Chapter 1106 – Mutual Cultivation!

Almighty Sword Domain

Lin Yueyin was naturally afraid of him.

She’d personally witnessed everything Yang Ye had done in White Deer Academy. He was an absolute madman, and he was a madman who dared to do anything. Especially when he recalled what Yang Ye had said that she would do to her, it made her figure feel even weaker. She didn’t think that Yang Ye was joking or wouldn’t do it!

Yang Ye wasn’t interested in wasting time with her, so he immediately asked, “Where’s Yuxi?”

Lin Yueyin said, “She… she’s in the inner court….”


Suddenly, a sword of light stabbed into Lin Yueyin’s thigh, and her eyes opened wide. She was about to let out a shrill cry but Yang Ye covered her mouth.

Yang Ye twisted his wrist, the sword of light started spinning in her thigh. Lin Yueyin’s face instantly turned ghastly pale. But Yang Ye didn’t stop and continued twisting the sword in her thigh.

Blood sprayed out like a torrent!

Lin Yueyin’s eyes were opened wide and had almost popped out from their sockets. It didn’t take long for her body to start trembling violently. However, it didn’t make a difference because Yang Ye was suppressing her with the Sword Domain and Void Rank sword intent. Coupled with his physical strength that was pressing down upon her, she wasn’t able to resist at all!

A while passed before Yang Ye stopped and said, “Have you thought it through now?”

Lin Yueyin nodded with force.

Yang Ye moved his hand away from her mouth, and she spoke in a trembling voice, “She… she’s being kept in Thousand Darkness Prison.”

Yang Ye’s voice became icy cold, “She’s being imprisoned?”

Lin Yueyin’s delicate figure trembled slightly when she noticed the change in Yang Ye’s emotions, and she said, “She… she seemed to have recalled a little of the past, and then she intended to leave. However, her master, Ding Lin, noticed her, and then… and then she was imprisoned.”

Ding Lin! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he pondered deeply for an instant before he said, “Why does Mo Yuntian intend to marry Yuxi?”

“He… he’s a playboy, and he usually wants to obtain any women he takes interest in.” Lin Yueyin’s voice was trembling, “He seems to have only a few dozen concubines on the surface, but his estate is actually filled with at least a few thousand women of all types. As for Yuxi, it seems to be because Yuxi acted very coldly to him and even attacked him when they met. That… that aroused his interest instead, and then he made a bet with his friends that he would definitely get her….”

Yang Ye said, “In other words, it isn’t the Mo Clan’s intention to make him marry Yuxi, and it’s his own?”

Lin Yueyin nodded lightly.

“Your Thousand Crane Sect is truly laughable!” Yang Ye ridiculed, “You’re a Diamond Rank sect at any rate, yet you sell off your own disciples to curry favor with a young master? Aren’t you afraid of being ridiculed by the world?”

Lin Yueyin spoke softly, “Diamond Rank powers without Divine Grade spirit veins aren’t true Diamond Rank powers at all.”

Yang Ye asked, “Did he agree to give the Thousand Crane Sect a spirit vein?”

Lin Yueyin nodded, “He has left the Law Faction, so he promised my Thousand Crane Sect that if Xiao Yuxi is married to him, then that Divine Grade spirit vein will belong to my Thousand Crane Sect instead. My Thousand Crane Sect isn’t able to refuse such a condition, so not to mention just Xiao Yuxi, my Thousand Crane Sect would even agree to give him the sect master’s daughter!”

“So you’re making my wife become another’s concubine, and then obtain a Divine Grade spirit vein in return? The Thousand Crane Sect…. Hahaha!” Even though he was laughing, he had a ferocious expression on his face, and his laughter was ferocious.

Lin Yueyin said, “It’s… it’s best if you head there as soon as possible. Because she recalled something, so her master, Ding Lin, seems to intend to extract her past memories. Moreover, if it’s necessary, her cultivation will even be crippled. In any case, as far as Mo Yuntian is concerned, all women are just there to be played with.”

Yang Ye asked, “Where’s Thousand Darkness Prison?”

“I can tell you, but you can’t kill me!” Lin Yueyin started to state her conditions. She was no fool, and she knew that Yang Ye would definitely kill her once she was useless to him.

Yang Ye replied, “Alright!”

Lin Yueyin heaved a sigh of relief in her heart when she heard Yang Ye’s agreement. She knew that people like Yang Ye were extremely proud, and they wouldn’t go back on their word. So, she immediately said, “It’s at the back of the sect, and it has 5 levels. It’s used just to imprison the traitors of my Thousand Crane Sect and some other special captives. Xiao Yuxi’s misdeeds weren’t severe, so she’s probably on the 1st level.”


Lin Yueyin had just finished speaking when a strand of blood sprayed from her throat.

Lin Yueyin’s eyes opened wide, “You… you… promised….”

“I keep my word to people who keep their word, but why would I keep my word to someone who doesn’t? Don’t forget that you once lied to me. Now, we’re even.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye let go of her, and then he patted his own chest. In an instant, Snowy’s head emerges from there.

As soon as Snowy emerged, the spirit energy within Lin Yueyin had just started to surge out. Snowy’s eyes lit up when she saw that, and then she quickly opened her mouth and suck all the spirit energy into her mouth.

Because they were within the Sword Domain, so while quite a bit had happened in the room, the area outside the room was extremely calm. Even if someone passed by Lin Yueyin’s room, they wouldn’t be able to sense anything out of the ordinary.

It didn’t take long for Snowy to absorb all the energy that seeped out from Lin Yueyin. Once she was done, Snowy opened her mouth and spat out violet crystals in succession.

