Chapter 1170 – My Sword Alliance Refuses To Accept That!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye gazed at the violet crystals for a long time, and then he looked up at Nan Shuang and smiled, “You know I’m cheating you, yet why are you still giving me violet crystals?”

Nan Shuang thought for a moment and said, “Because you seem so pitiable!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he shook his head and smiled.

Nan Shuang spoke softly, “Leave quickly! If Big Sister Canglan finds out that I gave more violet crystals to you, she’ll definitely kill you. She… she had quite a bad temper!”

Yang Ye replied, “My temper isn’t very good as well!”

“It’s not like you can defeat her!” Nan Shuang rolled her eyes at him and said, “If you’re weak, you should mind your temper. Understand?”

Yang Ye grinned, and then he gazed at Mu Canglan. His ring was still in her possession, and it was Lady who’d given that ring to him. So, how could he possibly lose it?

Suddenly, Nan Shuang pointed ahead and cried out involuntarily, “He… he’s here!”

Yang Ye turned around and saw Yuan Feng walking towards him.

Yang Ye was stunned. What’s he doing here?

He was just about to greet Yuan Feng when Nan Shuang suddenly grabbed his arm and ran off.

Yang Ye was speechless.

It didn’t take long for Nan Shuang to pull Yang Ye over to Mu Canglan and the others. Mu Canglan glanced at Nan Shuang, and it didn’t take long for her gaze to descend onto Yang Ye and Yuan Feng. She frowned slightly when she saw Yuan Feng, and then she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “So you were chased all the way here!”

She suddenly gazed at Yang Ye’s grasp, and the 2 violet crystals Nan Shuang had given him were there.

Killing intent immediately flashed through Mu Canglan’s eyes, but she didn’t attack. She just glanced coldly at Yang Ye before turning around.

Nan Shuang heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that Mu Canglan had no intention of attacking Yang Ye, and then she turned around to gaze at Yuan Feng. She noticed that Yuan Feng was still walking towards them.

Nan Shuang consoled Yang Ye, “Don’t… don’t be afraid. That fellow wouldn’t dare to act rashly in Big Sister Canglan’s presence!”

Warmth flowed through Yang Ye’s heart when he heard her, and then he grinned and didn’t say anything.

Yuan Feng was walking in Yang Ye’s direction. Suddenly, a voice resounded in his mind, “You want to kill him, right? I’ll give you an opportunity to do that!”

It was a voice transmission!

Yuan Feng was stunned. He stopped moving and gazed at Mu Canglan, “Kill who?”

Mu Canglan glanced at Yang Ye and sent Yuan Feng a reply via voice transmission, “Him!”

Yuan Feng was at a loss for words.

Meanwhile, Mu Canglan’s voice resounded once more in Yuan Feng’s mind, “I’ll leave for a while later. Seize that opportunity to deal with him. Don’t worry, the Souleater Mercs and I won’t stop you.”

Even though she could kill Yang Ye as well, it would affect her relationship with Nan Shuang. She didn’t want their relationship to be affected because of a man!

“Is there something wrong with you?” Meanwhile, Yuan Feng suddenly gazed at Mu Canglan. This time, he hadn’t utilized a voice transmission, so everyone here could hear him.

All of them shot their gazes over to him.

Mu Canglan’s dark brows had knit together slightly as well. However, Yuan Feng paid no attention to her. He just walked over to Yang Ye and bowed slightly to Yang Ye while Mu Canglan and the others watched with astonishment. Actually, there was no need for such formalities between him and Yang Ye, but he was a smart person and knew how to act in such a situation.

Yang Ye ignored Mu Canglan, Nan Shuang, and the others’ astonished gazes, and he just gazed at Yuan Feng, “What are you doing here?”

