Chapter 1113 – His Profound Energy Has Dried Up!

Almighty Sword Domain

“He has gone mad!” One of the high-rank Saints from the Thousand Crane Sect spoke with a trembling voice, “He has been fully taken control of by his intent to kill. He… he has gone mad!”


That high-rank Saint had just finished speaking when a ray of blood red light flashed, and then his head flew up into the air.

“Kill!” Yang Ye’s ferocious voice resounded, and then he vanished on the spot. After that, countless rays of blood red light shot towards the remaining 29 high-rank Saints.

“Retreat!” Their expressions changed drastically when they witnessed this scene, and they couldn’t be bothered about the sect master’s orders anymore. They immediately turned around and shot towards the Thousand Crane Sect.

At this moment, Yang Ye had gone completely mad. Most importantly, the might of his sword was countless times stronger than before. The slaughter intent and evil energy it emanated was even able to affect them now. Even though it wasn’t to the extent of being corrupted into utter machines of slaughter, their strengths reduced immensely because they had to divide a portion of their mental strength to resist the slaughter intent and evil energy which Yang Ye emanated.

In short, they were afraid, and they didn’t dare to face Yang Ye anymore!

However, Yang Ye had no intention to spare them. He immediately chased those high-rank Saints. Even though Yang Ye’s cultivation was much lower than theirs, his speed wasn’t weaker to theirs at all. As soon as he caught up to one of them, he immediately drew his sword and swung it.

A ray of blood red sword energy flashed through the sky!


The Saint in front of Yang Ye was instantly slashed into 2!

Yang Ye didn’t stop moving. His figure transformed into a ray of blood red light that vanished on the spot and pursued the next high-rank Saint.

Xiao Yuxi was slightly stunned by this scene, and then she hastily chased after him. The Sword Servants around her immediately protected her as well.

It didn’t take long for Xiao Yuxi to arrive outside the Thousand Crane Sect, and Yang Ye had killed 3 more high-rank Saints.

At this moment, the entire Thousand Crane Sect was enveloped by a barrier of light, and Yang Ye was using Heaven’s Gravestone to strike it in succession. The barrier of light was rumbling incessantly under his powerful swings.

Countless disciples of the Thousand Crane Sect resided within the barrier.

At this moment, all of them were looking at Yang Ye who seemed like a figure made out of blood. There was an evil smile on Yang Ye’s face, and it was a horrifying smile.

The countless disciples of the Thousand Crane Sect here were extremely astounded when they saw Yang Ye strike the barrier of light over and over again, “What is he trying to do?”

Around 100 high-rank Saints and hundreds of ordinary Saints had returned in miserable defeat. So, if Yang Ye were to break open the barrier of light, then could anyone stop him? No one could! Unless a Quasi Emperor came, no one could stop him!

“How dare you!” Suddenly, a furious howl resounded from within the Thousand Crane Sect, and then an old woman arrived here. She gazed at Yang Ye from the other side of the barrier of light and roared with fury, “Yang Ye! What exactly do you want!?”

Yang Ye glanced at the old woman, and her expression instantly changed while she unconsciously took a step back. At this moment, Yang Ye’s eyes seemed like they had oceans of blood within them, and even if they were separated by the formation, her heart still couldn’t help but palpitate before the baleful energy within Yang Ye’s eyes.

He can’t be allowed to enter the sect!

That was what the old woman thought at this moment. Yang Ye’s strength and defensive ability were too terrifying. Once he was allowed to enter the sect, then even if they were able to kill him in the end, the Thousand Crane Sect would definitely suffer heavy losses.

The Thousand Crane Sect couldn’t afford to lose anymore experts right now!

Yang Ye paid no attention to the old woman, and he just swung his sword against the barrier of light again.

“Disciples of my Thousand Crane Sect, form the Thousand Crane Formation!” Suddenly, the old woman’s voice resounded through the sect, and then the thousands of disciples here immediately recovered from their shock. Their figures flashed off, and they quickly took their places here. In next to no time, a huge circular formation was created, and they started to move their hands and form strange seals.

As soon as they started forming the seals, a huge blue circle of light appeared beneath their feet, and it didn’t take long for the circle of light to start spinning swiftly. In an instant, the spirit energy throughout the sect surged towards the circle.

“Kill him!” The old woman’s ghastly voice resounded.

“Kill!” The thousands of disciples here roared furiously in unison, and then a beam of blue light shot out from every single one of them. In an instant, thousands of beams of blue light shot up into the sky. The beams of light converged in the sky, and they formed a huge pillar of light that was over 500m thick. A moment later, the pillar of light slammed down towards Yang Ye who remained outside the formation!

Yang Ye suddenly stopped moving, and then his face instinctively became solemn as he gazed at the pillar of light. Even though his mind wasn’t clear, it didn’t represent that he was a fool. He just wanted to kill, and he really yearned to kill right now. As for everything else like his combat instinct, they were all very normal.

“Kill!” Yang Ye roared furiously as he swung his sword at the pillar of light.

A beam of sword energy shot out from his sword and slammed against it.


A resounded explosion swept through the sky, and then Yang Ye’s sword energy shattered apart. As for the pillar of blue light, it didn’t slow down at all and instantly slammed against Yang Ye’s chest.


