Chapter 1118 – It’s Only Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

A coffin appeared outside the city walls from time to time, and they contained the students of White Deer Academy. Amongst these students, some were only left with a hand or head while others had been transformed into a pile of mush. The reason they knew that these ‘corpses’ belonged to students of White Deer Academy was because every single one of those coffins had the student’s name and the emblem of White Deer Academy within them.

More and more coffins were appearing. In less than 15 minutes, there were a few dozen here, and even more were appearing.

“They are the students who were training themselves outside the academy!” Su Shihe’s face was gloomy, “They were probably ambushed and killed on the way back. The Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan intend to destroy our academy!”

Xiao Bieli asked, “How many more students haven’t returned?”

Su Shihe spoke solemnly, “A few thousand!”

Xiao Bieli nodded slightly and said, “I’ll go get them!”

His figure flashed and vanished once he finished speaking. But less than a dozen breaths passed before he returned once more, and his face was extremely gloomy.

The beautiful woman hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Xiao Bieli looked up at the sky and said, “The Mo Clan! They actually sent 3 Quasi Emperors here! They really intend to destroy our academy!” Xiao Bieli had a vicious glow in his eyes as he finished speaking.

3 Quasi Emperors!

Su Shihe and the beautiful woman’s expressions changed. What did it represent when 3 Quasi Emperors were guarding White Deer Dimension? It means that the academy was about to fall into a passive position. Because it only had 2 Quasi Emperors right now. Even if Xiao Bieli and the beautiful woman left the city, they wouldn’t be able to do anything. In other words, all those students of the academy who were tempering themselves in the outside world might be annihilated!

Su Shihe spoke solemnly, “They intend to make a show of strength to us!”

Xiao Bieli ordered, “Send voice transmissions to the students and tell them not to rush back for now. Moreover, tell them that the academy will never abandon them. Besides that, give the order throughout White Deer Dimension that our academy will be entering into a state of war from this moment onward.”

Su Shihe nodded and left.

The beautiful woman said, “We must think of a way to get those students back here!”

Xiao Bieli replied, “They might have more than 3 Quasi Emperors!”

The corners of the beautiful woman’s eyes twitched slightly, and a short while passed before she spoke solemnly, “The Mo Clan intends to use our academy to make a show of strength. Besides the Mo Clan, the Thousand Crane Sect and Law Faction are definitely observing from the shadows.” She gazed at Xiao Bieli at this point, “Should we summon the experts of the academy in the higher dimensions?”

Xiao Bieli shook his head, “The price they pay to descend is too huge. Moreover, it would be pointless even if they do descend here. Because the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect have no lack for Emperors as well. In the end, their existence can only guarantee that we won’t be completely destroyed. However, we have to rely on ourselves for everything else. Unfortunately, we’re too weak right now!”

The beautiful woman asked, “What should we do now?”

“We have to think of a way to get those students back to the academy first!” Xiao Bieli gazed at her and continued, “Help me protect White Deer Dimension for now. I’ll go talk with the Mu Clan and Zhuge Clan.”

The beautiful woman spoke solemnly, “You won’t be able to leave!”

Xiao Bieli shook his head slightly, “There’s no need for that. Just a voice transmission is sufficient.”

She asked, “Will they help us?”

He took a deep breath and replied, “I still have to give it a try!” Xiao Bieli’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

Once Xiao Bieli left, the beautiful woman turned around and looked out the city. At this moment, over a dozen new coffins had appeared outside the city. Besides ghastly killing intent, there was a huge amount of worry in her eyes while she gazed at the rows of coffins. If White Deer Academy was at its prime, then even the Mo Clan wouldn’t dare to rashly declare war on White Deer Academy. Because White Deer Academy possessed sufficient strength, and even the Mo Clan would only be able to manage a pyrrhic victory even if it could win.

But it wasn’t the same now. White Deer Academy was at its weakest in history.

It could be said that White Deer Academy was truly in a very worrying state, and the slightest mistake might cause it to be erased from the face of the Central Divine Prefecture.

As Su Shihe gave the orders, everyone in White Deer City was filled with panic, but it didn’t take long for them to calm down. White Deer Academy had absolute control over White Deer City. Moreover, while the residents of White Deer City were panicking, the students of the academy weren’t.

After all, since they could become students of White Deer Academy, how could they be weaklings or cowards?

The morale in the city started to stabilize with the help of the students, and then countless students ascended the city walls. They were furious when they saw the coffins outside the city, and if Su Shihe hadn’t strictly prohibited them from leaving the city without permission, many students would have charged out by now.

