Chapter 1141 – Yang Ye’s Help!

Almighty Sword Domain

The aggrievance and hatred that Mo Tian and the others felt right now was simply impossible to describe with words!

From the very beginning, the Eye of the Heaven Dao had been targeting Yang Ye and not them. The divine lightning had only enveloped them within its scope of attack because they were very close to Yang Ye. That had been the reason why they’d mistakenly thought that the Eye of the Heaven Dao was targeting them and had stopped the divine lightning from descending. The result of that was that the Eye of the Heaven Dao became infuriated by their actions and started targeting them as well!

At this moment, many naturally understood why the Eye of the Heaven Dao had struck anyone that Yang Ye pointed at. It wasn’t because he’d pointed at them, it was because he was there, and the Eye of the Heaven Dao would strike the place he stood!

After all, the Eye of the Heaven Dao was targeting Yang Ye, yet they’d stopped the divine lightning from descending. As far as the Eye of the Heaven Dao was concerned, they were naturally accomplices of Yang Ye’s. Moreover, besides obstructing heavenly wrath, it was a form of offense towards the Eye of the Heaven Dao. So, it would naturally attack them. In other words, they had been helping Yang Ye stop the wrath of the heavens from the very beginning!

When they thought up to this point, Mo Tian, Feng Qingyu, Li Laoguai, and the other Quasi Emperors seemed so unsightly it was like they’d been forced to eat 10kgs of shit.


They’d been truly stupid!

At this moment, even they couldn’t help but curse at themselves. After all, 8 dignified Quasi Emperors had actually been played by a Half-Saint. So, weren’t they stupid?

Mo Tian and the others immediately gazed at Yang Ye. If their gazes could kill, then Yang Ye would have been transformed into ash by now.

When they saw the divine lightning descending towards Yang Ye, Xiao Bieli and the others were utterly stunned. They’d never imagined that the Eye of the Heaven Dao would actually target Yang Ye.

After all, Yang Ye was just a Half-Saint!

So, why was the Eye of the Heaven Dao targeting him?

Yang Ye’s gaze was calm as he watched the divine lightning rain down towards him. He’d fought the Eye of the Heaven Dao on so many occasions, so he was used to it.


A pillar of blood shot up from within him, and the compacted space around him was instantly blasted apart. However, it was repaired in an instant. Yang Ye’s palm moved slightly as a blood red sword appeared in his grasp. A moment later, countless strands of blood red sword energy shot up into the sky towards those bolts of divine lightning.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous explosions resounded in the sky, and it didn’t take long for the black divine lightning and blood red sword energy to disperse in the air.

Yang Ye paid no attention to the Eye of the Heavens Dao, and he gazed at Zi Nan who was standing on the Imperial Cloud Shuttle instead. He pointed his sword at the Quasi Emperors of the Mo Clan and said, “Blast them! Blast them with everything you have! Use all the violet crystals and attack them with everything! Ask the dean to compensate you once the battle is over!”

As he spoke, Yang Ye gazed at Xiao Bieli and said, “Old man Xiao, can you keep that fellow busy?”

Xiao Bieli looked up at Mo Qingfeng, and then he said, “I have to do it no matter what!” As he spoke, his figure shot up into the air towards Mo Qingfeng.

Meanwhile, Xiao Ling glanced at Xiao Bieli, and there was a trace of worry in her eyes. At the same time, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Senior Xiao Ling, you go and help the dean. I can deal with the enemies here!”

Xiao Ling gazed at Yang Ye, “Really?”

“I won’t do something that is beyond my ability!” Yang Ye continued, “Quickly head over and help him. He’s injured, so he’ll definitely not be a match for the Mo Clan’s patriarch while he’s on his own!”

“Be careful!” As soon as Xiao Ling finished speaking, her figure flashed into the sky.

It didn’t take long for rumbling to resound from high above.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s voice resounded once more in the sky, “Students of White Deer Academy, hear me! All of you who can still fight, activate the formations right now! Attack all of the remaining high-rank Saints with everything you have! Hit them with everything you’ve got! Don’t care about your violet crystals, just get the dean to compensate you after the battle is over. As for those without the strength to fight, retreat to Ascension Mountain and recover your profound energy. Do it right now!”

As soon as they heard Yang Ye, they didn’t hesitate to do as he’d said. Those who could still fight immediately activated the formations to resist the remaining high-rank Saints of the Mo Clan, Law Faction, and Thousand Crane Sect. Because many had been slaughtered by them just now during the confusion. Besides that, there were those 100 high-rank Saint Realm Sword Servants of Yang Ye’s. No, there were actually only a little over 70 left.

No matter what, the pressure those students faced was comparatively lighter now.

The Eye of the Heaven Dao was still sending down divine lightning without end. But they didn’t pose much of a threat to Yang Ye. At the very most, they were just extremely troublesome. Of course, that was only temporary. Because their might was increasing successively, and even he would find them difficult to resist in a while!

Mo Tian ridiculed, “Yang Ye! What? You intend to fight 6 of us Quasi Emperors by yourself?”

The reason it was 6 was that 2 had been forcefully locked in combat with the Imperial Cloud Shuttle. Of course, Zi Nan and the others were in pain because they were using violet crystals to accomplish that!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he shouted loudly, “Save me!”

Save you?

The corners of Mo Tian and the others’ mouths twitched when they heard Yang Ye. He’s calling for help? Has he gone mad?

Zi Nan and the other students heard Yang Ye as well, and they almost fell straight to the ground. He’s calling for help?

