Chapter 1166 – A Nice Treasure!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye grinned when he saw the anticipation in Snowy’s eyes, and he took the violet crystal before rubbing her head, “You’re really amazing!”

Snowy immediately revealed a brilliant smile when she heard Yang Ye praise her, and then she wrapped her arms around Yang Ye’s face and ceaselessly rubbed her head against Yang Ye’s forehead.

Yang Ye rubbed Snowy’s head gently and said, “Can you sense where the treasures are in this place?”

Snowy glanced at the surroundings and sniffed lightly. Suddenly, her eyes lit up before pointing her claw forward.

Yang Ye was delighted. He swallowed those 2 halves of the violet crystal, and then his figure shot towards the distance.

The reason he’d made Snowy come out here was because she was blessed by nature and had innate senses towards treasure. Especially profound energy. If he were to look on his own, he would definitely be unable to compete with those mercenaries, but it would be different with Snowy on his side. He could be a step ahead of the others and find the treasures before everyone with Snowy’s help.

That was why he’d left the Souleater Mercs!

Perhaps he would be safer with the Souleater Mercs, but he wouldn’t be able to recover at all. Because even if the Souleater Mercs found any treasures or energy stones, they wouldn’t give him any. Moreover, Mu Canglan was hell-bent on killing him, so it would be utterly impossible for him recover his strength while amidst the Souleater Mercs!

So, he’d seized the opportunity presented by the chaos to sneak off. Of course, for the sake of preventing Mu Canglan from causing trouble for him while he left, he’d used the Sword Domain to conceal his aura.

Yang Ye moved forward according to Snowy’s guidance. But he was careful all along the way and tried his best to avoid others. Even though he had some strength, he still had to keep a low profile.

Presently, his main objective was to find treasures, especially spirit energy to heal his injuries!

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped moving. There was a wrecked palace not too far away from him. It was almost 3km tall, and its top seemed like it had been sliced off by a sword. The cut was smooth as a mirror. There were 2 words at the center of the palace, Palace of Heroes. There were numerous rifts that were over 500m wide on the ground below the palace. Yang Ye glanced at them, and even his vision couldn’t reach their bottom!

Yang Ye frowned slightly. What did this sect experience? It’s actually in such a terrible state!

Snowy pointed at the palace, and she seemed to be telling Yang Ye to hurry up.

Yang Ye nodded slightly and was about to move. Suddenly, his expression changed slightly, and he quickly concealed himself. In next to no time, a figure shot over from afar, and a middle aged man appeared not too far away from him. The middle aged man was delighted at the sight of the palace, and his figure shot towards it.

However, he’d only just arrived at its entrance when a bolt of lightning suddenly shot out from within it and struck him in an instant. A shrill cry resounded as the middle aged man was blasted almost 1km away, and then his figure didn’t move again.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Because the middle aged man had been a high-rank Saint! But he’d actually been killed in an instant!

Is there someone within the palace? Yang Ye shook his head because there was definitely no one in there. After all, he couldn’t sense any signs of life. Since there wasn’t a living person in there, it represented that the palace was protected by a formation! If there was a formation, then it represented the presence of violet crystals! Because only violet crystals could keep such a formation running.

A smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and he went over to the middle aged man’s corpse. With a wave of his right hand, the middle aged man’s ring instantly flew into his grasp. Yang Ye was immediately delighted when he glanced at its contents because there was a violet crystal and over 20,000 extreme-grade energy stones in there!

Yang Ye swallowed the violet crystal and placed the energy stones back into the spatial ring. Because it would be a terrible waste of time to swallow them one by one or try to absorb their energy.

After that, Yang Ye’s figure flashed over to the entrance of the palace. He didn’t go straight in. he concealed his aura with the Sword Domain, and then he used the Laws of Darkness to transform into a shadow before entering the palace. Once he entered the palace, Yang Ye’s Sword Domain instantly swept out and enveloped the entire hall. In next to no time, a smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth while his figure shot towards a corner of the hall.

There was a stone pillar at that corner. Yang Ye flicked it with his finger, and then it instantly dispersed to reveal 2 violet crystals that flickered with a violet glow.

An arc curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. Yang Ye took the violet crystals and swallowed them before heading to the other 3 corners. It didn’t take long for 6 more violet crystals to fall into his possession!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to swallow all of them. The tiny vortex instantly started revolving once the violet crystals entered his body, and then it immediately sucked away all the spirit energy. In next to no time, threads of Primordial Violet Energy flowed out from the tiny vortex, and the violet energy automatically started to spread through his body and repair it.

Yang Ye couldn’t help but smile when he sensed the violet energy repairing his body incessantly. Once he recovered, he would have the ability to keep himself safe.

After all, this damnable place was more dangerous than the Radiant Dimension!

Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned. He closed his eyes and immersed his consciousness into his body. He noticed 3 dark red threads around his heart!

The cosmic rays! Yang Ye’s face fell because he’d actually forgotten them!

