Chapter 1168 – Finally A Saint!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Saint Realm!

Actually, Yang Ye hadn’t had the intention to advance into the Saint Realm. Because according to Lady, it was best to consolidate his foundation before advancing. So, according to his plans, he should consolidate his foundation before charging into the Saint Realm.

But he hadn’t expected that he would actually be advancing at this moment.


Actually, it can only be considered to have come naturally. He’d been a high-grade Half-Saint for too long, and his accumulation of strength had arrived at a certain barrier. It was like a cup of water. Once the cup was filled, it would flow out by itself. Even if the cup isn’t willing to let the water flow out, it can do nothing about it. That was exactly the situation that Yang Ye faced right now!

In the beginning, Yang Ye was quite worried. He was worried that the problem with his foundation would affect his future. But after thinking about it for some time, he stopped worrying about it. Since he could consolidate his foundation at the Half-Saint Realm, then he could do it at the Saint Realm as well. Moreover, the problem with his foundation wasn’t very severe. Especially lately because he’d been suppressing his cultivation for so long in order to strengthen his foundation.

Once he figured it out, Yang Ye started to concentrate on charging into the Saint Realm.

Actually, he had some lingering fears in his heart. Because if he were to do this in the Radiant Dimension, then it might cause the Eye of the Heaven Dao to appear again. But he had no need to worry about that in Dark Hell Continent. He just had to work hard on absorbing spirit energy and charging through the barrier between the Half-Saint Realm and Saint Realm!

Snowy stood on Yang Ye’s shoulder as she gazed at Yuan Feng and the others. She pointed her little claw at Yang Ye, pointed it at Yuan Feng’s group next, and then pointed away in the end.

She was telling them to leave right now.

Snowy was quite timid, but she was no fool. She’d witnessed Yang Ye’s strength, and she knew how strong he was. But as far as she was concerned, Yuan Feng’s group was definitely not as strong as Yang Ye. So, she had good intentions when she told them to leave. Because if they didn’t leave, then they wouldn’t be able to in a while.

She wasn’t worried about whether Yuan Feng and the others would die, she was just quite afraid of Yang Ye when he turned blood red. After all, Yang Ye had almost killed her when he turned blood red, and it was truly horrifying to her!

Yuan Feng and the others naturally didn’t understand what Snowy meant, but they would definitely ignore her even if they understood her.

Snowy was quite furious when Yuan Feng’s group refused to leave. She glared angrily at Yuan Feng and the others, and then she pointed at Yang Ye before pointing at Yuan Feng’s group.

A middle aged man by Yuan Feng’s side asked, “Big Brother, has that tiny fellow gone mad?”

Yuan Feng glanced at Snowy and said, “It wants us to spare its master!”

“So that’s why!” The middle aged man gazed at Snowy and said, “I never expected that little fellow to be so loyal. It actually refuses to abandon its master at a time like this, and it’s even pleading on its master’s behalf. Interesting.”

Yuan Feng spoke indifferently, “Sometimes, demon beasts are more loyal than humans!”

Yuan Feng’s words carried a hidden meaning, and the middle aged man didn’t dare to say anything in response.

When she saw Yuan Feng and the others responding with complete indifferent, Snowy waved her claws incessantly. In the end, she glared angrily at them, and then she transformed into a ray of white light that entered the area before Yang Ye’s chest.

She didn’t like Yang Ye when he turned blood red!

Yang Ye’s aura was growing stronger and stronger. In the beginning, Yuan Feng and the others didn’t think much of it, yet now, his aura was actually capable of posing a slight threat to them. This forced them to release their auras to defend against it. However, that was merely the beginning because the aura Yang Ye emanated had suddenly started to grow stronger at a rapid pace.

In next to no time, some of the comparatively weaker members of the Wolf Soul Mercs were actually on the verge of being unable to endure Yang Ye’s aura.

The middle aged man by Yuan Feng’s side gazed at Yang Ye while a trace of shock could be heard in his voice, “Is that kid charging into the Saint Realm or the Quasi Emperor Realm?”

“Isn’t that great?” Yuan Feng laughed coldly, “The aura he emanates is proof of how strong he’ll be upon attaining the Saint Realm, and the stronger he is, the greater the amount of spirit energy we’ll obtain upon killing him. Tell our brothers to be careful and seal off the space in this area. That kid’s sword technique is very formidable, so we can’t allow him to escape later.”

The other members of the Wolf Soul Mercs hurriedly nodded, and then they shot forward and surrounded Yang Ye. At the same time, they started to strengthen the space around Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s eyes were still closed.

An hour later, Yuan Feng and the others had solemn expressions on their faces. Because Yang Ye’s aura was too terrifying. Some Saints were unable to endure the pressure coming from Yang Ye, and they’d moved back. Everyone here was looking at Yang Ye like they were looking at a monster. Is he really just charging into the Saint Realm?

All of them were Saints at the very least, but their auras hadn’t been so terrifying when they were advancing!

Yuan Feng had started to frown as well. Because it was slightly unusual. After all, it didn’t feel like an advancement into the Saint Realm, and it felt like an advancement into the Quasi Emperor Realm!