Yuan Feng replied, “Sword Master refused to let them come because they are weak, and they would only be sacrificed meaninglessly. However, I should be able to help you. Every person counts. Don’t worry, I’ve made arrangements for everything else before coming here.”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and nodded, “Alright!” After all, a Quasi Emperor was really helpful to him.

Yuan Feng nodded, and then he moved behind Yang Ye and acted like a subordinate.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone here had descended onto Yang Ye, and they were curious about Yang Ye’s identity.

Mu Canglan took a deep and long glance at Yang Ye and Yuan Feng before turning around and moving her gaze away.

Nan Shuang pulled Yang Ye to the side and spoke softly, “What’s going on? Why is he so respectful to you?”

Yang Ye rubbed his nose. He was about to speak when Nan Shuang said, “Gu Lan said that if men react like that, then they are thinking about how to lie to a woman.”

Yang Ye’s face darkened, but he couldn’t deny it. Because he really was thinking of an excuse. Yang Ye turned around and glanced at Gu Lan who stood by Mu Canglan’s side. Needless to say, she was a brilliant woman!

Nan Shuang said, “Tell me quickly!”

Yang Ye thought for a moment and said, “Do you know what’s the strongest power on Dark Hell Continent?”

Nan Shuang replied, “It’s the World Devastator Cult, of course! They are the strongest!”

Yang Ye carefully shot a glance at the surroundings before he spoke softly, “I bragged to him that I’m the disciple of the World Devastator Cult’s master, and he believed me.”

Nan Shuang blinked, “That worked?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Nan Shuang gulped, and then she glanced at Yuan Feng and spoke softly, “How… how is he so stupid?”

Yang Ye replied seriously, “He isn’t. I’m just too smart!”

Nan Shuang was about to speak when Mu Canglan suddenly called Nan Shuang over to her side. They seemed to have spoken about something, and it didn’t take long for Mu Canglan to turn around and glance at Yang Ye.

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitch. Obviously, she’d definitely told Mu Canglan what he’d just said.

Mu Canglan withdrew her gaze right after glancing at him, and then she gazed at Yuan Feng and sent a voice transmission over, “Merc Leader Yuan, he isn’t a disciple of the World Devastator Cult’s master at all. He’s deceiving you.”

Yuan Feng was stunned. He gazed at Mu Canglan, glanced at Nan Shuang, and then gazed at Yang Ye in the end. It didn’t take long for him to gulp before sending a voice transmission, “He told that little girl by your side that he’s the disciple of the World Devastator Cult’s master?”

Mu Canglan nodded, and then she glanced at Yang Ye while a cold smile curled up on the corners of her mouth.

Yuan Feng’s face was immediately filled with awe, and then he gazed at Yang Ye while his gaze had grown even more respectful. Mu Canglan didn’t believe it, but he did! Because only a power like the World Devastator Cult could foster such a monstrous genius!

What was the World Devastator Cult?

It was the number one power on Dark Hell Continent!

Now, he was certain that Yang Ye was definitely someone with powerful backing that he could rely on, and he knew that he had to hold tightly onto Yang Ye!

Yuan Feng couldn’t help but reveal excitement and delight.

Mu Canglan was stunned when she noticed the change in his expression. Is there something wrong with him? He’s so happy from finding out that he was deceived?

Suddenly, Ye Liuyun’s voice resounded, “Everyone, my Souleater Mercs will be withdrawing from the fight for the spirit vein!”

Everyone here shot their gazes at Ye Liuyun, and their eyes were filled with bewilderment. Why have the Souleater Mercs withdrawn themselves?

Yang Ye gazed at Ye Liuyun and thought to himself, what a smart woman.

He’d expected Ye Liuyun to be overwhelmed by her desire to obtain the spirit vein, but now it would seem like she hadn’t. If he wasn’t wrong, the only reason she’d acted like she intended to fight for the spirit vein was so that she could gain something!

The Snow Lion Mercs and the other old men had definitely paid some sort of price to make the Souleater Mercs withdraw from the fight!

