Chapter 1150 – Emperors Vanish!

Almighty Sword Domain

The sword energy shot up into the sky and vanished into the distant horizon.


Accompanying a huge mushroom cloud that blotted out the sky was a loud explosion in the distant horizon that rumbled through the sky. After that, the entire sky turned black.


With Yang Ye at the center, the mountains in an area of hundreds of thousands of kilometers started to collapse. Practically all those mountains were instantly transformed into powder and were obliterated right after. At the same time, the ground in an area of hundreds of thousands of kilometers started to sink down incessantly. The most terrifying scene was how the space in the area of hundreds of thousands of kilometers started to collapse as soon as it was repaired by the Laws of the Heaven Dao, and then it was repaired and collapsed again….

Just like that, it cycled between being repaired and collapsing for around 30 times before the space there finally returned to normal.

Even though the space at the point far away in the sky had returned to normal, a strand of grey energy covered the entire sky. Even sunlight couldn’t pass through it!

The world was in darkness.

As for those Emperors from before, there was no sign of them now. They hadn’t fled. It was because not a speck of them remained here.

Moreover, something seemed to have vanished from the world in the wake of that attack.

At this moment, practically all the experts throughout the Central Divine Prefecture were looking in Yang Ye’s direction with extremely unsightly expressions on their faces. Besides that, there was shock on their faces!

The reason their faces were unsightly was because they’d noticed that the spirit energy in the prefecture had actually grown scarcer than before. In just around a dozen breaths of time, the amount of spirit energy in the prefecture had reduced by over 30%.

Someone is damaging the dimension!

Such a thought had appeared in the minds of every single expert. There were only 2 possibilities to explain the reduction of spirit energy. The 1st was that the Eye of the Heaven Dao had been destroyed. Even though it was just a clone of the Heaven Dao, it was formed from all sorts of energy contained within the dimension. So, once it was destroyed, it was those energies of the dimension that would vanish, and that included spirit energy.

Destroying the Heaven Dao is equivalent to damaging the dimension!

That was why many who possessed the strength to destroy it wouldn’t do so. Because destroying it was equivalent to destroying the foundation of the dimension. The spirit energy and various types of energy throughout a world wasn’t boundless. Once all the energy in the world vanished, it represented that the inhabitants of the world would be unable to cultivate and would remain as ordinary people.

The 2nd was the destruction of the world at a large scale!

Yet now, someone was causing large scale destruction to the world!

The faces of countless experts had turned gloomy, and then ray after ray of light shot up into the sky throughout the Central Divine Prefecture and flashed towards Yang Ye’s location.

According to the rules of the Radiant Dimension, if anyone who’d attained the Saint Realm were to fight someone, then that person had to create a pocket of space to carry out the battle in. They were prohibited from fighting in the Radiant Dimension. Why? Because they were afraid that the battle would damage the world.

It was a rule that was set by all the experts of the Radiant Dimension!

There was practically not a single soul that dared to not abide by that rule. Because once someone didn’t abide by that rule, that person would be pursued and killed by all the experts at the Saint Realm and above throughout the Radiant Dimension.

Yet now, someone had actually caused large scale destruction to the world and damaged the foundation of the Radiant Dimension because the spirit energy here had dropped drastically.

No matter who the person was, that person would become the common enemy of the entire Radiant Dimension!

In the air above the wasteland.

Yang Ye held the Sword Precursor in both hands to support himself up in midair, and his eyes were closed while his entire body trembled slightly. The pig-riding young woman, Oblivion Maiden, Nether Maiden, and Ye Langxie were around him.

All of them had their gazes on him.

They were all extraordinary geniuses, so surmounting their realms of cultivation to do battle was a piece of cake to them. They wouldn’t be surprised even if they saw a Half-Saint kill an Emperor. However, tempestuous waves were surging through their hearts right now. Because Yang Ye hadn’t just killed an Emperor while at the Half-Saint Realm, he’d even killed 2 in one go!

Moreover, that wasn’t even the most shocking part, the most shocking part was that his attack had harmed the foundation of the Radiant Dimension!

That wasn’t something that just anyone could accomplish. It at least required the joint forces of numerous Emperors in order to cause a decline in the spirit energy within the Radiant Dimension!

Yet now, Yang Ye had accomplished it on his own!

Ye Langxie stared fixedly at Yang Ye. Besides shock, there was a trace of battle intent in his eyes.

“His sword… is so powerful!” Oblivion Maiden spoke abruptly, “I would have died if he used this sword that day.”

The pig-riding young woman gazed at Oblivion Maiden and said, “You think that it’s his sword which is strong, and not him, right?”

She nodded.

The pig-riding young woman shook her head slightly, and then she gazed at Ye Langxie, “Hey, sword user. Can you execute that attack if you have that sword?”

Ye Langxie glanced at her, and then he shook his head.

The pig-riding young woman gazed at Oblivion Maiden who was still puzzled, and explained, “See what sort of state he’s in right now? If I’m not wrong, then that sword is too strong. Even he is unable to fully control it, and that’s why he’s in his current state.”

Oblivion Maiden said, “I still don’t understand!”

