Chapter 1151 – Qiong Qi Emerges!

Almighty Sword Domain

Meanwhile, Nether Maiden and the others appeared by Yang Ye’s side, and they had solemn expressions on their faces as they gazed at those 10 Emperors.

The white robed old man who led the group waved his right hand lightly. In an instant, the grey colored energy that suffused the sky was dispersed in an instant. After that, he gazed at Nether Maiden and the others before suddenly flicking his finger. The space in an area of 50,000km suddenly started rippling.


A muffled bang resounded, and then a woman in a green dress appeared by the pig-riding young woman’s side.

The pig-riding young woman gazed at the woman in a green dress, “Are you alright?” 

The woman in a green dress shook her head slightly while a solemn expression could be seen in her eyes, “He destroyed my barrier! His strength is unfathomable. Unless 2nd or 3rd sister are here, otherwise none of us are a match for him!” The pig-riding young woman pondered deeply for a moment before looking at Nether Maiden, “10th sister!” 

Nether Maiden fell silent.

The white robed old man glanced at Nether Maiden and the others, and then he gazed at Yang Ye, “The blood sentence. I never expected a blood sentence to appear in this dimension. Moreover, the one branded with it is actually just a Half-Saint. But your strength is actually so extraordinary. You killed 2 Emperors with a single swing of your sword. That truly surprised me quite a bit!”

Yang Ye didn’t speak. He just held tightly onto the ancient sheath in his left grasp while the last bits of profound energy within him started circulating slowly. Meanwhile, the tattoo of a ferocious beast was faintly visible on his chest.

The white robed old man didn’t even give Yang Ye another glance, and he just gazed at Nether Maiden and the others. A short moment passed before he said, “I’ll let bygones be bygones for what happened earlier. Now, leave my sight immediately. Otherwise, it’s best if you summon those strongest experts of your pavilion. Because the 4 of you are still too weak!”

The pig-riding young woman was just about to speak when Yang Ye spoke abruptly, “Just leave!”

Nether Maiden gazed at Yang Ye while Yang Ye looked at her as well, “Listen to me and leave with them. Leave. Get as far as you can and don’t turn back.”

Nether Maiden asked in a low voice, “What are you planning on doing?”

Yang Ye replied, “I’m going to summon something to bite them!”

Nether Maiden replied, “It won’t make a difference even if you summon the patriarch of the Dragon Clan!”

Yang Ye chuckled and spoke seriously, “You’re not alone. You’ll drag them down with you if you stay. Moreover, to be honest, it’s pointless for you to stay at a time like this, and it would only make me feel apprehensive.”

Nether Maiden gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before she said, “Don’t worry. If you die, then I’ll definitely avenge you one day.” 

She turned around and left once she finished speaking.

The pig-riding young woman glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Are you going to sell your sword or not? I can give you 100,000 violet crystals! 100,000 violet crystals! That’s everything I have!”

Yang Ye ignored her. The latter shrugged and left on her pig.

Oblivion Maiden glanced at Yang Ye, hesitated for a moment, and said, “I heard you have Adamantium Fruits. Sell a few to me, alright?”

Obviously, she’d heard it from Light Maiden. Yang Ye wasn’t stingy and just flicked 10 over to her.

Oblivion Maiden hurriedly took them and said, “I won’t take them for nothing!” She flicked something over to Yang Ye, and then her figure flashed and vanished into the distance.

Yang Ye looked over and saw a single violet crystal in front of him….

Just one!

Yang Ye’s face darkened. After all, it was fine to not give him anything, but she gave him one! 

Meanwhile, Ye Langxie said, “I can’t defeat them!”

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and gazed at Ye Langxie, “Help me take care of White Deer Academy!” 

He’d asked Ye Langxie to kill an Emperor for him just now. But he hadn’t done some with hopes that Ye Langxie would really kill that Emperor, and he just wanted to see if Ye Langxie would keep his promise. The facts proved that he was very trustworthy. So, Yang Ye would naturally not ask him to deal with the guardians.

Because Ye Langxie would only be giving his life away if Yang Ye asked him to fight the guardians. Yang Ye’s true goal was to make Ye Langxie take care of White Deer Academy. After all, even if anything unexpected occurred, White Deer Academy wouldn’t be bullied while it had the protection of an expert in the top 10 of the Martial Rankings.

Ye Langxie gazed at Yang Ye for a short while and said, “Alright!” He turned around and vanished into the horizon once he finished speaking.

Once everyone left, Yang Ye looked up at the 10 Emperors in the sky. 10 Emperors! It was pointless even if he executed the true form of Heavenrend again!

After all, it was 10 Emperors that he was facing!

The white robed old man suddenly said, “I know you still have trump cards!”

Yang Ye nodded.

The white robed old man gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Even if all the experts of this dimension were to come here, it wouldn’t be much of a threat to me. As for those mysterious experts in this dimension, they clearly wouldn’t go against us guardians for you. So, do it! Let me see what your trump card is. I’m really very curious!”

Yang Ye said, “Even though I know that I’m asking for insult, I still want to ask you this question. You guardians won’t let me go, right?”

The white robed old man said, “One branded with the blood sentence deserves death to himself and everyone related to him!”

“Alright!” Yang Ye nodded, and then he tore open his clothes. HE took a deep breath before a wisp of ferociousness arose in his eyes, “Qiong Qi! It's time to come out and bite people!”


A roar suddenly resounded here.

The large white pig beneath the young woman instantly wailed when it heard that furious howl, and then it fell flat on the ground and started shivering.

The fox in Oblivion Maiden’s arms howled with pain as well, and then it held its head with both paws while wailing incessantly.

All 4 of them were shocked, and they turned around to look over in Yang Ye’s direction.

What has he summoned?

At the moment that roar resounded, every single demon beast of all realms of cultivation and type in an area of 500,000km had fallen flat on the ground, and they were wailing incessantly with pain.

At the same time, another Eye of the Heaven Dao appeared in the sky.

This time, the Eye of the Heaven Dao was at least 10 times larger than before!

Endless heavenly might rained down from above, causing practically every single inhabitant of the Central Divine Prefecture to shiver!

“I’m finally free! I’m finally free!” At the same time, a ferocious roar of a beast resounded through the area.

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