Chapter 1137 – The Saber Monarch!

Almighty Sword Domain

5 Quasi Emperors, over 500 high-rank Saints, and over 1,000 ordinary Saints!

Even the White Deer Academy before its split would find it difficult to resist such a force, let alone now!

The battle hadn’t even begun, but their imposing auras caused the cultivators of White Deer City to feel almost suffocated.

“Activate the formations!” Xiao Bieli’s voice resounded.

As soon as Xiao Bieli gave the order, all the cultivators in the city instantly calmed down, and the students who were hidden at the 4 corners of the city immediately formed strange seals. After that, the entire city shook violently. Especially beneath White Deer City, it seemed like something was about to emerge from beneath the ground. It didn’t take long for 4 huge pillars of light to shoot up into the sky. Every single one of them contained a huge beast, and there was an azure dragon, a fiery red phoenix, a dark blue tortoise, and a pure white tiger.

Even though they were all condensed into form with energy, they seemed like they were material beasts, and the pressure they emanated wasn’t inferior to Quasi Emperors at all!

“The Four Symbol Formation!” Li Laoguai cried out involuntarily when he saw the 4 huge beasts, “Xiao Bieli, you’ve gone mad! You actually utilized the underground veins of White Deer Dimension to condense the four divine beasts!”

The underground veins he spoke of naturally represented the veins of energy beneath the city, and they were equivalent to spirit veins. However, they weren’t as good as high-grade spirit veins, but they were part of White Deer City’s foundation.

Once those underground veins vanished, White Deer City would be completely crippled. Because the city would slowly lose its vitality without the presence of those veins, and it would start to repulse spirit energy. Simply speaking, it would be ruined. At that time, it would be absolutely impossible for any geniuses to appear in the city.

In other words, even if he could obtain White Deer City, it would be ruined.

“It’s better than allowing everyone in the city to perish!” Xiao Bieli glanced coldly at Li Laoguai, and then he said, “Activate all the formations and kill any who enter the city!”

As soon as Xiao Bieli gave the order, numerous blue circles of light instantly appeared within the city, and then beams of light ceaselessly flickered out from them and shot towards the enemy.

At the same time, the 4 divine beasts at the 4 corners of the city roared and howled in unison, and then they shot towards Mo Tian and the other Quasi Emperors.

“Kill everyone? Xiao Bieli, such high sounding sentiments. You intend to kill us with just a few lousy formations? You’re truly too naïve!” As soon as Mo Tian finished speaking, the other 3 elders of the Mo Clan immediately shot towards the 4 divine beasts. As for Mo Tian and Li Laoguai, they gazed at Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling instead. Both sides had locked onto each other, and if any of them were to make a move, the other would definitely attack. However, both sides didn’t attack at this moment.

Even though the high-rank Saints of White Deer Academy were fewer than the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and Law Faction, they were still able to resist the 1,500 plus experts they were facing while relying on the formations to assist them in battle. However, it was obvious that White Deer Academy was in a disadvantaged state.

Even though the 4 divine beasts were extremely strong, they were still far insufficient to go against 3 Quasi Emperors. They were just bodies of energy in the end, and they weren’t true divine beasts. As for the students in the city below, while they were able to resist the enemy with the assistance of the various formations, the moment their formations were destroyed would be the moment they lost their lives!

There was truly a huge gap in the top-tier strength of both sides to the battle!

“Xiao Bieli, I bet you didn’t expect that your Scholarly Faction would suffer such a fate, right?” Li Laoguai laughed coldly as he gazed at Xiao Bieli, and he felt indescribably happy. That day, he and the Law Faction had been driven out of White Deer Dimension. Now, his Law Faction had returned domineeringly, and he felt happy from being able to vent and take revenge.

Xiao Bieli glanced at Li Laoguai and spoke indifferently, “No matter what happens, my Scholarly Faction will be standing up straight like men. As for your Law Faction, both you and your Law Faction are just dogs of the Mo Clan. I really can’t figure out why you feel so complacent from being a dog!”

Li Laoguai’s face fell. By colluding with the Mo Clan, he’d naturally promised the Mo Clan some things. Otherwise, the Mo Clan would definitely not declare war against White Deer Academy, and it would just force White Deer Academy to hand Yang Ye over and just act against Yang Ye. Because the Mo Clan would lose a lot from a war. Just like this very moment, the Mo Clan had already lost a Quasi Emperor since the war between it and White Deer Academy began.

The Mo Clan was no fool. Unless there were sufficient benefits, why would it do something that was against its interests?

The benefits were naturally what Li Laoguai had promised the Mo Clan. Even though even he couldn’t really accept the terms that he’d had to promise, he felt that any price was worth it if it would allow the Law Faction to return to White Deer Dimension and reclaim everything that belonged to it.

Li Laoguai laughed coldly, “Xiao Bieli, just save it. I hope you’ll still be able to talk so much when you watch all the members of your Scholarly Faction dying miserably!”

Xiao Bieli didn’t waste his breath further. He just glanced at the surroundings, and then his face instantly fell. Many formations in the surroundings had been destroyed, and many students had been killed. As for the 4 divine beasts, they were growing ethereal before the joint forces of those 3 Quasi Emperors from the Mo Clan. It seemed like they would vanish completely at any moment!

Xiao Bieli slowly clenched his fists.

Mo Tian’s eyes narrowed slightly while his hands behind his back were clenched tightly as well. As for Li Laoguai, he gazed at Xiao Bieli with a cold smile on his face.


