Chapter 1159 – I’ll Help You Dig Out Those Eyes!

Almighty Sword Domain

“That won’t do!” Nan Shuang continued, “You won’t be able to survive in this world without killing! Of course, that’s pointless to you. Because I’ll be selling you off once you’ve recovered. You’re worth 10,000 extreme-grade energy stones after all!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

“We’re here!” Nan Shuang stopped.

Meanwhile, a furious shout resounded from afar, “Who are all of you? Do you realize that I’m…?”

Yang Ye looked over and saw a middle aged man being besieged by the scarred woman and the others. The middle aged man’s strength wasn’t bad, and he was actually able to forcefully resist their joint forces. However, he hadn’t been able to persist for long and was killed in a short while.

At the moment the middle aged man died, countless strands of spirit energy surged out from within him to be returned to the world.

However, the scarred woman hurriedly withdrew a black gourd when the spirit energy emerged, and the black cloud instantly sucked away all the spirit energy while emanating a ray of dazzling light.

Nan Shuang hurriedly led Yang Ye over. Meanwhile, the scarred woman had opened the black gourd, and when Yang Ye swept it with his divine sense, he noticed that there were around 100,000 extreme-grade energy stones within it.

They condense spirit energy into energy stones? Yang Ye glanced at the gourd and felt rather surprised. Because he hadn’t expected that it could actually transform spirit energy into extreme-grade energy stones. It was slightly similar to Snowy’s ability. However, it was much inferior to Snowy. Because the gourd wasted too much spirit energy when producing extreme-grade energy stones. If Snowy had absorbed all that spirit energy, then it could have been transformed into at least 10 violet crystals!

Of course, he wasn’t foolish enough to let Snowy show herself.

Meanwhile, the scarred woman flicked her finger repeatedly, and a pile of extreme-grade energy stones appeared before every single one of the women here. Yang Ye glanced at them and noticed that there were around 5,000 extreme-grade energy stones in front of every one of them.

Yang Ye glanced at the scarred woman because she’d taken almost half of the spoils. However, he was surprised to notice that the other women didn’t reveal any displeasure and were very satisfied instead.

Yang Ye fell silent at the sight of this.

He realized that the laws of survival in this world was countless times more brutal than the Radiant Dimension. It was truly a dog eat dog world!

I have to recover my strength as soon as possible!

Only by recovering his strength could he survive in this world! As for the Stellar Sword Diagram and charging into the Saint Realm, he had to put them aside for now. His main objective right now was to survive!


Suddenly, a ray of light shot over from afar, and a middle aged man appeared here.

Everyone immediately shot their gazes at him, and their gazes were hostile! Because the middle aged man was a high-rank Saint!

“I was too late in the end!” The middle aged man clenched his fists while quite a hideous expression could be seen on his face. He took a deep breath and gazed at the women before him, “You even dared to kill one of us, Souleater Mercs. You really have some gall!”

Yang Ye noticed that their expressions instantly changed when they heard the middle aged man. Their faces were quite unsightly and slightly pale.

“Don’t let him leave!” Meanwhile, the scarred woman’s voice suddenly resounded, and then her figure shot towards the middle aged man. As for the other women by her side, they hurriedly shot towards the middle aged man as well.

The middle aged man’s expression changed slightly. He hadn’t expected them to actually dare to kill him after he’d revealed his identity. His face grew even more hideous, but he didn’t attack. He just turned around and shot off towards the distance. After all, these women before him weren’t weaker than him, and they had the numbers. So, he had no chance to win against them!

In next to no time, the middle aged man, the scarred woman, and the others vanished from Yang Ye’s field of vision.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, thought for a long time, but didn’t choose to flee in the end. This world was too dangerous, and he might be killed at any moment if he were to leave this group. Even though these women weren’t very friendly to him, they had no intention to kill him for now. In short, staying here was comparatively safer.

It didn’t take long for the scarred woman and the others to return. Yang Ye noticed that all of them carried unsightly expressions on their faces.

Obviously, the middle aged man had escaped.

Nan Shuang asked, “Big Sister Canglan, what should we do?”

The woman called Canglan looked up at a mountain range in the distance, and she fell silent for a long time before she said, “Enter the mountain range!”

Nan Shuang hesitated for a moment and said, “Big Sister Canglan, while that spirit vein is important, but….”

Canglan interrupted Nan Shuang and said, “The Souleater Mercs will take at least 4 hours to rush over here. 4 hours is enough for us. Let’s go!”

Canglan’s figure shot towards the mountain range once she finished speaking.

The other women quickly followed her. Meanwhile, Nan Shuang arrived by Yang Ye’s side, grabbed Yang Ye, and shot off towards the distance as well.

Yang Ye asked Nan Shuang, “Why don’t all of you use profound energy? It would be faster that way!” Because he noticed that they were relying on their physical bodies and not profound energy. If they used profound energy, then their speeds would definitely multiply.

“Are you stupid?” Nan Shuang continued, “Profound energy is used for battle. If we use it to increase our speed, then what would we do if we have no more profound energy when we encounter danger?”

Yang Ye didn’t know what to say.

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time, and then he suddenly looked down at Nan Shuang’s waist. There was a blood red palm print there.

Yang Ye asked, “You’re injured?”

