Chapter 1132 – Plundering The Thousand Crane Sect!

Almighty Sword Domain

Zi Nan was no fool, so how could she be unable to understand what Yang Ye meant?

White Deer City was surrounded, and it was practically impossible to return there right now. Yet Yang Ye had chosen to travel to the Thousand Crane Sect. Obviously, he wasn’t there to pay them a friendly visit.

He intended to launch a surprise attack against the Thousand Crane Sect!

Zi Nan couldn’t help but shudder when she thought up to this point.

After all, it was a Diamond Rank power!

Has he really gone mad?

Yang Ye grinned when he saw the expression on her face, “What? Are you afraid?”

Zi Nan nodded without hesitation.

Yang Ye said, “Just think about it. White Deer City is in a much more dangerous situation than ours. Because the Mo Clan, the Thousand Crane Sect, and the Law Faction might attack the city at any moment. Their joint forces are many times stronger than our academy. Even if we have the grand formation of the city, how long do you think we’ll be able to persist for?”

Zi Nan remained silent.

Yang Ye added, “Most importantly, even if we’re able to return to the academy, we won’t be of much help to the academy. Because the fight is between the top experts of each side right now. However, we can do many things while we’re outside of the city.”

Zi Nan spoke solemnly, “We’re too weak!”

“The Thousand Crane Sect isn’t strong either!” Yang Ye continued, “Their only Quasi Emperor is at White Deer City, and many of its high-rank Saints are outside the city as well. So, according to my estimations, there are very few high-rank Saints left in their sect, and there shouldn’t be more than 20 there. Of course, we aren’t heading there to destroy their sect. We don’t have the strength to do that, nor do we have the time. Our mission is to kill as many as we can, cause them to fall into chaos, and improve the morale of our academy’s forces.”

Zi Nan remained silent for a long time before she said, “Your plan is very crazy and dangerous.”

“We’re already in extreme danger!” Yang Ye continued, “Is it not dangerous to be pursued and attacked by the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and Law Faction? Zi Nan, you must realize the situation you’re in right now. To be frank, perhaps we might die a moment later.”

Zi Nan took a deep breath and said, “I’ll do as you say!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Let’s go!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye stood up and walked towards the door while Zi Nan followed behind him.

There were over 2,000 students standing before Yang Ye. There were high-rank Saints, ordinary Saints, Half-Saints, and even some Monarch Realm cultivators amongst them.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Our current target is the Thousand Crane Sect. Yes, we’re going to launch a surprise attack against them. Do all of you dare to do so?”

A surprise attack against the Thousand Crane Sect!

Clamorous noise resounded throughout the surroundings.

It was definitely unimaginable for all of them. After all, they were just students, and most of them were injured. So, wasn’t launching a surprise attack against the Thousand Crane Sect no different than courting death? While the Thousand Crane Sect wasn’t as powerful as the Mo Clan, it was still a Diamond Rank power!

Has he gone mad?

Yang Ye said, “Presently, there are at least 5 Quasi Emperors outside White Deer City. Will we be able to enter the city if we head back now? We wouldn’t! Even if we can enter the city, what can we do? Nothing! At the very most, we can act as cannon fodder when the battle begins. However, we can do many things while we remain outside the city. For example, we can launch a surprise attack against the Thousand Crane Sect!

Meanwhile, one of the students said, “But there are too few of us, and we’re too weak as well!”

Yang Ye gazed at that student and said, “We aren’t going there to set up an arena and challenge them to single combat. We’re going there to launch a surprise attack. So, having fewer people is advantageous instead. As for the problem you raised about your strengths, all of you actually aren’t too weak. All of you just lack confidence. That day, I slaughtered my way through the Thousand Crane Sect by myself, yet now, we have a group! A group!”

Yang Ye glanced at them and continued, “Earlier, all of you were pursued like dogs. Don’t you want to take revenge?”

Their expressions immediately became unsightly when they heard the last few words Yang Ye spoke. It had undoubtedly struck at a sore point of theirs. During that period of being hunted, it was definitely extremely aggrieving to all of them. After all, as students of White Deer Academy, when had they ever been pursued like dogs?

Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “If all of you really don’t dare to do so, then I won’t force all of you. However, I’ll still go myself.”

Zi Nan was the first to make her stand clear at this moment, “I’ll go with you!”

Qiu Yuan was the second, “I’ll go as well!”

As soon as they made their stands clear, many others instantly stopped hesitating.

“Let’s launch a surprise attack against them! Fuck them!”

“There are no cowards in my White Deer Academy! Count me in! Even if I die, I’ll bury a few of their disciples with me.”

“Attack the Thousand Crane Sect!”


Yang Ye nodded slightly. Even though White Deer Academy was in a critical situation, it still had hope. Because its students were still unyielding!

Yang Ye gazed at Zi Nan and said, “How far are we from the Thousand Crane Sect?”

Zi Nan replied, “Two hours!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he flicked his finger. A violet crystal instantly appeared before every single one of them, “Consume it and recover.”

All of them were delighted when they saw the violet crystal. After all, it was a treasure that would allow them to swiftly recover their profound energy. Moreover, a violent crystal’s effects could last them 4 hours at the very least. So, it was definitely capable of saving their lives in the upcoming battle in the Thousand Crane Sect.

So, they immediately expressed their gratitude to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye gazed at Zi Nan and said, “Separate out the students at the Half-Saint Realm and above. They will be attacking the Thousand Crane Sect with us. As for those below the Half-Saint Realm, don’t leave them behind. Give them another mission, and it’s to plunder as much as they can from the Thousand Crane Sect!”