The pig-riding young woman gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The reason that attack had such strength was because it was enhanced by 2 types of Void Rank intent, profound energy, and stellar energy. Besides those 2 types of energy, it also contained a type of purple colored energy. In the beginning, I thought that it was Quintessence Violet Energy, but it doesn’t seem to be it. Besides that, even his physical strength at the Divine Shift Realm was included! So, that attack didn’t just carry the might of his sword. Of course, the main reason for its strength is still that sword!”

She paused for a moment at this point, and then she continued, “All of that isn’t important. The main point is that he’s probably the only one beneath the Emperor Realm who can execute that attack.”

Oblivion Maiden asked, “Why?”

The pig-riding young woman replied, “His body has attained the Divine Shift Realm, and he even absorbed stellar energy into his body just now. At that moment, his physical strength would probably be sufficient to engage in close quartered combat with me. As for his physical defense at that time, he would probably even be able to go head-on against my physical strength! However, even then, his body almost collapsed after he drew his sword. So, it’s obvious how powerful that attack was.”

She gazed at Ye Langxie at this point and said, “If that sword is given to that fellow, he probably wouldn’t even be able to draw it!”

Ye Langxie glanced at the pig-riding young woman, but he remained silent. Because he really couldn’t draw it…. His Sword Dao was formidable, and not his physical strength!

Meanwhile, Oblivion Maiden suddenly asked the pig-riding young woman, “Can you draw it?”

Ye Langxie gazed at the pig-riding young woman as well.

The latter nodded and said, “I can. But I’ll die. That sword is too strong. If I don’t have sword intent and formidable physical defenses to support myself, my body will be torn apart at the instant I draw it. But it shouldn’t be a problem once I’ve attained the Emperor Realm. Of course, even if I can draw it, it wouldn’t be that strong. That sword has acknowledged him as its master, and the perfect synergy between them isn’t something that anything else can compare to!”

When she spoke up to this point, the pig-riding young woman suddenly added, “But I know someone who’ll definitely be able to draw it, and that person will be completely fine!”

Oblivion Maiden asked, “Who?”

The pig-riding young woman chuckled complacently, “I’m not telling you that. Hahaha!”

Oblivion Maiden glanced at her and said, “I know where you can get Adamantium Fruits!”

The pig-riding young woman asked hastily, “Where?” Because her pig loved Adamantium Fruits.

“I’m not telling you as well!” As soon as she finished speaking, Oblivion Maiden paid no further attention to the pig-riding young woman, and she just lowered her head and lightly patted the fox in her arms.

The pig-riding young woman was speechless.

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden said, “People are coming!”

The pig-riding young woman shot a glance up at the sky and said, “That fellow caused too much of a commotion. He’s in trouble now.”

Oblivion Maiden said, “There’s even worse trouble on the way!”

The pig-riding young woman glanced at Nether Maiden and said, “We’ve already helped him a great deal.”

“One last time, alright?” Nether Maiden said, “Just until he recovers.”

The pig-riding young woman nodded, “I’ll take the north!” Her figure shot towards the north once she finished speaking.

Oblivion Maiden hesitated for a moment, and then she said, “Then I’ll head to the south!” Her figure shot towards the south once she finished speaking.

Ye Langxie’s figure vanished on the spot while his voice resounded, “I’ll take the east!”

Nether Maiden glanced at Yang Ye before flashing towards the west.

In next to no time, the experts coming from all directions had been obstructed by them. In the beginning, many were definitely displeased and intended to attack. However, once they found out about the identities of the 4 people who were obstructing their paths, there wasn’t a single expert who dared to attack anymore. But they didn’t retreat as well.

Yang Ye’s eyes were closed tight, and his cracked skin was healing swiftly.

Executing the true form of Heavenrend after activating the full version of the Stellar Ward Technique caused the harm that he suffered to be much lesser than before. He’d executed the true form of Heavenrend once in Pine Prefecture, and he was practically left without the strength to even move a finger. Yet now, executing the true form of Heavenrend was actually no different to the injuries he suffered after executing the ultimate form of Death by a Thought without activating the Stellar Ward Technique in advance!

Of course, besides his physical body’s advancement to the Divine Shift Realm, there was another reason for this, and it was because he’d enhanced his body with the full version of the Stellar Ward Technique.

If he didn’t possess the full version of the Stellar Ward Technique, then even his body at the Divine Shift Realm wouldn’t have been able to endure the might of Heavenrend’s true form!

In short, the improvement in his body and the full version of the Stellar Ward Technique allowed him to execute the true form of Heavenrend like a normal technique!

A slight smile couldn’t help but curl up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he thought of that. Of course, it didn’t represent that he could execute the true form of Heavenrend without any limits. Just like this very moment, even though he wasn’t heavily injured or crippled, his body would definitely collapse if he tried to execute Heavenrend’s true form again. While his body hadn’t collapsed now, it was on the verge of it!

If he were to execute the true form of Heavenrend again, then he would definitely die! But according to his estimations, he would need around 2 hours at most for his body to be almost completely restored. At that time, it wouldn’t be a problem to execute Heavenrend’s true form again.

Suddenly, 10 rays of golden light appeared in the sky. The golden light dispersed to reveal a white robed old man and 9 middle aged man who were in dark golden armor!

10 Emperors!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted at the sight of this.

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