Chapter 1130 – Are You Surprised?

Almighty Sword Domain

A Quasi Emperor and around 150 high-rank Saints!

The expressions of all the students here changed drastically. They hadn’t expected the experts of the Mo Clan, the Thousand Crane Sect, and the Law Faction to really come for them. Moreover, they’d come with a force of around 150 high-rank Saints. But that wasn’t even the end of it, they’d even sent a Quasi Emperor!

A Quasi Emperor!

Besides those extraordinary geniuses, Quasi Emperors were the strongest force in the Radiant Dimension which didn’t tolerate the existence of Emperors.

Everyone shot their gazes at Yang Ye!

Could Yang Ye stop those high-rank Saints and Quasi Emperor?

All the students of White Deer Academy wondered what the answer to that question was!

The grey robed old man glanced at the group on the ground below, and he said, “If all of you stayed in hiding, then it would really be a little bit difficult to annihilate all of you. But I never expected all of you to actually emerge from your hiding spots and converge together. I’m truly quite surprised!”

As he spoke, his gaze shot onto Yang Ye, “You’re that fellow, Yang Ye, who killed a Quasi Emperor, right? Looks like you’re quite confident. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made them gather here. I really want to know why you’re so confident.”

Yang Ye turned to look at Zi Nan, “Make them ascend the Imperial Cloud Shuttle, and then leave first. I’ll catch up in a while!”

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and then the Imperial Cloud Shuttle appeared before them.

Zi Nan glanced at Yang Ye, nodded, and then turned around and said, “Everyone get on right now!”

She knew that they would be of no help to Yang Ye if they stayed, and they would only be burdens.

The others didn’t hesitate to flash into the cloud shuttle.

“They say that you, Yang Ye, are arrogant. Looks like you really are!” The old man chuckled, and then he raised his right hand slowly. A moment later, he clawed at the cloud shuttle below. In an instant, the space around the cloud shuttle instantly started to warp. The students who still hadn’t ascended it were horrified because they felt like they were being squeezed by something, and their bodies were on the verge of exploding apart.


Meanwhile, a blood red ray of sword energy shot up into the air and instantly arrived before the old man.

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his hand stopped momentarily before he flipped it swiftly. The space around the sword energy instantly started rippling, and then it was clearly being crushed by the space around it until it was dispersed.

Meanwhile, the students had ascended the cloud shuttle and left.

“Stop them!” As soon as the old man spoke, the high-rank Saints behind him shot forward towards the cloud shuttle. However, 100 black clothed figures suddenly obstructed their path.

The expressions of the grey robed old man and the other high-rank Saints immediately changed when they witnessed this scene.

The grey robed old man gazed at Yang Ye and spoke in a low voice, “So that’s where you got your confidence from!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Are you surprised? Is it a pleasant surprise?”

The grey robed old man glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then his gaze descended onto the Sword Servants, “I never expected that those fellows who died at White Deer City would have actually been refined into puppets by you. That’s truly quite surprising!”

Yang Ye glanced at the others behind the old man and said, “One for one. I don’t mind that. What about you?”

The old man’s face was gloomy. He naturally minded. Those black clothed figures on Yang Ye’s side were puppets, but the experts on his side were living beings. He was no fool to exchange one for one! Of course, he understood what Yang Ye meant. So, he immediately said, “I’m really not willing to just let you leave. How about we exchange a few blows? I just happen to want to see how strong you, the one who’s called the God Slaughter, actually is!”

“As you wish!” Yang Ye issued a command in his heart, and the black clothed figures immediately moved over 3km behind him.

Meanwhile, the old man waved his right hand, and the high-rank Saints behind him did the same.

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and an intent sword condensed into form in his grasp. He didn’t waste his breath at all and immediately stomped the ground with his right foot. His figure transformed into a ray of light that shot up in the grey robed old man’s direction.

The old man’s eyes had narrowed slightly at the instant that Yang Ye attacked, and there was a trace of seriousness in his eyes. He didn’t dare act carelessly, and he immediately withdrew a black iron rod. A moment later, he roared with fury as he took the iron rod in both hands and swung it down at Yang Ye.


A sharp sound of iron colliding resounded through the sky, and then the space throughout the sky instantly cracked apart. Numerous fine cracks filled the entire sky. However, it didn’t take long for the Laws of the Heaven Dao to repair those cracks. Both of them weren’t fighting seriously, so their attacks were utterly insufficient to cause harm that even the Laws of the Heaven Dao couldn’t repair quickly.

They split apart immediately upon colliding with each other.

Yang Ye returned to where he stood just moments ago.

Yang Ye gazed at the grey robed old man and smiled coldly, “You’re from the Mo Clan, right? I don’t know how great the Mo Clan’s reserves are or how strong it is. However, since you’ve chosen to try and kill me, then I don’t mind playing with all of you.”

The grey robed old man laughed coldly, “Can you even afford to play this game?”

“Wouldn’t we know after I give it a try?” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didn’t waste another breath of his. He immediately waved his right hand and put the Sword Servants away. After that, he suddenly glanced at a certain point in the sky while a cold smile curled up onto the corners of his lips, and then his figure vanished on the spot.

