Chapter 1117 – The Games Have Just Begun!

Almighty Sword Domain

How heavily injured was he?

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t even seem human right now. His body had cracked open to an extremely astounding degree. Especially his chest, the crack there was almost as thick as an arm. It seemed like someone had split his chest open, and his internal organs and even the Heart of Slaughter could be seen clearly.

Actually, Yang Ye should have died.

However, he just so happened to be still breathing and was still alive.

Yang Ye’s heavy injuries made absolute sense. He’d suffered injuries during his battle with Qian Wenlan and the Thousand Crane Sect, and then he relied on his intent to slaughter and his will to fight to slaughter his way through the Thousand Crane Sect. At that time, he’d suffered a huge number of injuries, and it was to an extremely severe extent.

It could be said that if the Primordial Violet Energy wasn’t repairing his body at all times, he would have died in the Thousand Crane Sect. But he still hadn’t the ability to fight because it was constantly repairing his body.

However, the battle with Lu Yuanhao was the last straw, and his body wasn’t able to endure it any longer.

Even though the Primordial Violet Energy possessed an abnormal ability to heal, its effects weren’t as potent as the speed he damaged and exhausted his body. Not to mention that Lu Yuanhao had severely injured him.

Xiao Bieli had an extremely solemn expression on his face as he gazed at Yang Ye whom the beautiful woman held in her arms, “Let’s get back to the academy first!”

Ocean of Clouds Academy. In a closed room.

There were only 4 people in the room. Yang Ye who laid on the ground, the beautiful woman, Xiao Bieli, and Xiao Yuxi.

“Is he… still human?” The beautiful woman spoke softly, “His body was exhausted to such an extent, yet he was actually still able to fight a Quasi Emperor. He… truly is a freak!”

Xiao Bieli spoke solemnly, “His body might have exploded apart if we were a moment later.”

The beautiful woman nodded, and then she gazed at Xiao Bieli, “His presence in White Deer Academy is fortune and calamity at the same time!”

Xiao Bieli nodded slightly. He naturally understood what she meant. The fortune was naturally because of Yang Ye’s potential and strength. Was Yang Ye’s potential and strength formidable? They couldn’t be said to be formidable; they should be called terrifying. After all, he’d killed a Quasi Emperor while at the Half-Saint Realm, and he’d even slaughtered his way through the Thousand Crane Sect. Such strength was horrifying!

Besides that, Yang Ye’s willpower and mental strength were extremely terrifying as well. After all, he’d been able to suppress a sword of slaughter that was an entire realm higher than him. How terrifying was such mental strength and willpower?

It could be said that Yang Ye was bound to be extraordinary in the future, just like those geniuses on the Martial Rankings.

However, it was a calamity as well. Not to mention anything else, White Deer Academy had become enemies with 2 Diamond Rank powers after Yang Ye joined White Deer Academy for just a few days. If the Lu Clan was included, then it would be 3.

The slightest mistake might cause the destruction of White Deer Academy.

A long time passed before Xiao Bieli took a deep breath, “My White Deer Academy has no other choice. Win and White Deer Academy will prosper; lose and White Deer Academy will perish.”

The beautiful woman glanced at Xiao Bieli, and a wisp of gentleness flashed through her eyes as she spoke softly, “Don’t think too much about it. In any case, White Deer Academy is already half dead. So, why don’t you just go crazy with this kid? Perhaps you might even be able to turn the situation around. Otherwise, I’m afraid you probably would never dare to see the ancestors of your academy!”

Xiao Bieli laughed bitterly, “Let’s not discuss that anymore. Let’s see how that kid is right now!”

As he spoke, Xiao Bieli walked over to Yang Ye, and then both Xiao Bieli and the beautiful woman revealed a trace of surprise in their eyes when they saw him. Because Yang Ye’s body was actually recovering, and it was recovering at an extremely swift speed. Besides a few extraordinarily severe injuries, the other smaller injuries had been completely healed.

“What….” There was surprise in both their eyes, and they gazed at Xiao Yuxi.

Xiao Yuxi naturally knew why Yang Ye had healed so quickly, but she knew that the thing within Yang Ye couldn’t be exposed to others. So, she pondered deeply for a moment and said, “It might be related to his physique!”

“His physique?” Xiao Bieli was slightly stunned, and then he scanned Yang Ye for a moment. A short while passed before he glanced at Xiao Yuxi, and he seemed to have understood something and didn’t pursue an answer.

The beautiful woman asked, “Do you want us to get him any medicine?”

Xiao Yuxi shook her head lightly, “No matter how severe his injuries were in the past, they would still recover on their own. So, we just have to give him time. I’ll notify both of you if there are any problems, alright?”