Yang Ye quickly took them. After around 15 minutes passed, Snowy finally stopped, and Yang Ye had almost 100 violet crystals in his arms.


Yang Ye was visibly moved because killing a Saint gained him 100 violet crystals, so 10 would equal a thousand…. Yang Ye seemed to have found a path to riches.

Meanwhile, Snowy suddenly opened her mouth and yawned. She flew over to Yang Ye, wrapped her arms around Yang Ye’s head and rubbed her head against his head. After that, she transformed into a white ray of light that entered Yang Ye’s chest.

Is that little fellow able to advance like Zi’er? Yang Ye noticed that the aura Snowy emanated changed every time she absorbed spirit energy. Especially this time, he felt like some sort of change had occurred in Snowy after she absorbed so much spirit energy. But he couldn’t determine exactly what had changed.

Snowy was a unique being of the world, and she was protected by the world. But he was being punished and penalized by the world. Needless to say, it was very strange for them to be together!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he vanished on the spot.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive at the mountain behind Thousand Crane Sect, and he immediately saw a pitch black palace there. The palace was linked to a huge mountain, and symbols covered the area around the palace and the mountain.

Yang Ye knew that it was a formation!

At this moment, the entrance to the palace was closed tightly. Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly and didn’t force his way in. He’d sensed 2 formidable auras in Thousand Crane Sect, and one of them wasn’t any inferior to Xiao Bieli. He knew it was a Quasi Emperors, and there were more than one. He was here to save Xiao Yuxi not attack the Thousand Crane Sect, so he had to keep a low profile.

Yang Ye’s luck wasn’t bad. It didn’t even take an hour for the entrance to be opened, and then a disciple of Thousand Crane Sect walked out from within the palace. Yang Ye seized the opportunity to transform into a shadow and enter the palace. As soon as he entered the palace, Yang Ye immediately merged with the shadows in a corner.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and it didn’t take long for him to find Xiao Yuxi.

Xiao Yuxi was seated cross-legged in a translucent barrier of light that was not too far away from him, and she had a rather haggard appearance.

Yang Ye was delighted. He flashed over to the barrier of light. Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi opened her eyes, and she was slightly stunned when she saw him. She said, “Hus….” She suddenly stopped at this point.

Yang Ye was overjoyed instead, “Yuxi, do… do you remember me now?”

She glanced at him, and then there was a trace of complicated emotions in her eyes, “Just a little.”

Yang Ye was still overjoyed, “What have you recalled?”

She gazed at him for a short while and said, “Mutual cultivation….”

Yang Ye’s face froze. He naturally remembered that. He’d utilized a mutual cultivation technique to save her all those years ago. He hadn’t expected her to actually remember that. However, it was nothing to feel embarrassed about. In any case, they were husband and wife, so wasn’t it very normal?

Yang Ye’s expression returned to normal, and he said, “Yuxi, what else have you recalled?”

She shook her head slightly.

Yang Ye said, “It’s fine. Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to restore your memories. Come, I’ll get you out of here now!” As he spoke, he was about to destroy the barrier of light that imprisoned her.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed, and then he withdrew his hand and vanished on the spot.

At the exact moment that Yang Ye vanished, the entrance of the palace parted, and then a beautiful woman walked in.

Xiao Yuxi frowned slightly, “Master?”

It was her master, Ding Lin.

The beautiful women walked over to the barrier of light and said, “Yuxi, have you made your decision?”

Xiao Yuxi replied, “I have a husband!” Even though she hadn’t fully recovered her memories, she still remembered a little about what had occurred between her and Yang Ye.

Ding Lin’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Yuxi, it’s related to the future of my Thousand Crane Sect. We have no choice, and you have no choice.”

Xiao Yuxi remained silent.

“Looks like you insist on being thick headed!” Ding Lin waved her hand, and the barrier of light instantly vanished. She walked over to Xiao Yuxi and said, “Since it’s like that, then I’ll make you forget everything completely.”

Suddenly, Ding Lin’s expression changed drastically. She suddenly turned around, and 2 strands of mysterious energy suddenly pressed down upon her at the exact moment that she’d turned around. It caused Ding Lin’s figure to stiffen for a moment, and it was exactly that moment which allowed a sword of light to press against her throat.

Ding Lin was shocked, “Who… who are you!”

Yang Ye said, “I don’t want to waste my breath. Undo the seal on Yuxi’s memories right now.”

“Do you know….” Ding Lin was about to speak when a sword suddenly stabbed into her left shoulder. Her eyes opened wide, and she was about to scream for help, but Yang Ye covered her mouth with his left hand.

Ding Lin was a high-rank Saint, but unless she was an especially monstrous genius, ordinary high-rank Saints were nothing to Yang Ye.

After all, his current physical strength far surpassed a demon beast at the high-rank of the Saint Realm.

He hadn’t consumed almost 100 Adamantium Fruits for nothing!

After he stabbed her shoulder, Yang Ye didn’t stop. He held tightly onto her mouth as the light sword on his right shoulder swiftly stabbed Ding Lin’s body. His methods were very unique. Every single stab would cause the light sword to cut against her bones, and once the bone was completely sliced into bits, he would start on a completely new area.

In less than 5 breaths of time, Ding Lin had been stabbed a few dozen times, and every single one of them had sliced off a little of her bones!

Such pain caused Ding Lin’s face to warp severely, and she hurriedly spoke in a hoarse voice, “I’ll… undo….”

“You will?” Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “No, we’ll speak about that in a while. For now, let me get even with you for threatening my wife!”

As he spoke, the light sword stabbed down into Ding Lin’s body again!

Blood sprayed all over her, and Ding Lin was completely covered in blood!

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