Once Yang Ye left, one of the cultivators behind the grey robed old man asked in a low voice, “Elder Lin, why didn’t you give the order to kill them? We have more forces on our side!”

The grey robed old man relaxed his grip slightly, and the iron rod in his grasp instantly transformed into powder that dispersed into the air. The expressions of the others behind him immediately changed drastically upon witnessing such a scene.

The grey robed old man looked up at the sky for a long time, and then he said, “Kill them and make all of you exchange your lives with puppets? It isn’t worth it! We miscalculated this time. I never expected him to have the ability to refine puppets. The clan must be notified of this. Let’s go back to White Deer City. No matter where they go, they’ll have to return to White Deer City in the end. Let me see how he’ll enter the city!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the grey robed old man’s figure flashed and vanished on the spot with the others.

After the grey robed old man left, a middle aged man appeared here.

It was none other than Lu Yuanhao!

Lu Yuanhao looked up at the city and spoke softly, “He has gotten stronger again…. What a freak! Looks like I can’t delay any longer.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Yuanhao vanished on the spot.

Right after Lu Yuanhao’s figure vanished, Yang Ye suddenly appeared there once more, and his face was slightly gloomy as he looked in the direction that Lu Yuanhao had left towards.

The reason he hadn’t summoned his Quasi Emperor Sword Servant was that he’d noticed Lu Yuanhao’s presence. If it wasn’t for Lu Yuanhao, he would have slaughtered the grey robed old man’s group. However, he didn’t dare to risk it while Lu Yuanhao was present here. Because Lu Yuanhao would definitely interfere while he fought the grey robed old man.

I must find a way to kill him! In Yang Ye’s opinion, Lu Yuanhao had to die. After all, it was easy to dodge a sword that came from the front, but it was difficult to avoid a dagger that came from the shadows. Lu Yuanhao was constantly watching him from the shadows, and it made him feel like there was a dagger pressed against his back. Moreover, Lu Yuanhao knew about the tiny vortex. Of course, it was the Boundless Sea of Energy to Lu Yuanhao. However, countless experts had fought madly to obtain it all those years ago, and it even included the defiant cultivators.

If his possession of the tiny vortex were to be leaked, then there would be nowhere safe for him throughout the Radiant Dimension.

So, Lu Yuanhao had to be dealt with!

Yang Ye pondered deeply on the spot for an instant, and then he vanished where he stood.

The Imperial Cloud Shuttle.

At this moment, it was travelling swiftly through space. However, it wasn’t that fast, and it could actually be considered as moving slowly. Obviously, they were waiting for Yang Ye.

Qiu Yuan stood by Zi Nan’s side as he spoke in a low voice, “Can he rival that Quasi Emperor?”

Even though they knew Yang Ye was strong, he was facing a Quasi Emperor and over 100 high-rank Saints! But Yang Ye was just a Half-Saint, and he was all alone!

Zi Nan shook her head slightly, “I have no knowledge of his true strength and trump cards. However, he doesn’t seem to be a fool. Since he dared to keep them busy for us, then he should be confident in his ability to succeed!”

Meanwhile, Li Muyuan spoke abruptly, “But what if he dies?”

Zi Nan and Qiu Yuan’s faces fell when they heard him, and then Zi Nan gazed at him and said, “What are you trying to say?”

Li Muyuan spoke indifferently, “Nothing. I just want to say that the important matter at hand for us is to rush back to the academy as soon as possible and not waste time here. Once the enemy catches up to us, then wouldn’t all 2,000 plus of us be annihilated?”

Zi Nan’s voice was gloomy, “You’re telling us to abandon Yang Ye?”

Li Muyuan spoke indifferently, “I’m just thinking about our safety!”

“I think that you hold a grudge against him!” Zi Nan spoke frankly, “Li Muyuan, do you think all of us will be able to return alive without him? If it wasn’t for him, we would be hiding all over the prefecture right now! If he hadn’t stayed back to keep them busy, then we would have been annihilated just now! Yet now, you actually want us to abandon him and rush to the academy at full speed? Do you even have a conscience?”

Li Muyuan gazed at her with a gloomy expression on his face, “Then let me ask you something. If Yang Ye dies while we’re still traveling slowly here, what would we do if those experts catch up to us? Do you want all of us to be buried with him?”

“But what if he survives?” Zi Nan spoke angrily, “If he’s alive, then he would be utterly incapable of catching up to us if we travel at full speed! You have to realize that this Imperial Cloud Shuttle belongs to him and not us.”

Li Muyuan spoke in a low voice, “I’m saying what if he dies?”

Zi Nan was about to speak when a voice suddenly resounded from above the cloud shuttle, “Do you wish that strongly for my death?”

As soon as his voice resounded, Yang Ye had appeared in front of Li Muyuan.

Li Muyuan’s face was absolutely unsightly when he saw Yang Ye. It seemed like a mouthful of shit had been stuffed in his mouth!

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