Chapter 1114 – Fuck Off Right Now!

Almighty Sword Domain

Mo Yuntian stood in midair as he gazed at Xiao Yuxi, and he spoke ferociously, “Bitch! You actually dared to run off with another man behind my back! Since you refused when I gave you face and tried to marry you, then I’ll completely humiliate you later.”

Mo Yuntian was naturally filled with extreme rage. Xiao Yuxi was someone he intended to marry, yet she’d actually run off with another man. If news of it were to spread, then what would the Central Divine Prefecture think of him? Especially those disciples of the Mo Clan who were his enemies and the disciple of the other 3 clans!

Just thinking about it caused the rage in Mo Yuntian’s heart to surge explosively.

“Bitch!” Mo Yuntian roared furiously as he shot towards Xiao Yuxi.

“Watch out!” Suddenly, a horrified voice resounded from within the Thousand Crane Sect.

Mo Yuntian was slightly stunned. A moment later, a figure appeared in front of him, and the pungent smell of blood surged into his body. This aura caused him to feel suffocated and almost vomit on the spot. Even though he’d been caught off guard, Mo Yuntian was an expert on the Martial Rankings at any rate, and he’d swiftly swung his sword when he realized that the situation wasn’t good.


Mo Yuntian felt like his sword had struck a piece of iron, and the collision numbed his entire arm. Mo Yuntian was shocked. He focused his gaze and saw that his sword had struck Yang Ye’s head. However, his sword hadn’t been able to penetrate Yang Ye’s physical defenses, and it caused his face to instantly turn ghastly pale!

I’m finished!

That was the last thought that arose in his mind.

Sure enough, a sword was pressed against his throat.

It was naturally Yang Ye! His profound energy had dried up, but he still had stellar energy! Moreover, he had Snowy, so his profound energy’s speed of recovery was beyond anyone’s imagination!

“Stop!” A furious howl resounded through the sky, and then Mo Ji and a beautiful woman appeared here. At the same time, Xiao Bieli and Feng Qingyu appeared in the sky as well.

The gazes of everyone here converged on Yang Ye.

They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually still had profound energy…. Did his profound energy not dry up just now? He just acted like that to deceive everyone?

The expressions of Feng Qingyu and everyone from the Thousand Crane Sect became extremely unsightly when they thought up to this point. Of course, the most unsightly expression belonged to Mo Yuntian. He’d thought that he could take advantage of the situation, but he hadn’t expected to have gotten himself captured instead.

At this moment, Mo Ji, Feng Qingyu, Xiao Bieli, and the green robed woman felt a wave of fear in their hearts when they gazed at Yang Ye. Yang Ye didn’t seem human at all. He was completely blood red, and even his eyes seemed to contain oceans of blood. Moreover, even they didn’t dare underestimate the slaughter intent and baleful energy that Yang Ye emanated!

How many did he kill to become like that?

Mo Ji stared fixedly at Yang Ye, “Let him go!”

There was no color in Yang Ye’s eyes except blood red. Everyone watched as Yang Ye seemed to be visibly struggling. Xiao Bieli and the others knew that Yang Ye was resisting the slaughter intent within him.

A long time passed before a trace of clarity returned to his right eye. Xiao Bieli instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this. At the same time there was a trace of shock in his eyes. As for Mo Ji and Feng Qingyu, there was a trace of seriousness in their eyes.

Yang Ye had been completely corrupted by his slaughter intent just now, and he’d become a complete machine of slaughter. Even though that made him strong, he was just a puppet that had been enslaved by his slaughter intent. However, if he could resist it and enslave his slaughter intent instead, then it would be extremely terrifying. While Yang Ye hadn’t fully accomplished it, he’d resisted his slaughter intent at the very least!

Such willpower and mental strength was beyond terrifying for a Half-Saint!

“Let him go? I can. But you have to fuck off right now. Come get him from White Deer Academy in 3 days from now.” Yang Ye gazed at Mo Ji while a ferocious expression covered his face.

“Are you threatening me!” Mo Ji’s face was gloomy.

“I am!” Yang Ye spoke fiercely, “If you want him to live, then fuck off right now.”

“My Mo Clan never bows to threats! Never!” Mo Ji’s face was savage, “Yang Ye, let me see if you dare to kill him.”

“Second Uncle!” Mo Yuntian’s expression changed. He was about to speak when Mo Ji suddenly roared with fury, “Shut up! As a disciple of the Mo Clan, you can’t embarrass the Mo Clan even if you’re about to die. Let me see if he dares to kill you.” As he spoke, he gazed at Xiao Bieli and said, “If Mo Yuntian dies, then your White Deer Academy will be my Mo Clan’s enemy!”

Xiao Bieli’s face fell. Even though he was fighting Mo Ji right now, it could only be considered as personal enmity, but if Yang Ye killed Mo Yuntian, then the enmity would be escalated to become between the Mo Clan and White Deer Academy.

Could White Deer Academy fight the Mo Clan right now?

Xiao Bieli gazed at Yang Ye and was about to speak, but Yang Ye suddenly said, “Dean Xiao, would Mo Ji leave if I let Mo Yuntian go? No! He wouldn’t! He has the Mo Clan standing behind him, so he can act against us and White Deer Academy without any fear. Because he’s certain that we wouldn’t dare to kill them. After all, once we kill them, it would be equivalent to facing the entire Mo Clan. So, he can bully us and oppress us without any fear at all!”

