Chapter 1116 – Can He Still Be Saved?

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye turned around, and a middle aged man was suddenly standing not too far away. Moreover, he actually recognized the middle aged man!

It was none other than the City Governor of Ancient Domain City in Profounder Continent, Lu Yuanhao!

Lu Yuanhao chuckled, “Yang Ye, you haven’t forgotten me, right?”

“How could I?” replied Yang Ye. He naturally hadn’t forgotten Lu Yuanhao. After all, they’d even worked together at that time. However, they were definitely not allied now. Because Lu Yuanhao was targeting his Primordial Pagoda.

Lu Yuanhao chuckled, “You’re still as ruthless as ever. I sent someone to look for you, but you killed him. You really don’t give any consideration to past relationships! However, it allowed me to realize that you, Yang Ye, aren’t the same Yang Ye anymore. Saints aren’t a threat to you anymore. So, I came here myself.”

Lu Yuanhao paused for a moment at this point, and he continued, “I almost forgot. That Quasi Emperor who was protecting you might be unable to pay any attention to you right now.”

Yang Ye raised his head and looked up into the sky, and then his face fell slightly. He brought more than 1 Quasi Emperor.

A short while passed before Yang Ye gazed at Lu Yuanhao, “City Governor Lu, you came prepared!”

“Of course!” Lu Yuanhao gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, you should be very well aware of what my objective is. Give it to me and you can leave. I will absolutely not make things difficult for you, and if you’re willing, we can even form an alliance. I can help you keep the Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan busy. What do you think? I’m really sincere!”

“That really is quite tempting!” Yang Ye chuckled, “But City Governor Lu, are you trying to insult my intelligence or your own intelligence? Would I even have a chance to live once I give it to you? No! I’ll be the 1st you kill once you get it. Why? Because no one else in this world will know that it’s in your hands once I’m dead. Right?”

Lu Yuanhao gazed at Yang Ye for a short while, and then he said, “Yang Ye, while your cultivation was much lower than mine all those years ago, your strength wasn’t any weaker to my own. Now, I’m a Quasi Emperor, and you’re a Half-Saint. I really want to know if you’re still as monstrous as you were all those years ago!”

“I don’t have a choice, right?” Yang Ye let go of Xiao Yuxi. Meanwhile, she glanced at him and moved aside.

“You really don’t. Since you aren’t willing to hand it over yourself, then I’ll take it myself!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure had vanished on the spot. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had vanished on the spot as well.


An explosion resounded, and then the space here instantly cracked apart before Yang Ye and Lu Yuanhao returned to where they were standing a moment ago. At this moment, the clothes on Yang Ye’s chest had been dyed red with blood. The blood was coming from his chest that had cracked open severely, and blood was flowing out incessantly from the corner of his mouth.

Xiao Yuxi’s expression changed drastically, and she was about to charge over to Yang Ye. However, he stretched out his hand and stopped her.

“I forgot that you’re injured!” Lu Yuanhao said, “Not only are you injured, you seem to be quite severely injured. Fighting you now is an unfair victory to me.”

Yang Ye replied, “Then why don’t we fight another day?”

Lu Yuanhao said, “What do you think?”

“Since we can’t, then why talk nonsense?” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, his figure shot forward explosively. At the same time, his entire body instantly turned blood red while a blood red sword appeared in his grasp. He took the sword in both hands as he arrived before Lu Yuanhao, and then he swung it down. The powerful force it carried caused the space around it to instantly crack apart and collapse!

Lu Yuanhao’s eyes narrowed slightly as he clenched his right fist tightly. In an instant, his entire arm turned completely red like molten metal, and then he slammed his fist against Yang Ye’s blood red sword.


Yang Ye’s sword and Lu Yuanhao’s entire arm trembled violently, and then Lu Yuanhao’s figure suddenly shook. A strand of flames swept out from his arm and instantly enveloped Yang Ye, and then he took a step forward and slammed his fist towards Yang Ye who was now covered in flames.


A muffled explosion resounded as Yang Ye was blasted flying. Lu Yuanhao naturally didn’t abandon such an opportunity and was about to press forward. However, Yang Ye suddenly vanished from within the flames, and then a ray of blood red light flashed.

Lu Yuanhao’s eyes instantly opened wide because a blood red sword had stabbed against his chest!

However, it only pierced a few centimeters deep because Lu Yuanhao’s completely red hand had grabbed onto it!

“Break!” Yang Ye’s furious shout resounded, and then he twisted Heaven’s Gravestone. Lu Yuanhao was instantly blasted backwards. At the same time, Yang Ye’s sword was piercing bit by bit into Lu Yuanhao. However, Lu Yuanhao’s expression remained extremely calm.