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded from outside the city, and then a black bear of light shot through the sky and slammed against a Quasi Emperor from the Mo Clan.

The black pillar of light was extremely swift and sudden, that Quasi Emperor from the Mo Clan didn’t even have the time to dodge once he recovered from his shock. He had no choice but to face it head-on!


A loud explosion resounded, and then he was blasted flying.

Everyone looked out of the city, and they saw a huge cloud shuttle had suddenly appeared there. Moreover, a familiar face was standing on it.

Yang Ye!

Someone cried out involuntarily, “It’s Yang Ye!”

For some unknown reason, many of them heaved sighs of relief upon catching sight of Yang Ye, and they couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

Xiao Bieli revealed a slight smile as well, and Xiao Ling said, “See, I told you that kid will come back. Oh, those little fellows came back with him as well.”

Xiao Bieli nodded slightly. Even though he hoped that Yang Ye would lead those students away from the Central Divine Prefecture, he felt extremely gratified when he saw Yang Ye and the others.

Mo Tian and Li Laoguai were looking at Yang Ye as well, and both of their faces had turned gloomy upon seeing him. In Li Laoguai’s opinion, Yang Ye could be considered as the reason why he and the Law Faction had been turned into homeless dogs. So, he wanted to kill Yang Ye even in his dreams!

As for Mo Tian, he naturally wanted to kill Yang Ye as well. Yang Ye hadn’t just killed Mo Yuntian, Yang Ye had even killed Mo Ji right before his eyes. That was a humiliation for both him and the Mo Clan. So, that humiliation would follow the Mo Clan for eternity unless Yang Ye was killed!

Yang Ye glanced at Mo Tian and Li Laoguai, and then he waved his right hand. 100 black clothed figures shot into the city, and the addition of these 100 high-rank Saints instantly alleviated the pressure on the students in the city.

Yang Ye’s figure shot over to Xiao Bieli, and he nodded slightly to Xiao Bieli before he said, “I’m not too late, right?”

Xiao Bieli replied, “Actually, you should have left!”

Yang Ye said, “I’m unable to do something like that!”

Xiao Bieli laughed bitterly and said, “Fine. Since you’re back, then we’ll have a good battle with them. Let me see if our White Deer Academy will be eliminated from the Central Divine Prefecture today!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he turned around to look at Li Laoguai and Mo Tian. Meanwhile, Mo Tian spoke abruptly, “Yang Ye, we were waiting for you! You’re finally here.”

Xiao Bieli immediately frowned upon hearing Xiao Tian, and a bad feeling arose in his heart.

It was the same for Yang Ye.

Mo Tian gazed at them and laughed coldly, “Xiao Bieli! Yang Ye! Did you think that this is the extent of my Mo Clan’s strength? We’re serious this time.”

As soon as Mo Tian finished speaking, the space beside Mo Tian shook slightly, and then Feng Qingyu and 2 more grey robed old man appeared here.

3 more Quasi Emperors!

If the 5 from before were included, the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and Law Faction had 8 Quasi Emperors in total!

The faces of everyone in White Deer City turned pale at the sight of this!

If it was only 5 Quasi Emperors, then they would still have a chance. But if it was 8….

How could they possibly fight such a battle?

Xiao Bieli clenched his fists while killing intent surged in his eyes, “Looks like your Mo Clan really intends to annihilate my White Deer Academy!

“Did you think my Mo Clan was plying with you?” Mo Tian laughed coldly, and then he gazed at Feng Qingyu, “Sect Master Feng, I’ll leave Yang Ye to you. It’s not a problem, right?”

“Of course!” Feng Qingyu stared fixedly at Yang Ye. A moment later, she waved her hand, and then the space here warped. After that, Yang Ye vanished on the spot, and when his figure appeared again, both he and Feng Qingyu were within a blue barrier of light in midair.

Feng Qingyu gazed ferociously at Yang Ye, “I’m going to skin you alive, pull out your meridians, and then imprison your soul so that you’ll experience an eternity of pain. Right, don’t you worry. I’ll make that woman of yours, Xiao Yuxi, accompany you as well!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Feng Qingyu’s figure shot towards Yang Ye.

“Attack!” Mo Tian’s voice resounded as well.

“Ancestral Summoning!” Suddenly, Xiao Bieli’s voice resounded, and then a pillar of profound energy shot out from within him and pierced the sky.

Everyone in the surroundings was stunned by Xiao Bieli’s order, but it didn’t take long for them to circulate their profound energy before numerous beams of profound energy pierced the sky.

The sky dimmed down!

It didn’t take long for a monstrous wave of pressure to rain down from the sky.

“You’ve finally summoned your ancestor?” Mo Tian’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then he turned around and looked towards the distance, “It’s time for you to act.”

As soon as Mo Tian spoke, the space there was suddenly split apart, and then a one-armed man in a white robe walked out from within the spatial rift.

There was an unsheathed saber handing on the man’s waist. The saber was a little over a meter long, and it seemed like a piece of scrap metal which was covered in rust.

The one-armed man disregarded everyone, and he just gazed up calmly into the sky.

Xiao Bieli’s expression instantly changed drastically when he saw the one-armed man, and he spoke with astonishment, “You… you’re the Saber Monarch, Ye Lingfeng!”

The expressions of the others here changed drastically when they heard Xiao Bieli, and it even included Li Laoguai who stood by Mo Tian’s side.

The Saber Monarch Ye Lingfeng! One whose saber left no survivors!

The 7th on the Martial Rankings!

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