Chapter 1112 – How Delicious!

Almighty Sword Domain

Almost 100 experts in the city were instantly sliced into half by the blood red sword energy, and then their blood instantly transformed into torrents that converged towards Yang Ye and surged into the blood red sword in his grasp.

“Kill!” Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the ground, and his figure shot up into the air before he took Heaven’s Gravestone in both hands and swung it towards the distance. A group of experts from Thousand Crane City who’d just started charging over from 3km away were instantly sliced into pieces. In the end, the blood within them shot up into the sky and converged towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye waved his sword swiftly in midair, and his sword energy shot out in all directions while countless shrill cries resounded throughout the city.

Torrent after torrent of blood shot up into the air within the city, and they converged towards Yang Ye.

It was a slaughter!

It was a complete and utter slaughter!

With the enhancement provided by his Void Rank sword intent and slaughter intent, Yang Ye’s sword intent had arrived at an extremely terrifying extent. Besides some high-rank Saints, practically everyone else died immediately upon coming in contact with his sword energy.

Meanwhile, the experts from Thousand Crane Sect arrived, and it was Hua Mujin who led the group.

There were almost 100 high-rank Saints amongst them, and the rest were Saints as well. Obviously, the Thousand Crane Sect knew how formidable Yang Ye was, so they hadn’t sent ordinary disciples to give their lives away.

“Kill him!” Hua Mujin’s ghastly voice resounded.

In an instant, countless experts shot towards Yang Ye!

Yang Ye pressed Heaven’s Gravestone against the center of his forehead. A moment later, his figure instantly transformed into a ray of blood red light that shot forward at extreme speed!

Death by a Thought!

Yang Ye hadn’t executed the ultimate version of Death by a Thought, and he’d merely enhanced it with the speed from the sword wings and the Laws of Speed. However, with 2 types of Void Rank intents enhancing it as well and coupled with the might of Heaven’s Gravestone, it was extremely terrifying!

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Many people here hadn’t even recovered from their shock when the heads of 3 high-rank Saints instantly flew into the air while their bodies were still charging forward. Their figures continued charging for around 1km before they finally crashed down from midair, and their blood shot up into the sky and surged towards Yang Ye!

The expressions of everyone here changed drastically when they witnessed this scene!

He killed 3 high-rank Saints with a single attack!

Meanwhile, Hua Mujin’s voice resounded again, “His strength is extraordinary. Don’t underestimate him and kill him with your full strength!”

In an instant, 100 high-rank Saints and a few hundred Saints surrounded Yang Ye.

Xiao Yuxi’s expression changed drastically. Even though Yang Ye was strong, it was absolutely impossible for him to fight 100 high-rank Saints and a few hundred Saints.

After all, such numbers were sufficient to surround and kill a Quasi Emperor! If Yang Ye wasn’t injured, then perhaps he could still fight them. However, he was heavily injured right now!


An explosion resounded, and a figure was blasted away. Xiao Yuxi’s pupils constricted when she saw that figure.

It was Yang Ye!

At this moment, Yang Ye’s entire body was covered in injuries, and there were even many parts of his body that had sunken down, bulged up, or warped in various different ways. The reason he’d been able to fight 100 high-rank Saints and a few hundred ordinary Saints was because of his strong physical defenses. Because ordinary Saints weren’t able to penetrate his defenses. However, no matter how strong his physical defenses was, it couldn’t endure the sheer number of opponents he faced right now! Moreover, some high-rank Saints were capable of penetrating his defenses!

Hua Mujin waved her right hand, and she led the charge towards Yang Ye, “He’s almost exhausted! Kill him!”

The other Saints hurriedly followed behind her.


Suddenly, a ray of crystal blue light descended from the sky and entered Yang Ye’s body. In an instant, his entire body turned crystal blue.

It was the true Stellar Ward Technique!

Yang Ye flipped his left palm, and the ancient sheath appeared there. He sheathed Heaven’s Gravestone before drawing it swiftly!


A sword howl resounded as a ray of blood red sword energy flashed. A high-rank Saint in the distance was instantly slashed into 2, and his internal organs sprayed out into the air while accompanied by torrents of blood! It was an extremely bloody sight!

It was 100 overlapped Heavenrends!

It was the Heavenrend Technique that had been enhanced by Void Rank slaughter intent and sword intent!

He’d killed a high-rank Saint with a single attack!

A moment later, Yang Ye sheathed Heaven’s Gravestone again, and then he drew it swiftly!

A ray of sword energy flashed, and then the head of another high-rank Saint from Thousand Crane Sect flew up into the air!

The blood red sword was sheathed again, and it was drawn again….

In less than 3 breaths of time, Yang Ye had drawn his sword 10 times in succession, and the Thousand Crane Sect had lost 10 high-rank Saints in succession!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye had been surrounded by the experts of the Thousand Crane Sect again. But Yang Ye was bashed up again as he had in the previous collision between him and the group of experts. Yang Ye forcefully resisted their attacks with the help of the Stellar Ward Technique. Even though it still hurt, he’d resisted their attack. At the same time, Yang Ye completely disregarded his defenses as it was impossible to defend against his enemies in such a situation.

Regardless of whether they were ordinary Saints or high-rank Saints, any cultivator who faced Yang Ye would almost definitely be killed!

In just around 10 minutes, 20 of the high-rank Saints here had perished. As for ordinary Saints, almost 100 of them had perished. Something else worthy of mentioning was that when any Saint perished here, the spirit energy that dispersed from them would converge at Yang Ye’s chest. It converged towards him just like blood converged towards his sword.