“I still underestimated you. You still possess such formidable strength even when you’re heavily injured!” As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Yuanhao shook his hand that held Yang Ye’s sword. In an instant, Yang Ye’s sword trembled, and then his entire body transformed into a ray of blood red light that was pushed almost 1km away.

Lu Yuan walked slowly through the sky in Yang Ye’s direction, and he said, “Yang Ye, needless to say, I really admire you. Even though you’re from the lower dimensions, your natural talent and mentality aren’t inferior to many geniuses in the Central Divine Prefecture. Most importantly, you’re really decisive, ruthless, and brave. Just these 3 aspects make you much superior to many of those so-called geniuses. To be honest, I think very highly of you, and I once even wanted to recruit you into my Lu Clan so that you could help me rise to power!”

Lu Yuanhao shook his head slightly at this point, “Unfortunately, you have what I need, and no one can know about it. So, you must die! Your profound energy has dried up now, so hand it over and I’ll let you die swiftly.”

Suddenly, Yang Ye stomped the space before him, and then he transformed into a ray of crystal blue light that shot forward explosively.

Lu Yuanhao’s eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a trace of surprise in them, “Stellar energy! You can actually utilize stellar energy!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Yuanhao slapped his palm forward, and a wave of fire instantly swept forward and covered the entire sky.

But it didn’t take long for a ray of crystal blue sword energy to tear the ocean of flames into pieces. After that, a crystal blue ray of light flashed straight at Lu Yuanhao.

It was extremely swift!

However, while it was swift to Lu Yuanhao, it was far from being something that he couldn’t react to. He stretched his palm forward and used the center of his palm to stop the tip of Yang Ye’s sword.


A clear and resounding explosion resounded, and then Lu Yuanhao’s entire arm trembled while he even moved quite a distance back in midair. But just a moment passed before a wave of fiery energy surged out from the center of his palm!


A muffled explosion resounded as Yang Ye was pushed around 1km back again.

Lu Yuanhao glanced at the center of his palm. At this moment, there was a hole on it. Lu Yuanhao raised his head to gaze at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, you’ve really surprised me more and more. You’re the 1st person I’ve seen who has been able to utilize both profound energy and stellar energy. That thing is the reason why these 2 energies are able to coexist within you without conflicting, right?”

As he finished speaking, Lu Yuanhao’s voice carried a trace of excitement and fervor.

Lu Yuanhao didn’t wait for Yang Ye to reply and continued, “I can’t wait to see that legendary divine treasure!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Yuanhao was about to attack again.

Suddenly, the space before Yang Ye trembled violently, and then Xiao Bieli appeared in front of Yang Ye. At the same time, the beautiful green robed woman appeared by Xiao Bieli’s side.

Besides that, a black robed old man had appeared by Lu Yuanhao’s side.

“You’re finally here!” The beautiful woman heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Xiao Bieli. She’d known that the situation was bad when the black robed old man was keeping her busy in combat, so she hurriedly sent a voice transmission to Xiao Bieli. Fortunately, Xiao Bieli had rushed over in time.

Lu Yuanhao’s face instantly fell when he saw Xiao Bieli.

“A member of the Lu Clan?” Xiao Bieli’s face was gloomy as he gazed at Lu Yuanhao.

Lu Yuanhao spoke indifferently, “Dean Xiao, you aren’t even afraid of the Mo Clan, so you shouldn’t be afraid of my Lu Clan, right?”

Xiao Bieli replied, “I really don’t understand why your Lu Clan has attacked a student of my White Deer Academy. Are you helping the Thousand Crane Sect or Mo Clan? But I don’t think that’s the case.”

Lu Yuanhao said, “Dean Xiao, there’s no need to make such guesses. I’ve attacked him because of some old enmity between us. But since Dean Xiao is here, then it looks like we’ll have to deal with this enmity in the future. Yang Ye, Dean Xiao, we’ll meet again. I believe that based on the current situation your White Deer Academy is in, we’ll meet again very soon!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he vanished on the spot with the black robed old man.

Xiao Bieli clenched his fists tightly while an extremely gloomy expression covered his face. The beautiful woman’s face was quite gloomy as well. Because the situation that White Deer Academy was in right now was absolutely no different than a hopeless situation!

A short while passed before Xiao Bieli shook his head lightly, “Take a look at that kid!”

Both of them turned around to look at Yang Ye, and they saw Yang Ye’s figure crash straight to the ground. Their expressions instantly changed, and the beautiful woman’s figure flashed behind Yang Ye and allowed Yang Ye to fall into her arms.

Both of them instantly gasped when they saw the injuries Yang Ye had sustained.

“Can… can he still be saved?” The beautiful woman gazed at Xiao Bieli while her voice was filled with doubt.

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