Chapter 1131 – Fuck Off!

Almighty Sword Domain

Li Muyuan gazed at Yang Ye for a short while, and then he turned around and walked away.

Yang Ye suddenly spoke, “Did I say that you can leave?”

The atmosphere here instantly became tense when they heard Yang Ye. Li Muyuan stopped moving while the students who came with him earlier had immediately gone over to his side, and they revealed vigilant expressions.

Zi Nan and Qiu Yuan’s expressions changed slightly. They’d experienced Yang Ye’s temper before this, and they knew that if he lost his temper, then even Xiao Bieli wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Zi Nan hesitated for a moment, and she was just about to speak when Yang Ye looked at her, “If others respect me, then I would respect them; if others don’t respect me, then I would absolutely not respect them. Besides that, I hate people who play tricks behind other’s backs.” Yang Ye gazed at Li Muyuan and continued, “Do you think I wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

Li Muyuan said, “I was just planning for the worst case scenario!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye said, “Alright. Regardless of what your intentions were, I can’t stand the sight of you right now, and I don’t want to take you along with me anymore. So, will you fuck off yourself, or should I make you?”

Everyone here was shocked upon hearing this. After all, forcing Li Muyuan to leave was no different than making him give his life away!

However, many didn’t choose to step forward right now.

Actually, many of them didn’t really like Li Muyuan’s actions. After all, anyone wouldn’t be pleased when someone acted like that.

Li Muyuan’s expression changed abruptly when he heard Yang Ye. Because he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually force him to leave! How could he possibly return to the academy with his strength? Yet now, where could he go if not for the academy? Where would he dare to go? He couldn’t go anywhere, and he didn’t dare to go anywhere else as well!

Unless he stayed in hiding forever!

After all, the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect were in a superior position right now, so would any power allow him to stay? Would any power dare to let him stay?

Li Muyuan spoke gloomily, “Yang Ye, must you go to such extents?”

Yang Ye laughed coldly, “I’ve already shown mercy for old man Xiao’s sake. If it was up to me, then I would end you right now. So, seize the moment before I change my mind and fuck off right now. Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be able to do that.”

Yang Ye didn’t want to save an ungrateful bastard. Based on Li Muyuan’s previous actions, Yang Ye knew that it would absolutely not be the last time. Once he wasn’t here, Li Muyuan would definitely play some tricks. He wasn’t interested in dealing with Li Muyuan’s schemes, so he just made Li Muyuan leave instead.

He didn’t want to keep someone who was hostile towards him and intended to harm him on his cloud shuttle. Moreover, he refused to save such a person. After all, Yang Ye wasn’t a kind person!

Repay enmity with kindness?

No! He liked to repay enmity with blood!

“Yang Ye…. We’re all on the same side. There’s no need to do this!” Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan spoke abruptly, “I realize that Li Muyuan’s actions were wrong, and I’ll make him apologize to you. Alright? We’re all students of the academy, and I’m sure that Dean Xiao wouldn’t want to see us fighting and killing each other.”

Zi Nan spoke up as well, “Qiu Yuan is right. Our academy is in a crisis right now, so we should stay united as one and not enter into conflict with each other. Muyuan, apologize to Yang Ye and the matter will end there. Besides that, if you act like that again, then not to mention Yang Ye, I, Zi Nan, will be the first to deal with you!”

“Muyuan, just apologize! We’re all on the same side, there’s no need for it to be like this!”

“Exactly! Our current enemies are the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and the Law Faction. Fighting amongst ourselves will only benefit those bastards.”

“Just apologize and this incident will be over. Li Muyuan, don’t think that it’s unjust because it’s your own fault. Yang Ye was keeping formidable enemies at bay for us, yet you were playing tricks behind his back. Everyone witnessed all of it, and we know that you are indeed in the wrong. Now, just apologize. I believe that Senior Brother Yang Ye will definitely give you a chance!”

Li Muyuan glanced at the others and said, “Apologize? Why should I? Didn’t I do all of that for all of you? Moreover, did I even do anything wrong? If Yang Ye died and we continued at such a slow speed, then what would we do if our enemies catch up? Was it wrong say that we should go first?”

“Muyuan!” Qiu Yuan spoke in a low voice, “Just apologize and this matter will be over. Understand?”

“I refuse!” Li Muyuan laughed coldly and gazed at Yang Ye, “Yang Ye, you’re stronger than me, so I can’t do anything if you want to make me leave. Don’t worry, I’m not a shameless person, so I’ll leave right now. Stop the cloud shuttle! I’ll leave right now!”

“I’ll go with you!”

“I’ll go with you as well….”

It didn’t take long for those students who’d been by Li Muyuan’s side since the beginning to step forward and proclaim their intention to go with him.

Yang Ye’s voice resounded, “Stop the cloud shuttle!”

The cloud shuttle was still flying.

