Chapter 1136 – Live And Die Together!

Almighty Sword Domain

On the Imperial Cloud Shuttle.

Qiu Yuan spoke solemnly, “3 Quasi Emperors from the Mo Clan and the Law Faction’s Li Laoguai are attacking White Deer City right now. Besides that, they’ve gathered a force of almost 500 high-rank Saints and over 2,000 ordinary Saints. It can be said that besides the Mo Clan, the Law Faction and Thousand Crane Sect have dispatched all their elites.”

Yang Ye asked, “How long can White Deer City hold on for?”

Qiu Yuan replied, “With the grand formation, the dean, and the vice dean. It should be able to hold for 4 hours.”

“Will the academy summon its ancestor once the city is breached?”

“If it comes to that, then it’s the moment of life and death for the academy.” Qiu Yuan continued, “You might not be aware of it, but a huge price must be paid for an Emperor to be summoned to our dimension. Firstly, this dimension is unable to endure the strength of an Emperor, so the arrival of an Emperor represents the arrival of heavenly wrath. Secondly, the summoning of an Emperor requires an extremely huge amount of profound energy. The amount of profound energy required is almost equivalent to the profound energy of everyone within the city. In other words, summoning the ancestor of our academy is equivalent to utilizing the profound energy of everyone in the city in exchange for the arrival of an Emperor in our dimension!”

Qiu Yuan’s voice became heavy at this point, “Moreover, Emperors are able to stay in our dimension for 15 minutes at most. If he’s unable to annihilate all our enemies within 15 minutes, then death will truly be awaiting all of us. Because at that time, the members of our academy would probably not have the strength to resist at all.”

“No wonder the Thousand Crane Sect didn’t dare rashly summon its ancestor!” said Yang Ye. If the Thousand Crane Sect had summoned its ancestor, then even if the Thousand Crane Sect could kill all of them, it might be wiped off the face of the Central Divine Prefecture if another power were to suddenly launch a surprise attack against it at that time.

The summoning of a sect’s ancestor was equivalent to taking the enemy down with the entire sect. Unless there was no other choice, there was no power which was willing to do that.

It was like that for the Thousand Crane Sect, and it was the same for White Deer Academy!

Qiu Yuan gazed at Yang Ye, “What should we do now?”

Everyone else gazed at Yang Ye as well.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Now, we have 2 choices. The 1st is to leave the Central Divine Prefecture and go somewhere else to preserve the academy’s inheritance. The 2nd choice is to kill our way back to the academy, and we’ll live and die with the academy. Regardless of whether it’s the 1st or 2nd choice, they are both in the best interests of the academy, and there’s no difference between the 2!”

Zi Nan replied, “I naturally intend to go back!”

Qiu Yuan nodded as well, “To be honest, even if that so-called inheritance is preserved, are we going to revive the academy once it’s gone? What a joke! We would probably be hiding all over the world then. Would anyone even want to experience such days? Moreover, the academy needs us now, so how can we leave at a time like this?”

Zi Nan nodded, “Exactly. If we are to flee, and the academy wins, then how are we to face our brother and sisters in the academy?”

“Return to the academy! Live and die with the academy!”

“Right! We’ll live and die with the academy!”

All of them made their stands clear, and none of them chose to leave the Central Divine Prefecture.

Yang Ye glanced at them, and then he flicked a spatial ring to Qiu Yuan, “There are 50,000 violet crystals there. Distribute them!”

Suddenly, Zi Nan said, “Just distribute 10,000 to everyone here!”

Yang Ye gazed at Zi Nan and asked, “Why?”

Zi Nan tapped the ground lightly with her foot, “You should be clearly aware of how many violet crystals this thing consumes. We can’t make you pay for all those violet crystals by yourself, right? Besides that, this Imperial Cloud Shuttle isn’t just capable of extremely swift speeds, it possesses offensive formations as well. So long as we possess sufficient violet crystals, then it can even fight a Quasi Emperor! Of course, the precondition is sufficient violet crystals because at least 1,000 violet crystals are required for every activation of its formations!”

1,000 violet crystals! The corners of Yang Ye’s eyes twitched slightly. 1,000 violet crystals! This cloud shuttle really burns through money!

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “According to what Zi Nan said, 10,000 will be distributed while the rest will be used to maintain the Imperial Cloud Shuttle. Do all of you have any objections to that?”

“None!” The others immediately shook their heads. If anyone were to act selfishly at a time like this, then that person would truly be courting death.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at Zi Nan, “You control the cloud shuttle. Don’t hesitate to use the violet crystals if we get into battle. We can just seek compensation from the dean in the future.”

Zi Nan was speechless.

Yang Ye turned around and looked towards the distance. He pondered deeply for an instant before he waved his right hand and said, “Return to the academy!”

“Return to the academy!”

Everyone here roared in unison.

It didn’t take long for the cloud shuttle to change its direction and shoot off in White Deer City’s direction.

White Deer City.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

At this moment, explosions were resounding incessantly in the sky above White Deer City, and the barrier of light in the sky and the entire city were trembling violently.

There were 4 Quasi Emperors attacking madly in the sky.

