Chapter 1115 – Shed Tears Or Blood!

Almighty Sword Domain


A ray of sword energy flashed by, and then a few dozen disciples of the Thousand Crane Sect were instantly slashed into 2.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to charge into the crowd from the Thousand Crane Sect. At this moment, he was like a wolf that had entered a herd of sheep. The countless disciples here were utterly unable to resist his sword energy that was enhanced by 2 types of Void Rank intent. Moreover, they didn’t have the courage or desire to fight him right now because the scenes from before had aroused fear within their hearts.

After all, would anyone not feel fearful when facing a god of death?

Thus, many disciples didn’t choose to fight back when Yang Ye charged towards them, and they chose to flee instead!

Actually, they could fight Yang Ye if they worked together as a united whole, and they might even be able to push Yang Ye back. Because Yang Ye was all alone in the end, and regardless of whether it was his body, spirit, or energy, all of them were in extremely weak states right now. So, if the experts of the Thousand Crane Sect worked together as one, then it was very likely that they would be able to push Yang Ye back.

However, they didn’t do that. They’d allowed themselves to fall into chaos instead.

If an army was without a leader and fell into a chaotic state, then their threat towards Yang Ye would drop to its lowest possible level!

In just a few breaths of time since he entered the crowd, over 100 had died at Yang Ye’s hands.

Shrill cries resounded throughout the Thousand Crane Sect.

But it was a Diamond Rank power in the end, so it didn’t take long for some experts to organize the forces here and start to besiege Yang Ye. However, Yang Ye was unstoppable at this point, and every single ray of blood red sword energy would reap the lives of a few dozen.

Suddenly, Feng Qingyu’s voice resounded, “Yang Ye! You can leave!”

At this moment, Feng Qingyu’s hands were clenched tightly together, and her face was horrifyingly gloomy. She was staring fixedly at Yang Ye who was within the crowd, and the killing intent in her eyes were practically material. The Thousand Crane Sect had lost a huge number of experts, and if Yang Ye was allowed to continue killing, then there would be a severe lack of experts amongst its higher-ups.

She had no choice but to let Yang Ye leave. At the very least, it could resolve the danger that the sect was facing right now!

Yang Ye immediately stopped attacking when he heard Feng Qingyu, and then he turned around to look at her, “You were the one who refused to let me leave, yet you are the one who’s asking me to leave now. Who do you think you are? You think you can order me around?” Yang Ye waved his right hand as soon as he finished speaking, and a ray of sword energy swept out and instantly slashed over a dozen experts into 2.

Meanwhile, Feng Qingyu spoke fiercely, “Yang Ye, do you really want to die?”

Yang Ye was about to speak when the beautiful green robed woman spoke abruptly, “Kid, quickly take her and leave!”

Meanwhile, Xiao Yuxi said, “Let’s go!”

At this moment, Yang Ye’s mind wasn’t very clear, but theirs were absolutely clear. Even though the Thousand Crane Sect didn’t have any other Quasi Emperor to send at Yang Ye, they had their ancestor. Once their ancestor was summoned, then not to mention Yang Ye, even Xiao Bieli might not be able to escape. Of course, the Thousand Crane Sect would definitely not summon its ancestor unless it had no other choice.

Because Emperors had to pay a price to descend to the Radiant Dimension!

The Thousand Crane Sect couldn’t afford the humiliation of summoning their ancestor to deal with a Half-Saint, and they couldn’t bear the rage of their ancestor. However, the Thousand Crane Sect would have no choice but to summon their ancestor if Yang Ye refused to stop killing.

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly cleared up a little more when he heard the beautiful woman and Xiao Yuxi. He visibly struggled for some time, and then he gazed at Xiao Yuxi. He just looked at her for a long time, and then his eyes slowly closed while he was still visibly struggling.

A long time passed, and then Yang Ye’s right eye gradually grew clearer. At this moment, he didn’t hesitate to flash over to Xiao Yuxi’s side, and he said, “Let’s go!”

His objective had been to rescue Xiao Yuxi and not kill. The slaughter he’d carried out earlier was firstly to protect himself, and secondly to force Feng Qingyu to let them go. Now, his plan had worked, and it wouldn’t be worth it to continue causing trouble here!

Feng Qingyu and the others from the Thousand Crane Sect watched as Yang Ye flew into the sky with Xiao Yuxi. Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Feng Qingyu when he arrived before the barrier of light.

The latter stared fixedly at Yang Ye and said, “Just you wait!”

Yang Ye looked her in the eyes and said, “Speak another word and I won’t leave anymore!”

Feng Qingyu gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before she spoke, “Deactivate the formation!”

As soon as she gave the order, the barrier of light slowly dispersed. As soon as it fully dispersed, Yang Ye took Xiao Yuxi in his arms and vanished from the city.