Yang Ye paused for a moment and said, “Our forbearance today might not bring peace to us, and it’ll make them try to bully us even further instead. Moreover, if we exercise forbearance today, then the other powers and inhabitants of the Central Divine Prefecture would think that our White Deer Academy’s strength is waning. At that time, not to mention Diamond Rank powers, even Platinum Rank powers might dare to bully us!”

Xiao Bieli’s eyes narrowed slightly. In the end, he closed his eyes. How could he not be aware of what Yang Ye was talking about? At this moment, regardless of whether it was the Mo Clan or Thousand Crane Sect, they were certain that White Deer Academy wouldn’t dare to enter into war with them. So, they didn’t give him any face at all. Most importantly, it was just as Yang Ye had said. If they exercised forbearance today, then their academy might have to face endless trouble from now on!

That was how the world worked. People liked to bully the weak!

A short while passed before Xiao Bieli spoke, “You deal with it! No matter what you do, you’ll have White Deer Academy’s support.” Since he’d gotten on Yang Ye’s boat, he naturally chose to stay until the end of the journey. Because he had no other choice. Abandon Yang Ye and gain peace? Not to mention that it wasn’t the way he did things; White Deer Academy’s morale would instantly plummet if he did that!

Moreover, there would probably be no geniuses who joined White Deer Academy from now on. Because no one would join a power that sacrificed its students or disciples in order to gain peace.

So, abandoning Yang Ye was no different than digging his own grave.

However, Xiao Bieli felt lost as well. He was lost towards the future of White Deer Academy! Because having a madman like Yang Ye as a student of the academy came with both fortune and calamity!

Mo Ji’s face grew even gloomier when he heard Xiao Bieli. Feng Qingyu’s expression had become unsightly as well. Why had Yang Ye been acting so arrogantly until now? It was because he had Xiao Bieli and White Deer Academy’s support! If he lost their help, then killing Yang Ye would only take a moment!

Yet now, Xiao Bieli actually intended to accompany Yang Ye in his madness. Even though White Deer Academy’s strength had declined immensely, it still couldn’t be underestimated!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “That fellow from the Mo Clan, are you going to fuck off or not?”

Mo Ji’s expression was extremely unsightly as he stared fixedly at Yang Ye. A long time passed before he spoke fiercely, “No one can threaten my Mo Clan. My Mo Clan will absolutely not allow anyone to threaten it. Yang Ye, if you dare….”

“AHHHH!” Suddenly, Mo Yuntian howled miserably, and then the expressions of everyone here changed drastically. Xiao Bieli’s pupils had constricted slightly, and his eyes were filled with shock. The eyes of the beautiful woman by Xiao Bieli’s side were filled with shock and a trace of fear as well.

As for the disciples from the Thousand Crane Sect, they seemed like they’d seen a ghost. All of their mouths were opened wide while their eyes were filled with shock and terror!

As soon as Mo Ji had spoken those words, Yang Ye had suddenly used Heaven’s Gravestone as a saw and started to saw through Mo Yuntian’s throat. Blood was spraying out from Mo Yuntian’s throat. In the beginning, he was able to let out shrill cries, but it didn’t take long for him to be unable to make a single sound. His eyes were opened wide and had almost popped out of their sockets, and they were filled with terror and the intent to plead for mercy. His entire body was twitching violently as well!

Mo Ji’s hands were clenched tightly together, and the killing intent in his eyes was seemingly material.

Feng Qingyu was staring at Yang Ye as well, and her eyes were filled with killing intent just like Mo Ji. But besides killing intent, there was a trace of fear in her eyes as well.

Those who were unafraid of death weren’t terrifying; the truly terrifying were those who were unafraid of death and mad!

Obviously, Yang Ye was such a person!


It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to slowly saw off Mo Yuntian’s head, and then blood shot out from Mo Yuntian’s throat. Yang Ye grabbed Mo Yuntian’s head and casually tossed it to Mo Ji, “You said I wouldn’t dare to, so now I’m telling you that you were wrong.”

Mo Ji gazed at Mo Yuntian’s head for a short while, and then he raised his head to look at Yang Ye. He roared furiously like a wild beast, “Yang Ye!!!”

As soon as his voice finished resounding through the air, his figure shot towards Yang Ye, but Xiao Bieli obstructed his path.

Mo Ji roared furiously and attacked, “Fuck off!”

Xiao Bieli would naturally not just stand there and suffer the attack. He counterattacked decisively, and both of them vanished on the spot.

Feng Qingyu didn’t stand by idly as well. She intended to attack at the same time that Mo Ji had. However, his expression suddenly changed drastically because Yang Ye’s figure had shot towards the Thousand Crane Sect.

At this moment, the expressions of all the disciples from the Thousand Crane Sect had changed drastically!

Feng Qingyu roared with fury, “Yang Ye! Don’t you dare!”

“I’ll kill them right in front of you!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded from afar.

After that, a ray of blood red sword energy swept through the sky and entered the crowd of disciples from the Thousand Crane Sect.

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