Chapter 1163 – I Surrender!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye closed his eyes. He didn’t blame Nan Shuang for leaving, nor did he have the right to blame her. She didn’t owe him anything. Conversely, she’d even helped him on numerous occasions.

As he sensed the scarce spirit energy in the surroundings, Yang Ye couldn’t help but curse the gods. After all, with such scarce spirit energy, he would probably have to lie here for quite a few months to possibly regain the ability to move.

This really is a damnable place! Yang Ye sighed in his heart. Because not only was there no spirit energy here, there was no stellar energy as well. What did that old geezer do to this world? Even stellar energy has actually been isolated from this world!

Suddenly, Yang Ye opened his eyes, and a pair of watery eyes appeared before him. The owner of these eyes was Nan Shuang.

Yang Ye asked, “Why have you returned?”

Nan Shuang clenched her fists, and she was visibly struggling as if she was making an very important decision. A short while passed before she took a deep breath, and then she flipped her palm and withdrew a violet crystal. She moved it close to Yang Ye’s mouth and said, “Eat it.”

Yang Ye glanced at her, and she said, “Quickly eat it before… before I change my mind!”

Yang Ye stopped hesitating and hurriedly swallowed the violet crystal. As soon as it entered him, it transformed into countless strands of spirit energy that was absorbed by the tiny vortex. After that, threads of Primordial Violet Energy emerged from the tiny vortex and started to repair Yang Ye’s damaged meridians and internal organs.

In next to no time, Yang Ye opened his eyes and gazed at Nan Shuang.

Nan Shuang spoke weakly, “Is it not enough?”

Yang Ye nodded lightly.

Nan Shuang took a deep breath before withdrawing another violet crystal and bringing it close to Yang Ye’s mouth. Yang Ye didn’t hold back and swallowed it immediately.

Around 15 minutes later, Yang Ye opened his eyes again and gazed at her. Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel guilty when he saw that she seemed to be on the verge of tears, and he was about to say that it was enough.

Meanwhile, Nan Shuang suddenly withdrew another violet crystal and stuffed it in Yang Ye’s grasp. After that, she sat at the side, wrapped her arms around her knees, and buried her head in her thighs.

Yang Ye sighed softly. He stood up and walked over to her before speaking softly, “I owe you for that. Once I get rich, I’ll repay you tenfold. No, a hundredfold! Alright?”

Nan Shuang didn’t say anything.

Yang Ye was about to speak when a ray of light shot over from afar, and it didn’t take long for 2 women to appear in front of them. It was none other than Mu Canglan and Gu Lan.

Mu Canglan and Gu Lan visibly relaxed when they saw that Nan Shuang was fine. Suddenly, Mu Canglan’s gaze descended onto the violet crystal in Yang Ye’s grasp, and her face instantly fell. She waved her right hand, and the spatial ring on Nan Shuang’s hand instantly flew into her grasp.

Her spiritual energy swept through it, and a ferocious expression instantly appeared on her face when she noticed that it was empty. After that, her figure flashed while she swung her dagger at Yang Ye.

What now? Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. He pressed his right index and middle finger together, and a ray of light flickered on the tip of his fingers.

Suddenly, Nan Shuang appeared in front of him, and it made Mu Canglan stop right away.

Nan Shuang spoke softly, “Big Sister Canglan, it… it was I who gave them to him. It has nothing to do with him!”

Mu Canglan said, “Move aside!”

Nan Shuang shook her head slightly, “Big Sister Canglan, those… those were my own violet crystals. So, let me deal with it on my own, alright?”

Mu Canglan’s voice became fierce, “I told you to move aside!”

Nan Shuang’s delicate figure trembled slightly when she noticed that Canglan was angry. Obviously, Nan Shuang was quite afraid of Mu Canglan when she was angry. Meanwhile, Yang Ye pulled Nan Shuang to his side, and he gazed at Mu Canglan and said, “3 violet crystals…. I just borrowed 3 violet crystals from her. Do… do you really have to act like this?”

Yang Ye felt extremely annoyed. After all, he once had tens of thousands of them! Tens of thousands!

“3 violet crystals!” Meanwhile, Gu Lan suddenly spoke angrily, “Do you know how long Nan Shuang saved to obtain them? Do you know how much she sacrificed to obtain them? 3 years! A whole 3 years of time! She obtained them from saving for 3 whole years! She hadn’t even been willing to buy a good weapon or armor in the last 3 years. Even if she suffered injuries, she would just use the most ordinary Blue Spirit Herbs to heal her injuries, and she refused to buy good healing talismans! Yet you… you actually tricked her into giving you her violet crystals. You… you should be struck by lightning!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Gu Lan continued, “Nan Shuang, you really are quite a fool. Move aside right now and let us kill him!”

Nan Shuang shook her head slightly, “He didn’t trick me. I gave it to him out of my own free will. Gu Lan, Big Sister Canglan, its my own private affairs, so let me deal with it myself, alright?”

“Deal with it my ass!” Gu Lan was furious, “You’re a fool! You’re a huge fool! He clearly doesn’t look like a good person. Did he tell you that he isn’t asking for them and is borrowing them from you? Moreover, he said that he would return more to you, right?”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Nan Shuang looked at Gu Lan and spoke with slight surprise, “How did you know?”

“There’s no saving you!” Gu Lan glanced at Nan Shuang with exasperation, “You actually believed such a stupid lie. Should I call you naïve? Or should I call you an idiot? Move aside and let me kill him!”

Gu Lan was about to attack at this point.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically, “Watch out!”

Meanwhile, 3 black arrows suddenly shot out from the space in front of them.

Mu Canglan and Gu Lan’s expressions instantly changed drastically, and they swiftly drew their daggers and swung them.

Bang! Bang!

Mu Canglan and Gu Lan were pushed around 300m back before they finally stopped themselves. As for Yang Ye, he’d grabbed Nan Shuang and taken a step to the side at the instant those 3 arrows emerged from the space before them. So, one of the arrows merely grazed him.

Meanwhile, a woman holding a longbow had appeared before them. At the same time, a few hundred people appeared around them, and all of them were actually Saints.

Most importantly, there were a few cages by the side of the woman with a longbow, and all of them had members of the Phoenix Mercs in them.

Mu Canglan’s face fell. “The Souleater Mercs!”

Yang Ye spoke softly by Nan Shuang’s side, “Let’s go!”

As he spoke, he took Nan Shuang in his arms and was about to flee with the Void Flash Sword Technique. He’d recovered a little, so he just needed a breath of time to execute the Void Flash Sword Technique now.

Nan Shuang said, “Take Big Sister Canglan and Gu Lan with us!”

Yang Ye shook his head slightly, “I can only bring a single person with me!”

He wasn’t lying. His current strength was only sufficient to take a single person along. If he tried to take 2, then it was very likely that all of them died within the chaotic flow of space.

Nan Shuang said, “Then I’m not leaving!”

Suddenly, the woman with a longbow withdrew an arrow and knocked it before aiming it at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye was stunned when he saw that, and he hurriedly raised his hands, “I surrender!”

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