A mouthful of blood instantly sprayed from Yang Ye’s mouth, and then he was pushed around 3km back. At this moment, the crystal blue skin on his body had started to crack apart.

“Good!” Countless disciples cheered from within the Thousand Crane Scene. This attack had boosted their confident, and they felt that no matter how strong Yang Ye was, could he rival the joint forces of thousands of experts? He was just a Half-Saint and not an Emperor!

Xiao Yuxi’s expression changed when she saw Yang Ye being injured, and she charged towards Yang Ye. However, just like before, she’d been pushed back by his slaughter intent before she could even get close to him. Xiao Yuxi clenched her fists while killing intent filled her eyes, but there was a trace of extreme helplessness within her eyes as well!

Yang Ye licked off the blood on the corners of his mouth, and he completely disregarded the injuries he’s suffered. The ancient sheath appeared in his left grasp, and then he sheathed his sword before walking towards the Thousand Crane Sect.

The faces of the disciples within the Thousand Crane Sect turned grim upon witnessing this scene. Because they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually refuse to give up!

“Kill!” Suddenly, the old woman’s voice resounded once more. In an instant, countless beams of blue light shot up into the sky, and they similarly converged into a huge pillar of light in the end. After the pillar of light appeared in the sky, the entire expanse of sky there started to tremble as well.

“Slash!” Yang Ye’s furious voice resounded through the sky, and then he drew his sword.

A ray of blood red light flashed, and then many hadn’t even been able to react to it before it collided with the huge pillar of blue light.

It was 120 overlapped Heavenrends!

A moment of silence ensued, and then the pillar of blue light was sliced into 2 before the ray of blood red sword energy slammed against the barrier of light which protected the Thousand Crane Sect.


An explosion that shook the sky resounded, and then the barrier of light trembled while many cracks appeared on it.

The disciples of the Thousand Crane Sect were horrified when they witnessed this scene.

Suddenly, Yang Ye appeared before the barrier of light, and then he pressed Heaven’s Gravestone tip against it. He spun Heaven’s Gravestone while the Decay Laws entered the barrier of light through Heaven’s Gravestone. As soon as the Decay Laws came into contact with the barrier of light, it immediately started trembling violently before starting to thin!

The pupils of all the disciples constricted at this scene.

After all, that Sect Guarding Formation was something that could even stop a Quasi Emperor. Actually, it required the joint forces of at least 3 Quasi Emperors in order to break through it. Yet now, Yang Ye had shaken its defenses by himself!

How monstrous is he?

“Everyone! Prepare yourself!” Meanwhile, the old woman’s voice resounded once more.

“Elder, we can’t hold on anymore!” Meanwhile, a disciple walked over to the old man’s side, “The other disciples have almost exhausted all their profound energy. Our profound energy will dry up if we activate the formation again. If the formation is destroyed then, then we’ll be able to do nothing but be slaughtered. The important matter at hand is to notify the sect master or summon our ancestor!”

“Summon our ancestor?” The old man suddenly roared with fury, “A Half-Saint attacked us, yet you actually want us to summon our ancestor? Do you want our Thousand Crane Sect to become the laughingstock of the Central Divine Prefecture?”

The old woman took a deep breath at this point, and then she turned around and gazed at Yang Ye, “I’ve notified the sect master. Now, make everyone power the formation once more. His profound energy has almost dried up. The moment that happens is the moment he’ll die!”

That disciple hesitated for a moment, and then he nodded.

“Kill!” The voices of thousands of disciples resounded once more, and then a huge pillar of blue light slammed down towards Yang Ye again.

“Watch out!” Xiao Yuxi hurriedly shouted.

Yang Ye stopped attacking the barrier of light, and then he sheathed Heaven’s Gravestone before drawing it immediately!


A beam of sword energy shot forward again.

As soon as it shot out from the ancient sheath, the others were able to clearly discern that Yang Ye’s body seemed as if it had been emptied, and he almost crashed down from the sky.

All the disciples of the Thousand Crane Sect were overjoyed by this scene.

Yang Ye’s profound energy had dried up!


Yang Ye’s blood red beam of sword energy and the pillar of blue light shattered, and then countless waves of energy swept towards the surroundings. As for Yang Ye… that all-powerful fellow from before had actually been blasted almost 1km back by the wave of energy.

“HAHA! Yang Ye, your profound energy has finally dried up!” Meanwhile, Mo Yuntian who’s been hiding until now suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Deactivate the formation!” The old woman suddenly spoke ferociously, “Both that little bitch, Xiao Yuxi, and Yang Ye can’t be spared!”

Suddenly, a voice resounded from the sky, “Don’t kill them. Keep them alive so that I can torch their souls and make them suffer an eternity of feeling their souls burn!”

It was Feng Qingyu’s voice.

Meanwhile, Mo Yuntian laughed ferociously, “Don’t kill that woman, Xiao Yuxi. If I, Mo Yuntian, want someone, then I’ll definitely obtain her! I'm going to do her in front of that fellow, Yang Ye! HAHA! Just thinking about it feels so exciting!”

Suddenly, Yang Ye raised his head slowly, and there was an evil smile on the corners of his mouth!

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