Chapter 1165 – Ancient Ruins!

Almighty Sword Domain

The world grey even darker at night. The sky above was a boundless expanse of black, and it was like a huge black hole.

Yang Ye rested his figure against a large tree and Nan Shuang was by his side. Her figure was resting against the tree as well, but her head had somehow ended up on Yang Ye’s shoulder.

Yang Ye remained silent as he looked at the sky.

At this moment, he thought of many people. Su Qingshi and the others within the Primordial Pagoda, he thought about Xiao Yuxi, An Nanjing, and the others from White Deer Academy who were in the Radiant Dimension, and he thought about Lady, Zhuang Weiran, who’d left the Radiant Dimension.

3 years!

All of them would die if he couldn’t return in 3 years!

He only had 3 years of time!

Yang Ye clenched his right fist at this point. He knew that he couldn’t waste time. He had to recover as soon as possible, and then improve his cultivation. Moreover, it would be in his best interests to obtain the Stellar Sword Diagram!

He had to do his best to grow stronger!

A long time passed before Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and closed his eyes. It didn’t take long for him to seem to have fallen asleep.

Mu Canglan suddenly appeared not too far away from Yang Ye and Nan Shuang while a dagger rested in her grasp. She gazed at Yang Ye and Nan Shuang in silence for a long time, and then she turned around and vanished beneath the veil of night.

Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes once she left, and he gazed at the direction that she’d left towards before closing his eyes again.

The next day.

Dawn had just arrived when the Souleater Mercs had set out once more. There were no weaklings amongst them, so even if they didn’t utilize profound energy, their speed was still extremely swift. So, it took less than 4 hours for them to arrive at a towering mountain that stretched off into the distance for around 5,000km.

At this moment, quite a few people were gathered before the mountain, and more and more mercenaries and independent cultivators were rushing over.

When the Souleater Mercs arrived, many immediately looked over. Besides fear, there was a trace of vigilance in their eyes. Obviously, many recognized the Souleater Mercs.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and he was shocked because there were at least 10 Quasi Emperors here.

Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun took 2 steps forward and cupped her fists, “Everyone, my Souleater Mercs are here with the same objective as all of you, and it’s just to seek wealth. I presume that all of you’ve set some rules….” Ye Liuyun’s gaze descended onto an old man in the distance, and she continued, “You should be Elder Mo, the leader of the Snow Lion Mercs that discovered this ruin, right?”

Yang Ye glanced at the old man. He was a Quasi Emperor, and there were 2 other middle aged men by the old man’s side. Both of them were Quasi Emperors as well! Besides that, there were around 700 experts behind them, and the weakest amongst those experts was at the Saint Realm!

It could be said that the Snow Lion Mercs were the stronger group here!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but shake his head at the sight of this. While the spirit energy in Dark Hell Continent was scarce, the number of experts it had wasn’t inferior to the Radiant Dimension. The main reason was definitely because there was no Heaven Dao here. In the Radiant Dimension, many experts who charged into the Saint and Quasi Emperor Realms would die beneath their heavenly tribulations. But there was no Heaven Dao here!

Under such circumstances, the Saints and Quasi Emperors on this continent weren’t rare anymore.

Elder Mo glanced at Ye Liuyun and said, “You’re really quite quick!”

Ye Liuyun grinned, “Senior Mo, my Souleater Mercs intend to try their luck in the ruins as well. I hope that you’ll give us that opportunity!”

Elder Mo gazed at Ye Liuyun for a short while before he replied, “Of course!”

“Thank you!” Ye Liuyun cupped her fists to Elder Mo, “Senior Mo, since everyone is still here, I presume that you’ve encountered some sort of problem?”

Elder Mo nodded slightly, “There’s a formation here. But that isn’t the problem. The problem is breaching it by force might cause the entire mountain range to collapse.”

“So that’s why!” Ye Liuyun continued, “Then I’m sure Senior Mo has found a way to deal with it, right?”

Elder Mo replied, “I’ve brought a Formation Master to remove the formation, and it’ll take another hour at most to be completed!”

Ye Liuyun nodded lightly before leading the Souleater Mercs to the side. There had been numerous independent cultivators at that spot, but they were sensible enough to leave upon seeing the Souleater Mercs walking towards them.

Ye Liuyun cupped her fists towards those independent cultivators, “Thank you!”

Ye Liuyun’s actions instantly caused those independent cultivators who were slightly displeased to feel better.

Yang Ye glanced at the Snow Lion Mercs in the distance. The expressions of the old man, Elder Mo, and all the other members of the Snow Lion Mercs was quite unsightly. Yang Ye couldn’t help but feel quite amused by the sight of this. Obviously, the Snow Lion Mercs had intended to reap everything for themselves upon discovering the ruin. However, news of it had been leaked for some reason. So, while they were still the strongest here, they didn’t dare to try and take it all for themselves any longer.

If they did that, they, the Snow Lion Mercs, would definitely be the first to die.

In this chaotic world, the discovery of a ruin might be an opportunity for many independent cultivators and mercenaries to change their fate. So, unless one possessed absolute strength, anyone who dared to try and take everything for themselves would definitely be besieged by all.

Even though Ye Liuyun had been acting courteously from the very beginning, Yang Ye felt that she was only putting on an act for the Snow Lion Mercs. Regardless of whether the Snow Lion Mercs agreed, the Souleater Mercs would definitely take a share of the spoils within this ruin.

Yang Ye glanced at Ye Liuyun. He felt that her ability was comparable to Yu Wushuang and Ding Shaoyao!

