Chapter 1161 – I Can’t Keep A Low Profile Anymore!

Almighty Sword Domain

Nan Shuang was puzzled, “What do you mean?”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly and didn’t explain. Canglan was clearly a ruthless and decisive person. Such a person would definitely not allow the existence of anything which could be a threat to her. If he seemed too composed or extraordinary, then she would definitely kill him to put an end to any future troubles. The reason he said that he was doing it for her own good was naturally because he would fight desperately if she attacked him.

If it was a while before, then he would definitely be unable to fight back. Yet now, there was enough profound energy within him to execute a single ray of sword energy. That sword energy was sufficient to kill Canglan at the critical moment.

When she saw him remain silent, Nan Shuang glanced at Yang Ye before speeding up.

It didn’t take long for their group to arrive at a gorge that was surrounded by mountains from the other 3 directions.

“We’re here!” Meanwhile, the woman with the Energy Detector had stopped moving, and she spoke with excitement as she gazed at the disk in her grasp that was flickering with light, “Big Sister Canglan, since the glow on the Energy Detector is so bright, it’s definitely a mid-grade spirit vein!”

The others were similarly excited when they heard her. After all, if the spirit energy within a mid-grade spirit vein was completely absorbed, it could be transformed into at least 100 plus violet crystals! If all of those violet crystals were distributed amongst themselves, then everyone of them would gain at least 10. Those 10 would be almost sufficient for them to charge into the Quasi Emperor Realm!

Nan Shuang was excited as well, “A mid-grade spirit veins! A mid-grade spirit vein! I have a chance to become a Quasi Emperor!”

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her backwards. Nan Shuang frowned and turned around to gaze angrily at him, “What are you doing?” She even struggled free of his grasp while she spoke.

Meanwhile, Canglan’s expression suddenly changed, “Watch out!”

As soon as she finished speaking, almost 100 beams of energy suddenly erupted from the mountains in the surroundings, and they instantly arrived before Canglan and the others.

Nan Shuang and the others’ expressions instantly changed drastically at the sight of this. They didn’t dare to preserve their profound energy and acted in unison to defend against the beams of energy which covered the sky.

Those beams of energy weren’t very strong, so it didn’t take long for them to be destroyed.

“Retreat!” Canglan didn’t hesitate to order a retreat, and she was about to lead them out of the gorge. At this moment, even a fool would be able to realize that it was a trap.

“Retreat? Retreat where?” Meanwhile, roaring laughter resounded from the only path to exit the gorge, and then around 30 figures appeared within their fields of vision.

Canglan and the others’ expressions instantly became unsightly.

Because the weakest amongst that group of 30 was a Saint, and the bald middle aged man who led the group was a Quasi Emperor!

1 Quasi Emperor and around 30 Saints!

“Boss! I never expected that we would have hooked big fish this time! 13 Saints! Tsk, tsk. How much spirit energy would we gain from that? Moreover, all of them are women. Hahaha! Boss, can we keep them alive for now so that we brothers can have some fun?” A man with a hideous face was sizing up Canglan and the others incessantly while smiling lustfully.

The other men instantly started laughing when they heard him, and some had even started to act lustfully as they stared at Canglan’s group.

The middle aged man who led the group looked at Canglan and said, “You’re the Black Phoenix, Mu Canglan, right?”

The smiles on the others’ faces instantly became much fainter when they heard the middle aged man, and their gazes descended on Canglan.

Canglan’s gaze stopped on the middle aged man’s neck for a moment. There was a ferocious wolf tattooed there. She pondered deeply for a moment and said, “The Wolf Soul Mercs?”

Nan Shuang and the others’ expressions turned quite unsightly when they heard Canglan.

The middle aged man grinned, “Black Phoenix, I, Yuan Feng, like to get straight to the point. Your Phoenix Mercs aren’t bad. If you’re willing to join my Wolf Soul Mercs and marry me, then we’ll be a family from now on. If you refuse, then you should know what awaits you.”

