Chapter 1155 – Lady’s Background!

Almighty Sword Domain

Everyone here was stunned, including Yang Ye.

He hadn’t expected that she wasn’t just strong, it seemed like her identity wasn’t ordinary as well. Because that middle aged man who was kneeling before her was definitely an expert above the Emperor Realm.

But it was exactly such an expert that was actually so respectful to Lady and had even knelt before her!

What exactly is her background? Yang Ye’s heart was filled with curiosity.

The red robed old man and the armless man immediately revealed solemn expressions as well.

Meanwhile, Lady remained silent with her eyes closed, and Fen Cangyan and the others remained kneeling in silence!

The atmosphere here was quite heavy.

A long time passed before Lady said, “How’s it like at home?”

Fen Cangyan spoke respectfully, “Madam is very worried about you, and she tasked all 5 elemental halls to search for you, Young Miss.”

Lady clenched her fists slightly when she heard this, and a short while passed before she said, “They still haven’t changed their minds, right?”

Fen Cangyan hesitated for a moment before he said, “Young Miss, allow me to say something beyond my line of duty. The Lord and Madam have no other choice. Our Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region is facing a formidable enemy. We’ve already lost over a dozen worlds. If it wasn’t for the help from Wildlands Stellar Region, then we would have probably….” Fen Cangyan didn’t dare speak further.

“Father has grown old!” Lady suddenly opened her eyes and gazed at the halberd in her grasp, “All those years ago, the heroic spirit of the Wargod who relied on this halberd to conquer a few dozen worlds is gone.” There was a trace of unwillingness and helplessness in her voice at this point.

Fen Cangyan didn’t dare to respond to that.

Lady gazed at the halberd in her grasp and said, “When he gave this to me, he told me not to bring shame to the name of the ‘Wargod’. I never dared to slack off because of that title, and I never brought shame to it. Yet now, he wants a ‘Wargod’ to put down her weapon and form an alliance via marriage in order to save his empire!”

Lady suddenly turned around to look at Yang Ye and said, “Do you know what I admire the most about you?”

Yang Ye remained silent.

Fen Cangyan gazed at Yang Ye as well, and there was a trace of bewilderment in his eyes.

Lady gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Amongst the people I’ve met, your natural talent can only be considered as ordinary. As for your wisdom, it can only be described as terrible on many occasions. However, there’s one thing you possess which people who have 10 times your wisdom or natural talent don’t possess.”

Her voice grew heavier at this point, “It’s how you would rather die than submit. No matter how strong the enemies you face are, you’ve never yielded or shown any fear. So long as they are your enemy, then you would dare to draw your sword. Many people aren’t capable of that. Even I’m incapable of that at many times, and it’s the same for my father who was once called the Wargod. To a certain extent, you’re more manly than he is!”

Fen Cangyan’s eyes instantly narrowed when he heard her.

Yang Ye instantly felt embarrassed when he heard her praise him like that. He was about to speak a few words to be modest, but Lady continued, “But a person like you is bound to not live for long. Actually, it’s a miracle that you’ve been able to survive until now.”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

Meanwhile, Qiong Qi spoke abruptly, “Little Girl, you’re wrong!”

Lady gazed at him.

Qiong Qi continued, “It wasn’t a miracle that allowed him to survive until now, it’s because he is loyal. I’ve been with this kid for some time. Just as you said, I once thought that it was a miracle that he’d been able to survive until now. But later on, I realized that it wasn’t the case. Even though this kid is ruthless, bloody, and kills without batting an eyelid, he’s loyal. That’s exactly why he has been able to survive until now, because there are always those who are willing to help him. Just like you. You’re definitely not helping him just because you admire how much of a madman he is, right?”

Lady fell silent while some of the scenes of the past couldn’t help but appear in her mind.

After staying silent for a moment, Lady suddenly waved her hand. In an instant, the scene here changed, and it became a world filled with stars. Countless stars covered the sky, and it was simply bewitching.

Only Yang Ye and Lady were here!

She glanced at him, and then she slowly laid down there and looked up at the stars above.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then he walked over to her side and laid there.

Yang Ye was the first to break the silence, “What did you want to tell me?”

She looked up at the starry sky and spoke softly, “I’m from Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. That stellar region has over 100 small worlds like the Radiant Dimension. All of them are under my clan’s control, and they were conquered by my father. At that time, he was called the Wargod, and he was invincible throughout Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. So, it didn’t take long for him to unite the entire stellar region.

“However, a powerful enemy appeared. That enemy was very strong, and my father experienced how it felt to lose for the very first time. The Wargod who’d practically never lost throughout Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region had lost for the first time. After that, my stellar region was pushed back repeatedly and lost over a dozen small worlds.”

Lady suddenly turned to look at Yang Ye and said, “Do you know where my injuries came from?”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly.

Lady explained, “My father wanted me to unite our stellar region with Wildlands Stellar Region in marriage, so that we could obtain its help. I didn’t agree. I took that halberd, Peacekeeper, which my father gave me and challenged that person who once defeated my father. I wanted to prove to my father that I could protect Clouds of Heaven Stellar Region. I’m sure you know what the outcome was. I lost. My cultivation dropped, and I have to suffer eternal pain from the cosmic rays within me!”

Yang Ye suddenly stretched out his hand and took her hand. She gazed at him, yet she didn’t struggle free and just continued looking at him.

Yang Ye said, “Those cosmic rays are still within you, right?”

She replied, “Yes!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly and closed his eyes. It didn’t take long for the tiny vortex within him to suddenly start spinning. It grew faster and faster before a strand of suction force surged out from Yang Ye’s arm.

Lady’s pupils constricted, “Stop!”

However, the suction force grew stronger and stronger!

In next to no time, 3 dark red threads flowed out of her arm and entered Yang Ye’s body. As soon as that happened, Yang Ye’s eyes opened wide while his eyeballs had practically popped out of their sockets. After that, his entire face warped before he fell unconscious a moment later.

The cosmic rays hadn’t entered the tiny vortex, and they were circulating around Yang Ye’s Heart of Slaughter instead.

A while later, Yang Ye’s mind cleared up slightly, and he opened his eyes slowly as well. He was still in that starry sky, yet he was lying in Lady’s arms. At this moment, she was looking at him.

She asked, “Why?”

“I might not be able to kill that enemy of yours. But I can help you recover.” Yang Ye smiled, “At the very least, it seems like I’m the only one capable of that.”

Lady gazed at Yang Ye for a short while, and then she looked up at the starry sky, “You know… there are countless expanses of stars outside this one. The universe is boundless. Many stellar regions are ruled by the human race, but there are also many that are ruled by other races. In short, the universe is huge while we are very weak and tiny.”

Lady lowered her head to look at Yang Ye and continued, “I only have 2 choices once I return this time. The 1st is to fight to my death, and the 2nd is to form an alliance through marriage. Which path do you want me to take?”

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