Chapter 1120 – Deactivate The Formation And Open The Gates!

Almighty Sword Domain

Atop the city walls.

Su Shihe’s face was extremely gloomy when he saw the coffins outside the city increase in number. He gazed at the beautiful green robed woman and said, “Senior Xiao Ling, has there been any word from the dean?”

The beautiful green robed woman who was called Xiao Ling was about to speak. Suddenly, the space in front of her shook slightly, and then Xiao Bieli appeared by her side.

Su Shihe hurriedly asked, “How was it?”

Xiao Bieli shook his head slightly, “The Zhuge Clan and Mu Clan are of the same mind. They refuse to interfere in the enmity between us and the Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan. Unless….”

Xiao Ling asked, “Unless what?”

Xiao Bieli spoke softly, “Unless we’re willing to be their subordinate sect!”

“They’re going too far!” Su Shihe was furious, “To think they dared to speak such words! They want our White Deer Academy to be their subordinate sect? What nonsense!”

White Deer Academy was a Diamond Rank power at any rate, so such conditions were undoubtedly an insult to White Deer Academy and had naturally infuriated Su Shihe.

Xiao Bieli said, “We can’t blame anyone for that. There’s no link between them and our White Deer Academy, so they naturally will state their conditions when we seek help from them. Even though those conditions are harsh and completely insincere, what can we do when he need their help?”

Xiao Bieli took a deep breath and continued, “This incident allowed me to realize that some of the Diamond Rank powers in the Central Divine Prefecture, and especially those strong Diamond Rank powers don’t consider our White Deer Academy is being their equal anymore!”

Su Shihe and Xiao Ling fell silent.

White Deer Academy’s current strength really couldn’t be considered as comparable to the standards of Diamond Rank powers. That was a fact regardless of whether they admitted it or not.

Xiao Bieli gazed at the rows of coffins outside the city, and a long time passed before he said, “Did you tell the students not to rush back?”

The experts of the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and even the Law Faction were definitely waiting outside White Deer Dimension. So, if no one was there to get the students who’d rushed back to the academy, then they would only be coming to give their lives away.

Su Shihe nodded, “I sent the voice transmissions, but some were still killed. If I’m not wrong, the Mo Clan has definitely sent its forces to hunt and kill our students. Those students will be able to hide for now, but they won’t be able to hide forever. We must find a way to get them back here!”

“Dean, let’s kill our way out!” Suddenly, Fang Yun and Xuwu Shen led a group of students to Xiao Bieli’s group. Fang Yun pointed at those coffins and spoke solemnly, “The Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect have definitely done that to arouse fear and terror in us. They intend to make a show of strength so that our morale collapses. If we just stay in the city and refrain from taking any action while allowing them to slaughter our students who remain outside the academy, then that would be exactly what they want!”

Meanwhile, Xuwu Shen added, “Dean, every day we delay will cause the deaths of even more brothers. Moreover, if we continue to refrain from acting, then our morale will drop lower and lower as well. In short, we can’t continue remaining in a passive position. Otherwise, even if we’re able to stay safe for now, we’ll be at a disadvantage if we consider the long term effects!”

“We naturally have to save them!” Xiao Ling spoke solemnly, “But if we leave the city just like that, then we’ll only be giving our lives away. Bieli, you head out and determine exactly how many Quasi Emperors are outside. Elder Su, you immediately contact the students that are still outside White Deer Dimension, ask them where they’re hiding, and record that information.”

Xiao Bieli glanced at Xiao Ling, and then he nodded and vanished on the spot.

Su Shihe immediately left to contact those students.

Once they left, Xiao Ling turned around to gaze at White Deer City, “Everyone at the high-rank of the Saint Realm, step forward!”

As soon as she finished speaking, numerous figures immediately shot out from the city, and it didn’t take long for almost 60 high-rank Saints to appear before her.

She glanced at them and said, “Prepare yourselves to leave the city with me.”

They immediately nodded. At this moment, Xiao Ling wasn’t just the Vice Dean, they were able to discern that her relationship with Xiao Bieli wasn’t ordinary at all. Perhaps, she might be the future wife of the dean. Of course, there was another reason why they were extremely respectful to her, and it was because she’d chosen to stay with the academy at this moment of crisis.