Zi Nan was astounded, “Plunder?”

Yang Ye replied, “Of course. The Thousand Crane Sect is a Diamond Rank Sect at any rate, so it should have quite a large number of treasures. Since we’re attacking it, then how can we return empty handed?”

Zi Nan gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before she nodded.

“Remember that you’ll only have 100 breaths of time!” Yang Ye gazed at them and said, “We only have 100 breaths of time, and then everyone must immediately return to the cloud shuttle!”

Zi Nan was puzzled, “Why?”

Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan spoke, “Because the Thousand Crane Sect would notify its experts as soon as we attack, and it takes around 100 breaths of time for a Quasi Emperor to rush back. So, we must leave before the experts of the Thousand Crane Sect and Mo Clan arrive. Otherwise, many of us will die! It’s even the extent that all of us will be buried there!”

Zi Nan glanced at Qiu Yuan and nodded, “I understand!”

Yang Ye didn’t speak another word. He just turned around and looked up at the sky while a trace of worry could be seen in his eyes. Even though he possessed 100 Sword Servants at the high-rank Saint Realm and one at the Quasi Emperor Realm, such forces were utterly insufficient before the Thousand Crane Sect, Mo Clan, and Law Faction. Especially the Mo Clan. Even until now, the Mo Clan had only revealed a small portion of its strength.

Besides the Mo Clan, there was also Lu Yuanhao who was watching from the shadows.

Regardless of whether it was White Deer Academy or Yang Ye, they were in very bad situations.

Meanwhile, Zi Nan suddenly walked over to Yang Ye and asked softly, “What are you thinking about?”

Yang Ye replied with a question, “You’ve already finished what I tasked you to do?”

She pointed at Qiu Yuan, “He’s doing it. He’s much better at it than I am!”

Yang Ye glanced at Qiu Yuan and said, “Indeed!”

Zi Nan said abruptly, “Actually, I was thinking about something. What would happen if our White Deer Academy didn’t have you?”

Yang Ye replied, “It would still be White Deer Academy even without me!”

Zi Nan shook her head slightly, “We would have been driven away by the Law Faction if it wasn’t for you. At that time, the Law Faction wouldn’t act like we have, and it would act against us. So, we would definitely suffer horrifying consequences. Yet now, all of us here might die if it wasn’t for you. Of course, you’re partially to blame for the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect’s attack on our academy. However, in overall, your merits outweigh your faults.”

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Zi Nan, “If I were to try and join the Martial Sect or Evil Faction, do you think they would take me in? Do you think they would protect me?”

Zi Nan remained silent for a long time before she said, “They will!”

Yang Ye’s natural talent and strength couldn’t definitely be ranked on the Martial Rankings, and he would be in the top 20 at the very least. Any power wouldn’t be able to refuse such a genius.

Yang Ye said, “I wasn’t trying to hint at anything when I said all of that. I just want to tell you that if the academy doesn’t betray me, then I will absolutely not betray the academy. I don’t betray those who remain loyal to me. That’s my principle in life. We’re on the same side now. So, I won’t abandon all of you if all of you don’t play tricks with me.”

Zi Nan glanced at him and said, “I understand!”

Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan walked over and said, “There are 1120 of us at the Half-Saint Realm or above, and the rest are below the Half-Saint Realm. The forces at the Half-Saint Realm and above will come with us and obey your orders. As for the rest, I’ve ordered them to seize the opportunity presented by the chaos to plunder the technique pavilion, treasure pavilion, treasury, and other places within the Thousand Crane Sect. In short, they’ll head to every single place that might hold treasures. However, there might be experts guarding those places!”

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then 50 high-rank Saints appeared here, “These will protect them.”

Their expressions changed when they saw those 50 puppets at the high-rank of the Saint Realm. They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually possessed so many puppets, and all of them were high-rank Saints!

Meanwhile, Qiu Yuan said, “They should be able to complete their missions smoothly with the protection of these puppets. However, if I’m not wrong, the Thousand Crane Sect has a defensive formation surrounding it right now, and even if we’re able to break through it, there’ll be all sorts of offensive formations within the sect. All of that….”

Yang Ye said, “I’ll deal with them!”

Qiu Yuan stated, “One final question. Who will guard the cloud shuttle?”

Yang Ye replied, ‘Don’t worry. I’ve made arrangements for that.”

Qiu Yuan took a deep breath and said, “I have no further questions.”

Yang Ye glanced at Qiu Yuan, “You considered everything thoroughly. Not bad indeed. You’ll be in-charge of commanding our forces later. Another 50 puppets at the high-rank Saint Realm will be under your command as well. Try your best to minimize our losses. As for the top experts of the Thousand Crane Sect, let me deal with them!”

Qiu Yuan replied, “I won’t let you down!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he turned around and looked up at the sky.

An hour later, they arrived at Thousand Crane Dimension.

Yang Ye’s group was only detected after they entered Thousand Crane Dimension and arrived before Thousand Crane City.

They Thousand Crane Sect was about to activate the defensive formation around the city. Unfortunately, it was too late.

A pillar of blood shot up into the sky, and then the formation which restricted flight was blasted into pieces.

“A debt of blood must be repaid with blood!” Someone shouted, and then the students of White Deer Academy howled in unison.

Countless pillars of light shot through the sky while led by a pillar of blood red light, and they shot towards the Thousand Crane Sect!

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