Sure enough, they flicked numerous spatial rings over to Ye Liuyun once she announced her withdrawal.

Elder Mo gazed at Ye Liuyun and spoke indifferently, “Merc Leader Ye, you’ll keep your word, right?”

Ye Liuyun waved her right hand and took all the spatial rings. After that, she glanced at everyone and said, “I’m sure all of you’ve heard of my Souleater Mercs’ reputation. Since I said that I would withdraw, then we will. I’m just a weak woman that wants to live a stable and peaceful life. I don’t have much wild ambition. So, I’ve chosen to withdraw. Farewell everyone!”

As she spoke, Ye Liuyun didn’t hesitate to lead the Souleater Mercs away.

“You’re leaving? Where do you think you’re going?” Suddenly, a voice resounded, and then the space in the sky shook violently before a black robed man and 5 old men appeared there.

All of them were Quasi Emperors!

The expressions of everyone here immediately changed, and they became vigilant.

Suddenly, someone said, “They are from Doomsday City!”

The others gazed at the black robed man’s chest, and there was a small city embroidered on his chest. It was the symbol for Doomsday City.

Once they determined the identity of the black robed man’s group, the expressions of the other Quasi Emperors and the members of the Snow Lion Mercs had become unsightly.

The black robed man glanced at the people here and said, “Everyone, this ruin is within my Doomsday City’s territory, yet all of you’ve come her to steal its treasures on your own accord and without my Doomsday City’s permission. That’s hardly justifiable, right?”

No one spoke, and no one dared to speak. Even though they wee displeased, none of them dared to offend Doomsday City. So, since Doomsday City was the strongest here, they naturally determined everything.

A slight smile arose on the corners of the black robed man’s mouth, “Of course, my Doomsday City never goes too far. All of you here just have to hand over half of everything you’ve gained in the ruins, and you can leave freely. If you’re unwilling, you can step forward right now!”

No one stepped forward! After all, would anyone dare to do so?

The black robed man smiled when he saw no one stepping forward, “Since all of you have no objections, then let’s begin right now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a group of armored cultivators appeared at the entrance to the gorge. There were around 1,000 of them, and all of them were high-rank Saints!

The black robed man smiled as he said, “I have to warn all of you that the exit is being guarded by our forces as well. So, those who are hoping to be lucky have to be careful. Don’t make a slight mistake and lose your life instead!”

Everyone here remained silent.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then he sent a voice transmission to Yuan Feng, “Have our people left?”

Yuan Feng replied, “No!”

Yang Ye’s face fell as he glanced at the surroundings. He knew that the others here were definitely unwilling to hand over their violet crystals, but none dared to step forward and resist Doomsday City. Or perhaps, no one had stepped forward to be the first.

He absolutely refused to hand over half of his gains, and he wouldn’t make the Sword Alliance’s members do so as well. However, if they didn’t hand it over, then they would definitely enter into battle with Doomsday City. Even though he could kill these 5, the Sword Alliance’s troubles would be unending. Moreover, the others in the surroundings would even be able to benefit without doing anything!

Yang Ye thought for a while, and then he gazed at Yuan Feng and spoke via voice transmission, “Step forward and say that you refuse. Make it sound domineering!”

Yuan Feng was stunned. He hesitated for a moment and was about to speak when Yang Ye’s voice resounded once more in his mind, “Does our Sword Alliance have to fear Doomsday City?”

Yuan Feng was slightly stunned when he heard Yang Ye. Right! Does our Sword Alliance have to fear Doomsday City? After all, the World Devastator Cult is standing behind us!

Yuan Feng was instantly filled with confidence when he thought of the World Devastator Cult. He flashed out of the crowd, and then pointed a finger at the black robed man while everyone else watched with astonishment. He roared furiously, “Doomsday City? Doomsday City is nothing! My Sword Alliance refuses to accept your conditions!”

Everyone else here was speechless.

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