At the same time that Yang Ye left, Feng Qingyu’s voice resounded throughout Thousand Crane Dimension, “From today onward, my Thousand Crane Sect is at war with White Deer Academy! Order all the disciples of our sect to show no mercy and kill any students from White Deer Academy that they see!”


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded in the sky, and then Mo Ji and Xiao Bieli appeared here. There was a trace of blood on the corner of Mo Ji’s mouth.

Xiao Bieli spoke indifferently as he gazed at Mo Ji, “You’re no match for me!”

Mo Ji wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth and said, “Just you wait! Just you wait for my Mo Clan to arrive!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

Xiao Bieli looked up into the sky for a while, and then he looked at Feng Qingyu, “Sect Master Feng, is there any chance of reconciliation?”

“Reconciliation?” Feng Qingyu laughed ferociously, “Xiao Bieli, are you joking?”

Xiao Bieli nodded slightly, “Then that’s that!”

After that, he gazed at the beautiful green robed woman, “Help me escort those 2 little fellows until they return to White Deer Academy. I’ll go escort that elder from the Mo Clan and then pay a visit to some old friends.” Obviously, reconciliation was impossible.

So, the important matter at hand was to call on his friends! Because if nothing unexpected occurred, then the Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan would start their revenge soon. It was the revenge of 2 Diamond Rank powers, and the Mo Clan was no ordinary Diamond Rank power. It was an ancient clan that had existed for countless years, and its resources and reserves could only be described as terrifying.

Not to mention the current White Deer Academy, even the past White Deer Academy would find it difficult to endure the attacks of 2 Diamond Rank powers!

It could be said that White Deer Academy really was at a moment of life and death now.

The beautiful green robed woman glanced at Xiao Bieli, and then she nodded slightly and vanished into the sky.

After that, Xiao Bieli vanished as well.

Meanwhile, Feng Qingyu clenched her fists, and a short while passed before her voice resounded once more through the surroundings, “Order all the elders who’re training outside the sect to return!”

Outside Thousand Crane Dimension.

Xiao Yuxi spoke softly while she resided in Yang Ye’s arms, “The closest city to Thousand Crane Dimension is Northern Darkness City. There’s a teleportation formation there. We have to get there to teleport back to White Deer Dimension.”

Yang Ye didn’t know if it was because of him or the Thousand Crane Sect, but the teleportation formation in Thousand Crane City had been obliterated, so they had no choice but to look for another way to return to White Deer Dimension.

Yang Ye nodded lightly, and then he flew in the direction she pointed towards.

Xiao Yuxi stretched out her hand to touch the cracked skin on Yang Ye’s chest and spoke softly, “Does it hurt?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’m used to it!”

2 streams of clear tears instantly flowed down her eyes when she heard him.

Yang Ye lowered his head to kiss her on the forehead, and then he spoke softly, “Men either shed blood or tears. I choose to shed blood! It’s a path that I chose, so I have to continue on it regardless of how much blood flows from me!”

Xiao Yuxi spoke softly, “But most of your blood is lost because of us!”

“You’re mine. If I don’t bleed for you, then should I hope that other men bleed for you instead? I wouldn’t allow that!” Yang Ye chuckled, and then he spoke seriously, “I, Yang Ye, refuse to be a bad person or a good person in my life. If anyone touches someone close to me, then it doesn’t matter if that person is a good or bad person, I’ll kill that person without any hesitation. If it’s for all of you, I don’t care even if I make the entire world my enemy!”

“You’re still so impulsive!” Xiao Yuxi pressed her cheek against Yang Ye’s chest and continued, “But I like it!”

Most women hoped that their men would be heroes or devils for their sake.

In short, the thing they cared about the most was whether their man loved them. As for women who would still love their husband and agree to their husband’s actions of sacrificing them for the sake of the entire world or justice only existed in novels of chivalry.

Everyone was selfish, and so were women. Especially when it came to love.

Yang Ye tightened his grip on her waist, and he enjoyed this short period of peace.

Why was it short? Because he knew that a storm was coming!

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at Northern Darkness City under Yang Ye’s full speed. Just like every other city, they had to pay a few to enter it. Yang Ye paid 2 violet crystals and entered the city.

His main objective was to send Xiao Yuxi back to White Deer Academy. Because only then would she truly be safe for the time being. So, Yang Ye didn’t waste any time and went to the teleportation platform in the city.

Yang Ye and Xiao Yuxi stood into the blue teleportation circle, and a ray of blue light immediately surged out and enveloped them completely. After that, their bodies started to gradually become faint.

Suddenly, the blue light around them vanished.

After that, a voice that was familiar to Yang Ye suddenly resounded, “Yang Ye, it has been quite a few years since we last met.”

A Quasi Emperor! Yang Ye’s eyes instantly narrowed because that Quasi Emperor’s aura had enveloped both him and Xiao Yuxi.

Obviously, that Quasi Emperor had come with ill intent!

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