Chapter 1111 – Ruthless To The End!

Almighty Sword Domain

Mo Ji and Feng Qingyu’s expressions instantly changed when they witnessed this scene!

They sensed danger!

Extreme danger!

Tempestuous waves were surging through their hearts. They’d never imagined that a Half-Saint would actually give them such a feeling.

They exchanged glances, and then they nodded slightly and intended to attack.

“Stop!” Suddenly, a furious roar resounded from afar, and then the sky shook before Xiao Bieli arrived here with a beautiful green robed woman.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment when he saw them, and then he issued a command in his heart. The Void Rank sword intent and slaughter intent around him instantly dispersed and surged back into his body.

Utilizing the Brink Laws, and especially with 2 types of intents would be practically like taking himself down with his enemies. Because even he hadn’t put 2 types of intents to the brink at once. Once he succeeded, then even if he could kill or heavily injure his enemies, he would definitely suffer backlash. Moreover, the backlash he suffered would be extremely severe, and it would be much more severe than utilizing the Brink Laws with his physical strength!

Of course, if Xiao Bieli hadn’t arrived here, then not to mention bringing 2 types of intents to the brink, he was even prepared to release the Qiong Qi.

Since he was going to die anyway, would he have to care about anything else?

No, he had no need to! He would only try to bring his enemies down with him!

It was a game of ruthlessness, and he was ruthless to the end!

Mo Ji and Feng Qingyu immediately stopped when they saw Xiao Bieli and the beautiful green robed woman.

“Dean Xiao, your student snuck into my Thousand Crane Sect and killed 2 elders and a vice sect master of my Thousand Crane Sect. He really is amazing!” Feng Qingyu stared fixedly at Xiao Bieli and said, “Since you’re here now, then give me an explanation. I trust that based on Dean Xiao’s character, you will definitely not be partial towards your own student. Right?”

2 elders and a vice sect master!

The corners of Xiao Bieli and the beautiful woman’s eyes twitched when they heard Feng Qingyu, and there was shock within their eyes. The beautiful woman’s gaze instantly descended upon Yang Ye, and there was a huge amount of interest in them.

Xiao Bieli glanced at Feng Qingyu, and then he turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, “You agreed to wait for me.”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “There was a change in the plan. They intended to completely erase Yuxi’s memories. I had no choice but to come and take her away.”

Xiao Bieli asked, “Then why did you kill them?”

Yang Ye replied, “It couldn’t be helped. They refused to let me leave, so I could only kill my way out!”

Feng Qingyu’s expression instantly became extremely gloomy when she heard Yang Ye.

The corners of Xiao Bieli’s mouth twitched. They refused to let you leave, so you wanted to kill your way out? This is the Thousand Crane Sect.

At this moment, Xiao Bieli truly had a headache. He finally understood that while Yang Ye’s natural talent was extraordinary, Yang Ye wasn’t someone who was easy to deal with. Because Yang Ye was an absolute troublemaker. In his opinion, Yang Ye shouldn’t be in White Deer Academy and should be in the Evil Faction or Nether Pavilion instead!

Because the members of those 2 powers were fearless and unrestrained madmen!

“What should we do now?” Xiao Bieli gazed at Yang Ye. He really didn’t know what to do. Would the Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan let the matter rest? Absolutely not! Enter into war with the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect? That was even more unlikely because it would cost the lives of many. After all, White Deer Dimension wasn’t home to just White Deer Academy, there were many locals, billions of them!

Since it’s impossible to make peace with them, but battle is out of the question as well, then is the only way to hand Yang Ye over to them?That is a way to resolve the situation….

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, and then he gazed at Feng Qingyu, “I have no intention to become enemies with the Thousand Crane Sect, nor do I have any intention to become enemies with the Mo Clan. However, all of you’ve constantly gone against me. My wife come from a lower dimension and was taken in by your Thousand Crane Sect. If you treated her well, then I would be very thankful and repay you. But you didn’t. You sealed her memories and intended to give her to another in exchange for benefits for your sect!”

Yang Ye gazed at Xiao Bieli when he spoke up to this point, “All I want to say is that it wasn’t I, Yang Ye, who was causing trouble on purpose, it was the Thousand Crane Sect that intended to bully me and Yuxi. Of course, I understand the difficulties that Dean Xiao faces, and you can leave if you intend to consider the overall situation of things and abandon us. Don’t worry, I won’t blame you. After all, White Deer Academy doesn’t owe me anything! It isn’t necessary for you to go against the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect for my sake.”

The beautiful green robed woman by Xiao Bieli’s side smiled, “Little Fellow, you’ll die if we leave. Understand?”

Yang Ye replied, “Senior, do I look like someone who’s afraid of death?”

She sized him up for a moment, and then shook her head slightly, “You don’t!”

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he walked over to Xiao Yuxi’s side, “No one will be able to hurt you again while I’m here. If someone is able to hurt you, then it’s because I’m dead!”

Xiao Yuxi walked over to Yang Ye and embraced him while she spoke softly, “That won’t happen. Because I’ll die if you die!”