She’s offered her assistance at a moment of crisis!

So, her actions could be said to have gained her the favor of everyone throughout the academy and city.

Meanwhile, Fang Yun hurriedly asked, “What about us?”

Xiao Ling glanced at Fang Yun and the others, “All of you guard the city, maintain the order in the city, and wait for your orders from me or the dean. Especially those students who’d cultivated in formations or combination techniques. Immediately return to the academy and practice. Because your combination techniques and formations will be a trump card of our academy when the war begins.”

Fang Yun intended to say something, but Xuwu Shen stopped him and said, “We’ll do it right away.” As soon as he finished speaking, he dragged Fang Yun along as he led the other students away.

Once everyone left, Xiao Ling looked up at the sky while worry filled her eyes.

Even though both she and Xiao Bieli acted very calmly, they actually understood the situation better than anyone. Most importantly, both she and Xiao Bieli couldn’t leave the city for now. Not to mention the joint forces of the Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan, just the Mo Clan alone wasn’t something that White Deer Academy could endure.

But at this moment, the academy wasn’t just facing the Mo Clan, it was facing the Thousand Crane Sect and the Law Faction which was watching from the shadows. It was even to the extent that they might be facing the Lu Clan which had some sort of enmity with Yang Ye.

It was a hopeless situation!

White Deer Academy was actually in a truly hopeless situation!

A long time passed before the space by Xiao Ling’s side trembled, and then Xiao Bieli appeared by her side. At this moment, his face was quite pale.

Xiao Ling asked, “How was it?”

“3 of them!” He looked up at the sky and said, “There are only 3 Quasi Emperors out there, and they’re all from the Mo Clan. The Mo Clan intends to use our academy to make a show of strength to the Central Divine Prefecture!”

“Only 3?” Xiao Ling pondered deeply for a short while and said, “How long will we be able to hold them back if we join forces?”

Xiao Bieli remained silent for a long time, and then he said, “An hour! Our joint forces can keep them busy for an hour.”

“An hour!” Xiao Ling pondered deeply for a long time and said, “How about we act immediately once Elder Su obtains the information about those kids’ whereabouts?”

Xiao Bieli nodded, “We really can’t delay any longer. If we do, then those little fellows will probably be exterminated.”

Xiao Ling suddenly asked, “Do you regret your decision?”

Xiao Bieli was slightly stunned. It didn’t take long for him to understand what she meant, and he immediately shook his head and smiled, “Even though Yang Ye came to White Deer Academy for Ocean of Clouds Academy’s sake, I have to admit something. If it wasn’t for him, it wouldn’t be my Scholarly Faction but the Law Faction that’s in White Deer Dimension right now.”

Xiao Bieli laughed bitterly at this point, “Of course, I do feel regret. I regret I didn’t make that little girl, Xiao Yuxi, stay that day. If I forced her to stay and didn’t agree to take Yang Ye to the Thousand Crane Sect, then it might not have come to this extent. However, speaking about all of that now is meaningless.”

Xiao Ling nodded slightly, “Even though Yang Ye is a rash and ruthless person, his character isn’t bad. At the very least, he’s loyal. He dared to come to White Deer Academy and go against the entire Law Faction for Ocean of Clouds Academy, and then he dared to fight the entire Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan for Xiao Yuxi. All of that is sufficient to prove that he’s a loyal person. So, everything you and the academy did has not been done in vain for an ungrateful bastard!”

Xiao Bieli chuckled, “I didn’t think so much about it. I just thought that since he’s a student of the academy, then I shouldn’t abandon him. It isn’t just him, I wouldn’t abandon any student in the academy. Since I’ve taken them to be students of the academy, then I should be responsible for them.”

Xiao Ling glanced at him and spoke softly, “Oh you! Your character really isn’t suitable for a dean. If you were just a little more ruthless and bolder like that kid, Yang Ye, then perhaps White Deer Academy wouldn’t have split apart.”

“I can’t change my character!” Xiao Bieli continued, “All I seek is a clear conscience!”

“Hmm?” Suddenly, Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling frowned, and then they looked towards the distance in unison. A few dozen students of White Deer Academy were rushing towards the city from afar, and there were over 100 black clothed figures chasing them with daggers in their hands. A student was being killed by those black clothed figures in intervals of a few breaths of time.