Mu Canglan’s wrist shook slightly before a dagger appeared in her grasp, “You have to defeat me if you want to be my man.”

“Interesting!” A smile curled up on the corners of Yuan Feng’s mouth, and then his figure shot towards Mu Canglan.

Mu Canglan refused to display any weakness, and her dagger flickered with a cold glow as it shot towards Yuan Feng.

In next to no time, both of them were locked in combat.

Yang Ye noticed that both of them hadn’t entered a pocket of space. Moreover, the space around them was extremely strong. Even a battle between an expert at the Quasi Emperor Realm and an expert comparable to a Quasi Emperor couldn’t damage the space here.

It really does deserve to be a medium world! Yang Ye nodded in his heart. He felt that only an Emperor could shatter the space in this world.

“Hey!” Meanwhile, Nan Shuang suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I… I won’t be able to take care of you later. So… act according to the situation!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned. He glanced at the other women, and he instantly came to an understanding when he noticed that they were emanating faint fluctuations of profound energy. They had no intention of surrendering. After all, Mu Canglan was clearly a proud person, so how could she be willing to become another’s subordinate? Moreover, it was even in such a humiliating way like getting married to the other person.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings and nodded, “It’s fine. I’ll just surrender if worse comes to worse. I think that they probably won’t kill me.”

Nan Shuang glanced at Yang Ye and remained silent.

“Dagger Nature!” Meanwhile, Mu Canglan’s voice resounded, and then countless dagger images appeared in the sky. They instantly formed a cage that trapped Yuan Feng in the sky.

“Leave!” Mu Canglan shouted furiously as her figure charged into the group of experts belonging to the Wolf Soul Mercs, and her dagger flashed incessantly.

At the moment Mu Canglan gave the order, Nan Shuang and the others didn’t hesitate to flip their palms, and a talisman appeared there. Yang Ye recognized those talismans as Divine Grade Strider Talismans.

All of them slapped the talismans on their bodies, and then they transformed into rays of light that shot towards the sky. Once she saw them flee, Mu Canglan didn’t continue engaging them in battle, and she vanished into the sky.

Yang Ye slowly clenched his fists. Suddenly, Nan Shuang returned to his side. Yang Ye was stunned when he saw her, and he was just about to speak when she grabbed him by the shoulder and shot up into the sky.


Meanwhile, the dagger images which trapped Yuan Feng had dispersed, and a figure obstructed Yang Ye and Nan Shuang’s path.

It was Yuan Feng.

At this moment, Yuan Feng and the others had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces. Especially Yuan Feng. He hadn’t expected that Mu Canglan would actually trick him! He turned around and glanced at the side. There were 4 corpses there. All of them were Mu Canglan’s doing!

Yuan Feng looked up at the sky, and there was no sign of Mu Canglan and the others anymore.

Yuan Feng’s expression grew even gloomier!

Meanwhile, Nan Shuang suddenly stretched out her hand and pinched Yang Ye’s waist. She twisted forcefully as she said, “It’s all your fault. It was all because of you. Now I’m going to die. I shouldn’t have come to save you if this would happen! I don’t want to die! I want to become a Quasi Emperor! I want to take revenge on that fellow!” As she finished, she actually sounded like she was about to cry.

Yang Ye was speechless.

Yuan Feng glanced coldly at Nan Shuang and said, “Didn’t all of you want to have fun? All of you can have fun now!”

The others behind Yuan Feng immediately gazed at Nan Shuang and started laughing coldly. After that, they charged at Nan Shuang.

Nan Shuang’s expression changed, and there was unwillingness and resolve in her eyes.

“Wait!” Suddenly, Yang Ye pulled Nan Shuang behind him, and he glanced at Yuan Feng’s group before he took a deep breath, “Looks like I can’t keep a low profile anymore!”

Yuan Feng and the others immediately looked at Yang Ye.

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