Chapter 1119 – The Undying Physique?

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, there were over 50 coffins outside White Deer City.

Everyone within the city had gloomy expressions on their faces as they witnessed such a scene.

It felt like a storm was approaching.

In a room.

Yang Ye laid on the ground while faint violet energy could be seen around him, and it was swiftly restoring his entire body.

Xiao Yuxi whose hair had turned completely silver was sitting on her knees by Yang Ye’s side, and there was a trace of blankness in her eyes as she gazed at him.

It was deathly silent here.

As time slowly passed, the cracks on Yang Ye grew smaller and fewer. In the end, only the crack on his chest remained. Even though it was growing smaller and smaller as the violet energy restore it, because the injury there had been too severe, so it was still a few centimeters wide even now!

If one looked carefully, one could still see Yang Ye’s Heart of Slaughter.

Meanwhile, Snowy appeared here. At the same time, almost 2,000 violet crystals were scattered by Yang Ye’s side. They were the result of Snowy having absorbed the spirit energy of countless Saints from the Thousand Crane Sect.

Snowy carried a pile of violet crystals in her paws and raised them towards Yang Ye while revealing a flattering smile. But it didn’t take long for her smile to stiffen because Yang Ye was still unconscious.

Snowy tossed away the violet crystals in her paws, and then moved over to Yang Ye’s face. She ceaselessly rubbed her furry head against Yang Ye’s face while muttering softly. It seemed she was trying to tell him something.

A while later, Snowy turned around to gaze at Xiao Yuxi when she noticed that Yang Ye still hadn’t regained consciousness. She blinked her eyes as if she was asking why Yang Ye wouldn’t wake up.

Xiao Yuxi glanced at Snowy and stretched out her hand. Snowy hesitated for a moment, and then she leaped over to Xiao Yuxi. She pointed her claw at Yang Ye while an anxious and bewildered expression filled her eyes.

Xiao Yuxi rubbed Snowy’s head and said, “He’s sleeping. He’ll wake up soon.”

Snowy’s eyes immediately narrowed when she heard this, and then she revealed a cute smile. After that, she waved her little claw, and a pile of violet crystals appeared in front of Xiao Yuxi. Obviously, she was giving them to Xiao Yuxi.

A wisp of a gentle expression appeared on Xiao Yuxi’s emotionless face as she gazed at the pile of violet crystals. She rubbed Snowy’s head lightly, and then she put away all the violet crystals here.

Snowy smiled when she saw Xiao Yuxi take the violet crystals, and then she flashed over to Yang Ye’s shoulder and placed her head against his cheek. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep there.

As soon passed slowly, besides the injury on Yang Ye’s chest, his body had been practically healed. At the same time, the violet energy that covered his body grew larger and larger in amount. Moreover, all the violet energy converged at his chest in the end. The injury on his chest healed even more quickly with countless strands of violet energy working on healing it.

A day later.

The injury on Yang Ye’s chest had been completely healed, but Yang Ye still hadn’t woken up!

Xiao Yuxi and the beautiful green robed woman frowned when they saw that Yang Ye still hadn’t woken up after he’d healed completely.

Xiao Yuxi gazed at the beautiful woman and asked, “What’s going on?”

The beautiful woman walked over to Yang Ye’s side, and then she squatted down and placed a hand on his chest. A short while passed before a wisp of surprise flashed through her eyes, “He…. His skin is actually undergoing a transformation. See for yourself! The structure of his skin is transforming….”

Xiao Yuxi was puzzled, “He’s undergoing a transformation?”

The beautiful woman revealed a slight smile, “Yes, his body is undergoing a transformation. To put it in simpler terms, his body is growing stronger. Tsk, tsk. This fellow really is a freak. To be honest, if I didn’t know about a special characteristic of the Undying Physique, I would have suspected that he possesses the Undying Physique of legend. According to legend, the Undying Physique possesses an extraordinary ability of self-repair. Moreover, so long as the injuries sustained aren’t lethal, then the heavier the injuries someone with the Undying Physique sustained, the stronger that person would get.”

She pinched Yang Ye’s skin at this point, and then continued, “This fellow’s condition is really similar to the Undying Physique of legend. Unfortunately, he doesn’t possess it.”

Xiao Yuxi was puzzled, “Why?”

“The Undying Physique has a very obvious characteristic, and it’s the most important characteristic to prove if someone possesses the Undying Physique. That characteristic is that it must be a female of pure Yin or a male of pure Yang. To put it in simpler terms, they have to be a virgin. As for this fellow, you should be very well aware if he’s a virgin or not.” As she finished speaking, the beautiful woman glanced at Xiao Yuxi and grinned.

Xiao Yuxi blushed slightly.

