Chapter 1145 – There’s One More?

Almighty Sword Domain


A muffled explosion resounded, and then Lu Chuan was blasted flying. But it only took a moment for the white pig to appear in front of him again. After that, it bit him and started to feast on him.

“How dare you!” The old man who led the group from the Lu Can was furious, and he was about to attack. However, a spiked club instantly arrived before him. The old man’s pupils constricted, and he didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest as he overlapped his palms and pressed them forward.


The old man was blasted away, and he flew over 3km away before he finally stopped himself! Moreover, because his figure had flown so swiftly, the space he passed through had cracked apart.

The most terrifying part was that the old man’s eyes had actually transformed into mush when his figure stopped moving! The old man’s eyes were filled with shock when he noticed the state of his arms. Because the young woman who stood before him was actually that terrifying! Just that attack had almost killed him in an instant, yet she was only a high-rank Saint!

So, how terrifying would she be if she attained the Emperor Realm?

The expressions of everyone here had changed drastically!

They knew the young woman was definitely very strong, but they hadn’t expected her to almost kill a senior Quasi Emperor in an instant!

All of them were beyond shocked right now!

Yang Ye’s pupils had constricted as well. Her strength is truly terrifying!

Most importantly, he felt that her ability to control her strength was at least a level higher than his own!

What was a genius like? What was a monstrous genius like? People like Ye Lingfeng, Nether Maiden, Oblivion Maiden, and this young woman were prime examples!

How was he, Yang Ye, wan compared to then?

He had to grow stronger! He had to work harder!

That was what Yang Ye was thinking right now!

The experts of all the clans had become unsightly because her strength had far surpassed their expectations!

The young woman waved her hand, and the spiked club flew back into her grasp. After that, she patted her pig and said, “Little Pig, eat quickly!”

The white pig was eating Lu Chuan’s corpse, but as it ate and ate, it seemed to feel disgusted. So, it spat Lu Chuan’s corpse out, and then it shook its large head which disgust covered its face.

“You really are picky! I’ll get you a dragon next time!” The young woman patted the white pig, and then she gazed at Yang Ye, “Consider that dead fellow as a free gift. Now, give me your offer. Out of consideration for the 2 of them, I can give you a discount. Right, the minimum price to help you fight is 10,000 violet crystals.”

10,000! Yang Ye gasped. She really knows how to do business!Yang Ye gazed at Nether Maiden, but the latter said, “This isn’t our Nether Pavilion’s business, and it’s a private affair. Moreover, it’s your private affairs. So… give it to her!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he gazed at Zi Nan. The latter understood what he meant, and she flicked a spatial ring to him. Yang Ye glanced at its contents and noticed over 20,000 violet crystals within it.

Yang Ye immediately flicked it over to the young woman and said, “I’ll give you 20,000 for 10!”

As he spoke, he pointed at the members of the Mo Clan, “Them! Kill them first! Right, the sect master of the Thousand Crane Sect and the Law Faction’s Li Laoguai. Kill! Kill all of them!”

He couldn’t stand the sight of them for a very long time.

The faces of Mo Qingfeng and the other members of the Mo Clan immediately became gloomy. But it didn’t take long for Mo Qingfeng to reveal a savage expression, and he gazed at the young woman on the pig and said, “Let me see how you kill us!”

The white haired old man who led the group from the Lu Clan revealed a savage expression as well, “My Lu Clan would like to see how 3 of you will kill them as well!”

At the same time, the profound energy within the experts from the Mu Clan and Zhuge Clan had started to circulate.

The 4 clans didn’t want to become enemies with the Nether Pavilion, but they had to act now. Otherwise, their treaty would be a huge joke!

There were over 30 Quasi Emperors here! The 4 clans could be said to have dispatched all its elites.

“Members of my Mo Clan, hear me! Slaughter everyone within White Deer City later!” Meanwhile, Mo Qingfeng’s furious voice resounded through the sky. This time, he was truly furious.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while the tattoo on his chest became faintly visible. He would naturally not entrust all his hopes on the young woman. Even though she was extremely strong, there were over 30 Quasi Emperors here! If over 30 senior Quasi Emperors were to fight with their lives on the line, then they could even kill 2 Emperors!

If he had no other choice, Yang Ye would definitely release the Qiong Qi. He didn’t know how strong it was, and all he knew was that even Lady feared it. Just that was enough to him.

The young woman glanced at them and said, “I came here today to tell all of you that your clans are full of weaklings and trash! You want to fight my Nether Pavilion? You even intend to bully us with numbers? Just watch and see how laughable your actions are!”

As she spoke, the spiked club in her grasp started to spin at high speeds, and she raised her head and looked up at the sky, “Boundary Maiden, seal them!”

There’s another hall master here!

The expressions of the experts from the 4 clans changed drastically! There were 4 hall masters here!

Almost half the hall masters of the Nether Pavilion were here!

As soon as the pig-riding young woman finished speaking, the space here suddenly warped. A moment later, Yang Ye noticed to his astonishment that besides the experts of the Mo Clan, a practically translucent square had appeared around everyone including him. The square was like a cage that completely trapped them.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he drew his sword and swung it. A ray of sword energy struck against the translucent cube. But Yang Ye watched with shock as his sword energy actually vanished soundlessly upon coming into contact with the cube!

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden arrived by his side, and then she placed her hand against the square, “This is a barrier that can even trap Emperors!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the square around Yang Ye instantly vanished.

“Seize this opportunity to kill them!” As soon as she finished speaking, Nether Maiden’s figure shot towards the experts of the Mo Clan.

Oblivion Maiden didn’t stand by idly, and she slowly stretched out her right hand towards an expert from the Mo Clan!

As for the pig-riding young woman, she’d already charged forward.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then a pillar of blood shot up into the sky. A blood red sword appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp before he transformed into a ray of blood red light that shot explosively in the direction of the Mo Clan’s experts.

Yang Ye’s voice resounded, “Mo Clan! I’m going to wipe your clan off the face of the Central Divine Prefecture today!”

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