Chapter 1169 – Birth Of The Sword Alliance!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yes or no!

The surroundings were deathly silent.

There were no weaklings here. So they sensed danger at the moment Yang Ye sheathed his sword. They sensed extreme danger! No one here was confident in their ability to face that attack, not even Yuan Feng.

At this moment, Yuan Feng’s face was absolutely gloomy. He’d clenched his fists tightly, and he was staring fixedly at Yang Ye’s sword and sheath.

His intuition told him that it would kill him!

After staying silent for a long time, sweat had started to appear on Yuan Feng’s face. Another while passed, and he slowly relaxed his fists, “You’re an extraordinary genius. I admit my inferiority!”

The others in the surroundings remained silent.

Was it humiliating?

No, no one felt that it was! Even though that sword hadn’t been drawn, they could sense how powerful it was. It was absolutely capable of killing a Quasi Emperor!

Yang Ye’s aura was instantly withdrawn into his body, and he said, “Follow me?”

Yuan Feng remained silent for a short while before he said, “I want to know what your objective is!”

Yang Ye naturally understood what Yuan Feng meant. Yuan Feng wanted to know why Yang Ye was taking the Wolf Soul Mercs under his control. Was Yang Ye doing it just for fun, or did Yang Ye have big plans? If he was just playing, then even if Yuan Feng didn’t oppose him right now, Yuan Feng would definitely look for a way to leave in the future. But if Yang Ye had big plans…. Simply speaking, Yuan Feng wanted to know if he had a future by Yang Ye’s side!

Yang Ye glanced at the Wolf Soul Mercs. In the end, he walked over to Yuan Feng and patted his own chest. In an instant, a small white dragon appeared in front of Yuan Feng.

Everyone else was stunned and didn’t understand what Yang Ye meant.

But Yuan Feng’s pupils had constricted. The others didn’t recognize it, but how could he not? It was a spirit vein! Moreover, it could be considered to be a Saint Grade spirit vein!

Why were mercenaries like them scouring the world?

It was for spirit energy!

Because they couldn’t improve their strength without spirit energy, and the consequence of being unable to improve their strength was exhausting their lifespan. It could be said that spirit energy was like their lives. If they had a spirit vein, then they wouldn’t have to experience days of danger anymore, and they could establish their own powers and develop well like the members of the 6 great powers!

Of course, the precondition was sufficient strength! Otherwise, it would be utterly impossible to keep the spirit vein safe!

Yuan Feng glanced at Yang Ye, and Yang Ye seemed a little more mysterious to him now. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye actually possessed such a spirit vein, and it made him wonder who Yang Ye was!

Yuan Feng didn’t ask because he was no fool.

He pondered deeply for a short while before he said, “Our strength might not be sufficient to keep it safe….”

Yang Ye understood what Xuan Feng meant, and he immediately smiled, “What if you include me and those who back me?”

Yuan Feng stopped hesitating and immediately cupped his fists towards Yang Ye, “I’m willing to follow you!”

Even though Yang Ye was strong, he was just a single person. That was exactly what worried Yuan Feng. Now that he’d heard that Yang Ye had the backing of others, he immediately stopped hesitating. After all, just Yang Ye’s strength was so heaven defying, so how terrifying would his backing be? In Yuan Feng’s opinion, Yang Ye was some he could rely on!

When they saw Yuan Feng do that, the others hesitated for a moment before cupping their fists at Yang Ye as well.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “From this moment onwards, we’re the Sword Alliance. I’m Yang Ye, and you can call me Sword Master.”

“Sword Master!” All of them bowed slightly to Yang Ye and spoke in unison.

Yang Ye glanced at them before withdrawing his gaze. He knew that his prestige still wasn’t enough, and it wasn’t enough to make them truly submit to him. But it didn’t matter to him because he was confident that he could make them submit wholeheartedly to him.

Yang Ye looked up, and his eyes narrowed. He was going to return to the Radiant Dimension, but how could he head back alone? After all, a pair of fists couldn’t match up against numerous pairs!

He had to get some help!

Meanwhile, Yuan Feng spoke abruptly, “Sword Master, what are you plans right now?” He was a smart person, and he knew how to adjust his attitude and position.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and said, “What are your thoughts?”

Yuan Feng pondered deeply for a moment and said, “I presume you’ve noticed that it’s very likely for this sect to have been a Diamond Rank power. In other words, it’s very likely for a Divine Grade spirit vein to be present here. Moreover, once a Divine Grade spirit vein is found here, the 6 great powers will absolutely not let it escape them. If I’m not wrong, Doomsday City that’s closest to this place has already obtained news of the situation here.”

Yang Ye said, “Go on!”

Yuan Feng continued, “Doomsday City acts in a very overbearing and domineering manner. Once it finds out that this ruin belongs to a Diamond Rank power, then it’ll definitely make us leave. So, we must search and loot this place as quickly as possible, and then strive to leave before their experts arrive.”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he patted his chest. Snowy immediately showed herself. Meanwhile, the small white dragon hurriedly transformed into a ray of white light that entered Yang Ye’s chest.

Snowy pointed her claw at Yuan Feng’s group, and then blinked as if she was asking why they were still alive.

Yang Ye had been ‘trained’ by the violet mink, so his skills in the beast tongue was practically at max level. So, how could he not understand Snowy? He grinned as he rubbed Snowy’s head, “I’ll tell you later. Quickly smell the surroundings and tell me where there are treasures?”

Yuan Feng was speechless.

Snowy blinked, and then she pointed her claw at her forehead. Now, even she’d learned how to raise conditions.

Yang Ye chuckled, took her in his arms, and pecked her forehead lightly, “Alright?”

