Chapter 1105 – Give Them An Inch And They’ll Take A Yard!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye had quite an unsightly expression on his face because he had to get to Thousand Crane Dimension by tonight. But the problem was that he didn’t have a Cloud Shuttle anymore. Moreover, that wasn’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem was that he didn’t know where Thousand Crane Dimension was!

He’d never known the way and coupled with the grand battle with the old man just now, he didn’t know where he was anymore. Even if he did, he wouldn’t know how to get to Thousand Crane Dimension.

After all, just traveling slightly off course might make him miss Thousand Crane Dimension.

So, he had to ask someone!

Yang Ye took a deep breath. He had to find someone, so he glanced towards the area below him. The area below him was covered in mountain ranges and plains, but not to mention humans, there weren’t even any demon beasts.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for an instant, and then he activated the Dark Sword Wings and transformed into a ray of light that shot swiftly through the sky.

Yang Ye’s eyes were closed slightly in midair while he ceaselessly recalled the scenes from before.

Obviously, that man from before was the 10th on the Martial Rankings, Ye Langxie. Was Ye Langxie strong? He was extremely strong! After all, he hadn’t even arrived, but his sword energy had pushed a Quasi Emperor back. Once he arrived, the Quasi Emperor immediately retreated. So, wasn’t it obvious how strong he was? Especially his sword technique, it had reached the acme of perfection and was extremely shocking.

Yang Ye knew that Ye Langxie’s attainments in the Sword Dao weren’t inferior to his won and might even far surpass his own.

Was it embarrassing? No, he didn’t think it was embarrassing at all. He’d never considered himself to be the number one expert in the Sword Dao throughout the world. Conversely, it was just as Lady had said, he’d only just started on the path of the Sword Dao.

He had practically no one to teach him on the path of the Sword Dao, and he’d discovered everything on his own. Besides that, he was aware that his Sword Dao was unlike most people, so others were probably unable to teach him even if they wanted to.

Actually, he knew very little about the Sword Dao.

All he knew was that he would rather die than submit! And he’d always continued on the path of the Sword Dao while conforming to that!

According to his own inference, his attainments in the Sword Dao weren’t bad, and perhaps the reason was because he’d always been ready to die rather than submit. It represented that there wasn’t a flaw in his mental state.

If a person was restrained by the laws of the world, then that person would be constantly hesitant when doing everything. Just like when someone was being bullied, that person’s strength was clearly superior to the other person, but that person wouldn’t dare to act out of consideration for the other person’s background or something else. In that way, one would exercise forbearance. It was what they called small sacrifices for the greater good or to put the overall situation above all else.

Was that wrong?

Actually, it wasn’t. As far as Yang Ye was concerned, it wasn’t wrong. Because it was realistic. Sometimes, refusing to exercise forbearance and make small sacrifices would cause a huge amount of trouble instead.

However, there were many occasions in this world where the other party wouldn’t just let you go because you exercised forbearance. Sometimes, one’s forbearance would be treated as weakness. So, there were many occasions where forbearance would be repaid with even worse humiliation and bullying. Many people were like that. Give them an inch and they would take a yard!

Of course, every single person had a different way of deciding on how to deal with a situation or if there was a need to exercise forbearance. It was impossible to say which path was right or wrong. In any case, Yang Ye usually wouldn’t exercise forbearance.

But he was very well aware that in order to do as he pleased and draw his sword at all, it required formidable strength or support.

Relying on others wasn’t truly reliable in the end, so relying on one’s self was the true path to success!


No matter what it was, only powerful strength could accomplish most things!

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes and looked down. He saw a group of people flying forward below him. There were 6 people in the ground. One woman and 5 men, and the weakest amongst them was at the Exalt Realm while the strongest was a high rank Half-Saint.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to flash over and appear before them.

Their expressions changed when they saw Yang Ye suddenly appear in front of them, and they hurriedly drew their weapons and revealed vigilant expressions on their faces.

“May I know who you are?” The leader of the group was a young man, and he was the strongest amongst them. At this moment, he was eyeing Yang Ye with hostility.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “I have no ill intent towards all of you. I just want to ask about a place.”

“What place?” The young man spoke in a low voice while vigilance still filled his eyes.

Yang Ye replied, “Thousand Crane Dimension!”

The young man was surprised, and the vigilance in his eyes faded slightly, “You’re here to participate in the wedding as well?”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Wedding? What wedding?”

“Don’t you know?” The young man was astounded, “The Mo Clan’s Young Master Mo Yuntian will be marrying the Thousand Crane Sect’s Xiao Yuxi tomorrow. All the powers in an area of over 100,000km in the surroundings of Thousand Crane Dimension received the Thousand Crane Sect’s invitation!”

Yang Ye asked, “Wasn’t he only going to propose? It’s a wedding now?”

The young man replied, “Of course. If it was just a proposal, then why would the Thousand Crane Sect have invited so many people?”

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly narrowed slightly. He knew that he’d been tricked by Lin Yueyin. The Mo Clan wasn’t coming to propose, it was going to unite them in marriage!

A wisp of killing intent appeared in Yang Ye’s eyes when he thought up to this point.

Meanwhile, the young man suddenly said, “Are you….”

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and gazed at the young man, “I’m heading there as well. Since we’re going in the same direction, you wouldn’t mind letting me come along, right?” Yang Ye stopped concealing his aura when he spoke up to this point.

The young man glanced at Yang Ye, and he instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that Yang Ye was just a high rank Half-Saint just like him. Moreover, the vigilance in his eyes faded even more. He immediately said, “Since we’re all heading to Thousand Crane Dimension, then we can go together.”

