Chapter 1144 – A Young Woman On A Pig!

Almighty Sword Domain

All the members of the 4 great clans revealed extremely solemn expressions on their faces.

They’d naturally signed the treaty for the sake of fighting against the Nether Pavilion, Evil Faction, and the other mysterious powers hidden throughout the dimension. Because if they didn’t sign such a treaty, then if any one of them were to accidentally offend powers like the Nether Pavilion and Evil Faction, there would only be a single outcome from it. Death!

But once they joined forces, then even the Nether Pavilion and Evil Faction wouldn’t dare underestimate their strength!

However, they were still quite worried when they truly faced the Nether Pavilion. Because the Nether Pavilion’s true strength had always been a mystery. No one knew exactly how strong they were, and no one knew how strong the other hall masters who’d never shown themselves in the Central Divine Prefecture were.

However, they knew that they would be finding out very soon.

Besides the members of the 4 clans, the other people here were looking at that expanse of space before Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maiden. They too wanted to see which hall master would answer Nether Maiden’s call.

It didn’t take long for space to split open, and then a young woman who wore a floral pattern dress appeared within their fields of vision.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the young woman.

She was around the age of 20, and her beautiful hair was tied into an arm-thick braid that hung down behind her. Her appearance couldn’t be considered to be beautiful, and she could merely be said to possess pretty features. The only dazzling thing about her was her eyes. They were very huge and filled with life. As for her figure, it was petite. If one were to judge her age solely by her figure, then she seemed to be just around the age of 15.

Even though her figure was petite, she gave others the impression that she was wild and barbaric, and she even seemed slightly funny.


Because a black spiked club that was even larger than her figure was resting against her shoulder! Besides that, she wasn’t alone. She was riding… she was riding a pig!


She’d arrived on a pig! She was riding a fat pig with huge ears, and the pig was even chewing on a bone right now.

There was no beauty to this scene, and it was just wild and savage!

A young woman on a pig!

Many people here couldn’t help but rub their eyes. That’s a hall master of the Nether Pavilion? Is that really the right person?

Yang Ye noticed that both Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maiden actually revealed solemn expressions in their eyes when the young woman appeared. Yang Ye was shocked by this. Because both Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maiden’s strengths were extremely terrifying. So, since the young woman could make them reveal solemn expressions, she was absolutely not simple at all!

Yang Ye asked softly, “Who is she?”

Nether Maiden replied with a question, “Your body is at the Divine Shift Realm, right?”

Yang Ye nodded while a trace of complacency could be seen in his eyes. After all, there were probably very few amongst the humans that could attain such a cultivation of the body. Because his body was equivalent to the body of a Quasi Emperor now!

Nether Maiden glanced at him and spoke indifferently, “She once tore a dragon apart with her bare hands, and that dragon was at the peak of the Divine Shift Realm.”

Yang Ye’s face froze.

Nether Maiden added, “She tore that dragon into almost 10,000 pieces, and then she fed it all to her pig.”

Yang Ye was speechless.

The young woman glanced at the experts of the 4 clans, and then she rode her pig over to Nether Maiden and Oblivion Maiden, “I can fight, but are there any benefits?”

Oblivion Maiden showed no loyalty at all, and she immediately moved aside because she was just here to help.

Nether Maiden pondered deeply for a short while, and then she gazed at Yang Ye. Because Yang Ye should be the one to give her compensation. After all, she would be fighting for him.

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

The young woman gazed at Yang Ye as well. She sized him up, and then there was a trace of surprise in his eyes, “Oh my! Young man, you’re not bad at all. You’ve actually attained the Divine Shift Realm. Why don’t we spar? Don’t worry, big sister won’t beat you to death.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. If Nether Maiden hadn’t told him of her past deeds, he might have just agreed. Yet now… now he couldn’t allow himself to see weak! He was very clearly aware that if one showed weakness to geniuses like her, then they wouldn’t think that one was being humble, they would look down on that person instead!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he said, “We can spar. However, I don’t know how to control my strength well, so it would be bad if I accidentally kill or injure you.”

Oblivion Maiden suddenly raised her head and gazed at him when she heard him, and then she blinked her eyes as if she was saying — Nothing is wrong with my ears, right?

As for Nether Maid, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly. She glanced at Yang Ye, and then turned around and shook her head.

The young woman’s eyes lit up instead when she heard Yang Ye, “You are man enough! Don’t worry, just because of that, big sister will absolutely not beat you to death. I’ll just beat you up at most!”


Yang Ye had quite an embarrassed expression on his face, but it didn’t take long for his face to become calm once more. He rubbed his nose, and then he raised his head to gaze at the experts of the 4 clans, “So, shouldn’t we deal with them first before talking about a spar between us?”

She waved her hand and said, “It’s just a bunch of weaklings. They are nothing to worry about. Tell me about the benefits first, and I’ll help you fight once that’s done!”

The expressions of the experts from the 4 clans instantly turned gloomy when they heard her. Rumors said that the members of the Nether Pavilion were arrogant, and now they could be considered to have experienced it firsthand.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched. Weaklings? There are over 30 Quasi Emperors on their side! Over 30!

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Can you kill all of them if I pay?”

“Do you think I’m a god?” The young woman replied angrily, “It wouldn’t be much of a problem if they fought me one by one. But if they attack me as a group, then even I would have to flee. If you pay me, then I’ll kill anyone you want. I’ll kill 5 people amongst anyone here. Right, not the 2 of them. I can’t kill them.”

“What high-sounding sentiments!” Yang Ye hadn’t even replied when the Quasi Emperor from the Lu Clan stepped forward, “They say the hall masters of the Nether Pavilion are extremely strong, and I, Lu Chuan, would like to see for myself. I’d like to see exactly how strong you so-called hall masters are.”

The young man glanced at Lu Chuan, and then she lightly tapped the white pig with her legs.


The pig grunted softly before it transformed into a ray of white light that vanished on the spot. After that, an extremely long spatial rift appeared in the sky.

Obviously, it was the pig which had created that spatial rift!

That’s a pig?

Is that really a pig?

Nether Maiden suddenly said, “That pig grew up eating all sorts of natural treasures and divine beasts!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

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