“The Mo Clan is going too far!”

“Since Founding Ancestor Xiao established our academy, it has never been insulted like this. How can we possibly face the ancestors of our academy if we don’t wash away this humiliation? How could we possibly face Founding Ancestor Xiao?”

“As expected, as soon as one weakens, others would come bully you!”

“The reason they declared war on our White Deer Academy seems to be because Yang Ye….”

“Fool!” Fang Yun suddenly gazed at that student who’d just spoken and shouted, “Because of Yang Ye? Yes, they declared war against us because of Yang Ye. However, is Yang Ye a student of our academy? Is he?”

That student nodded, “He is!”

“Then don’t you have the answer?” Fang Yun continued, “Yang Ye is a student of our academy. So should our academy abandon him and seek mercy from the Mo Clan and the Thousand Crane Sect? Let me ask all of you, would all of you agree if the dean really did that? Would you?”

“We wouldn’t!” Many students spoke in unison.

As for the student who spoke earlier, his face had turned slightly red.

Meanwhile, Fang Yun added, “If the academy really abandons Yang Ye in exchange for our survival, then let me ask all of you… would you still be able to hold your heads up high outside the academy? Would all of you still dare to fight back when the disciples of other Diamond Rank powers bully you? You wouldn’t! Because once you do fight back and cause trouble, then the academy will sacrifice you in exchange for peace!”

Fang Yun had a ferocious expression on his face at this point, “Is death terrifying? It isn’t! What’s terrifying is living a life that’s worse than death. When the students of our White Deer Academy can’t hold our heads up high anymore, and when we lose our dignity, we would just be living worthless lives. I would rather die than live like that!”

“Right!” Meanwhile, Xuwu Shen who stood by Fang Yun’s side clapped, and then he glanced at the other students and said, “Do you know what the outside world speaks of our academy? They say that we’re weak! Yes, weak! The Law Faction looked down on us and split from us because we were weak! It was because our attitude wasn’t firm enough!”

Xuwu Shen’s voice grew louder at this point, and he was practically howling, “But now, would anyone dare to say that about our academy? Yang Ye attacked the Thousand Crane Sect by himself, and he didn’t just kill their Vice Sect Master who was a Quasi Emperor, he even killed his way through their sect. He is a student of our academy. So, would anyone in the outside world dare to say that our academy is weak now? If anyone in the outside world mentions White Deer Academy now, they’ll think of Yang Ye; and if they mention Yang Ye, they’ll think of our White Deer Academy!”

Xuwu Shen took a deep breath at this point and said, “If we abandon him now and sacrifice him for peace, then our academy will become the laughingstock of the entire prefecture.”

Meanwhile, Fang Yun added, “Our academy is at a moment of life and death now. We have to stay united and fight together, and we shouldn’t be trying to lay blame on each other. Otherwise, we would lose before the battle even begins.”

Meanwhile, that student who spoke before had stepped forward and spoke with embarrassment, “I’m sorry!”

Fang Yun shook his head slightly, “The powers throughout the prefecture have their eyes on us right now. If our academy is able to get through this, then would anyone in the Central Divine Prefecture dare to look down on us? Would anyone dare to say that we have suffered a decline? But if we fail…. Haha! If we fail, then we naturally die together! Are all of you afraid of death?”

“What would we be afraid of? It’s only death!”

“Senior Brother Fang is right! We would rather die on our feet than live with our knees on the ground!”

“We will absolutely not live in disgrace!”

There was a trace of gratification in the eyes of Su Shihe and the beautiful green robed woman who were watching from afar. Besides that, there was a trace of praise in their eyes when they gazed at Xuwu Shen and Fang Yun.

The beautiful woman said, “They aren’t bad!”

“That fellow, Xuwu Shen, surprised both me and the dean!” Su Shihe continued, “We noticed that he and many other geniuses from outside the Central Divine Prefecture don’t possess inferior natural talent, and it’s because their view of the world is too narrow. They don’t have the fostering of a good sect and a platform to launch themselves up in the world. Even though natural talent and hard work are important, resources and guidance are important as well.”

Su Shihe paused for a moment, and then he continued, “We were about to send our forces to the other prefecture to recruit geniuses. Unfortunately, this happened. So we had no choice but to delay the plan for now.”

The beautiful woman nodded slightly, “White Deer Academy will gain new life if it passes this trial.”


Meanwhile, over a dozen coffins appeared abruptly outside the city.

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