All of them were high-rank Saints!

“Save them!” Xiao Bieli immediately transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot. Xiao Ling immediately leaped off the city walls as well. However, they’d only just left the city when 2 huge palms tore through the sky and clawed at them.

Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling’s expressions changed, and they had no choice but to counterattack. However, they had to enter the pocket of space once they did!

Xiao Ling’s anxious voice resounded in the sky, “No one is allowed to leave the city, deactivate the formation, or leave the city!”

It was a scheme!

As soon as she left the city, she’d realized that it was a scheme. But it was too late.

Outside the city, the group of black clothed figures had forced the 30 plus students of White Deer Academy against the city walls. They didn’t start a slaughter, and they just selected one of the students to be executed in intervals. After that, they withdrew a coffin and placed the student’s corpse into it.

“Save them!” The eyes of all the students of White Deer Academy on the city walls had almost split apart with rage as they watched this scene.

“NO!” Xuwu Shen hurriedly said, “Look over there!” He pointed towards the distance as he spoke.

They looked along his gaze and they noticed a black robed man who wore a bamboo hat and wielded a dagger in his hand was standing not too far behind the group of black clothed figures. He was playing with the dagger in his grasp, and it simply seemed like it had come to life and was spinning incessantly on the tips of his fingers.

He was a Quasi Emperor!

“AHHH!” Meanwhile, a shrill cry resounded from outside the city. They looked over and saw the head of a student being chopped off.

Many of them instantly started to shout when they witnessed this scene.

“Open the gates!”

“Deactivate the formation and open the gates! Let them in! Quickly let them in!”

“No!” Suddenly, Fang Yun roared with fury, “Did you not hear Vice Dean Xiao Ling? What can all of you do even if you leave the city? Once the formation is deactivated and they are allowed to enter the city with that Quasi Emperor, then can any one of us stop them?”

“Are we just going to watch as they die?” One of the students howled with fury, “Look! They are being slaughtered! Are we just supposed to stay up here and watch as they’re killed, one by one? Huh?”

The other students glared angrily at Fang Yun as well. At this moment, they were beyond furious, and they were like volcanoes that were about to erupt.

Fang Yun clenched his fists while his body trembled. Xuwu Shen had clenched his fists as well, and he was visibly struggling.

They naturally wanted to deactivate the formation, open the gates, and save those students. But the last bit of reason which remained in them told them that they couldn’t do that! Because if they did, then the Quasi Emperor and those black clothed figures would enter the city. The consequence of that wasn’t just the deaths of a few dozen. At that time, even if they could defend the academy, they would lose the city!

Once they lost the city, it would be equivalent to losing the foundation of the academy!

So, they absolutely couldn’t open the gates!

The students outside the city did try to fight back, but they were hopelessly outnumbered. They were no match for the black clothed figures and could only watch as their companions died in succession.

The gap between their strengths was too huge!

At this moment, many had raised their heads to look at the others above the city walls.

It was their only hope!

But it didn’t take long for the hope in their eyes to be transformed into despair. They didn’t blame the students on the city walls, and all they felt was despair and resolve. They were no fools. At this moment, even they realized that the black clothed figures had allowed them to get here so that they would make the students within the city deactivate the formation and open the city gates.

Opening the gates was equivalent to bringing calamity upon the entire city’s inhabitants!

“Attack! Fight them to the end!” Some students howled with fury and charged at the black clothed figures.

Suddenly, a voice resounded from the sky above White Deer City, “Deactivate the formation and open the gates!”

Everyone was stunned, and then they turned around and looked up at the sky. They saw a completely blood red figure walking over from afar with a blood red sword in his grasp.

Yang Ye!

All of them were stunned, and then Fang Yun immediately shouted, “Deactivate the formation and open the gates!”


As soon as he gave the order, the barrier of light that protected the city dispersed, and then the city gates opened slowly.

“All those at the Saint Realm or above, leave the city with me!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded, and then a ray of blood red light flashed. In an instant, the sky was dyed red, and it was like a huge blood red cloth had covered the sky.

“Attack!” Countless students howled in unison, and then they shot up into the sky and flashed out of the city.

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