Chapter 1142 – To Fight Or Not To Fight!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Nether Pavilion!

The weight that name carried wasn’t light at all, and it could be said to be very heavy. At the very least, besides the guardians of the Radiant Dimension, there was no other power that dared to openly offend the Nether Pavilion. Even the Evil Faction and those extraordinary powers that stayed hidden didn’t dare to openly go against the Nether Pavilion. As for the 4 great clans. Unless all 4 of them joined forces, they didn’t dare rashly offend that mysterious power as well.

No one knew who the pavilion master of the Nether Pavilion was, and no one knew how strong the pavilion master was.

However, they knew how strong its hall masters were.

The Nether Pavilion had 10 halls, and every hall represented a hall master. Every one of these hall masters was an extremely heaven defying genius. Even though those hall masters hadn’t ranked themselves on the Martial Rankings, no one dared to doubt their strength.

Some had even estimated that if the hall masters of the Nether Pavilion tried to ascend the Martial Rankings, then at least 5 out of the top 10 positions would belong to them.

There were even some who estimated that the Nether Pavilion’s strength could actually compare to a Titanium Rank power.

But it was just an estimation because there was just one Titanium Rank power in the Radiant Dimension, and it was the guardians of the dimension.

Even then, it was obvious how terrifying the Nether Pavilion’s strength was!

Once they realized that Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maiden were from the Nether Pavilion, Mo Tian and the others had turned pale, and their voice even trembled. As Quasi Emperors, they definitely possessed sufficient courage and mental strength. However, only those at their level would know how terrifying the Nether Pavilion was. The strength of every single hall master definitely far surpassed Quasi Emperors.

It was even to the extent that they could compare to Emperors. Perhaps, there were even those who were more terrifying than Emperors!

How does he know the Nether Pavilion?

Mo Tian and the others’ faces were unsightly to the extreme!

No one dared to attack. The experts of the Mo Clan, Thousand Crane Sect, and Law Faction had stopped attacking. Because they didn’t dare to continue fighting until they figured out what was going on. Because they were afraid that it would make them enter into battle with the Nether Pavilion. Even though the Mo Clan was confident and cared about its honor, it wasn’t stupid. If it fought the Nether Pavilion, then White Deer Academy’s fate was the best example of their future.

Since the Mo Clan, Law Faction, and Thousand Crane Sect’s experts had stopped attacking, the students of White Deer Academy stopped as well. But they didn’t waste their time, and they withdrew violet crystals and started to recover their profound energy. After all, time was the most precious to them right now!

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, Mo Qingfeng, Xiao Bieli, and Xiao Ling appeared in the sky. Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling’s faces were pale as a sheet, and there was a striking trace of blood on the corner of their mouths. Obviously, they’d lost. After all, they’d exhausted too much of their profound energy to summon that Emperor of White Deer Academy. So, how could they be a match for Mo Qingfeng who was still in his prime right now?

Mo Qingfeng paid no attention to Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling. His gaze descended onto Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maiden, and he gazed at them for a short while before he said, “There isn’t any enmity between my Mo Clan and the Nether Pavilion, right?”

Nether Maiden replied, “There is none!”

Mo Qingfeng said, “Then why are you interfering in this? Could it be that it isn’t Nether Pavilion’s intention, and you’re just representing yourselves?”

Nether Maiden replied with a question, “Why don’t you give it a guess?”

Mo Qingfeng’s eyes narrowed slightly while he slowly clenched his hands that were kept behind his back. A short while passed before he said, “There has never been enmity between my Mo Clan and the Nether Pavilion, and my Mo Clan has never done anything that has offended the Nether Pavilion. Isn’t it not right for both of you to interfere in my Mo Clan’s business with White Deer Academy?”

Nether Maiden looked up at Mo Qingfeng and said, “Yang Ye and White Deer Academy are friends with us. So, just let this matter rest. Alright?”

“Let it rest?” Mo Qingfeng’s face was icy cold, “Yang Ye killed my Mo Clan’s Mo Yuntian and a Quasi Emperor of my Mo Clan. Yet you want me to let the matter rest?”

He couldn’t do that, of course. If he did, wouldn’t everything the Mo Clan sacrificed have been done so in vain? Moreover, where would the Mo Clan put its face once word of it spread?

2 hall masters of the Nether Pavilion scared away the Mo Clan’s forces….

At that time, the Mo Clan would be the laughingstock of the entire Central Divine Prefecture, and it would be impossible for them to ever hold their heads up high again.

Nether Maiden waved her hand, and the iron chains around her had appeared in her grasp. She looked up at Mo Qingfeng and said, “Then let’s fight!”

Then let’s fight!

Her voice was like a thunderclap that resounded throughout White Deer Dimension.

At this moment, everyone understood how arrogant and domineering the Nether Pavilion was!

Will they fight or not?

Everyone was looking at Mo Qingfeng. They wondered if the Mo Clan would dare to fight when facing a hall master of the Nether Pavilion!

Regardless of what the Mo Clan’s decision was, the Nether Pavilion’s arrival had undoubtedly given White Deer Academy hope. Even though they didn’t know how Yang Ye knew the Nether Pavilion’s experts, it wasn’t important to them. The only important thing to them was that the Nether Pavilion’s experts were standing on White Deer Academy’s side. Just that was enough!

Mo Qingfeng clenched his fists slowly while he stared fixedly at Nether Maiden. A short while passed before he said, “Rumors throughout the Central Divine Prefecture have always said that the hall masters of the Nether Pavilion are peerless. I really want to experience it for myself. Since I have the fortune to meet both of you today, please do provide me with your guidance.”

He naturally chose to fight them! It wasn’t just related to the Mo Clan’s interests; it was related to the Mo Clan’s reputation. If he chose not to fight, then it would severely affect the Mo Clan’s reputation! Of course, if Nether Maiden was representing the Nether Pavilion when she spoke those words, then he would definitely not dare to agree in such a rash manner. Unfortunately, according to his inference, she was representing herself and not the entire Nether Pavilion!

So long as he didn’t kill her, then no enmity would be formed between his Mo Clan and the Nether Pavilion!

Or it should be said that so long as he kept both of them busy, then Mo Tian and the others could crush White Deer Academy.

“Both of us?” Nether Maiden shook her head slightly, “Just one of us is enough!” As soon as she finished speaking, she shot up into the air towards Mo Qingfeng.

Mo Qingfeng’s eyes narrowed slightly, yet there wasn’t any disdain within his eyes. There was only seriousness and solemness in them. Even though his cultivation was an entire realm above Nether Maiden, how could he dare to act carelessly? She was a hall master of the Nether Pavilion!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In next to no time, numerous explosions resounded in the sky. Nether Maiden hadn’t chosen to enter a pocket of space, so Mo Qingfeng naturally had no choice but to fight her right here.

As soon as they fought, the sky shook violently, space shattered, and spirit energy dispersed!

The Eye of the Heaven Dao in the sky instantly locked onto Nether Maiden and Mo Qingfeng, and then numerous bolts of pitch black divine lightning shot down incessantly towards them.

“Kill.” Meanwhile, Mo Tian roared furiously, and he shot explosively towards Yang Ye. The other Quasi Emperors of the Mo Clan attacked decisively as well. All of them were targeting Yang Ye!

4 Quasi Emperors!

As for Feng Qingyu and Li Laoguai, they’d charged at Xiao Bieli and Xiao Ling instead.

Yang Ye moved to Oblivion Maiden’s side and asked, “How many are you going to fight?”

Oblivion Maiden glanced at Yang Ye and said, “They’re all yours!”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

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