Nan Shuang said, “It’s just a minor injury!”

Yang Ye said, “Give me 10 extreme-grade energy stones, alright?”

“No!” Nan Shuang refused decisively, “I have to save them for advancing into the Quasi Emperor Realm.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, “Lend me 10 extreme-grade energy stones, alright? I’ll return 10 violet crystals to you in the future!”

Nan Shuang glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Even though you’re absolutely weak, you’re really good at bragging.”

Yang Ye felt speechless.

A short while passed before Nan Shuang withdrew 10 extreme-grade energy stones and passed them to Yang Ye, “Remember that you have to return 10 violet crystals to me!”

Yang Ye didn’t say anything. He just took them and swallowed them. A short while later, threads of violet energy appeared within him, and he stretched out his hand and pressed his palm against Nan Shuang’s waist. Yang Ye’s hand had just touched her waist when Nan Shuang suddenly grabbed his throat and said, “Not only are you good at bragging, you are quite perverted too, huh!”

Yang Ye didn’t explain. He just withdrew his hand, and Nan Shuang was stunned.

She looked down at her waist, and the blood red palm print there was gone. A short while passed before she looked up at Yang Ye again, “Your profound energy can heal?”

Yang Ye nodded. He wanted to heal himself too, but that little bit of extreme-grade energy stones wasn’t sufficient at all. His injuries required at least 10 violet crystals to be fully healed.

Nan Shuang dragged Yang Ye over to the scarred woman when she saw him nod, and she said, “Big Sister Canglan, he can heal. His profound energy is special, and it can heal.”

The scarred woman and the others immediately stopped moving. She glanced at Nan Shuang’s waist, and then she gazed at Yang Ye, “Your profound energy can heal?”

Yang Ye nodded. He couldn’t hide it and didn’t want to hide it. Because they wouldn’t have a reason to kill him if he was valuable.

All of the others were delighted when they saw Yang Ye nod. As for the scarred woman, she fell silent instead.

Nan Shuang said, “Big Sister Canglan, stop hesitating. Quickly allow him to heal your injuries. Otherwise, it won’t just affect your strength, your injuries might worsen and cause irreparable harm.”

The scarred woman stopped hesitating. She grabbed Yang Ye and vanished on the spot.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to be brought to an opening, and there was no one in the vicinity.

Canglan looked Yang Ye in the eyes and asked, “You’re injured yourself. Why don’t you heal yourself?”

Yang Ye told the truth, “I don’t have energy stones!”

Canglan stared at Yang Ye for a short while, and then she flicked 10 extreme-grade energy stones to Yang Ye. Yang Ye just took them and swallowed them. A short while passed before he gazed at her, “We can begin now.”

However, Canglan fell silent instead. Over a dozen breaths of time passed before she stopped hesitating, and she removed the silver armor on her upper body and revealed her twin hills before Yang Ye. There was no embarrassment on her face, and she just gazed emotionlessly at him.

It wasn’t Yang Ye’s first time, so he was naturally not bewitched by the scene before his eyes. His gaze descended onto her chest, and he noticed that a vertical injury from a saber resided at the center of her chest. It was over 20 centimeters long!

Yang Ye frowned when he saw the injury. A short while passed before he shook his head, “I can’t heal that!”

Canglan said, “Then die!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, “My profound energy isn’t enough. That injury of yours wasn’t caused by an ordinary expert. I’ll need at least 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones to heal that.”

Canglan flicked 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. He walked over to Canglan and was about to start. But he seemed to have thought of something and gazed at her, “I’m healing your injuries and not taking advantage of you. You should understand that, right?”

Canglan said, “What are you trying to say?”

“You wouldn’t use the fact that I’ve seen your body or touched it as an excuse to kill me, right?” Yang Ye felt that he had to set things straight because he really couldn’t afford to fight her now.

Canglan gazed at him for a short while and said, “I won’t kill you!”

Yang Ye nodded. He stopped hesitating and placed his hand on her chest before the violet energy within him flowed out.

Actually, her injuries weren’t severe. There was no need for Primordial Violet Energy and just ordinary violet energy was sufficient. Of course, it wasn’t severe for Yang Ye’s violet energy. But if she was made to recover herself, then it would probably take at least a month to recover. As for those 1,000 extreme-grade energy stones, there was actually no need for so many, and just a few dozen would have been sufficient.

The reason he’d asked for so many was to earn some energy stones of course. Even though they couldn’t fully heal the injuries he’d sustained, every bit counted.

In just around 10 minutes, Yang Ye withdrew his hand after he absorbed the energy within all those energy stones. After that, he slumped down weakly to the ground as if he was completely exhausted.

Meanwhile, Canglan suddenly bent down and grabbed Yang Ye’s collar. Yang Ye’s expression changed, and he spoke with ‘terror’ in his voice, “What… what are you doing? You said that you wouldn’t kill me!”

Canglan hadn’t noticed that Yang Ye’s right hand which he hid behind his back had its index and middle fingers pressed together, and there were threads of cold light flickering on them.

“I won’t kill you. But you’ve seen something that you shouldn’t have. So, I’ll help you dig out those eyes!” As soon as she finished speaking, her fingers curved as they shot towards Yang Ye’s eyes.

“AHHH!” Suddenly, a scream resounded.

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