Meanwhile, countless cultivators in the city were ceaselessly pouring their profound energy into the barrier of light. Grand formations like this exhausted immense amounts of profound energy, so it couldn’t resist the attacks of Quasi Emperors without an endless supply of profound energy to maintain its strength.

Xiao Bieli had his hands behind his back as he stood on the city wall, and he was looking up into the sky while gloominess and solemness filled his eyes. Xiao Ling and Su Shihe were standing by his side.

Su Shihe said, “Yang Ye’s surprise attack on the Thousand Crane Sect undid their show of strength and grew our morale instead. They dare not continue delaying anymore!”

Xiao Ling spoke abruptly, “We might not be able to defend the city!”

Su Shihe nodded, “The grand formation here is much more inferior to the grand formation of our academy. Why don’t we order everyone to retreat Ascension Mountain?”

“We have to defend the city!” Xiao Bieli spoke solemnly, “This city is our foundation. If we lose it, then not to mention the property we lose, countless people in the city will perish as well. The students of our academy are living people, and the residents of the city are living people too. We can’t abandon or give up on one of them.”

Su Shihe glanced at Xiao Bieli, and then he said, “We have to prepare for the worst!”

Xiao Bieli replied, “The worst case scenario is summoning one of our ancestors!”

The corners of Su Shihe’s eyes twitched, “Are we really going to do that?” After all, once they summoned their ancestor, it would represent a fight to the death!

“If we don’t, then what else can we do?” Xiao Bieli looked up at the sky, “Have you not realized? The entire Central Divine Prefecture is watching the Mo Clan and Thousand Crane Sect. They have no way to back down now. If they aren’t able to crush us, then the Thousand Crane Sect won’t be the only laughingstock of the Central Divine Prefecture, the Mo Clan would be one as well. As for the Thousand Crane Sect, it goes without saying. They’ll only be able to wash away the humiliation they’ve received by crushing us. So, once they enter the city, do you think anyone in the city will be able to survive?”

Su Shihe spoke solemnly, “But what if we’re unable to annihilate them after we summon our ancestor. What would we do then?”

Xiao Bieli fell silent, and his hands behind his back were slowly clenched tightly.

A long time passed before Xiao Bieli spoke, “Send a voice transmission to Yang Ye’s group and tell them not to return. Tell them to leave the Central Divine Prefecture and go as far away as they can so that we have some hope.”

Su Shihe’s face became gloomy, and a short while passed before he nodded and left.

After Su Shihe left, Xiao Ling asked, “We can’t crush them even after we summon our academy’s ancestor to our dimension?”

“We definitely can!” Xiao Bieli continued, “However, do you think they haven’t anticipated that? They’ve definitely anticipated it, and they’ve surely prepared for it. You have to realize that while Emperors are strong, it doesn’t represent that they are invincible. Especially Emperors who forcefully descend to this dimension. Their strength will be reduced to a certain extent.”

Xiao Ling said, “Our White Deer Academy has arrived at a moment of life and death just like that!”

Xiao Bieli looked up at the sky, and a cold glow flashed through his eyes as he watched those Quasi Emperors in the sky attack the city’s defensive formation. He said, “Don’t worry, even if our White Deer Academy is destroyed, I’ll make them pay an unbearable price. Especially the Mo Clan. Hahaha! An ancient clan! Let me see how great their reserves are!”

Suddenly, Su Shihe walked over and said, “They didn’t reply.”

Xiao Bieli frowned. Meanwhile, Xiao Ling said, “Don’t worry about them. They’ll be fine with Yang Ye there with them. As for leaving the Central Divine Prefecture, while I don’t know what the others will decide, I know that Yang Ye will definitely not leave.”

Su Shihe nodded with agreement, “He was willing to come to the Central Divine Prefecture for Ocean of Clouds Academy, and that’s sufficient to display his character. So, he will definitely not abandon the academy. Haha…. To be honest, I don’t know if I should feel gratified or helpless. I actually hope that he leads those students away. Because so long as they are alive, and especially while Yang Ye is alive, then our academy will still have hope even if it’s destroyed today!”


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded in the sky, and then the barrier of light in the sky started to crack apart.

Mo Tian’s voice resounded in the sky, “White Deer Academy, if you surrender and submit to my Mo Clan, then you can live. Otherwise, White Deer Academy will cease to exist for today onwards!”

Xiao Bieli spoke coldly, “Mo Tian, it’s already at a time like this, so why play such psychological tactics against us? If you have the ability, then feel free to attack us!”

“I knew you would say that!” As soon as Mo Tian finished speaking, he raised his hand and slapped his palm down against the barrier of light. Li Laoguai and the other 3 Quasi Emperors of the Mo Clan hurriedly attacked as well.

How terrifying was the joint attacks of 5 Quasi Emperors?

Even if they had the barrier of light to protect them, everyone in the city still felt like the sky was about to collapse!


The grand formation shattered into pieces.

Li Laoguai’s roaring laughter that was filled with madness resounded in the sky, “HAHAHA! Xiao Bieli! I, Li Laoguai, told you that I would be back! I didn’t lie, right?”

Mo Tian’s voice resounded right after that, “Attack!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The 1,000 plus experts who were standing on guard outside the city immediately shot into the city.

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