Chapter 1164 – You Want To Take Advantage Of Me!

Almighty Sword Domain


Everyone here was stunned. Even the woman with the longbow was stunned, and she gazed at him for a short while before lowering the longbow away.

“Coward!” Gu Lan glared fiercely at Yang Ye.

Mu Canglan just glanced at Yang Ye before withdrawing her gaze.

As for Nan Shuang, she took 2 steps to the side and acted as if she didn’t know him.

After all, surrendering was humiliating!

Especially when it was a man who surrendered! It made it even more humiliating!

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he saw her lower longbow away. She was a Quasi Emperor, so suffering an arrow of hers would probably cause his body’s injuries to return to their previous state. At this moment, he had no violet crystals to repair his body. He’d finally been able to recover a little with great difficulty, and he didn’t want to be crippled again. As for what Gu Lan said, he didn’t care about it at all.

However, he didn’t feel slightly aggrieved. After all, he’d been suffering since he arrived at this place!

Yang Ye looked up at the woman. She had a very tall and slender figure than was even taller than his own, and she wore a tight fitting green dress and held a dark green bow in her hand. As for her appearance, it wasn’t very beautiful, but she had a heroic bearing.

Yang Ye’s gaze moved to the left and descended onto the old man on the woman’s right. The old man was a Quasi Emperor as well!

2 Quasi Emperors!

The woman’s gaze descended onto Mu Canglan, and she said, “The Black Phoenix. I’ve heard of you. You possess quite the reputation around Doomsday City. How should we deal with the enmity between your Phoenix Mercs and my Souleater Mercs?”

Mu Canglan said, “Be frank. Why waste your breath?”

“Aright!” The woman with the longbow continued, “Your Phoenix Mercs aren’t bad at all. I, Ye Liuyun, like them. Bring your people and join me. We’ll share weal and woe!”

Mu Canglan asked, “What if I refuse?”

Ye Liuyun replied with indifference, “All of you will die!”

Mu Canglan fell silent.

Ye Liuyun fell silent as well. But Yang Ye noticed that her gaze was actually descending on him from time to time. This discovery caused Yang Ye to be shocked, and he knew that it was definitely because he’d been able to take Nan Shuang with him and dodge her arrow. But fortunately, Ye Liuyun wasn’t as ruthless as Mu Canglan was, so she was probably just curious and didn’t hold much ill intent towards him. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have lowered her bow just now.

Mu Canglan remained silent for a long time before she gazed at the cages by Ye Liuyun’s side. All of them had members of the Phoenix Mercs within them. Even though they were all imprisoned, they weren’t injured.

A short while passed, and then Mu Canglan looked up at Ye Liuyun and said, “From this moment onwards, Phoenix Mercs cease to exist!”

Ye Liuyun revealed a slight smile, “From today onwards, Mu Canglan is my Souleater Mercs’ vice leader. Quickly greet your new vice leader!”

“Vice Leader!” Countless members of the Souleater Mercs bowed slightly to Mu Canglan.

Ye Liuyun continued, “Black Phoenix, you only obey my commands in my Souleater Mercs. As for those who belonged to your Phoenix Mercs in the past, they will still be your subordinates, and you’ll manage them yourself.”

Mu Canglan walked over to Ye Liuyun and was about to take a knee, but Ye Liuyun stopped her, “There’s no need for all that. We’re sisters from now onwards!”

Mu Canglan glanced at Ye Liuyun, and then she nodded lightly before standing by Ye Liuyun’s side.

Ye Liuyun waved her hand slightly, and then the captive members of the Phoenix Mercs were immediately released.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed this. It’s great that they resolved it peacefully. After all, if they really fought, then he would definitely have to take Nan Shuang and flee. But once he executed the Void Flash Sword Technique, his injuries would definitely return to what they were earlier. Fortunately, the situation had developed in a good direction.

Yang Ye glanced at the people here and was about to sneak off. Even though it was quite dangerous around here, staying here was even more dangerous. Mu Canglan and Gu Lan had killing him on their minds at all times. Now that he’d recovered slightly, he had at least 20% of his former combat strength. Coupled with his ability to sense danger, his life would probably not be in danger if he was careful after he left.

As for the ring that Lady gave him, he couldn’t take it back with his current strength. So, the best solution was to first think about recovering his strength before coming to look for Mu Canglan. In any case, he’d left his Spiritual Brand on it, so he could sense it no matter who had it.

The members of the Souleater Mercs paid no attention to Yang Ye. Yang Ye was just a Half-Saint, and he was too weak to arouse their interest. Yang Ye walked slowly until he arrived at the back of the group, but the expression on his face suddenly changed when he was about to flee. After that, a figure flashed, and Mu Canglan appeared in front of him.

Mu Canglan said, “Where are you going?”

She has me in her sights! Yang Ye hesitated for a moment, and then told the truth, “I want to flee!” She was very smart, so it was impossible to deceive her. Thus, it was better to just tell the truth.

Mu Canglan didn’t say anything, and she just stared at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye lowered his head slightly and didn’t meet her gaze. However, his right hand which he hid behind his back had been slowly clenched into a fist.

Suddenly, Ye Liuyun walked over, “Canglan, what’s wrong?”

Mu Canglan withdrew her gaze and said, “I’m just dealing with a trivial matter!”

Meanwhile, Nan Shuang and Gu Lan walked over as well. Nan Shuang’s expression changed slightly when she saw Mu Canglan standing in front of Yang Ye, and she hurriedly walked over to Yang Ye’s side before speaking softly, “Big Sister Canglan, he… he really didn’t deceive me. It… it was I who wanted to lend it to him.”