Xiao Bieli glanced at Xiao Yuxi, and then he nodded, “Take good care of him. Let us know if you need anything!’

Xiao Bieli and the beautiful woman turned around and left while he spoke.

After they left, Xiao Yuxi squatted down before Yang Ye, and then tears slowly flowed down her face as she gazed at the injuries on Yang Ye’s body. Her hair gradually started to change color, and it didn’t take long for it to turn from black to silver.

White Deer Academy. Hall of Nobility.

There were only 3 people here. Xiao Bieli, the beautiful woman, and Su Shihe.

It was deathly silent here, and the atmosphere was quite heavy and oppressive.

A long time passed before Xiao Bieli gazed at Su Shihe, “Tell me!”

Su Shihe nodded slightly, “The Thousand Crane Sect has declared war against our White Deer Academy, and so has the Mo Clan. Besides that, some of the Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan’s subordinate powers have declared war against us as well. Moreover, according to the information I received, the members of the Law Faction seem to be around here as well. In other words, the Law Faction will definitely be interfering!”

“Enemies everywhere!” Xiao Bieli took a deep breath, and he seemed to have aged drastically.

“The situation is grim!” Su Shihe paused for a moment and said, “It’s very grim!”

Xiao Bieli nodded, “Give the order for all our students outside the sect and dimension to return to the academy right away. Besides that, activate the formation in White Deer Dimension, distribute all the violet crystals in the academy to the students, and open the Treasure Pavilion to the students to choose treasures for their use!”

Su Shihe’s expression changed, “Is the situation that severe?”

“It’s much more severe than you think!” Xiao Bieli continued, “Besides that, gather all the experts at the Half-Saint Realm and above throughout White Deer City. Make them form a guard team and await further orders. All the high rank Half-Saints of the academy will guard the entrances to White Deer City. As for the other students, and especially those who’ve cultivated joint attack techniques and formations, tell them to work harder on their training and be ready for battle at any moment!”

Su Shihe took a deep breath, and his expression was extremely solemn. He knew that White Deer Academy was at a moment of life and death.

Xiao Bieli said, “Shihe, you can assign a group to patrol the city, and it’s best if they are strong. Just show no mercy and kill anyone who dares to undermine the moral of our forces or is getting up to tricks.”

Su Shihe nodded, and then he turned around and left.

After Su Shihe left, Xiao Bieli sat back down on his chair and remained silent for a long time.

The beautiful woman asked, “What about those old friends you went to see earlier. Aren’t they coming?”

Xiao Bieli replied, “I didn’t go!”

She was puzzled, “Why?”

Xiao Bieli shook his head slightly, “All those old fellows have their own sects or clans. Dragging them into this will only bring harm to them.”

She gazed at him for a long time before she said, “After so many years, you’re still so fond of being considerate.”

Xiao Bieli gazed at her and said, “Ling’er, you leave as well!”

“I’m just an independent cultivator without a clan or sect. I won’t drag down anyone with me!” She gazed at him and smiled, “I’ve gotten tired of roaming the world for so many years. Your White Deer Academy should still be lacking an elder, Vice Dean, or something else, right? Am I suitable?”

Xiao Bieli spoke softly, “Why go to such lengths?”

“Do you know what I hate about you the most?” She continued, “I hate how irresolute and conceited you are. Sometimes, you think that your actions are in the best interests of someone, but have you thought about how that might not be what that person wants? That person wants to face difficulties by your side and not let you face them alone. Understand?”

Xiao Bieli gazed at her for a long time, and his hurt heart slightly when he noticed the glimmer of tears in her eyes. A short while passed before he smiled, “I guarantee that I won’t do it again. We’ll live and die together!”

A slight smile instantly curled up on the corners of her mouth.

A short while passed before she spoke again, “Are you really not going to seek help from your old friends? After all, even the Sect Guarding Formation wouldn’t be able to defend your academy for long if the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect attack at the same time.”

Xiao Bieli shook his head, “Based on the relationship we have, they’ll definitely come. But I can’t drag them down with me. I would notify them right away if they are alone. However, they have sects and clans to consider. If they have implicated in this, then it’ll cause the deaths of many who are close to them!”

She glanced at him, and then nodded and stopped persuading him.

Because one couldn’t be selfish!

Suddenly, Su Shihe appeared in the hall, “Something has happened! Come with me!”

Su Shihe’s figure vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Xiao Bieli and the beautiful woman vanished at the same time.

Xiao Bieli and the beautiful woman’s faces were extremely unsightly as they stood on the city walls of White Deer City.

There were 5 coffins below the city walls, and there were 5 corpses within them. All of them were students of White Deer Academy.

Moreover, there was a row of words on the ground that were written with blood — The Games Have Just Begun!

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