Chapter 1129 – I Don’t Have A Good Temper!

Almighty Sword Domain

Southwind City.

Southwind City was a small city was less than 10 million residents. It didn’t belong to any power because it was utterly worthless. So, its residents had always lived quite peacefully.

However, this city was bound to be far from peaceful today.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged outside the city, and Zi Nan and the other students of White Deer Academy were behind him.

It was Zi Nan’s suggestion to stay outside the city. Because as far as she was concerned, it would definitely not go so smoothly. Once a battle broke out, then the city would definitely be unable to endure it. Moreover, it was quite inconvenient to do many things within the city. So, she’d suggested that they waited outside the city.

Time trickled by, and it didn’t take long for over a dozen figures to suddenly appear within their fields of vision.

“It’s Li Muyuan!” Zi Nan and the others were delighted at the sight of the group, and they quickly moved over to greet the group.

“Zi Nan, Qiu Yuan!” They were overjoyed to see Zi Nan and the others as well, and they quickly ran over to them. The man who led the group hugged Qiu Yuan and smiled, “I knew that it wouldn’t be so easy for you to die with how intelligent you are.”

As he spoke, he turned around to gaze at Zi Nan, and he opened his arms wide in her direction, “Come here, Zi Nan. Let’s hug and celebrate as well!”

However, he received her fist in return.

All of them joked with each other for a while, and then Qiu Yuan led the man who led the other group, Li Muyuan, over to Yang Ye, “Allow me to introduce the two of you. Yang Ye, the one that the academy sent to get us; Li Muyuan, an inner court student who used to be ranked at the 4th position in our Scholarly Faction. His strength is really not bad.”

Yang Ye gazed at Li Muyuan and nodded slightly. Li Muyuan was a Saint, a mid-rank Saint, so it really wasn’t bad to have been able to attain such a realm of cultivation at such an age.

Li Muyuan looked Yang Ye in the eyes while there was no smile on his face, “You’re Yang Ye?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Li Muyuan spoke coldly, “You’re the reason why the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect suddenly declared war against our White Deer Academy, right?”

Even an idiot could discern that Li Muyuan intended to look for trouble with Yang Ye.

Qiu Yuan pulled Li Muyuan slightly back and said, “Muyuan, we should stay united at a time like this. Unity is the only way that we’ll be able to return….”

Li Muyuan suddenly struggled free of Qiu Yuan’s hand, and he walked over to Yang Ye and said, “I, Li Muyuan, don’t care if you want to save your own wife, but do you know that you dragged our White Deer Academy down with you? Do you know how many have died because of you? Do you realize that they were innocent? Do you….”

“Enough!” Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan shouted angrily, “Muyuan, this isn’t the time to speak about all of that. We….”

“How could that possibly be enough?” Li Muyuan interrupted Qiu Yuan and said, “You know… there were over 50 in our group. But look at it now. We only have a little over a dozen people left. Did they deserve death? No, they didn’t!”

Li Muyuan suddenly pointed his finger at Yang Ye and roared angrily, “It was his fault! If it wasn’t for him, then the academy wouldn’t have lost so many students, and it wouldn’t have fallen into such a state!”

Meanwhile, Zi Nan spoke abruptly, “He’s the one who saved us as well!”

Li Muyuan laughed coldly, and he gazed at Yang Ye, “Do you think that you can atone by doing this? No! You….”

Suddenly, his voice stopped because Yang Ye had appeared in front of him, and Yang Ye’s hand had clamped down on his throat.

The expressions of all the students changed drastically at the sight of this scene.

Zi Nan cried out involuntarily, “Yang Ye, don’t….”

Qiu Yuan quickly spoke up as well, “Yang… Yang Ye…. Don’t act rashly….”

As for the others standing behind Li Muyuan, they immediately withdrew their weapons and charged at Yang Ye. Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly shot an icy cold glance at them, “Take another step and even old man Xiao won’t be able to save all of you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zi Nan and Qiu Yuan immediately obstructed those fellows while Zi Nan roared angrily, “Do all of you want to die?”

They glanced at Zi Nan, glanced at Yang Ye, and didn’t dare to attack again.

Zi Nan and Qiu Yuan turned around to gaze at Yang Ye. But Yang Ye paid no attention to them, and he just held Li Muyuan by the throat and slowly raised up Li Muyuan’s figure, “Atone? Are you joking?” He glanced at Zi Nan and the others, and then he continued, “Do all of you think I’ve come to save you because I’m trying to atone?”

“Yang Ye….”

Zi Nan intended to say something, but Yang Ye interrupted her, “There’s only a single reason why I came to save all of you, and it’s Dean Xiao. When I, Yang Ye, went to save my wife and attack the Thousand Crane Sect, it was Dean Xiao who assisted me without holding back at all. I owe him, so I should repay him.”

Yang Ye chuckled and continued, “What about all of you? Do I owe all of you anything? Have all of you done anything for me? Did all of you do anything for me when I was besieged at the Thousand Crane Sect?”

