Chapter 1143 – The Treaty

Almighty Sword Domain


A crystal blue pillar of light suddenly descended from the sky and entered Yang Ye. In an instant, his body turned crystal blue.

“Slash!” Yang Ye suddenly drew his sword and swung it. A ray of sword energy shot forward and instantly slammed against Mo Tian who led the attack against him.


An explosion resounded, and then Mo Tian was blasted over 500m back. Meanwhile, Yang Ye swiftly drew his sword and swung it horizontally. A ray of blood red sword energy shot out, and the other 3 Quasi Emperors who’d just arrived in front of him were blasted over 500m back as well.

After he blasted them back, Yang Ye hurriedly turned around and gazed at Oblivion Maiden, “Quickly help me!”

Oblivion Maiden glanced at him and remained silent.

“Fine!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure charged at Mo Tian’s group of 4.

He was fighting 4 Quasi Emperors on his own!

That was what it was if one intended to make it sound nicer, but to be frank, he was just being beaten up by 4 Quasi Emperors! Mo Tian and the others were old geezers who’d lived for countless years. Regardless of whether it was their combat instinct or every other aspect, they were much superior to Yang Ye. So, Yang Ye was completely suppressed since the battle began. If he didn’t possess the final version of the Stellar Ward Technique, then he would have absolutely been unable to hold on for more than 3 breaths of time!

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden’s voice suddenly resounded from above, “Lend him a hand!”

Oblivion Maiden pondered deeply for an instant, and then she suddenly raised her head and gazed at a Quasi Emperor of the Mo Clan. After that, she stretched her right hand forward. In an instant, the space in front of her was instantly disintegrated, and only took an instant for it to disintegrate all the way to that Quasi Emperor. That Quasi Emperors who was besieging Yang Ye was astounded by this scene, and he hurriedly slapped his palm forward. However, his palm had just shot forward when it started to be disintegrated as well!

That Quasi Emperor was horrified by this scene. Meanwhile, Mo Tian acted decisively, and he waved his palm like a blade and severed that Quasi Emperor’s arm!

Mo Tian’s group didn’t dare to continue attacking. They gazed at Oblivion Maiden with vigilance because her attack was too mysterious!

“Reverse!” Suddenly, Nether Maiden’s voice resounded in the sky, and then the entire sky turned black. A long time passed before the sky returned to normal again.

After that, Nether Maiden appeared by Oblivion Maiden’s side. As for Mo Qingfeng, he’d appeared by Mo Tian and the others’ side as well. But they noticed that Mo Qingfeng’s arms were gone!

Mo Qingfeng had lost!

“The Nether Pavilion is great indeed!” Mo Qingfeng gazed at Nether Maiden and said, “I can be considered to have experienced the Nether Pavilion’s strength today. Let me ask you one last time, will both of you leave or not?”

Nether Maiden replied indifferently, “What do you think?”

Mo Qingfeng nodded lightly, and then he issued a command in his heart. A scroll appeared before him, and then it transformed into a beam of light that shot into the sky.

In next to no time, the scroll transformed into 3 black doors that floated in the sky.

Nether Maiden frowned, “The treaty between clans!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What treaty?”

Nether Maiden explained, “The treaty between clans is a treaty between the 4 great clans. It’s a treaty formed because of my Nether Pavilion, the Evil Faction, and some powers that remain hidden. So long as they enter into conflict with one of us, then the 4 clans would immediately activate the treaty. Because any one of their clans are unable to resist my Nether Pavilion, the Evil Faction, or those powers that remain hidden in the dimension.”

Yang Ye asked, “In other words, we have to face all 4 clans now?”

Nether Maiden nodded.

“I never expected that the 1st to utilize the treaty would be your Mo Clan!” Suddenly, a voice resounded from the door on the left, and then a white haired old man and 7 other old men walked out from within it.

All of them had a tiny ‘陆’ character embroidered on their clothes.

Obviously, they were from the Lu Clan!

8 Quasi Emperors!

“I never expected it as well!” Meanwhile, another voice resounded from the door on the right, and then a middle aged man who held a book that was made from symbols walked out from within it. There were 7 old men behind him as well.

All of them were Quasi Emperors!

Once the 8 of them arrived here, the middle aged man who led the group suddenly shook the thick book in his grasp. In an instant, the entire area was covered in symbols, and even the area around the Eye of the Heaven Dao was covered in mysterious symbols. After that, those symbols started to flicker with a light blue glow and started to revolve slowly.

At this moment, it was like everyone here was within a world of symbols.

The most terrifying part was that they noticed the profound energy within them had actually started to slowly leak out once those symbols appeared in the surroundings!

Everyone here was horrified upon noticing that. Yang Ye hurriedly circulated his profound energy, but he still wasn’t able to stop his profound energy from leaking out. Fortunately, the tiny vortex started to revolve, and then the profound energy within him finally returned to normal.

However, the other members of White Deer Academy weren’t that lucky! Their profound energy was leaking out slowly. Based on the current speed that it was leaking and coupled with the fact that they didn’t have much profound energy left, it would take an hour at most for their profound energy to run dry!

The middle aged man and the group behind him had a ‘符’ character embroidered on their clothes.

They were clearly from the Zhuge Clan!

Suddenly, a beautiful woman in an elegant dress walked out from the door at the center. She glanced at everyone here, and then her gaze descended onto Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maiden. She sized them up, and then walked over to the side and remained silent.

There were 7 Quasi Emperors behind her as well!

Their clothes were embroidered with a tiny ‘幕’ character.

They represented the Mu Clan!

The 4 great clans were here!

A total of over 30 Quasi Emperors!

Moreover, many of them were senior Quasi Emperors, and there were even some who were on the verge of leaving this world!

At this moment, all the experts of White Deer Academy had despair on their faces. Now, they could see no hope left for them.

Yang Ye’s face had turned gloomy as well. Should I release the Qiong Qi?

He had no other way to resolve this situation but to release the Qiong Qi.

“So, will both of you leave?” Meanwhile, Mo Qingfeng spoke abruptly. It seemed like he was discussing the matter with them, but his voice carried a threatening and pressuring tone.

Oblivion Maiden glanced at the Quasi Emperors in the sky, and then she lowered her head and spoke softly, “They have so many on their side!”

Nether Maiden replied, “They intend to bully us!”

“We can’t leave, or they’ll laugh at us!”

“Then we have to call for help!”

“Then call for help!”

“You do it!”

“I won’t! That’s so embarrassing! You do it!”

“I won’t do it as well!”

Yang Ye’s face had darkened at this point, and he said, “I’ll do it for both of you, alright? I’m not afraid of embarrassing myself!”

Nether Maiden glanced at Yang Ye, and then she withdrew a talisman. A moment later, it shattered in her grasp.

At the same time, Nether Maiden’s voice resounded, “It’s a fight. We don’t have enough people. Who will come?”

Even though her voice was soft, everyone throughout the Central Divine Prefecture could hear her.

A moment of silence ensued, and then the space behind Nether Maiden and the others suddenly started trembling violently.

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