Mu Canglan glanced at Nan Shuang and shook her head, “I won’t interfere in it anymore!”

After that, she gazed at Ye Liuyun and asked, “Leader, do you need something?”

“Just call me Liuyun!” Ye Liuyun grinned, “I received news that ruins have been noticed in a mountain range around 50,000km away from here. It’s very likely to be a sect that was destroyed when Dark Hell Continent was facing destruction. I just don’t know what rank that power was. However, no matter what rank it was, I think that we should go have a look.”

Mu Canglan pondered deeply for a short moment and said, “Is the information reliable?”

Ye Liuyun nodded.

Mu Canglan said, “We really should have a look. However, countless mercs would usually swarm every ruin that appears. It’s even to the extent that the experts of the 3 cities, 2 sects, and 1 cult might be there as well. Our strength….”

“The experts of the 6 great powers probably feel that the ruins are beneath them. Unless it’s the ruins of a Diamond Rank power. However, it probably doesn’t belong to a Diamond Rank power. Otherwise, it would have been occupied by the experts of the 6 great powers by now.” Ye Liuyun continued, “Of course, even if it isn’t, it’s still extremely dangerous. But I think that we should give it a try. What do you think?”

Mu Canglan said, “Actually, you can just make the decisions on your own!”

Ye Liuyun smiled, “You’re the vice leader, so I naturally have to discuss it with you. Canglan, we’re both women. It isn’t easy for us women to survive in this sick world. So, I’ve never considered you to be a subordinate, and I’ve taken you to be my sister instead. I hope that you can put down the grudges in your heart and work together with me, so that we’ll be able to have a higher chance to survive in this world!”

Mu Canglan pondered deeply for a long time and said, “I will!”

Ye Liuyun smiled, and then she looked up at the sky, “Night has arrived. Let’s rest tonight and set out in the morning.”

Ye Liuyun turned around and left once she finished speaking.

Yang Ye glanced at Ye Liuyun. She’s either a really evil or really kind person.

Kind people were definitely unable to survive in this world. But he had to admit that she was very capable. At the very least, Nan Shuang and the others seemed to have a very good impression of her, and even Mu Canglan’s attitude towards her had changed.

Mu Canglan glanced at Yang Ye before turning around and leaving.

Gu Lan glared fiercely at Yang Ye before doing the same.

Nan Shuang asked, “Do… do you want to flee?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Your Big Sister Canglan is thinking about killing me at all times. So I have to flee!”

Nan Shuang said, “She’s actually quite a nice person!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly, “That only applies to all of you. Just see how she acts towards me. She wants to kill me at all times.”

As he spoke, Yang Ye flipped his palm, and a violet crystal appeared on his palm. It was the same violet crystal that Nan Shuang had given him before this, but he hadn’t consumed it. He passed it to her and said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know that it was so difficult for you to obtain those violet crystals. Don’t worry, I keep my promises. I’ll give you an endless supply of violet crystals in the future.”

“You’re bragging again!” Nan Shuang glanced at the violet crystal on Yang Ye’s palm and said, “Just use it!”

As she spoke, she walked over to a tree and sat below it. She rested her body against the tree, wrapped her arms around her knees, and looked up at the dark clouds which covered the sky.

Even though moonlight couldn’t pass through the clouds, there was faint moonlight here. It was moonlight that the Souleater Mercs had created via Moonlight Stones.

Yang Ye walked over and sat down by Nan Shuang’s side, “Are you so nice to me because I look alike to that fellow, Lin Xing?”

Nan Shuang didn’t speak. She just gazed at the dark clouds with there was a slightly blank expression in her eyes.

Yang Ye asked, “Can you tell me about him?”

Nan Shuang turned around to gaze at Yang Ye, and she looked at him for a short while before she spoke softly, “He was my fiancé. We were betrothed, but his natural talent suddenly awakened within him, and he possessed an innate physique that was one in a million. After that, the vice sect master of one of the 3 sects, the Dark Sky Sect, took a liking to him. Have you heard about the Dark Sky Sect? It’s very powerful. Our Dark Hell Continent has 2 sects and 3 cities, and Dark Sky Sect is one of those sects. It’s a Diamond Rank power! The Dark Sky Sect has a divine grade spirit vein! Moreover, there are no more than 10 divine grade spirit veins throughout the continent!”

Yang Ye asked, “What happened after that?”

Nan Shuang lowered her head slightly, and she remained silent for a long time before speaking again, “After that, he said that I’m not worthy of him and divorced me.” Nan Shuang suddenly gazed at Yang Ye at this point, and then she continued, “Actually, that innate physique of his is nothing special, right?”

Yang Ye nodded, “It’s nothing special indeed!”

Nan Shuang seemed to feel slightly better when she got Yang Ye’s answer, and she continued, “I heard that he still hasn’t attained the Quasi Emperor Realm. Hmph! I’m going to attain the Quasi Emperor Realm before him! I’ll make him realize that I wasn’t the one who was unworthy of him, he was the one who was unworthy of me!”

She suddenly sighed softly at this point, and there was a trace of helplessness and dejection in her eyes, “But I need at least 5 or 6 violet crystals to attain the Quasi Emperor Realm. Moreover, that’s only if my luck is good. If my luck isn’t good, then even 10 might not be enough! 10! I have to save up for 10 years to gather that many! 10 years! Alas!”

Yang Ye grinned, and then he stretched out his hand and rubbed her head, “Perhaps a miracle might occur!”

Nan Shuang moved her head away, and then she glanced at Yang Ye with displeasure, “You aren’t really trying to console me, you actually want to take advantage of me! Gu Lan said that you’re a pervert and I should stay far away from you.”

Yang Ye was speechless.

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