Yuan Feng clenched his right fist slowly. Meanwhile, the middle aged man by his side said, “Boss, there’s something off about that kid. We can’t let him go on like this! Let’s attack!”

Yuan Feng hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Don’t kill him, just cripple him!”

The middle aged man nodded, and then he shot towards Yang Ye. As soon as he arrived before Yang Ye, he stretched out his hand and clawed at Yang Ye’s figure that was seated cross-legged on the ground.


Suddenly, a terrifying aura surged out explosively from within Yang Ye. The aura instantly blasted the middle aged man, a high-rank Saint, almost 1km back!

The expressions of everyone here changed!

Meanwhile, Yang Ye opened his eyes and stood up slowly. He ignored all of them as he clenched his fists, and then he greedily inhaled a huge mouthful of air, “The Saint Realm! I’m finally at the Saint Realm!”

As he spoke, he started stretching his body, and crackling resounded throughout his body. Moreover, ripples started to sweep through the space around him!

His cultivation had risen, so both his body and strength had improved tremendously!

Now, ordinary Quasi Emperors weren’t a threat to him at all!

Yang Ye raised his head and looked at Yuan Feng, and then he taunted Yuan Feng to fight him. After all, he needed someone to practice with right now,

Yuan Feng’s face instantly became gloomy when he saw Yang Ye do that. After all, it was a form of provocation! So, Yuan Feng started walking slowly towards Yang Ye. Suddenly, his figure vanished on the spot, and he was in front of Yang Ye when he appeared again. After that, he slammed his fist at Yang Ye while his aura of a Quasi Emperor pressed down upon Yang Ye like a mountain, causing the space around Yang Ye to even start warping slightly!


A muffled bang resounded, and then the others watched with astonishment as Yuan Feng was blasted almost 3km away.

All of them were stunned while bewilderment filled their minds.

As for Yuan Feng, his eyes were opened wide, and they were filled with shock and disbelief.

“How could that be possible?” Yuan Feng glanced at his right arm that was still trembling. A moment later, his figure shot forward again. This time, he was holding a short blade.

As soon as he arrived before Yang Ye, he tapped the tip of his foot against the ground, and then his figure shot up slightly before he swung his blade down from above! He’d clearly not held back this time.


A clear and resounding sound of collision resounded.

After that, absolute silence swept through the surroundings. All the members of the Wolf Soul Mercs had their eyes wide open, and their mouths were slightly open as they gazed at the scene before them with disbelief.

Because Yuan Feng had been blasted back to the same spot again, and only the handle of his short blade remained in his grasp!

“Attack!” Meanwhile, one of the Wolf Soul Mercs’ members roared, and then all the others in the surroundings charged at Yang Ye as well.

At the same time, Yuan Feng’s voice resounded, “Stop!”

All of them stopped right away.

Yuan Feng gazed at Yang Ye and said, “My Wolf Soul Mercs were ignorant and offended you, please show us mercy!”

Even though he’d only collided twice with Yang Ye, he knew that he could do nothing if Yang Ye intended to leave. Besides that, Yang Ye’s strength was so heaven defying, so Yang Ye’s background was definitely extremely terrifying as well. So once Yang Ye was allowed to escape, then his Wolf Soul Mercs would be wiped off the face of the continent.

Reconciliation was the Wolf Soul Mercs’ last option!

Yang Ye chuckled and walked over to Yuan Feng, “Not bad. You have quite the discerning ability, and you know how to assess the situation. Unfortunately, there’s some hope left in your heart. I think that you’re definitely thinking along these lines. Once I refuse, you’ll stop at nothing to kill me, right?”

Yuan Feng didn’t speak, and he just clenched his fists slowly.

Yang Ye looked Yuan Feng in the eyes and said, “Follow me. Otherwise, every single member of the Wolf Soul Mercs who’s present here will die.”

Follow a Saint?

All of them were exasperated when they heard Yang Ye. One of the men who held a saber pointed his finger at Yang Ye and roared, “Who do you think you are? You actually….”

Suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly.

Because Yang Ye had appeared in front of him, and Yang Ye’s hand was clamped around his throat. Moreover, Yang Ye had even lifted his figure up.

The expressions of everyone here changed drastically when they witnessed this scene. Because the man Yang Ye had in his hand was a high-rank Saint!

But such an expert had actually been unable to fight back at all!

A trace of terror slowly crept up into their hearts!

Yang Ye gazed at the man whose face had started to turn purple, and then he grinned and released his grip. The latter fell to the ground.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Yuan Feng, “Even though there are many of you here, if I’m to be honest, numbers are completely useless before me. Killing all of you really wouldn’t take too much effort, and that includes you as well!”

Yuan Feng replied, “I don’t really believe you!” Even though he’d been in a disadvantaged situation, he hadn’t fought with all he had.

Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then the ancient sheath appeared in his left grasp. Next, he stretched out his hand. A blood red sword appeared in his grasp, and he sheathed it within the ancient sheath.

A terrifying aura instantly surged out from Yang Ye. At the same time, Void Rank sword intent and slaughter intent surged out from within him.

As soon as his Void Rank slaughter intent emerged, the surroundings instantly turned blood red like the end of the world had arrived!

Yang Ye looked up at Yuan Feng and said, “Will you try to face this or not?”

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