“Xiao Bieli!” Meanwhile, Feng Qingyu said, “Your White Deer Academy and my Thousand Crane Sect has always been on friendly terms. But a student of yours killed disciples of my sect and took a disciple of my sect by force. So, aren’t you going to give my Thousand Crane Sect an explanation? Or perhaps you think that my Thousand Crane Sect can be bullied?”

Meanwhile, Mo Ji spoke abruptly, “He insulted my Mo Clan and must die!”

The beautiful woman in green robed suddenly asked, “How did he insult your Mo Clan?”

Mo Ji laughed coldly, “Xiao Yuxi is going to be married into my Mo Clan tomorrow and become my nephew’s concubine. Yet now, Yang Ye has taken her by force. If word of this were to spread, then wouldn’t others say that my Mo Clan wasn’t even able to protect a woman?”

Suddenly, Xiao Bieli said, “What if my White Deer Academy insists on protecting him?”

Feng Qingyu and Mo Ji’s eyes instantly narrowed when they heard Xiao Bieli. Feng Qingyu stared fixedly at Xiao Bieli and said, “Dean Xiao, is it really worth it to go against my Thousand Crane Sect and the Mo Clan for a single student?”

“Xiao Bieli, you better think this through!” Meanwhile, Mo Ji spoke as well, “Your White Deer Academy needs to rest and recuperate right now. If you make formidable enemies, then I’m afraid that White Deer Academy will fall into a decline. Perhaps the slightest mistake might cause White Deer Academy to vanish from the Central Divine Prefecture.”

Xiao Bieli was about to speak when the beautiful woman by his side spoke first, “I think I’ve figured out what happened. These 2 kids were from the lower dimensions, and they were separated due to certain reasons. Your Thousand Crane Sect took her, but you intended to use her to gain benefits for your sect instead. So, you didn’t hesitate to have her memories sealed. But once this kid found out, he came straight to your Thousand Crane Sect to rescue her. However, you refused to let her go, so he started killing. Right, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with this. It was your Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan that were bullying them. Unfortunately, you underestimated this kid’s strength, so you failed to kill him but had your own experts killed instead.”

The beautiful woman gazed at Xiao Bieli at this point and said, “While this kid is ruthless and doesn’t care about the consequences, he’s a loyal man. He’s worthy of you sparing nothing to protect him.”

She smiled when she spoke up to this point, and she continued, “White Deer Academy is already in such a bad state, so how bad can it get? Moreover, I think that your lousy academy needs someone like him who has the courage and will to fight. The younger generation of your academy will be a bunch of cowards without someone like him to lead them!”

Xiao Bieli glanced at her and said, “You think really highly of him!”

She glanced at Xiao Bieli and spoke indifferently, “At the very least, he’s braver than you. He dared to attack a Diamond Rank power on his own and become enemies with 2 great powers just for his own wife!”

Xiao Bieli’s expression was slightly stiff. He didn’t dare to look at her and just gazed at Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi instead, “Head back to White Deer Academy. Even Emperors can dream of killing both of you once you get there.”

Yang Ye would naturally not be foolish enough to insist on leaving with Xiao Bieli and the beautiful woman. Based on Xiao Bieli’s strength, he would only be a burden if he stayed. So, Yang Ye immediately took Xiao Yuxi in his arms, and then he stomped his right foot against the ground. His figure shot into the air towards White Deer Dimension.

“Don’t even think of it!” Feng Qingyu’s face instantly had a ferocious expression on it, “Activate the grand formation. Disciples of Thousand Crane Sect, kill Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi!”

“Leave quickly!” Xiao Bieli’s voice resounded, and then both he and the beautiful woman charged towards Mo Ji and Feng Qingyu.

“You’re courting death!” Mo Ji had a ferocious expression on his face as well. It didn’t take long for all 4 of them to vanish on the spot. They were Quasi Emperors. If they fought here, then it would draw the attention of the Heaven Dao and even the guardians of Radiant Dimension. So, they immediately entered a pocket of space.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had raised his speed to his limits. But right when he was about to charge out of Thousand Crane City, a huge barrier of light suddenly enveloped the entire city.

A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he flicked a strand of sword energy forward, and it instantly slammed against the barrier of light.

The sword energy instantly dispersed when it collided against the barrier of light, and the barrier of light remained completely unharmed!

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly when he witnessed this scene. Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi spoke softly, “This barrier was left behind by the Thousand Crane Sect’s founding ancestor, and every single sect master has been enhancing this formation throughout the years. It can be said that only an Emperor or perhaps the joint forces of numerous Quasi Emperors can break open this formation!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Suddenly, a few thousand beams of light shot up from within Thousand Crane Sect, and then they swiftly changed direction and shot towards Thousand Crane City.

At the same time, numerous figures flashed out of the entire city, and all of them shot towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then 10 Saint Realm Sword Servants appeared around Xiao Yuxi.

“You refuse to let me leave? Then I won’t!” Yang Ye stretched out his right hand and roared with fury, “Heaven’s Gravestone!”


A pillar of blood shot up into the air. In an instant, boundless slaughter intent surged out like the tide from within Yang Ye.

“Heaven’s Gravestone, I’ll let you drink your fill today!” As soon as Yang Ye spoke, countless rays of blood red sword energy covered the heavens and the earth as they shot out in all directions!

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