Yang Ye turned to look at Li Muyuan who had a livid expression on his face and said, “What about you? Did you, Li Muyuan, do anything for me? They didn’t, and neither did you! Since all of you didn’t do anything, what right do you have to blame me? Where did you get the right to do that? Where did you get that sense of superiority?”

Yang Ye suddenly slammed Li Muyuan against the ground.


The entire ground shook violently, and a hole appeared before his feet.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Li Muyuan, and he turned around to gaze at the others, “Remember this. I do feel guilty when all of you are killed, but that guilt is because of Dean Xiao. Because he helped me, and it caused both he and the students of White Deer Academy to be implicated. To be honest, I really do feel really guilty because I was the cause of everything. But all of you better remember that I, Yang Ye, don’t owe any of you anything. The reason I came here to save all of you isn’t because I feel guilty to all of you, it’s because I feel guilty to Dean Xiao. So, don’t think so highly of yourselves.”

He turned around to gaze at Li Muyuan and said, “I don’t have a very good temper, and I don’t like arguing with others. If you make noise in front of me again and try to display your sense of superiority or that anger of yours, then it’s best if you consider whether your neck is tough enough.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye paid no attention to them. He just turned around, walked to the side, and then sat down cross-legged.

Just as he’d said, he really did feel guilty when the students of White Deer Academy were being killed, but his guilt wasn’t towards the students, it was towards Xiao Bieli. The main reason he’d come to save these students was Xiao Bieli had disregarded the consequences and helped him on that day in the Thousand Crane Sect.

As for these students, to be frank… what had they done for him?


Silence filled the surroundings.

Li Muyuan clenched his fists while a livid expression covered his face.

Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan walked over to him and said, “He isn’t joking. Would someone who has attained Void Rank slaughter intent fear to kill someone? The Mo Clan and the Thousand Crane Sect are the best examples. Besides that, the important matter at hand for us is to return alive to the academy!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qiu Yuan patted Li Muyuan on the shoulder, and then he walked to the side and sat down cross-legged.

Li Muyuan’s fists were still clenched tightly while a livid expression still remained on his face. However, no one paid any attention to him right now. Just as Qiu Yuan had said, the important matter at hand was to return safely to the academy.

Zi Nan sat cross-legged by Yang Ye’s side and said, “Actually, it wasn’t necessary to make the situation progress to such an extent!”

Yang Ye turned his head to gaze at her, “You should tell that to them.”

“There’s hatred and resentment in their hearts. We’re all the same because we’ve lost too many, and many of them were our friends!” Zi Nan continued, “What would you do if you friends were dragged down by the actions of another?”

Yang Ye asked, “What are you trying to say?”

Zi Nan said, “Your way of doing things is too extreme, and it causes many minor incidents to become major incidents while major incidents grow to the point that they are uncontrollable.”

“See how it is now? It’s really quiet right now!” Yang Ye continued, “Do you know why? You should. But what if I used a different method to deal with it earlier and argued with him instead? Or tried to reason with him? What would the outcome be like? It would truly go out of control! Because there are definitely many here who have similar thoughts as him, and it might even include you. But would anyone dare to say anything right now? Hesitation leads to trouble.”

Zi Nan fell silent for a long time, and then she said, “That'll make you offend many people!”

Yang Ye glanced at her and said, “Do you think I care?”

The corners of Zi Nan’s eyes twitched. She gazed at Yang Ye, but Yang Ye had turned around. At this point, she finally realized that all of them here were actually not on the same level as Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s opponents were high-rank Saints and Quasi Emperors!

They weren’t on the same level…. To put it in simpler terms, their opinion wasn’t important to him at all. Because they weren’t a threat to him at all.

Just like Li Muyuan. How easy would it be if Yang Ye wanted to kill him?

Zi Nan laughed bitterly and fell silent.

Time passed by slowly while more and more students arrived at Southwind City. At this moment, there were over a thousand students here.

During this period, there had been a few students who intended to look for trouble with Yang Ye and vent, but Zi Nan, Qiu Yuan, and the others bashed them up before they Yang Ye could do anything.

As Zi Nan put it, it was for their own good!

If Yang Ye was allowed to act against them, then they might lose their lives. Because the others had realized that Yang Ye was a madman who couldn’t be judged by convention.

It was best to not offend him!

That was what Zi Nan and the others felt!

On the next day, the sun had started to set on the horizon.

Everyone was looking towards the distance because besides those who’d lost their lives on their way here, only 5 hadn’t arrived yet.

It didn’t take long for the figures of 5 students to appear within their fields of vision.


All of them instantly heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this scene, and they even had smiles on their faces.

Suddenly, a voice resounded in the sky, “All of them are finally here!”

The expressions of the students here changed drastically, and they looked up into the sky. A grey robed old man had suddenly appeared in the sky, and there were almost 150 cultivators behind the old man. All of them were high-rank Saints!

Moreover, the grey robed old man was a Quasi Emperor!

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