The beautiful woman added, “Even though he doesn’t possess the Undying Physique, his physique is really heaven defying. Especially this speed of repair…. You know… I was prepared to bury him when I saw the injuries he’d suffered. A normal person’s vitality would have definitely dispersed upon suffering such heavy injuries, but this fellow’s hadn’t. Besides that, his rate of recovery is truly heaven defying. A normal person would take a few months to recover from such injuries, but just look at him now. He’s almost completely healed!”

The beautiful woman paused for a moment and continued, “I’m not too sure, but it might be related to the reincarnation by fire of phoenixes. So long as phoenixes are able to endure the burning pain of the flames, then they can obtain new life through fire, and they’ll be able to attain a new height as well. His physical body might be the same. If he survives after enduring injuries at the limits of his endurance, then he obtains new life as well.”

The beautiful woman took a deep breath at this point and said, “No matter what, it’s good that he’s fine. If I’m not wrong, it won’t take long for him to wake up.”

Xiao Yuxi nodded, and then her gaze fell on Yang Ye once more while tenderness filled her eyes.

The beautiful woman gazed at Xiao Yuxi, and there was a trace of complicated emotions and tenderness in her eyes as she gazed at the silver hair that covered Xiao Yuxi’s head, “Little Girl, he’d worthy of your love, and you’re worthy of his love. To be honest, I really admire both of you. Alright, let’s not speak about this anymore. Take good care of him. I’ll go deal with the matters outside!”

She turned around and left once she finished speaking.

6 hours later.

Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly, and he’d just opened them when he saw a pair of watery eyes in from of him. After that, he saw Xiao Yuxi’s silver hair.

“Yuxi, you….” Yang Ye stretched out his hand to touch Xiao Yuxi’s hair, but she grabbed his hand instead.

Xiao Yuxi spoke softly, “All that matters is that you’re awake now!”

Yang Ye gazed at her silver hair for a short while, and then he said, “I’ll restore it for you in a while!”

She shook her head slightly, “It’s fine like this!”

Yang Ye squeezed her hand lightly and said, “I’ll do as you say!”

After being affectionate with Xiao Yuxi for a while, Yang Ye closed his eyes and scanned his body. At this moment, his cracked up meridians and internal organs had been fully healed by the Primordial Violet Energy. Besides that, the injuries throughout his body had been healed, and he even felt that his body was stronger than before!

Yang Ye clenched his fists slowly.


A soft sound of cracking resounded. The space around his fists seemed to be unable to endure the force he exerted from clenching his fists and had cracked apart!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted slightly as he glanced at his fists, When did my strength become so terrifying?

He turned around and walked towards Xiao Yuxi. But as soon as he took a single step, the floor of the room instantly cracked apart. Moreover, even the space there had cracked apart. In the blink of an eye, the entire room was covered in arm-thick cracks.

Xiao Yuxi seemed slightly shocked when she witnessed this scene.

Yang Ye was stunned on the spot as well.

When did my strength become so terrifying?

Yang Ye suppressed the shock in his heart and quickly closed his eyes to scan his body again. A long time passed before he opened his eyes again, and there was wild joy in his eyes, “The Divine Shift Realm! My body is at the Divine Shift Realm!”

His body was only at the Divine Fortitude Realm before this. Simply speaking, it had just been an increase in strength. Yet now, the Divine Shift Realm represented a qualitative improvement in his strength. It was a level higher than before. So, this realm was called the Divine Shift Realm because it was a qualitative shift in strength.

However, Yang Ye was puzzled about why he’d suddenly attained the Divine Shift Realm!

He came to a slight understanding once he heard Xiao Yuxi tell him what the beautiful green robed woman had told her. He realized that it was probably mainly because of the Primordial Violet Energy. Primordial Violet Energy could change a person’s physique, natural endowment, and bones. It was something he’d known of for a very long time. It was exactly because the Primordial Violet Energy had transformed his body in the past that his body was capable of being so heaven defying.

This time, his body had suffered injuries to its very limits. But he hadn’t died from them. After that, the Primordial Violet Energy repaired his body, or it could be said to have modified his body. So, not only had his body been fully repaired, it had undergone a qualitative transformation that allowed it to attain a completely new height!

The Divine Shift Realm!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, glanced at his fists, and then looked at Xiao Yuxi, “I have to cultivate for a while and get used to my body.”

His strength was too great. If he couldn’t control it, then not to mention using it against his enemies, even walking would be a problem.

Xiao Yuxi glanced at him, and then she left the room.

Yang Ye glanced at his fists, and then he took a deep breath. Besides gaining control over his physical strength, there was one more thing he had to do, and it was to master the Void Flash Technique that Ye Miaozhu had given him. That technique wasn’t used solely for escaping, it possessed boundless advantages and secrets!

At the same time that Yang Ye had regained consciousness, the frowns on Su Shihe and the beautiful green robed woman’s face had grown deeper.

Because there were almost 200 coffins outside White Deer City now!

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