsightly. With their realms of cultivation, it would have originally been extremely easy for them to catch up to Mortal Realm and King Realm Profounder. However, both of them weren’t able to catch up in the end, and they could only watch as the people they wanted to pursue entered the Shang Dynasty Ruins!

Of course, if they didn’t have the Nether Wolf King to travel on, then Yang Ye and the woman would have definitely been caught, and this would be the case even if they utilized Strider Talismans. However, with the assistance of the Nether Wolf King, their speed wasn’t something that any ordinary person could catch up to.

The Nether Wolf King was inferior in strength and offensive ability to the Flameroar Lion Clan, but it absolutely surpassed the Flameroar Lion Clan in terms of speed. Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye and the woman had made the first move, so the middle aged man and Man Shi were unable to catch up to them.

As he gazed at the entrance to the ruins, the middle aged man was silent for a short moment before he turned around to look at his subordinates, and then he said in a low voice. “Those that have attained the King Realm step forward!”

All of these Palace Guards had been drafted at the last minute, and even he who was the leader had been drafted at the last minute, so he was utterly unfamiliar with these subordinates of his.

When they heard the middle aged man, five cavalries immediately stepped forward on their Windbreaker Horses.

The middle aged man glanced at the five of them before he said, “All five of you follow me down while the others stand on guard here and follow the orders of Vice Commander Xu. Besides that, send a person back to the empire to notify his Majesty about everything that occurred here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the middle aged man glanced at Man Shi before he led the five of them into the entrance of the ruins.

Even though it was extremely dangerous down there, he had to go down. Because it was fine if the Princess died, but if she’d eloped with someone, then there would truly only be death that awaited him when he returned. Because the Imperial Family cared about its face the most!

The middle aged man had led his subordinates down there, so Man Shi stopped hesitating as well. He turned around and made a few sounds to the pride of lions, and then he entered the ruins as well. Presently, he didn’t care about the woman any longer, and he cared about the mysterious young man instead. It was fine if the young man was a Darkbeast that had taken human form, but if the young man wasn’t, then the matter would be mysterious and terrifying.

Because if humans had found a method to subdue Darkbeasts, then it would undoubtedly be an enormous calamity to the Darkbeasts!


On the streets within the city, Yang Ye and the woman ceaselessly sized up the surroundings with curious expressions. It wasn’t difficult to discern how flourishing the Shang Dynasty was just by looking at the houses in the surroundings. Moreover, Yang Ye was most curious about why this lone underground city wasn’t cold and deserted, and it was slightly bustling instead.

Yes, not only were the streets not cold and deserted as he’s imagined, numerous people were constantly moving up and down on it. Of course, the number of people here was much fewer when compared to the number of people in the cities above ground.

Yang Ye was even more surprised that practically all of these people were First Heaven Realm Profounders, and he hadn’t seen a single Profounder below the First Heaven Realm. So, in other words, he was slightly special for being a Profounder at the Mortal Realm.

The weak deserved to be bullied. These words really made sense. Because during this period of time, he’d noticed a few gazes that carried malicious intent. Without exception, all of these gazes descended onto the Spatial Ring on his finger.

Fortunately, all of them seemed to be fearful of this woman that strode by his side, and they didn’t come over and attack directly!

Because this woman by his side had utilized some sort of technique to actually completely conceal the aura of her cultivation, causing others to be utterly unable to sense her cultivation. Even though others were unable to sense her cultivation, it caused them to be even more fearful of her. Because no matter how stupid one was, it was clear that a person who could arrive here was absolutely not an ordinary person. So, since this woman was able to conceal her aura with some sort of mysterious technique, it represented that her identity was definitely not ordinary.

So, even though those fellows in the surroundings were interested in the Spatial Ring that Yang Ye wore, they didn’t dare make a move rashly.

Of course, Yang Ye wasn’t afraid even if these fellows made a move against him, but it was best to encounter lesser trouble.

“Little Brother, you have to thank Big Sister this time. If it wasn’t for Big Sister, then you might have been torn up limb from limb by now!” The woman revealed a delicate smile as she said, “Big Sister doesn’t want anything precious, just give Big Sister a few of those high-grade talismans that you showed Big Sister earlier, alright?”

Yang Ye puckered his lips. Has this woman gone mad? She’s actually trying to take advantage of me!?

Yang Ye couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the woman, and he sped up instead and headed towards the depths of the city. Presently, he wasn’t worried that they would catch up because even Yang Ye himself didn’t know where he was. So, even if there already were very few people in this city, finding the two of them in such a huge city was no different than looking for a needle in a haystack!

After taking a few steps, Yang Ye suddenly stopped, and then he turned around to look at the woman that walked over with him and said, “Hey, we’ve already escaped those Darkbeasts and humans, so leave and do what you have to do. Don’t follow me, alright?”

The woman was just about to say something when two black robed men suddenly walked out from a corner in the street. Both of them were around 23 years old, and they had extremely similar appearances as if they were cast from the same mold. Both of their gazes stopped on the Spatial Ring on Yang Ye’s hand, and then their gazes descended onto the woman by Yang Ye’s side. Moreover, the lust and greed in their eyes weren’t concealed at all.

The woman’s black brows knit together slightly when she noticed their gazes. She originally intended to swing her whip over, yet she suddenly glanced at Yang Ye. Her eyeballs spun before she moved quickly and graceful to arrive behind Yang Ye. After that, she revealed a terrified expression and said timidly, “Husband, I’m so afraid!”

Yang Ye glared fiercely at the woman. With her cultivation, would this woman even have to fear these two fellows who are merely at the First Heaven Realm? This woman clearly intends to make use of me!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye pulled the woman into his embrace.

The woman was stunned. She’d never expected that Yang Ye who’d always been polite would suddenly act in this way, and right at the instant she was stunned, Yang Ye had bent down and stolen a kiss from her delicate and beautiful lips. After that, he said in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry, no one can harm you with me here!”

Only an idiot wouldn’t take advantage when someone was offering. This woman had offered him such an opportunity, so Yang Ye naturally had to take advantage of it. Yang Ye was no gentleman, and this woman hadn’t just used him for one or two times. So, in the end, it was still the woman that benefitted even after he took advantage of her now!

The woman recovered from her shock, and a wisp of rage flashed in the depths of her eyes. The Profound Energy in her body surged, and she was just about to flare up.

However, right at this moment, the taller black robed man chuckled. “Young Brother is really fortunate to possess such a gorgeous wife. It’s your first time here at the Shang Dynasty Ruins, right?”

Yang Ye smiled at the woman that was glaring angrily at him, and then he looked at the two black robed men and said, “What’s with all the crap? Huh? Don’t both of you intend to seize my Spatial Ring and seize my beautiful wife? Just make a move directly, alright? Can’t we all just be a bit more straightforward? Is there any point in wasting time like this?”

Both the black robed men were stunned. Who exactly is the one doing the robbing here?

After they recovered from their shock, both of them revealed furious expressions, and the taller one amongst them said furiously, “Kid, you’re really arrogant, huh!? We brothers didn’t have any ill intent towards you before this, but after we saw you acting in such an arrogant manner, we have no choice but to teach you a lesson on behalf of your parents! And make you….”

He hadn’t finished speaking when a strand of sword light flashed by, and then the head of the taller black robed man who was speaking had already flown into the sky while carrying a strand of fresh blood along with it.

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