They’d thought that Yang Ye definitely had some sort of trump card, but they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually call for help.

Would anyone help White Deer Academy at a time like this?

Mo Tian and the others’ faces were covered in ridicule, “Yang Ye, I really admire your intelligence. Go on, shout a few more times. Let me see who will come to see you! Let me see who would dare to save you!”

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Give me a little face and show yourself!”

No one appeared.

The ridicule on Mo Tian and the others’ faces grew clearer. Meanwhile, Mo Tian said, “Yang Ye, I thought you were an extraordinary figure, but now it would seem like you’re just a clown. No one will come to save White Deer Academy, and no one would dare to do so as well! Would anyone in the Central Divine Prefecture dare to not give my Mo Clan face?”

“Is that so?” Suddenly, a female voice resounded, and then 2 women appeared here. One of them wore linen clothes, had bare feet, and had a pitch black iron chain coiled around her. The other wore a pure white dress, seemed gentle and quiet, and had a fox in her arms.

Mo Tian and the others frowned upon seeing these women, and there was a trace of bewilderment in their eyes.

The members of the Nether Pavilion were elusive and rare showed themselves in public. So, it wasn’t surprising that Mo Tian’s group didn’t recognize Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maiden.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned when he saw them. He’d sensed Nether Maiden’s aura, but he hadn’t expected that Oblivion Maiden would have come as well. Yang Ye drew his sword and swung it, and he seized the moment while his blood red sword energy shot into the air to flash over to their side.

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Nether Maiden, and then he grinned, “Long time no see.”

After that, he gazed at Oblivion Maiden, “Tsk, tsk. How quick! You’re already a mid-grade Saint.” It seemed like both of them were extremely good friends.

Oblivion Maiden raised her head to glance at Yang Ye, and then she lowered her head and petted the fox in her arms.

He’d been ignored!

Yang Ye didn’t feel embarrassed at all, and he just smiled before pulling Nether Maiden aside, “What’s she doing here?”

He wasn’t really surprised that Nether Maiden was here. After all, she would have definitely been aware of it after he caused such a huge commotion in the Central Divine Prefecture, and based on her character, she would have definitely come. He wasn’t trying to flatter himself because he would definitely head over immediately if Nether Maiden was in trouble.

In his heart, she was his friend, and he believed that she thought the same of him.

Nether Maiden glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Do you think that it’s possible to turn this situation around with just my strength?”

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings. There were 8 Quasi Emperors here. If Nether Maiden had come alone, then it really wouldn’t make much of a difference. After all, there were too many enemies.

Yang Ye laughed with embarrassment and said, “Why is she helping you?” After all, he hadn’t forgotten that he’d almost taken Oblivion Maiden down with him that day. Even if she didn’t hold a grudge against him, she wouldn’t come to help him.

Nether Maiden spoke indifferently, “She owes me a favor, so she’s repaying it now!”

Yang Ye asked, “Does the Nether Pavilion know that you’re here?”

Nether Maiden shook her head lightly.

Yang Ye was quite worried about it, “Would they punish you for interfering in this matter?”

Nether Maiden glanced at him and said, “No one will!”

Yang Ye was about to say something. Meanwhile, Mo Tian spoke abruptly, “May I know who you are?” He was no fool. Since they dared to come here, it proved that they weren’t afraid of his Mo Clan at all. Or perhaps they possessed the strength to be here.

Nether Maiden paid no attention to Mo Tian, and she just gazed at Yang Ye, “You should just join us once this is over!”

Yang Ye was stunned, “Why?”

“Forget it. It’s better if you don’t.” Nether Maiden continued, “We probably won’t have any peace if you do.”

Since she met Yang Ye, his trouble had been never-ending. Moreover, the trouble he faced constantly grew greater and greater. Actually, she really wanted to ask him how he’d been able to survive until now! After all, while the members of her Nether Pavilion’s were considered to be extremely arrogant, they really kept quite a low profile when compared to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was speechless.

A short while passed before Yang Ye shook his head slightly, and then he said, “Just accept your fate. It’s your fault for being friends with me!”

The corners of Nether Maiden’s mouth twitched, and then she gazed at him and said, “Your skin hasn’t just grown thicker in these years, you’ve learned to be shameless as well!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

“Enough.” Meanwhile, Mo Tian suddenly roared with fury, “No matter who you are or what your background is, seize the moment before I change my mind to fuck off right now. Otherwise, I’ll make living worse than death for you!”

As Mo Tian roared with fury, the fox in Oblivion Maiden’s arms suddenly moved a little. Oblivion Maiden hurriedly patted the fox when she witnessed this scene, and it took quite a while before the fox finally calmed down and fell asleep again.

Meanwhile, Oblivion Maiden suddenly looked up at Mo Tian, and her gaze was icy cold.

There was ridicule on the corners of Mo Tian’s mouth as he gazed at her. After all, she was just a mid-grade Saint, and he could take on 100 experts at that realm of cultivation!


Meanwhile, a bolt of black divine lightning which was almost 1km long descended from the sky, and it immediately descended towards Yang Ye’s position.

Oblivion Maiden suddenly looked up at the divine lightning, and then it actually started to disintegrate bit by bit under her gaze. In less than a breath of time, the bolt of divine lightning had been completely disintegrated.

The expressions of all the others here changed drastically at the sight of this.

As for Mo Tian, he’d even thought of something, and his face had instantly turned ghastly pale. He pointed a finger at Oblivion Maiden and spoke with a trembling tone, “You’re one of the Hall Master of the Nether Pavilion!”

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