While he didn’t know what they were, and they seemed quite calm and quiet, Yang Ye knew that they were absolutely not simple. Lady’s strength was heaven defying, yet she’d been heavily injured and experienced a decline in her cultivation because of it. So, how could it possibly be ordinary?

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and started to urge a thread of violet energy towards the cosmic rays. Suddenly, one of the cosmic rays wriggled, and then Yang Ye immediately slumped down to the ground. Moreover, he was twitching incessantly. Fortunately, the tiny vortex suddenly started revolving.

The cosmic rays instantly calmed down when the tiny vortex started revolving, and they just remained around Yang Ye’s Heart of Slaughter.

Around 15 minutes passed before Yang Ye’s face returned to normal. He grinned as he gazed at Snowy whose face was covered in worry, “I’m fine!”

Snowy flew over to his shoulder, wrapped her arms around his neck, and lightly rubbed her head against his face.

Yang Ye laid on the ground as he recalled what happened earlier, and there was horror in his eyes. Earlier, he actually felt like he was about to be obliterated! If the tiny vortex hadn’t revolved earlier, then he probably would have been obliterated by now!

Yang Ye felt a wave of lingering fear as he gazed at those 3 cosmic rays within him. Now, he knew why the tiny vortex hadn’t absorbed them and destroyed them. The tiny vortex was heavily injured right now, so it was probably incapable of completely destroying those cosmic rays in its current state. Otherwise, it would have absorbed the cosmic rays into it, and it wouldn’t just be deterring them!

Yang Ye didn’t dare to provoke the cosmic rays again. He noticed that so long as he didn’t provoke them, then they wouldn’t attack him. Even if his violet energy passed by them, they wouldn’t stop his violet energy. Even then, Yang Ye still felt quite worried. After all, it was too dangerous, and the slightest mishap might bring about his death!

But he was helpless against them for now!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, restrained his thoughts, and decided to ignore the cosmic rays for now. He pulled open his shirt and looked down at his chest. The injuries on his chest were around 60% healed under the effects of the Primordial Violet Energy.

Yang Ye rested a while longer before he stood up. He rubbed Snowy’s head as she stood on his shoulder and spoke softly, “Where are we going next?”

Snowy pointed towards the depths of the hall. Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to shoot towards the hall’s depths.

The further he went, the greater his shock was. Because he noticed that there were actually other halls within the hall. At the depths of the main hall was numerous smaller halls, and it didn’t take long for his shock to become pleasant surprise. Because he’d arrived at a hall called the Divine Weapon Hall. It was protected by a formation as well, but it was so weak it practically could be overlooked.

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly lit up when he walked into the hall.

Because there were around 500 crystal pillars in the hall, and every single one of them had a treasure in them. Moreover, the weakest treasure amongst them was at the Divine Rank!

I’m rich! Yang Ye’s withdrew the ancient sheath and waved his right hand. The crystal pillars instantly shattered, and then some spirit energy dispersed from within them.

Weapons naturally required spirit energy as a form of maintenance. Otherwise, if they were just left there for tens of thousands of years, then even a Quasi Emperor Rank weapon would probably be reduced to dirt.

Snowy immediately opened her mouth and took a breath when the spirit energy appeared. All of it instantly entered her stomach, and it didn’t take long for 10 violet crystals to appear before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye took Snowy in his arms and kissed her, and then he smiled, “You’re my lucky star!” Indeed, if he didn’t have Snowy, then he would probably still be following behind the Souleater Mercs and thinking about how to find things that they overlook.

Snowy blushed from being kissed. Of course, she hadn’t blushed because she was embarrassed or anything else, it was merely because the violet mink would blush when Yang Ye kissed her, so Snowy imitated that.

After Yang Ye gathered all the weapons here, Yang Ye was about to leave when Snow suddenly pointed at the stone wall in the distance. Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to flick a strand of sword energy over. The stone wall instantly shattered and collapsed, and it didn’t take long for a small secret room to appear before Yang Ye.

There were 2 pure white stone pillars in the room. The pillar on the right had a fiery red longbow. There was a ferocious mini dragon head at the center of the longbow. The dragon looked ferocious with its mouth wide open, and its ghastly teeth bared before its enemies. It simply seemed like it was waiting to swallow its enemies. Besides that, the body of the bow itself seemed like 2 straightened bodies of mini dragons that stretched out from both sides of the dragon head!

There were 2 fiery red arrows beside the longbow. Yang Ye looked carefully at them, and he noticed that they were actually made completely out of fiery red dragon scales!

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the row of words below the pillar. Fire Dragon Bow, Quasi Emperor Rank. If the soul of an Emperor Rank dragon is sealed within it, then it can produce the energy of a dragon, and it’ll advance to the Emperor Rank.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the white pillar instantly dispersed before he put both the longbow and arrows away. He wasn’t interested in archery, so he immediately turned around and gazed at the other pillar.

Yang Ye’s eyes instantly lip up when he saw what was lying within the other pillar, “What a nice treasure! It just happens to be perfect for me!”

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