Chapter 1160 – Actually, I’m Doing It For Her Own Good!

Almighty Sword Domain

It wasn’t Yang Ye who’d screamed, it was Nan Shuang who’d suddenly appeared not too far away from them. Her eyes were opened wide with disbelief as she gazed at Yang Ye and Canglan.

At this moment, they were in quite an intimate state. Canglan’s upper body was completely bare while her figure was bent down as she held Yang Ye’s throat. It simply seemed like she was about to press her body down on Yang Ye. Moreover, Yang Ye’s left was suddenly pressed against Canglan’s chest…. From Nan Shuang’s point of view, it seemed like Yang Ye was touching Canglan’s chest.

Because of Nan Shuang’s scream, Canglan’s fingers had stopped less than half an inch away from Yang Ye’s eyes.

Meanwhile, the other women had rushed over after hearing Nan Shuang’s scream, and all of them were stunned and revealed strange expressions when they saw the state that Yang Ye and Canglan were in.

Nan Shuang hesitated for a moment and spoke softly, “Big Sister Canglan…. Er… it isn’t the right time for that!”

The others hurriedly nodded and displayed their agreement.

Canglan withdrew her fingers and gazed at Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s face was pale while terror filled his eyes, and his body was even shivering slightly.

“How useless!” As soon as she finished speaking, Canglan stood up, wore her clothes, and said, “Let’s go!” Her figure vanished on the spot once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye glanced at Canglan who’d vanished towards the distance, and the cold light on his left hand had instantly vanished. Earlier, he’d expected that she might not spare him when he was healing her. So, he hadn’t used the extra profound energy to heal himself, and he’d stored it instead.

That profound energy was sufficient for him to release a strand of sword energy. Since they were so close to each other just now, he had 60% confidence that his sword energy would be able to kill her. Even if it couldn’t, he had another backup move, and it was the Decay Laws. Yang Ye hadn’t placed his left hand against her chest because he wanted to take advantage of her before dying. If Nan Shuang hadn’t arrived just now, then his sword energy and Decay Laws would have hit Canglan.

Of course, he would be finished even if Canglan died. Because the profound energy within him was only sufficient for that one attack. Moreover, because his body and meridians were damaged, forcefully utilizing the Decay Laws and sword energy would definitely cause his injuries to worsen. At that time, he could only wait for death to arrive when facing Nan Shuang and the others!

Fortunately, Nan Shuang had arrived.

The others glanced at Yang Ye and then hurriedly followed after Canglan.

Nan Shuang walked over to Yang Ye’s side. She didn’t say anything and just grabbed Yang Ye before following the group.

Yang Ye looked at Nan Shuang as they traveled, “You came just to save me?”

Nan Shuang and the others were no fools. If they hadn’t been able to discern that Canglan had intended to act against Yang Ye, then they would really be fools.

Nan Shuang spoke indifferently, “You don’t blame me for spoiling it for you, right?”

Yang Ye grinned and said, “Thank you.” Even though she was taking care of him because he looked like someone, it wasn’t important to him. The important thing was that he would remember this kindness.

Nan Shuang didn’t say anything.

Yang Ye looked at Canglan who was up ahead and said, “My ring is with her, right?”

Nan Shuang suddenly gazed at Yang Ye when she heard him, “It’s best if you don’t speak about that. Otherwise, Big Sister Canglan will definitely kill you. Let me tell you something, you can’t imagine how many she has killed. In her opinion, besides those that are on her side, she shows no mercy to anyone else. If you want to live, then it’s best if you forget it!”

Yang Ye nodded. He hadn’t recovered yet, so he would naturally not seek death.

Nan Shuang suddenly asked, “Around how many extreme-grade energy stones would you need to recover?”

Yang Ye was delighted when he heard her and hastily replied, “I need around 10 violet crystals to recover fully. If the goal is just to recover a little, then I’ll need around….”

“Stop!” Nan Shuang suddenly interrupted Yang Ye and said, “I was just asking. I don’t have any other intentions.”

Yang Ye was speechless.

It didn’t take long for them to enter the mountain range. A woman by Canglan’s side was holding a white colored jade disk that seemed like a compass, and it even had a white jade needle on it. Once Canglan’s group entered the mountain range, they’d traveled according to the guidance of the needle.

Meanwhile, the woman by Canglan’s side suddenly said, “Big Sister Canglan, the Energy Detector is reacting!”

The others looked over and saw the jade needle on the disk was shaking incessantly while pointing at a certain direction. All of them were delighted, and even Canglan revealed a slight smile.

However, Yang Ye frowned.

“Let’s go! Speed up!” Canglan led the charge once she finished speaking.

The others hurriedly followed after her. Nan Shuang grabbed Yang Ye and was about to follow them as well. However, Yang Ye suddenly grabbed her hand and said, “It’s dangerous!” Because he didn’t have any profound energy, his divine sense couldn’t sweep out from within him. But he still had his instinct towards danger, and it told him that there was danger ahead.

Since it felt dangerous to him, it was definitely not ordinary danger.

Yang Ye had just finished speaking when Canglan suddenly flashed over to Yang Ye, “Danger? You said it’s dangerous? How did you know that?”

The others stopped and looked at Yang Ye as well.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched slightly. She was actually eavesdropping on us.

Yang Ye glanced at Canglan, and there was terror in his eyes as he moved behind Nan Shuang.

The other women instantly shook their heads at the sight of this. He really is useless…. No wonder he’s only a Half-Saint.

Canglan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Meanwhile, Nan Shang quickly pulled Yang Ye to her side and said, “Quickly tell me why you said that it’s dangerous!”

Yang Ye glanced at Nan Shuang and spoke softly, “My intuition. Because I’m very cowardly, I’m able to sense any danger I face. I sense danger ahead, so it’s best if we don’t head over there.” He could only explain it like that. Of course, he knew that they would definitely not believe him.

Sure enough, they immediately shook their heads upon hearing him. As for Canglan, she glanced at him before shooting off towards the distance.

The woman called Gu Lan glanced at Yang Ye, and then she said to Nan Shuang, “Nan Shuang, even if you want to find a replacement, you should find a better one. This fellow is absolutely useless. If you are to encounter that fiancé of yours, Lin Xing, in the future, then you’ll probably be ridiculed to no end!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Gu Lan turned around and left before Nan Shuang could say anything.

Nan Shuang didn’t say anything, and she just grabbed Yang Ye and continued forward.

Meanwhile, her voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “Why do you act like such a weakling in front of Big Sister Canglan? Even though you’re quite weak, you aren’t that weak.”

She’s spoke via voice transmission!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he said, “Actually, I did that for her own good!”

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