Yang Ye nodded, “How far are we from Thousand Crane Dimension?”

The young man replied, “Based on our current speed, it’ll take around 4 hours.”

“4 hours!” Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Which direction is it at?” He’d intended to go with them, but they were too slow, and he really lacked time right now.

The young man glanced at Yang Ye, and then pointed towards the side, “Continue forward in that direction and you’ll arrive at Thousand Crane Mountain Range. There’s a teleportation formation deep in the mountains, and it leads to Thousand Crane Dimension.”

“Thank you!” Yang Ye nodded and was about to leave. Meanwhile, 3 figures flashed over from afar, and it wasn’t long before 3 men appeared in front of Yang Ye and the others.

All of them were high rank Half-Saints!

The expressions of the others by Yang Ye’s side instantly changed drastically when they saw these 3 men, and their weapons which they’d put away were drawn once more.

“Tsk, tsk. I never expected to encounter all of you from Autumn Mountain Faction…. Geng Qiu, enemies really do always meet!” The black robed young man who led the group of 3 chuckled.

The young man who led the group was Geng Qiu, and he spoke gloomily, “Fan Yun, I never expected that your Green Mountain Faction would have been invited by the Thousand Crane Sect as well!”

“Of course we have!” The black robed man called Fan Yun laughed coldly, “Geng Qiu, since you’ve encountered us brothers, then there’s no need for all of you to head to Thousand Crane Dimension.” The black robed man raised his right hand and waved it, “Kill the men. Right, don’t kill Geng Qiu’s younger sister, Geng Yu. Hehe….”

“Understood!” The other 2 behind Fan Yun laughed coldly and were about to attack. Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared in front of Fan Yun, and the latter wasn’t even able to react before Yang Ye’s hand clamped down on his throat.

Everyone here was stunned.

Fan Yun’s eyes even opened wide while shock filled them.

Yang Ye gazed at Fan Yun for a short while before he released Fan Yun and said, “Fuck off!”

He didn’t know what enmity these 2 factions had, and he didn’t want to know as well. The reason he’d acted was only because he owed them for giving him directions and that he couldn’t stand the sight of these 3 fellows.

Fan Yun glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Who are you!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Fan Yun, and he just turned around to gaze at Geng Qiu’s group who were still stunned on the spot, “I’ll send all of you there!”

Geng Qiu instantly recovered from his shock when he heard Yang Ye, and then he cupped his fists towards Yang Ye, “Thank you!”

Yang Ye nodded and was about to leave. However, Fan Yun suddenly spoke in a low voice, “Are you looking down on my Green Mountain Faction?”

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Fan Yun, “Speak another word and I’ll cut off your head!”

Fan Yun’s expression changed. He clenched his fists while his face was unsightly to the extreme, but he didn’t dare to speak a word.

Fan Yun’s group of 3 watched as Yang Ye and the others vanished into the horizon.

Not long after they left, Geng Qiu cupped his fists towards Yang Ye again, “Thank you!”

“It was nothing. I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll be taking my leave now.” Yang Ye instantly transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the horizon.

“How swift!” The woman by Geng Qiu’s side exclaimed.

One of the men asked, “Is he really a high rank Half-Saint?”

Another one in the group said, “He’s definitely from a Diamond Rank power!”

“Alright, let’s go now!”

Thousand Crane Dimension.

Just like White Deer Dimension, Thousand Crane Dimension had its own residents. Thousand Crane City was the largest city in the dimension, and it was situated at the foot of the mountain where the Thousand Crane Sect resided.

Yang Ye didn’t stay in Thousand Crane City and immediately traveled to Thousand Crane Sect. Of course, he didn’t enter it openly, and he entered it smoothly while being concealed by the Sword Domain and Laws of Darkness.

Yang Ye didn’t dare to go too deep into the sect. After all, he couldn’t act carelessly when facing a Diamond Rank power.

After hiding in the Thousand Crane Sect for a long time, Yang Ye still hadn’t been able to sense Xiao Yuxi’s presence.

Right when he was about to go deeper into the sect, a familiar voice resounded from afar, “Young Master Mo will be coming to greet his wife tomorrow. Give the order that even our outer court students have to be dressed well. If Young Master Mo takes a liking to them and takes them with him, then they would have achieved something in their lifetime.”

It was Lin Yueyin’s voice!

One of the disciples asked, “Elder Lin, I heard that Young Master Mo has over 10 concubines. Is that true?”

Lin Yueyin replied, “Men with ability have many women. Isn’t that very normal?”

Meanwhile, someone else asked, “Why did Junior Sister Yuxi refuse to marry Young Master Mo?”

“That bitch doesn’t know how to appreciate things!” Lin Yueyin’s voice was gloomy and cold, “She’s absolutely lucky that Young Master Mo took a liking to her, yet she refused him repeatedly! Tomorrow, she has to marry him no matter what, even if she doesn’t want to! Alright, all of you go prepare for tomorrow!”

“Yes!” It didn’t take long for Lin Yueyin to return to her room.

Right when she closed her door, her shadow suddenly wriggled. Lin Yueyin noticed it. Her expression instantly changed, and she was about to turn around. However, a sword was pressed against her throat.

“Elder Lin, we meet again. That isn’t the main point. The main point is I’d like to ask you if you remember what I said that day?” Yang Ye’s voice resounded by Lin Yueyin’s ears.

Lin Yueyin’s countenance instantly turned ghastly pale when she heard his voice, and then her figure slumped down weakly onto Yang Ye’s body.

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