Suddenly, another group arrived from afar. Yang Ye, Mu Canglan, and the other members of the Phoenix Mercs were stunned when they saw this group. Because it was the Wolf Soul Mercs who’d ambushed them earlier.

The Wolf Soul Mercs saw Mu Canglan and the others as well. Tensions flared when enemies encountered each other. Many of the Wolf Soul Mercs had charged forward, but they were stopped by their leader, Yuan Feng.

Yuan Feng gazed at Mu Canglan, and then his gaze descended onto Ye Liuyun before he smiled, “I never expected that Merc Leader Mu actually joined the Souleater Mercs. Congratulations, Merc Leader Ye!”

Ye Liuyun glanced at Yuan Feng and said, “Canglan is a sister of mine now. If there has been enmity between her and Merc Leader Yuan, then I hope that you’ll let bygones be bygones. Alright?”

Yuan Feng glanced at Mu Canglan and smiled, “Of course!”

Ye Liuyun nodded slightly and didn’t say another word.

Yuan Feng glanced at Mu Canglan and Ye Liuyun. He was just about to lead the Wolf Soul Mercs away when his gaze suddenly descended onto Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he noticed Yuan Feng’s gaze. Clearly, that fellow had no intention of letting Yang Ye go!

Yuan Feng pointed at Yang Ye and said, “Merc Leader Ye, he isn’t a member of your Souleater Mercs, right?”

Ye Liuyun glanced at Yang Ye, and then she turned around to gaze at Mu Canglan while shooting a questioning gaze at her. Mu Canglan glanced at Yang Ye and shook her head.

Yang Ye’s face fell. Looks like she intends to stand by idly!

Nan Shuang was about to speak when she saw Mu Canglan shake her head, but Mu Canglan stopped her from saying anything.

Yuan Feng smiled when he saw Mu Canglan shake her head, “Merc Leader Ye, there’s some enmity between him and me! Can you give me face and hand him over to me? I’ll owe your Souleater Mercs a favor if you agree.”

The favor of a Quasi Emperor!

Ye Liuyun practically didn’t hesitate and was about to speak. Meanwhile, a loud explosion suddenly resounded, and then the entire mountain range and ground trembled for a moment!

“The formation has been dealt with!” Clamorous noise instantly resounded through the surroundings. However, no one dared to charge forward, and all of them were looking at the Snow Lion Mercs.

Elder Mo ignored their gazes and led the Snow Lion Mercs in.

“Let’s go!” Ye Liuyun couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to the matters between Yang Ye and the Wolf Soul Mercs, and she immediately led the Souleater Mercs forward to follow behind the Snow Lion Mercs.

Yuan Feng hurriedly led his Wolf Soul Mercs forward as well. After the comparatively stronger mercenary groups had entered the ruins, the other smaller mercenary groups and independent cultivators swarmed forward and charged towards the entrance.

After they entered the mountain, the scene before their eyes was completely different. It was like the mountain’s insides had been emptied, and they couldn’t see the ends of this space.

There were some broken walls, collapsed palaces, countless broken stone pillars that were around 30km long, and numerous statues of all sorts of demon beasts standing before them. Even though it was a scene of devastation, it was obvious based on the scale of things that it definitely didn’t belong to a small power.

“Let’s go!” Meanwhile, Elder Mo’s voice resounded, and then the Snow Lion Mercs charged forward swiftly.

Ye Liuyun pondered deeply for a moment and said, “Let’s go!” She immediately led her group towards the right.

If they wanted to avoid fighting to the death, they had no choice but to split up and rely on their own luck. Of course, it was very common especially in ruins like these that battles could occur at any moment.

After the Snow Lion Mercs and Souleater Mercs left, the Wolf Soul Mercs and all the others flashed towards different directions as well.

Nan Shuang followed closely behind Mu Canglan. Suddenly, she turned around and looked behind her. Yang Ye had been behind her, but he was gone now. She glanced at the surroundings but didn’t notice Yang Ye anywhere.

Nan Shuang was stunned and spoke softly, “That’s fine as well. Fleeing is good as well.” As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and followed the group forward.

Yang Ye hadn’t gone with the Souleater Mercs, and he’d gone to a deserted corner instead. Once he confirmed that there was no one in the vicinity, Yang Ye patted his chest and said, “Snowy, come out here quickly!”

A moment of silence ensued, and then it didn’t take long for a white head to emerge from his chest.

Snowy climbed up his chest and arrived below Yang Ye’s neck. She wrapped her claws around Yang Ye’s neck and rubbed her head against his chin. She seemed drowsy as her eyes were half closed, and it was like she hadn’t slept enough.

Yang Ye took her in his arms and patted her face lightly, “Wake up quickly. Lead me to the treasures here!”

Snowy rubbed her eyes, and she immediately revealed a smile when she saw Yang Ye. Suddenly, she glanced at the surroundings and took a breath, and then her smile turned to sadness. After that, she gazed at Yang Ye with aggrievance and started to wave her claws about.

Yang Ye laughed bitterly. He naturally understood what she meant. She didn’t like this place because there wasn’t any spirit energy.

Yang Ye rubbed her head and said, “Be good. We’ll leave this place soon.” When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something and withdrew a violet crystal, “Can you make this into 2?”

Snowy blinked before stretching out her claw to take it. After that, she grabbed it with both claws while Yang Ye watched with anticipation, and then she pulled from both ends.


The violet crystal was broken into 2 halves.

Snowy held a half in each claw, and she presented them to Yang Ye while seeming to be seeking praise for her achievement.

Yang Ye was speechless.

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