Chapter 1154 – He Deserves Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

It was a halberd!

Lady was holding a white halberd in her grasp. It was completely snow white as if it was made of white jade. It was a little over 3m in length in length and 3 fingers wide. There was a huge beast that was baring its fangs carved on the halberd’s pole, and it seemed to be filled with ferocity and the intent to swallow its enemies.

Far away in the universe. There was a star within the boundless starry sky. At the moment Lady took hold of the halberd, a middle aged man who sat cross-legged at the seat of the host in a palace there had suddenly opened his eyes, and there was a trace of excitement and joy in his eyes.

“Young Miss, I’ve finally found you. Immediately set out! Don’t try to save energy! Just teleport through space!” As soon as he finished speaking, the middle aged man shot up into the sky, and another 50 cultivators in fiery red armor followed behind him.

All of them were Emperors!

A moment later, the middle aged man’s group had instantly teleported past countless dimensions.

The Spirit Dimension.

Lady withdrew her gaze and looked up at the old man, “Do you want to fight?”

The old man gazed at her and said, “You’re not from this dimension!”

Lady gazed at him and spoke calmly, “Does it make a difference?”

The old man gazed at her for a short while and said, “Right!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the old man raised both his hands and pressed them down lightly. In an instant, the brightly illuminated sky had instantly fallen into darkness. Countless stars covered the sky above the Radiant Dimension, and then countless stars started to revolve and form a vortex of stars.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted as he sat on Qiong Qi’s back, and he felt beyond shocked. After all, it had instantly changed the world and caused stars to appear in the sky.

What sort of divine technique is that? At this moment, Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel defeated.

Because he noticed that even the true form of Heavenrend was probably useless before the old man’s technique. This time, he truly realized how tiny he was.

Was it shameful to admit one’s weakness?

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, it wasn’t. If a person couldn’t clearly comprehend himself and understand where he stood, then that was shameful. It wasn’t just shameful; it was very sad.

After the vortex of stars appeared in the sky, countless beams of crystal blue light shot out from the stars and descended like raindrops in a storm towards Lady. Actually, they should be said to be descending towards Lady, Yang Ye, and Qiong Qi. Because all 3 of them were enveloped beneath it.

Yang Ye’s expression changed at the sight of this. Those beams of crystal blue energy contained energy that he couldn’t resist at all. Not even one of them! Because those crystal blue beams of energy contained some sort of mysterious energy as well!

Yang Ye gazed at Lady, and there was a trace of worry in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi’s pupils had constricted slightly as well. He would naturally not fear such an attack if he was in his prime. Yet now, he would be crippled even if he could survive those beams of energy. Qiong Qi’s gaze descended onto Lady. At this moment, he had no choice but to place his hopes on her.

Lady’s face remained expressionless as she watched the beams of crystal blue light rain down like a storm. She withdrew a white silk ribbon and tied her shoulder length hair. When the crystal blue beams of light arrived around 1k above her, Lady suddenly tightened her grip on the halberd and flicked it upwards.

The Brink Laws! Yang Ye’s pupils constricted.


It sounded like a blade slicing through cloth as the crystal blue beams of light were instantly obliterated. At the same time, the vortex of stars instantly shattered into bits.

A few moments later, everything here returned to normal.

The old man gazed at Lady while an unprecedentedly solemn expression could be seen on his face.

Qiong QI had a solemn expression in his eyes as well, and there was trace of fear within them as well.

“Rise!” Meanwhile, Lady’s voice resounded, and then she shot up into the sky. Her speed was very strange. In the beginning, she was very swift, but she gradually slowed down. It didn’t take long for her to be as fast as someone walking!

“The energy of time!” Qiong Qi suddenly spoke solemnly. At the same time, the old man’s expression grew extremely unsightly as well.

Yang Ye was puzzled, “The energy of time?”

“She’s… really strong!” Qiong Qi spoke solemnly, “She has grasped a portion of the energy of time. While she seems to be very slow, it only seems that way to us. Actually, her speed is at a level that can’t be distinguished by the eye. Have you noticed that old bastard’s expression? He’s being enveloped by the energy of time, and he’s facing her true speed instead!”

Suddenly, Lady and the old man vanished at the same time.

Qiong Qi spoke in a low voice, “The old geezer is launching a counterattack!”

Yang Ye asked, “You can see them?”

“Of course!” Qiong Qi spoke coldly, “Even their joint forces would be no match for me at my prime.”

Qiong Qi paused for a moment at this point, and then he continued, “Actually, that thing within you is the truly formidable one. If you can utilize its full strength, then you can seal this entire dimension or store this dimension within it. No, even this entire stellar region can be sealed by it.”

Yang Ye’s expression changed, “You… you know about its origins?”

Qiong Qi replied, “I know a little!”

“Then why aren’t you trying to take it from me?” Yang Ye was puzzled. After all, the Primordial Pagoda was absolutely heaven defying. Not to mention Qiong Qi, Yang Ye believed that all the supreme experts in this universe would come to take it from him if its true abilities were exposed.

Qiong Qi spoke indifferently, “I don’t want to die!”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“It has acknowledged you as its owner. In other words, you’re an inheritor of that person’s mantle….” When he spoke up to this point, Qiong Qi’s voice carried a trace of fear, and he didn’t speak further.