Snowy blushed as she nodded, and then she took a light sniff. A long time passed before Snowy’s eyes lit up before she pointed towards the distance, and there was actually a trace of excitement in her eyes.


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded from afar, and the entire mountain range shook violently. After that, Yang Ye and the others sensed a dense wave of spirit energy!

“It’s a Divine Grade spirit vein!” Yuan Feng and the others were excited, and then they gazed at Yang Ye and awaited his orders.

However, Yang Ye gazed at Snowy instead and said, “Are there any other places with treasures? They don’t have to be so good and just normal treasures are alright.”

Snowy sniffed for a moment, and then she started pointing in a few directions. However, her gaze was fixed on the 1st direction she’d pointed towards, the direction of the Divine Grade spirit vein.

Yang Ye gazed at Yuan Feng and said, “Remember those directions she pointed towards? Search in those directions and get what you can. If you don’t find anything, then leave immediately.”

Yuan Feng hadn’t spoken yet when a middle aged man by his side couldn’t restrain himself, “Sword Master, that’s a Divine Grade spirit vein?”

“Will you be able to survive the fight for it?” Yang Ye gazed at the middle aged man, “Can you defeat the Snow Lion Mercs? Can you defeat the Souleater Mercs? Besides them, there are countless other independent cultivators and mercenaries. Can you defeat all of them?”

The middle aged man hesitated for a moment and said, “Perhaps we couldn’t in the past, but we have Sword Master now. We have a very good chance now!”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “We do. But tell me, how many of you will die? I know that all of you are people who’ve been living outside the protection of cities and sects, so you’re all unafraid of death at most times. However, is it worth it? As far as I’m concerned, dying here isn’t worth it at all. Moreover, even if many of us die, we may not be able to obtain it. Instead of doing that, why don’t we search other places for treasures while they’re occupied with the Divine Grade spirit vein?”

All of them fell silent.

Meanwhile, Yuan Feng nodded, “Sword Master is right. Our judgment was clouded by our greed. Not to mention whether we can obtain such a divine treasure, we’ll become the common enemy of everyone here if we do obtain it. Instead of facing such a situation, isn’t it better to gather other treasures? At the very least, we’ll still be alive!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Go on. Wait for me outside once you’re done!”

Yuan Feng glanced at Yang Ye, and then he nodded and led the others away.

Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Feng and the others, and then he vanished on the spot.

Meanwhile, the middle aged man by Yuan Feng’s side spoke in a low voice, “Boss, are we really going to follow him from now on?”

Yuan Feng stopped moving and turned around to look at the middle aged man, “Hei’zi, we only have a single boss from now on, and it’s the Sword Master. Remember that.”

“But….” The middle aged man intended to say something, but Yuan Feng waved his hand and gazed at the others as he said, “What I said to Hei’zi goes for all of you. If anyone dares to speak something like that again, then don’t blame me for disregarding the bond we’ve formed over the years!”

When they realized he was being serious, all of them didn’t dare speak a word and just quickly nodded.

Yuan Feng withdrew his gaze and took a deep breath. The others might have forgotten, but he hadn’t. Amongst the 2 Void Rank intents that Yang Ye had revealed earlier, one of them was Void Rank slaughter intent!

Void Rank slaughter intent!

Would someone who’d comprehended such intent be a good and peace loving person?

Such a person was usually ruthless and decisive. If any of them had the intent to betray him and was discovered, then he would absolutely kill them without mercy!

“I said that for your own good!” Yuan Feng spoke in a low voice, “Since we’ve agreed to follow him, then follow him well. Don’t think about things like that again.

All of them nodded.

Yuan Feng didn’t speak another word, and he just led the others towards the distance.

After he split with Yuan Feng and the others, Yang Ye rushed in the direction of the Divine Grade spirit vein. He had 2 objectives. Firstly, he was going there for Nan Shuang. After all, the Souleater Corpse would definitely join the fight for the Divine Grade spirit vein. At that time, Nan Shuang would definitely be in danger. Secondly, he wanted to see if he would have the chance to obtain the spirit vein.

If he could, he would definitely not let it slip by.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive at a gorge. The gorge wasn’t formed naturally, and it seemed like some sort of force had split it open by force. It wasn’t done by a sword because Yang Ye would have definitely been able to discern it if it had been done by a sword.

There was a huge white dragon at the bottom of the gorge, and countless strands of spirit energy was effusing out of it. However, the white dragon was bound tightly by a few dozen pieces of golden ropes.

There were countless people around the white dragon, and that included the Snow Lion Mercs and Souleater Mercs.

The gazes of everyone here was locked onto the white dragon, and their eyes burned with desire.

Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun was in a confrontation with the leader of the Snow Lion Mercs, Elder Mo, and 2 other old men. They seemed to be discussing something, but the atmosphere between them was quite tense.

Yang Ye ignored them and glanced through the surroundings. It didn’t take long for him to find Nan Shuang, and then he shot over to her side.

Nan Shuang spoke with surprise when she saw him, “You’re here!”

Yang Ye smiled, “What? Are you that surprised?”

Nan Shuang asked, “Didn’t you escape? Why have you returned?”

Yang Ye smiled, “I was worried about you, so I came back!”

Nan Shuang was slightly stunned, and then she lowered her head slightly. A short while passed before she looked up at Yang Ye again, and then she grunted softly, “Gu Lan said that men like you usually hold ill intent when they try to sweet talk you.”

She flipped her palm as she spoke, and then 2 violet crystals appeared there. She pushed them into Yang Ye’s grasp and said, “I just got these, and that’s all I have. Take them and leave right now. Don’t come back again. Big Sister Canglan will kill you. More… moreover, don’t brag in the future, and don’t cheat girls anymore.”

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