Yang Ye glanced at the others and said, “What’s this?”

Qiu Yuan spoke solemnly, “There’s no need to go to such extents!”

Yang Ye walked over to Qiu Yuan and said, “Based on what you said, I, Yang Ye, should beg him to stay? And I should beg him to let me protect him? Is that it?”

Qiu Yuan replied, “He was wrong, but it doesn’t warrant death!”

Yang Ye gazed at Qiu Yuan for a short while, and then he glanced at the others and said, “Do all of you think that I have to rescue you? Or do you think that White Deer Academy wouldn’t have a future without all of you?”

Their expressions changed drastically upon hearing this.

What’s he trying to say?

Shock instantly appeared in their eyes when they thought of a certain possibility.

Zi Nan’s eyes were filled with shock as well, “Yang Ye, you….”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “I, Yang Ye, won’t be staying in the academy, nor will I become its dean. So, the rules of the academy can’t bind me. As for your impression of me, it isn’t important at all. The only reason I’m standing here right now is Dean Xiao, and the only reason I’ve chosen to fight alongside the academy is because of him. It isn’t because of all of you, and it isn’t because of White Deer Academy as well! So, all of you better know your place! Since you’re all on my clouds shuttle now, then I hope that you’ll act according to the rules I set. Otherwise, you can fuck off!”

Yang Ye suddenly stomped his foot down.


The entire cloud shuttle shook violently.

Yang Ye said, “Now, stop the cloud shuttle. Don’t make me say it a second time!”

The cloud shuttle came to a stop 2 breaths of time later.

Yang Ye glanced at everyone here and said, “If you can’t stand the sight of me or don’t like what I’m doing, then you can leave with him. Don’t worry, I will absolutely not stop you. As for complaining to Dean Xiao, you can do as you please.”

He didn’t want to waste time with the students. After all, he had more important matters to attend to.

This time, all of them weren’t just shocked, they were terrified. At this point, they finally understood that their fate didn’t matter to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye hadn’t come here for them, and he’d merely come because he owed Dean Xiao.

Yet they’d taken his actions to be a matter of course, and some even felt that Yang Ye owed them.

Li Muyuan glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then he leaped off the cloud shuttle. At the same time, the others behind him hesitated for a moment before leaping off as well.

“Yang Ye, what goes around comes around. I, Li Muyuan, will remember this humiliation. You better pray that you don’t encounter any misfortune in the future. Otherwise, I’ll definitely repay this humiliation a hundredfold!” Li Muyuan’s voice resounded from the sky.

How could he be willing to leave without leaving a few threats behind?

Yang Ye who was walking towards his room had suddenly stopped moving, and then he turned around and looked up at the sky, “What goes around comes around? Let me see how you’ll do that without a head!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye drew his sword and swung it. A ray of sword energy shot through the sky and vanished into the horizon.

“AH!!!” A few seconds passed before Li Muyuan’s shrill cry resounded, and it was accompanied by the shocked and horrified cries of those students who’d left with him.

Everyone here couldn’t help but take a step back when they witnessed this scene, and their gazes at Yang Ye were filled with shock and extreme fear.

Yang Ye ignored them and walked to his room. At the same time, his voice resounded from within his room, “Turn around and head to Thousand Crane Dimension.”

Everyone here was still in a state of shock.

He… he really dares to kill us! He wasn’t joking!

A short while passed before Qiu Yuan said, “I underestimated how ruthless he is. Muyuan underestimated his ruthlessness as well.”

Zi Nan replied, “All of us did!”

Quite a long moment of silence ensued before Qiu Yuan spoke again, “He said to turn around and head towards Thousand Crane Dimension…. Go ask him what he intends to do.”

Zi Nan nodded, and then she walked towards Yang Ye’s room.

In the room.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground while a violet crystal was ceaselessly emanating spirit energy within him. He’d wasted quite a bit of profound energy during the battle with that old geezer just now, and he had to replenish it!

Meanwhile, Zi Nan walked into his room, and she sat cross-legged in front of him, “You said to head to Thousand Crane Dimension. What do you intend to do?”

Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at her, “Do you think we’ll be able to return to the academy like this?”

“Why not?” Zi Nan was puzzled, “It’s completely possible with this Imperial Cloud Shuttle.”

Yang Ye shook his head, “There are 5 Quasi Emperors outside White Deer City. That Quasi Emperor and those experts from before have definitely rushed back to White Deer City by now. We won’t be able to enter the city if we head back right now. It’s absolutely possible such a force to obliterate us in an instant!”

Zi Nan was still puzzled, “What does that have to do with going to the Thousand Crane Dimension?”

Yang Ye replied with a question, “What do you think?”

Zi Nan thought for a moment, and then her eyes suddenly opened wide as she gazed at him with shock, “You… you intend to launch a surprise attack against the Thousand Crane Sect!”

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