Yang Ye hurriedly asked, “Who is that person you speak of?” Actually, he knew very little about the Primordial Pagoda, and it was the same for the identities of Xiao Qi and that white haired old man who’d once appeared within the pagoda. He knew nothing about them. But he knew that the person Qiong Qi spoke of was probably the white haired old man.

Qiong Qi suddenly asked, “How much have you recovered?”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned and said, “Around 50 or 60%.”

Qiong Qi’s eyelids twitched, and he almost cursed. After all, the injuries Yang Ye suffered earlier weren’t even the slightest bit inferior to his own. Yet now, Yang Ye had recovered by almost 60%. Such speed of recovery…. It made Qiong Qi doubt that it was even human!

Qiong Qi sighed, and then he looked up at the white robed old man’s group of 3, “How about we join forces and kill them?”

Yang Ye looked up at them while a cold smile curled up on his lips, “That’s exactly what I was thinking! However, I can’t execute that drawing technique from before. So, allow me to direct the battle, alright?”

Qiong Qi pondered deeply for an instant and nodded.

Once he saw Qiong Qi nod, Yang Ye condensed an intent sword in his right grasp, and then he pressed it against the center of his forehead. Meanwhile, the remaining profound energy in his body started to circulate.

The white robed old man and the others’ expressions changed slightly when Yang Ye and Qiong Qi’s gazes descended upon them, and they were about to attack. However, Qiong Qi suddenly transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot, and Qiong Qi was around 300m behind them when he appeared once more.

The white robed old man’s pupils suddenly constricted while his figure stiffened, and disbelief filled his eyes. It didn’t take long for the color in his eyes to fade, and then his head tilted to the side and rolled down to the ground!

An Emperor had been killed in an instant!

The other 2 Emperors were horrified!

It was the ultimate version of Death by a Thought!

Yang Ye hadn’t executed the true form of Heavenrend. While it was strong, its side effects were severe. Moreover, he would definitely be finished if he were to execute it again in his current state. So, he’d utilized the ultimate version of Death by a Thought. Moreover, it was numerous times stronger than any other time he’d executed it!

Because besides his own speed, strength, and intent, it was also enhanced by Qiong Qi’s speed and strength!

So, it could kill an Emperor in an instant!

Yang Ye and Qiong Qi gazed at the other 2 Emperors. Both of them were horrified and were about to attack. However, Yang Ye and Qiong Qi transformed into a ray of light and vanished once more.


The head of another Emperor instantly flew up into the air.

Qiong Qi was about to charge once more, but Yang Ye quickly stopped him. Even though Yang Ye’s body was at the Divine Shift Realm, it still couldn’t endure such successive executions of Death by a Thought!

Killing 2 Emperors was the maximum his body could endure.

Qiong Qi intended to say something, but Lady and the old man had appeared once more in the sky. Lady was still standing where she stood earlier, and her white dress was still completely untainted. As for the old man, he was still standing where he stood earlier as well. However, his arms were gone.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this. Meanwhile, a wisp of blood seeped out from the corner of Lady’s mouth, and it caused Yang Ye’s expression to change. She’s injured?

The old man stared fixedly at her and said, “Who… are you?”

Lady pointed her halberd at Yang Ye and said, “I want to keep him alive!”

The old man spoke fiercely, “A sinner of the dimension deserves death! You too deserve death for protecting a sinner of the dimension!”

“You think you can?” Lady’s voice was very calm, but it carried a strand of ridicule.

“What if we are included?” Meanwhile, a voice resounded from far away in the sky, and then 20 Emperors and a red robed old man appeared in the sky.

21 Emperors! Coupled with the armless old man and that last Emperor, there were 23 Emperors here!

The red robed old man glanced at the armless old man and said, “Duan Mu, I didn’t expect even your arms to be crippled!”

The armless man glanced at the red robed old man, “Why don’t you try fighting her?”

The red robed old man gazed at Lady, fell silent for a short while, and said, “No matter where you’re from, since you’ve violated the rules of our stellar region, then you have to die.”

“How dare you!” Suddenly, a furious shout resounded from outside the broken barrier of the Radiant Dimension.

The red robed old man and armless old man’s expressions changed when they heard the shout, and they turned around and looked up into the sky.

The corners of Lady’s eyes twitched slightly when she heard that voice, and then she slowly closed her eyes.

In next to no time, a middle aged man in fiery red armor who held a fiery red spear appeared in the sky, and there were 50 other men in fiery red armor following behind him.

51 Emperors!

The red robed old man and armless old man’s faces instantly became extremely solemn at the sight of this.

Especially when they saw the middle aged man who led the ground. Based on his aura, he could be said to be the strongest and most terrifying existence here!

The middle aged man with the fiery red spear ignored the 2 old men, and he went over to Lady with the others behind him. After that, everyone watched with astonishment as he took a knee before Lady and said, “The Hall Master of the Heavenly Flame Hall, Fen Cangyan, greets the Young Miss!”

The 50 Emperors behind the middle aged man hurriedly took a knee as well, and they lowered their heads before speaking in unison, “Greetings Young Miss!”

Everyone else here was speechless.

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