Heaven’s Gravestone was absorbing the blood, and it was naturally Snowy who was absorbing the spirit energy. However, she didn’t dare to show herself and could only absorb it in secret.

Because of Yang Ye’s terrifying defenses, the experts of Thousand Crane Sect grew more and more horrified as the battle continued. Yang Ye’s attainments in the Sword Dao were extremely formidable, and it was especially so when he possessed 2 types of Void Rank intents and an Emperor Rank sword. Every single attack of his was extremely terrifying. It was comparatively better for high-rank Saints, but ordinary Saints would instantly die upon contact with his attacks! It would have been a huge problem if that was all. After all, no matter how strong Yang Ye was, he was just a single person, and he wasn’t an Emperor.

But his physical defenses were the problem!

Yang Ye’s physical defenses were truly too horrifying!

Besides a few people here, the others were utterly incapable of penetrating his defenses. As for the few who could, even if they could penetrate his defenses and cause a certain level of harm to him, it wasn’t lethal harm. So, after a period of intense battle, more and more were dying from the Thousand Crane Sect. As for Yang Ye, while he seemed to be heavily injured, he still had the strength to fight, and his combat strength was extremely terrifying!

Another while passed, and over 30 high-rank Saints had perished by now. As for the other Saints, around 200 had perished.

Hua Mujin’s expression was absolutely unsightly. Suddenly, she gazed at Xiao Yuxi and said, “Capture Xiao Yuxi!” After all, Yang Ye would have no choice but to allow himself to be captured if they captured Xiao Yuxi.

The high-rank Saints who were in battle with Yang Ye were stunned when they heard her, and then one of them abandoned his position in the encirclement around Yang Ye and shot towards Xiao Yuxi. As for the remaining high-rank Saints, they did all they could to keep Yang Ye busy.

Yang Ye suddenly gazed at Hua Mujin, and the latter’s expression changed drastically. Meanwhile, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of blood red light that vanished on the spot, and he was behind Hua Mujin when his figure appeared again.


Hua Mujin’s head shot up into the air while a fountain of blood sprayed from her severed neck!

Hua Mujin’s eyes were opened wide, and they were filled with disbelief. Obviously, she hadn’t expected that she would have been killed by a single attack from Yang Ye.

That attack was absolutely swift!

Yang Ye paid no attention to Hua Mujin’s death. He stomped the space below him with his right foot, and the entire expanse of space there collapsed in an instant. Meanwhile, his figure transformed into a ray of blood red light that vanished on the spot.

The eyes of that high-rank Saint who’d charged over to Xiao Yuxi suddenly opened wide, and then his head flew up into the air just as Hua Mujin’s head had.

However, Yang Ye almost slumped to the ground. If it wasn’t for the support provided by the blood red sword in his grasp, then he would have fallen to the ground. At this moment, his crystal blue skin had started to crack apart. At the same time, countless parts of his body sunk down. Especially his chest and back, they were completely deformed now.

Xiao Yuxi’s expression changed, and she ran towards Yang Ye. However, she’d only arrived around 10m before Yang Ye when a strand of terrifying slaughter intent pushed her back repeatedly.

Yang Ye held Heaven’s Gravestone with both hands while countless torrents of blood surged towards him from all directions. As the torrents of blood surged into him, the blood red glow he emanated grew darker and darker. At this point, it was a deep dark red. At the same time, an endless intent to slaughter and evil energy surged out incessantly from him.

At this moment, Yang Ye seemed like a god of death.

“Yuxi, don’t come close to me later!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye spoke abruptly, and his clear right eye had started to change color.

He’d killed too much, and his Void Rank sword intent was on the verge of being unable to suppress his Void Rank slaughter intent!

“Kill him! He’s on the verge of exhaustion!” The experts of the Thousand Crane Sect were delighted when they saw Yang Ye like this. With their discerning ability, they were naturally able to discern that it wasn’t just Yang Ye’s profound energy that had dried up, he was heavily injured as well. It could be said that Yang Ye was truly on the verge of exhaustion, and they could kill Yang Ye if they just put in a little more effort!

It didn’t take long for them to charge towards Yang Ye.

A wisp of ferocity flashed into Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw them charge at him. He relaxed his right grasp, and the blood red sword transformed into a ray of blood red light that entered his body. After that, he clenched his right fist. In an instant, the space around them started to tremble violently!

It was an imposing aura!

A powerful and imposing aura had suddenly appeared here!

A moment later, Yang Ye smashed his right fist forward!


An absolutely destructive force shot out from Yang Ye’s fist, and the space before him instantly collapsed while shrill cries resounded incessantly.

At the same time, countless torrents of blood surged incessantly into the blood red sword that had appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp once more.

A short while passed before the surroundings returned to calm. At this moment, only 30 high-rank Saints from the Thousand Crane Sect remained. As for the other Saints, practically all of them were annihilated! As for the ordinary cultivators in the surroundings, their deaths were simply uncountable!

Even though the remaining high-rank Saints were still alive, they were heavily injured. At this moment, all of them were looking at Yang Ye with horror and shock.

At this moment, they were truly terrified!

When the final drop of blood in the surroundings surged into the blood red sword, Yang Ye’s slightly clear right eye had instantly turned blood red, and then a savage expression appeared on his face.

Yang Ye stuck out his tongue and licked the blood that had seeped out from the corner of his mouth, and he spoke greedily, “How delicious!”

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